Top 10 Best 4K Action Camera in Reviews

As an adventure enthusiast, we are certain that you would like to have an action camera that takes images and record videos of those memorable adventure times. But the challenging question that remains back in your mind is, which is the best action camera for you? Truly, there are many options out there more than only GoPro. As a fact, there is a huge number of quality action cameras 4K by different manufacturers, thereby offering a wide range of specialties and features.

Ultimately though, the right camera for you will be determined by what you intend to use for. For instance, an avid skier and an amateur filmmaker would have different action camera needs. That’s the reason why you need to pay attention and familiarize yourself with the options on the market. We’re going to break down the best 10 action camera 4K for reviews. They record quality videos and takes clear images with realism. Read through this review to have an insight into what you might be looking for.

#10. RUMIXI Wi-Fi 30M Underwater Waterproof Ultra HD 1700 Action Camera 4K with Remote Control

Do you need a substitute camera for the pricey cameras? RUMIXI action camera 4K is the best choice. The unit features 4k video and 12MP photo resolution for amazing records and pictures. The EIS allows you to take the most stable pictures with no blurs. Depending on your needs, you can use different modes to get the desired pictures and videos. You can as well connect your camera and your phone and wirelessly share your images. Within a range of 100ft, you can control your camera using the remote controller. You dive underwater up to 30 meters without damaging the cam as it has a waterproof casing. This action camera has more than 27 accessories that aid in achieving quality captures.


  • Best for beginners as it easy to operate and requires no extras
  • Best gift for an outdoor enthusiast friend or family member
  • It allows you to capture from different viewing points
  • Suitable for events like swimming, skiing, and diving


  • The looping mode automatically turns off the anti-shake feature

#9. Dragon Touch Screen 16MP Vision 3 Pro 100ft Waterproof Adjustable View 4K Action Camera

Are you a regular shooter and desire to have a memorable picture capturing moments? Dragon Touch action camera 4K can add realism to your pictures and videos. This camera has a 2-inch touch screen that is simple to operate. You can choose different views as it has 70°, 110°, 140°, and 170° angle views. You can shift from video recording to picture taking using the 2.4 GHz wireless remote control. What’s more, it is ideal for an underwater environment up to 100ft. With the 4k video and 16MP picture resolution, you are assured of the best videos and photos at the end of the day. You don’t have to buy a red filter since you can turn on the diving mode to filter red light.


  • The waterproof casing allows you to enjoy the underwater shoots
  • You can adjust you capturing distance as it supports 4X zoom
  • This multifunctional camera allows you to capture on different modes
  • The “XDV” app allows you to connect your phone to your camera


  • This camera uses a prime lens instead of a focus lens

#8. AIRON 24MP Underwater Wi-Fi Adjustable Wide Angle Waterproof Action Camera 4K USB Charger

If you wish for quality pictures and videos then get an AIRON action camera 4K. Besides, it has a 150° wide-angle lens that allows you to take pictures from different points. With 6 high-quality lenses, you are capable of taking the best pictures and videos. You can dive up to 40 meters in the underwater and be assured of the safety of your camera as it has a waterproof case. The 24MP allows you to capture high-resolution pictures. This camera also has a Wi-Fi connection that allows for a connection between your phone and camera. Furthermore, it has 1050mAh removable that can be charged for longer shoots. It can also support SD of maximum storage of 128 GB.


  • With the few buttons, you are good to start taking pictures and videos
  • Small hence it fits perfectly in your hands for a great capture
  • You can shoot a video with a maximum resolution of 1080p
  • Has an anti-shake feature to avoid blurred captures


  • Lacks the touch screen feature

#7. Victure AC700 Wi-Fi 20MP Underwater Camcorder Waterproof with External Mic Action Camera 4K

Victure camera is one of the smallest cameras in the market, hence, easy for handful recording. It delivers 4k videos and 20MP pictures with the highest resolution. The 170° wide-angle view allows capturing the memorable moment on a wide view. With the help of EIS, you are capable of taking smooth pictures with no blurs. You can dive up to 40 meters from the water surface as it has a waterproof case that keeps it dry all through. It is packaged with a 2.4GHz remote that allows you to control your camera within a range of 10 meters. Moreover, it is equipped with an external microphone that records all the surrounding sounds.


  • The different modes allow you to capture the best pictures
  • It can support an SD card of maximum storage of 128 GB
  • The 1A charger allows you to fully charge your camera
  • You can mount it on bikes, motorbikes or your car


  • Does not deliver the best pictures during low light moments

#6. BAIFUN Anti-Shake Underwater 20MP Wi-Fi Waterproof Action Sport Camera 4K & 20 Accessories

Everyone desires to record a video or take pictures with an outstanding quality action camera. You can count on BAIFUN action camera 4K for all that. The slow mode allows you to record video in a flash. This means that it can record all the details despite what you are doing. It can also capture 4k, 2.7k, and 1080p videos and 20MP pictures. The 2.5mm external microphone helps to records the surrounding voices when recording your videos. Also, it is equipped with a built-in-6 axis anti-shake digital algorithm that corrects any shakes. It is possible to use this camera underwater as it has a waterproof casing. The wireless remote control allows you to control your camera within 10 meters.


  • The self-timer mode allows you to take pictures in intervals
  • The high-quality batteries have a longer usage life
  • Has ISO technology that allows adjusting the brightness
  • Wi-Fi allows for a seamless connection with your phone and camera


  • You can experience some flickers as you playback your videos

#5. COOAU 20MP Wi-Fi External Microphone Underwater 40M Waterproof Sports Action Camera 4K

You will surely be in love with this camera as it exhibits outstanding features. COOAU action camera 4K comes with at most 20 accessories all of which contribute to the quality of your pictures. You dive up to 30 meters to explore the water bodies as it has a waterproof casing. The remote control allows you to either take a picture or record video by pressing different buttons. You can take the pictures freely without any camera shake as the EIS technology allows for stable pictures. Also, you can connect this camera to your phone through Wi-Fi. You can mount the camera unto your bike or a car and record a video as you can connect it with the 1.48 meters microphone cable.


  • You can check your recording patterns by activating the slow-motion mode
  • The dash camera saves the newest pictures and deletes the old ones
  • The burst photo allows you to take up to 3 pictures simultaneously
  • You can use the self-timer to take pictures at different intervals


  • The remote control only works on distances of up to 10 meters

#4. AKASO Wi-Fi Sports Ultra HD Waterproof 12MP 1700 Wide Angle LCD Screen 4K Camera (EK7000BL)

It is a great deal purchasing AKASO action camera 4K. The reason that it enables you to record 4k 25fps, 2.7k 30fps, 1080p 60fps quality videos that come with clarity and added realism. Moreover, it is suitable for outdoor activities like skiing and cycling. You can as well engage in water sports as you explore the underwater as it has a waterproof case. The 170° wide-angle lens gets you an expanded field view. Also, the dashcam allows you to mount it onto your car as you record. The built-in Wi-Fi can control cameras of up to a distance of 50 meters. When the batteries are fully recharged they can be used for about 1.5 hours. Finally, its operation is made easier with the well-instructed manual.


  • A versatile camera that allows you to capture different quality videos
  • The remote control allows you to choose your preferred mode
  • You can share directly your pictures with the inbuilt Wi-Fi
  • You can dive up to 30 meters as you swim or surf


  • You can’t use the remote control underwater as it is not waterproof

#3. APEMAN A80 Wi-Fi 20MP Underwater 40M Waterproof Ultra-Wide Angle Portable Action Camera 4K

Practice photography with an APEMAN action camera for the best photography experience. This camera has 4 view angles of 70°, 110°, 140° and 170° for incredible pictures. It captures 4k and 20MP high-resolution pictures for an amazing picture-taking moment. The waterproof case allows you to explore up to 40 meters in the underwater world. Additionally, the built-in gyroscope and EIS ensure a stable picture taking and video recording. Following the instructions, you can easily mount this camera on a bike or a motorbike. The 2 1050mAh batteries can be used for about 1.5 hours when fully recharged. You can use this sports camera when diving, hiking, skiing or even cycling.


  • The dustproof cover protects your camera from attracting any form of dust materials
  • The portable carrying bag allows you to carry the camera with you
  • Made lightweight for easy carrying around as you take pictures
  • You can control your camera using your phone


  • If you are not careful, your cam can fall when installing on the helmet

#2. Crosstour CT9100 Wi-Fi EIS Remote Control 40M 20MP Waterproof Underwater Action Camera 4K

Are you out on a scuba diving vacation? Carry with you Crosstour action camera 4K for great capture moments. This camera has various recording modes such as slow mode and loop recording to suit your needs. EIS technology prevents any camera for steady pictures. You can control the view action of your camera through a built-in Wi-Fi connection on your phone. Also, it has a 170° wide-angle lens to capture those exciting moments. The 6 layers of optical glass lens for the clearest pictures. With the 20MP resolution allows you to capture high-resolution pictures. It is recommended to use an SD card of storage 8-64 GB. The SD card should be formatted first before its usage.


  • Has a waterproof casing for an underwater world exploration
  • Best gift for a friend or family member for the best pictures
  • Suitable for outdoor activities like swimming, skiing, and surfing
  • With fully recharged batteries you can use it for 60-90 minutes


  • The SD card is not included in the package, hence the need to purchase it separately

#1. Campark V30 Native 20MP EIS Touch Screen Wide Angle Compatible with GoPro Action Camera 4K

Are you looking forward to the best photography session? This is possible with the Campark camera. With a set shooting time, Campark camera will automatically take pictures. It has 2 1350mAh batteries that last long enough after a full recharge. You can use it for approximately 3 hours even when it is in the 4k mode. This camera has the best contrast and allows you to take high-resolution videos and 20MP photos that are more than clear. Also, it a high-speed output data thus it requires a U3 high-speed micro SD card with storage of either 8 GB or 16 GB. The dual charger allows you to charge the batteries as fast as


  • The touch screen allows you to easily change the settings
  • You can control it anywhere as it has a built-in Wi-Fi
  • Has a waterproof casing for recording water sports
  • Has a built-in EIS for a stable taking of pictures


  • The SD needs to be formatted before using it

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Action Camera 4K

Wi-Fi Capability

First off, we touch on the Wi-Fi potential of the action camera you wish to buy. There is no reason to capture a video and go home to upload later. Wi-Fi potential will enable you to upload a video in real-time that also becomes a safety precaution just in case the camera gets stolen or spoil. Goodness is, all or selections have Wi-Fi capability, so that shouldn’t make you freak, we have you covered.

Battery Longevity

Action cameras come with two types of battery, namely, inbuilt battery and removable batteries. In most cases, the replacement batteries are the best selection to kick start your brand new action cameras. Also, it is a great option because it enables you to go too far adventure without bothering about plugging the power cables.

Waterproof Depth

Those cameras for use on the land and dry environments don’t necessarily have to be waterproof, but for underwater cameras like the one we have reviewed, they should offer the maximum waterproof capability. If you are an avid scuba, like surfing or enjoy kayaking, then a waterproof action camera is indeed important. Not all action camera can withstand waterproof of any depth, the best should offer up to 131 feet. That said, consider the depth that you’ll work with and ascertain the depth that the camera supports on the specification area.

Ease of Mounting

Of course, no action camera comes without a mounting capability. And that also doesn’t imply that all the mounting doohickeys are the same. You’ll find that some cameras are designed categorically to be mounted on the advance equipment like drones as other units use owned mount.


The discussed 4K action cameras offer a unique thing for any type of adventure. There’re many things to consider, but our small guide has tailored its points into four major considerations; follow them and you’ll meet your ultimate action camera 4K. For your information, we research any products before writing this review, that’s why we wish that you give a try one of these cameras without any fear. Also, we’re a concern with quality and affordability, so, you are lucky, you get both without the need to rummage all over the internet. Henceforth, you wouldn’t have a challenge in selecting an action camera 4K, given that you stick to your needs, budget, and choice. It’s a great time to have that capture of special moments.

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