Top 10 Best Air Fryer Oven in Reviews

An air fryer oven is an advanced mode of cooking where you use less amount of oil. In essence, this is the best kitchen appliance for most people who would like to lose weight and fond of eating deep-fried food. Also, this oven will offer you the same taste of tantalizing and juicy food, but the cooking mode is quite different. Owning this appliance in your home is a win-win because you can cook a variety of foods. It now the right time to enjoy oil-free healthy meals every day by just buying an air fryer oven in your kitchen.

While it might seem an easier task to purchase an air fryer oven, the many models that are wide-spread in the market can be quite overwhelming. Besides, the different considerations that it comes with each unit make it even more challenging to pick your choice. But to end these uncertainties, we have presented to you a well-researched list of the top ten best air fryer oven in reviews. Please, read on!

#10. Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5 Infrared Convection Stainless Steel 13 Quart 1200W Air Fryer Oven (White)

Air frying is now better with the invention of Nutrichef air fryer oven that simply inserts food into the grilling basket and cooks quickly and efficiently. The infrared convection toaster oven tasted to offer you healthy and crispy meals. This air fryer, in most cases, requires a little amount of oil for cooking. Besides, it is versatile, and it can broil, defrost, grill, BBQ, bake, steam, and roast. It cooks food until it turns brown and crispy on the outer region and moist in the inside. This cooking method is safer than the old ways of deep frying food, which tend to cause healthy-problems.


  • It offers versatile use such as defrosting, baking, grilling, etc.
  • Delivers healthiest meals in a more efficient manner
  • The air fryer is better than a traditional frying pan
  • Modes of operation are easy and simple


  • Don’t have an instructional cooking manual

#9. Ultrean 5.8 Quarts Electric Oil-less LCD Touch Screen 1700W Non-Stick Basket 8 Preset Air Fryer Oven

Most of us like fried foods so much, right? We know it’s because of that delicious, crispy, crunchy, and savory flavor that’s palatable. Well, to maintain the taste while using less oil, Ultrean 5.8 quarts digital air fryer oven is here for you. You can make your crispy meal without unwanted calories. It uses an advanced 360 degrees heat circulation technology to heat food even faster, thus saving you money and time. The eight preset cook modes will make well-cooked food within no time. Besides, the adjustable temperature and time and dishwasher safe parts will allow you to have a fabulous cooking experience.


  • It is accompanied by a free recipe book having 50 ready recipes
  • Built with auto-shutoff and over-heat protection mechanism
  • Has8 cooking presets for an effortless cooking experience
  • The non-stick frying baskets make cleaning easier


  • The digital display panel is small

#8. Chefman Digital 6.8 Quarts Flat Basket 60 Min Timer Auto-Shutoff X-Large Air Fryer Oven (Black)

How about if we turn your deep-fried flavor to a more healthy way? Well, Chefman digital air fryer oven will enable you to achieve that right in your kitchen. The appliance will allow you to cook with less or no oil or added calories at all. This unit grants you an opportunity to bake, roast, and fry like an expert. Less oil smells in the house, but the flavor of the foods stands at the top. The 6.5-liter capacity basket offers you the ability to cook enough for all the hungry crowd at a go. No more need of a microwave, you can reheat leftovers in the air fryer oven with ease and brings them to their original texture. Also, with a timer, you don’t have to worry about burning or drying your food.


  • The 60 minutes timer enable you to set your preferred cooking
  • Has a large cooking basket to serve a large crowd at a go
  • The non-stick basket is removable and dishwasher safe
  • Delivers healthy and well-cooked foods


  • It doesn’t come with its accessories

#7. Phyismor 5.8 Quarts Oil-less Timer Control Temperature Aluminum Fryer Basket Air Fryer Oven

Phyismor 5.8 quarts XL air fryer having a square aluminum basket offers you a great way of cooking crispy yet with less oil. The rectangular basket is extensive and delivers more usable space as compared to the round basket in the market. Besides, the intuitive control panel and setting make cooking easy and quick. Moreover, the timer enables you to turns the required cooking time that will make frying of your food more precise. The frying baskets are detachable and removable for easy cleaning, and even better, you can bring it where you prepared food for convenience. Moreover, the menus are easy to take out as they were to put in.


  • Built with an aluminum square basket that is larger and more usable
  • The air fryer oven is dishwasher safe with separable baskets
  • The baskets materials are PFOA-free for guaranteed safety
  • Has an intuitive control panel that is easy to use


  • It is a bit expensive than the Chefman model

#6. Bagotte Programmable LED digital Touchscreen Non-Stick Basket Family Size Air Fryer Oven

Are you looking for the best air fryer oven in the market now? Look no further than Bagotte air fryer. The high-quality appliance uses less oil to deliver you crispy and brown foods. Besides, it has a novel and a fashionable design that has an advanced touch screen menu for easy control. The detachable non-stick basket is also dishwasher safe. Also, it comes with 60 minutes timer than enables you to set your food cooking time. The compact space will save you kitchen space while the auto-shutoff and auto-memory function will ensure safety while the food cooks. In addition to that, the one-touch control enables you to do more than just frying. Choose it now while stock lasts!


  • The one-touch control screen makes cooking a breeze
  • Has a compact size to save more space in the kitchen
  • It meets the family size and delivers oil-less cooking
  • Auto-shutoff function regulates the cooking


  • Only meant for foods intended to be crunchy or crispy

#5. COSORI 5.8 Quarts 1700-Watt Electric LED Touchscreen 11 Presets Non-Stick Basket Air Fryer

This air fryer oven has a size of up to 5.8 Quart size; hence it can accommodate up to 5 lbs. of a whole chicken, which is enough for five people. It has 11 preset cooking options to enable you to cook your favorite food. You can easily disassemble its parts and clean them in a dishwasher. Also, it has a non-stick basket making it easy to remove any foods without leaving any much residue behind. It produces foods with fewer fats, assuring you of healthier food always. This unit is a perfect holiday gift for a friend or a family member. It has up to 100 different recipes to enable you to try out some different cooking.


  • Has a warm function to keep your food warmer at all times
  • The shake reminder notifies you when to shake the stuff
  • Has a one-touch LED panel to enter your selections
  • Quickly preheats your food as it takes 2-5 minutes


  • It doesn’t retain the set temperatures when shaking

#4. HOLSEM 3.4 Quarts LED Display 1500W Stainless Steel Rapid Air Circulation Digital Air Fryer (Black)

The power of the trending kitchen technology is now making your kitchen work much more straightforward. HOLSEM air fryer oven allows you to cook, unfreeze, roast, or bake your foodstuff. This air fryer oven has time and temperature control that will enable you to cook at your desired temperatures. It comes with various accessories, which include cake mold, pot holder, kitchen thong, and mini-grill. The rapid air circulation technology allows you to cook at a faster rate for quicker results. You can now cook various foodstuffs as this air fryer comes with a recipe book of 50 different foods. It is from high-quality stainless steel materials that are durable and rust-free.


  • Has a timer that automatically switches off when it counts to zero
  • Has an easy to load aluminum basket to ease your cooking
  • The air fryer and its accessories are dishwasher friendly
  • Uses hot air with no oil for healthier foodstuff


  • You should soak the rack for an easy cleanup

#3. Gourmia GTF7600 16-in-1 Multi-Function 16 Presets Convection Mode Digital Steel Air Fryer Oven

You would need nothing more than a Gourmia air fryer oven to prepare your favorite food. The air fryer oven has a larger capacity to accommodate up to 12-inch pizza and six slices of toast. This air fryer oven offers 16 easy to use presets, making it easier and quicker for you to cook your delicacies. It cooks your food under a super-heated air with no oil at all, giving healthy food all through. Also, this fryer is ETL certified; thus, you are assured of safer and more efficient cooking. You can cook toast, bread, pastries, pizza, and many other types of foods. Depending on your needs, you can set the time and temperatures that suit you best.


  • Has a glass viewing window that allows you to monitor your cooking
  • Made compact such that it takes less space in your kitchen
  • With only a weight 5 pounds you can easily carry it
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last long


  • It lacks a tray under the fry basket to catch any dripping

#2. SOING 17 Quarts 8-in-1 1800-Watts Programmable Recipe Book Included Air Fryer Oven (White)

Get a high-quality air fryer oven for quality results. SOING air fryer oven is constructed from high-quality for durability and has a capacity of 17 quarts enabling you to store whole turkeys and large-sized family meals. It includes different accessories: wire racks, skewer rack set, a rotating basket, and many more. Also, it has a dehydration timer of up to 24 hours and temperature control between 90- 400°F to control your cooking. The 1800 watts motor allows you to cook healthier food with no or lesser fats. You can cook in any manner you desire as it has varied preset cooking options. It also includes up to 50 recipes to enable you to prepare your favorite delicacy step by step for a great taste.


  • Has a pull-down door that makes it easy for you to monitor your cooking
  • The auto shut function prevent too much food and heating
  • ETL-certified hence it is safer to use with no odd smells
  • It has a baking tray that traps any excessive oils


  • It doesn’t cook foods at more than 400°F

#1. AAOBOSI 1700W 2 Quarts XL 6-in-1 Multi-function Convection Recipe Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Go healthier with AAOBOSI air fryer oven. This air fryer oven has a large capacity of up to 22 liters meaning that it can hold much of your foodstuff. It has 6 preheat cooking options to enable you to have the food your way. Also, it has a temperature control knob that ranges from 150°F-450° F and a 60-minute timer control knob. Additionally, it has six heating elements to get you a well-cooked food. The fact it is from stainless steel materials and food-grade materials assures you of a durable and safe air fryer. It includes various accessories that serve you with different purposes for great cooking.


  • Has an enormous capacity to hold food for up to 5 persons
  • The high-speed fans allow for a quicker baking
  • Has 4 non-slip feet that prevent it from sliding
  • Versatile as it has different cooking options


  • It is a bit heavier when compared to other models

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Air Fryer Oven

When planning to purchase a specific air fryer oven, you should consider the factors below to do a successful shopping.

Check on the Capacity

The size of the air fryer oven that you select will determine the foods that you’ll cook with it at a go. For instance, if you opt for the small size, you’ll end up cooking one or two foods types only. Also, a bigger oven will mean that you can cook a meal that is enough for the whole family. Additionally, a multi-functional air fryer oven delivers instant cooking on various cooking baskets.

The Material of the Fryer

Of course, different models are from different materials. You’ll find some fryers from metal materials while others are from plastic materials. So, it’s crucial to opt for the right material to enjoy durable use. Synthetic materials are well suiting when constructed on the exterior because if built inside, it will melt quickly. So that said, opt for a metallic material for long-lasting use.

Manual or Automatic

Not all air fryer ovens are manufactured with the automated function. So, for this reason, you must confirm this feature to ascertain whether it’s manual or automatic. In case you need a manual air fryer, you ought to check on the manual for further instructions. Moreover, if you are opting for an automatic fryer, you ought to confirm as well.

Varied Cooking Options

Last but not least are the cooking modes your preferred air fryer has. Not all air fryer has the same cooking presets; there are those high-end models that are that delivers over ten cooking options. On the other hand, there are those simpler models with only grilling capability. The good news is, the above models offer you a versatile cooking option, so no need to get worried.


If you are looking for a versatile appliance for your kitchen, then think about an air fryer oven. You rest assured that you’ll do away with some kitchen appliances due to the robustness of this single oven. The list that we’ve offered you was as a result of a result we conducted on a wide range of air fryers, so the above merit the top position. And they made to the top because of their multi-purpose use, affordance, capacity, and ease of use. Depending on your preference, you can settle with either of the models. It is an excellent way of improving your culinary skills.

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