Top 10 Best Air Purifier with HEPA Filter in Reviews

An air purifier with HEPA filter is an essential household accessory in the world we are living today. The air that we normally breathe is always free but not free from contamination. This has always changed and will continue changing with time. The lifestyle that we lead today is the main reason behind the contamination of air. However, we have the life and we must struggle to make the most out of it. The only way to achieve that is by fighting the pollutants which are distributed in the air.

In a very short span of time, air purifiers have gained popularity, especially at homes and offices. These accessories use technology to make sure that the air we breathe is fresh. Having said that, you might want to get yourself an air purifier. This is the best place for you since we have compiled the best there are in the market. Read through this review to have an understanding of the best air purifier for your home or office.

The Best Air Purifier with HEPA Filter Review

10. PARTU HEPA Air Purifier with Fragrance Sponge (Available for California)

We kick off this review with the air purifier from PARTU which has all the features you need. To begin with, this filter has a 3-stage filtration system which will help to guarantee fresh air. Apart from that, the air purifier comes with a fragrance sponge to make sure that fragrance flows with the air. You will appreciate the sleek design for this purifier which allows it to fit on the desk. It also produces the lowest noise levels to give some peace of mind. With a buyer assurance of 24 moths and lifetime support, you can tell that this accessory is reliable.


  • This air purifier comes in three air filtration stages to make sure that all the air pollutants are trapped in
  • It comes with a fragrance sponge so that the fragrance flows with the movement of air
  • Black case with a sleek design which makes it compact enough for the desk office
  • Buy with confidence since it comes with a buyer assurance of 24 months and a lifetime support


  • When running on high speeds, the air purifier will make noise

9. Enther Air Purifiers with HEPA Filter for Allergies, Optional Night Light

Next on the list, we have the Enther air purifier which comes with a HEPA filter. The purifier is known to remove up to 99.7% of allergens, odors as well as smoke. You will also appreciate the fact that this air purifier is completely ozone-free and has been approved by ETL. It is possible to set the air purifier on sleep mode which makes sure that it runs quietly for a good sleeping environment. This accessory comes with a quality indicator alert which allows you to adjust the airflow speed. With three fan speeds and an automatic off timer, you will conveniently use this air purifier.


  • This is an ETL-approved purifier with a 3-stage system of filtration which helps to trap dust, odors, allergens, and smoke.
  • Easy to set the purifier in the sleep mode to make sure that it runs quietly with no disturbing noise or light
  • Comes with an air quality monitor which allows you to adjust the airflow speed according to your needs
  • The air purifier comes with a warranty of two years and a lifetime support


  • Some people complained that it keeps getting louder and louder

8. Pro Breeze Air Purifier w/True HEPA Filter for Large Rooms

Next on the list is this air purifier which is known to trap 99.7% airborne particles. It has several filtration stages which will make sure that the filter gives you only fresh air. This purifier is very fast and powerful and can cover a maximum area of 500 sq. /ft. The air purifier performs by the creation of negative ions to neutralize the airborne pollutants. You will also like the fact that it is controlled independently and can, therefore, be turned off or on as per your wish. Its versatile design makes it ideal for allergy sufferers, smokers, and pet owners among other uses.


  • The air purifier has a smart timer and a sleep mode so that it can automatically shut off for a peaceful night
  • It has a versatile design which makes it ideal for pet owners, small kids, people with allergies among other uses
  • Extremely fast and powerful which makes it ideal for all room sizes both at home and the office
  • 5-in-1 HEPA filter which will capture 99.7% pollen, smoke, pet dander, and other pollutants


  • Some people complained that the air purifier is so bright at night

7. Keenstone Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, Ideal for Bedroom and Office

Next on this list is the air purifier which is ozone-free and will not cause lung irritation. Just like other quality air purifiers, this one has three filtration stages. The manufacturer claims that this accessory will capture 99.7% air pollutants which makes it fit for the job. The air purifier has a cylindrical filter design with cyclone technology. You will also fall in love with its ultra-quiet design which will ensure that you have a peaceful night. It comes with the CARB certification and a warranty of three years to prove its quality.


  • It has a cylindrical filter design that gives it 40% higher efficiency and makes it unique from its competitors
  • Ultra-quiet and a change reminder so that you can enjoy a restful night sleep
  • It is compliant to the CARB certification and comes with a warranty of three years to cover for any manufacturing defects
  • 5 modes of the filter speed and has less power consumption for convenience


  • There is none for now

6. Okaysou 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier, 3 Speeds with 5 Years Warranty

On the sixth rank according to this review is the Okaysou air purifier which has 5 stages of filtration. With this accessory, you can actually rely on it to capture up to 99.7% of pollutants. The fact that this air purifier is Ozone-free means that it will be completely safe for you. You will also appreciate that this accessory is made with the recent quiet technology for convenience. It has three fan speeds to give you the air quality which you deserve. You ought to buy with confidence given that it comes with a warranty of four years.


  • Built using the latest silent technology to make sure that air gets purified while you enjoy a good night’s sleep
  • It comes with the needed safety certifications and backed with an industry-leading warranty of one year
  • The purifier has a 5-in-1 filtration system which will eliminate up to 99.7% of the pollutants
  • It comes with a modern and slim design which means that it will not take up much space


  • It might arrive with defects

5. Hunter HT1701 Air Purifier for Allergies, Dust, Smoke, and Odors

This air purifier will capture 99% of particles which takes it to a level that its competitors do not get. The accessory is mainly made to inhibit bacterial growth other than protecting individuals from allergies. It is ideal for both home and office use. Do not let the compact nature of this accessory fool you since it is very powerful. You will be surprised at its great performance in the large rooms. Its thoughtful design makes it very easy to use especially when it comes to speed control. Although it is a bit pricey, it is still worth purchasing.


  • Top-notch after-sales where the brand stands with its products and offers a warranty of three years in case of defects
  • It has three-speed controls and comes with wrap-around cord storage to make sure you have a convenient time using it
  • Other than protecting the individuals who have allergies it will also inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • This air purifier will capture up to 99% of pollutant particles in the air


  • It becomes too hot

4. WAGNER Switzerland Air Purifier, Removes 99.7% Particles

On the fourth rank on this list is the WAGNER air purifier which removes 99.97% of pollutant particles in the air. It has a smart response technology which will improve the quality of the air we breathe. This package comes with a remote control to ensure that the usage of this accessory is convenient enough. The air purifier has a detection system which reads the air of the surrounding and produces negative ions accordingly. This is an air purifier which has been made to give you the reliability you need. With a warranty of three years, you can rest assured that any defect will have been covered for.


  • It comes with a warranty of three years to cover for any manufacturing defects. The manufacturer also offers a money-back guarantee in 30 days
  • The accessory employs a unique technology which will detect the surrounding air quality and generate negative ions
  • This air purifier is ideal for rooms with a size of up to 350 square feet and produces fresh air in only ten minutes
  • It has a digital display which allows you to easily monitor the quality of air in your room


  • There is none for now

3. RENPHO Air Purifier for Allergies & Pets

This air filter has four stages of air filtration which makes it unique from the others. It has the ability to capture up to 99.97% of pollutant particles in the air. It is also made with an air quality sensor and also allows you to adjust the speed accordingly. Another great feature about this accessory is that has a whisper-quiet operation which will give you a restful sleep. To add to that convenience, you will appreciate that this accessory will shut itself down after some time. With its warranty of one year, you need to have all the confidence to purchase.


  • It has a whisper-quiet operation and an automatic shut off feature which will make sure that you enjoy your sleep
  • This accessory is quality-assured which means that it has met all the needed standards and will be safe to use
  • Features an in-built air quality sensor which will ensure that the air is purified every now and then
  • Buy with confidence since the manufacturer has placed a warranty of one year on this product


  • Not as strong as the advert puts it

2. Medify Medical Grade Air Purifier with Particle Sensor & Modern Design – White

On the second spot according to this review is the Medify air purifier which has a medical-grade. The manufacturer claims that this accessory can eliminate up to 99.97% of pollutant particles in the air. Do not be fooled by its compact size since it can purify up to 1300 square feet room in an hour.
This accessory also comes with an in-built particle sensor which helps you to know the air quality. With its 4 fan speeds, you will be able to adjust the speed as per your needs. What’s more, it has a night mode feature which will ensure that you enjoy your sleep.


  • This is a medical-grade air purifier which has the ability to remove up to 99.97% pollutant particles
  • Tampered glass panel which makes it easy to clean and will never scratch like for the plastic counterparts
  • This is a compact accessory which has the ability to purify up to 1300 square feet area in just an hour
  • Compact and portable design and arrives in two color options


  • Some people complained that it stopped working after a short time

1. Inofia Air Purifier w/True HEPA Filter for Home and Office Use (White)

Finally on this review is the Inofia air filter which has a very powerful coverage. It adopts two filters to make sure that the air that you breathe is well filtered. With a coverage area of up to 1300 square feet, you will definitely enjoy the performance of this accessory. You will similarly fall in love with the fact that this accessory has a smart air monitoring system to gauge the quality of air. What’s more, the system is WiFi-enabled which means that you will be able to operate it remotely from the phone.


  • This accessory is known for its wide coverage area making it ideal for family rooms and bedrooms as well
  • Smart air monitoring since it is equipped with a sensor and has a well-colored visual display for convenience
  • The air purifier is WiFi-enabled which allows you to control it remotely via the phone
  • Perfect after-sales services where the manufacturer provides a warranty of 2 years on the product


  • It is too expensive

Factors to consider when buying an air purifier with a HEPA filter


Essentially, there are 2 main types of air purifiers available today. There is that one meant for room use and that one for the whole house. If you are looking for an air purifier which can be moved between rooms, the room air purifier will be the best. The full-house option, on the other hand, will be good if you a cooling system already in your home.

Air filtration technique

Commercially, the air purifiers will be available based on the technology they use. As at now, the most used technology is HEPA technology. It works by removing the radioactive particles of dust from the air. Another technique used is ULPA which is essentially a much stricter version of the HEPA technology. You will also get those purifiers which use the PCO filtration technology


The size for any air purifier is normally evaluated in terms of CADR. This basically refers to the number of cubic feet of air which the machine can purify in just one minute. For that reason, if you have an air purifier with a high CADR unit, it means that it will be very efficient. When doing the selection, therefore, always keep this fact in mind.


After knowing the different considerations you are required to make when shopping for these accessories, shopping will be easier. As you have seen, there are so many air purifiers available for sale today. It might be a daunting task to know which one to take home especially for first-time buyers. However, with the compilation above, we believe that the selection task will be pretty easy. What you will be needed to do is go through the compilation above and later make an informed decision.

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