Top 10 Best Audio Baby Monitors in Reviews

Innovations and inventions are quickly changing our way of life for the good. As at now, various devices are being invented to help us in our day to day life. For instance, parents nowadays don’t have to be around to know their kid’s condition at home. An audio baby monitor has been invented to act as a third eye at home as you go about your duties. In essence, this device alone will relieve the daily stress of baby seating. An audio baby monitor is built with a sound system with several sounds to ensure your child sleep sound and safe.

Yes, getting yourself an audio baby monitor is a noble idea, but where do you begin? Well, if that is where you are, then we have you covered. Instead of the long hours that you will take browsing all over the internet, we’ve narrowed down to only one webpage for you. This article gives you the Top 10 Best Audio Baby Monitors Reviews for you to consider. And with no further ado, here we go.

#10. VTech DM1111 Enhanced Range One-Parent Unit Digital Audio Baby Monitor (white)

Have a guaranteed peace of mind thanks to VTech DM1111 Enhanced Range Audio Baby Monitor. This device features up to 1500ft of range, thus giving parents enough freedom to leverage on the nap time as they go about their duties. Also, parents wouldn’t feel disconnected with their children because they can check on the camera. The DECT 6.0 technology offers clear audio transmission that does away with background interference like noise as you maneuver from room to room. On the parents unit is a LED that shows the level of sound in your baby room thus enables you to monitor the child noise level. The unit is affordable and every parent should consider buying for its great quality.


  • The wide range enables you to get connected to your baby even from the yard
  • The belt clip makes it a hand-free unit as you move from room to room
  • It is a secure digital audio transmission that prevents against any interference
  • This unit is very clear and you can hear well the baby conditions


  • Volume goes up and down which is very distracting

#9. HelloBaby HB178 One Way Audio 1000ft of Range Audio Baby Monitor

HelloBaby HB178 Audio Baby Monitor is built with DECT 6.0 technology that removes the background noise and prevent all the interference. By so doing, you get a crystal clear transmission of your baby’s situations. Also, DECT technology relays a secure and encrypted signal so you can rest assured that no hackers are hearing your communications. The 1000ft makes it easy for you to check on your baby even when you are in the yard or a different room. Moreover, the lightweight battery operated parent device work for a max of 18 hours on a single charge. Additionally, a built-in belt clip enables you to lock on the belt so that you can move freely around your house. Besides, the backlit display is easy to read even in the dark.


  • The temperature sensor is accurate
  • Has a backlit display that is easy to read even in the dark
  • Presence of five LED indicators enables you to monitor your baby’s noise level
  • DECT 6.0 technology prevents interference and removes the noise
  • This unit transmits secure and encrypted signals that keep off, hackers
    -Has five different lullabies to choose between


  • The parent unit is quite loud even with the lowest volume

#8. Willcare Portable Two-Way Talking HD Sound System Digital Audio Baby Monitor

If you’re looking for an AUDIO only monitor, then you have it. Willcare audio baby monitor will give you a 100% working capability. You can walk to a distance about 600-700ft and still check on the baby in the house remotely. Enjoy your lake adventures while you can still get in touch with your infant on the camping place. The sound of this device is loud and clear with no interference. Additionally, this device is rechargeable, that even make a good travel companion. The most interesting section is the nightlight feature. When you’ll be going to a dark bedroom late at night, of course, you wouldn’t light up the light to wake your baby up, presence of LCD backlight will be ideal.


  • The mom hip clip enables for a hand-free working capability
  • This device produces clear sound without any inferences
  • The LCD has a backlit that enables you to monitor your baby even at night
  • The monitor is easy to set in place with a clip to place on the hip


  • The charging time is way longer

#7. Timeflys Upgraded 2.0 Rechargeable Battery USB Connection Cute Audio Baby Monitor

When it comes to an easy way to keep an eye on your baby in your absence, then we think Timeflys Baby Monitor is your solution. The device enables you to look after your infant in the greatest but simple way. The system offers 36 channels with interference-free and digital technology to relay high-quality voice. The unit comes with many appealing features that make it the luckiest option. First, it comes with a portable parent unit with a long operating battery to ensure a parent doesn’t miss any child’s moments. Secondly, the baby unit is built with a night light that offers a sound sleep to your kid. Additionally, this system offers a two-way talk that ensures you keep close communication with your toddler.


  • Present an easy and simple way to interact with your baby remotely
  • It provides an interference-free technology to relay high-quality voice signal
  • The portable parent unit has a long operating battery for durability
  • It is not only a baby-sitting friend but also a good option for elderly care


  • It only allowed the parent unit to be unplugged

#6. Time Flys Crown Temperature Vibration Lullabies Two-Way Talk Digital Baby Monitor

Taking care of your baby has never been easy until the invention of Time Flys Digital Baby Monitor. This monitor is the most auspicious and unique among all the alternatives options. For this device, both the baby and parent units come with micro USB. Also, the parent unit has a lithium battery with super-fast charging capability while offering 10 hours of working time. Besides, night light was never forgotten. The sandwich structure with a middle one night light with few controls enables your kid to have a splendid night. When it’s working at night this gadget makes your baby sparkles like an angel.


  • Both the parent and baby units come with micro USB
  • The parent unit is built with lithium rechargeable battery than serve for 10 hours
  • The baby unit has 8 soothing lullabies that lull your baby to sleep safe and sound
  • The LCD screen of the parent unit indicate the temperature of the baby room in real-time


  • The port for charging the parent unit is fragile

#5. Moonybaby Long Range Color Screen Auto Night Vision 2-Way Talk Back Audio Baby Monitor

Moonybaby Audio Baby Monitor is another convenient baby custodian that is easy to set up and carry around. The item requires doesn’t require Wi-Fi to function, and it is a plug and play system. The portable parent unit feature enables you to communicate, watch or hear your toddler irrespective of where you are in the house. When the device is in an open area, it can work up to a distance of 900ft which is convenient for moms who spend most of their time in their gardens. Furthermore, the battery can work for 6 hours in power saver mode and 4 hours when doing continuous video coverage. Lastly, the 2.4” compact screen offer crystal clear video quality and also enhance on its portability.


  • Compact and portable to enable you to move around your house as you monitor your baby
  • No Wi-Fi is required therefore headache of remembering IP and router settings is done
  • The battery can last long because it has a power-saving mode adjustments
  • The large compact screen offer crystal clear video quality and images


  • Have to click through several menus options to turn off the screen

#4. SIYANG Wi-Fi Video Cloud Storage Two-Way Audio Motion Detection Baby Monitor with Audio

SIYANG Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with Audio is a high-quality device that is much dependent on internet connectivity. Together with that, this system enables for two-way audio communication, so your baby can respond to your voice. Also, the storage mechanism of this device has gone way far with cloud storage capability. This alone will ensure your communication is not deleted whatsoever. Also, it has a night vision capability that can go up to 10 meters. When connecting this device to the internet you can either use a Wi-Fi connection or Hotspot connectivity. A great gift to buy for your young ones at home.


  • Cloud storage eliminates the worries about storage limit
  • It offers versatile mounting with a 365 degrees complete coverage
  • Using its mobile app you can manage your home affairs
  • The smart Wi-Fi baby camera is easy to operate with a simple connection to your phone or PC
  • The clear gives your crystal clear images of your toddler at home


  • It is expensive for those looking for cheap audio baby monitors

#3. SereneLife SLBCAM550 Long Range Two-Way Audio Smart Watch Wireless Baby Camera

Coming at the third position is SereneLife SLBCAM550 Wireless Baby Camera. The smart baby monitor comes with a black good looking rechargeable smart watch having 1.54” digital screen that displays video through a mounting camera. The wireless set is ideal for phone who wants something advanced and stylish. This set is secure and reliable with encrypted signal sending capability. The device is built with a microphone and speaker for two-way communication. Also, with a night vision camera illumination, you can rest assured that you’ll monitor your baby even in the dark.


  • It has a portable and wearable watch LCD screen for remote viewing
  • Built will smart microphone and speaker to allow for two-way communication
  • The user interface is user-friendly
  • Convenient and reliable gadget for monitoring your baby
  • The battery life is great and doesn’t have to be changed often


  • Has no way to sync to the phone

#2. PHILIPS AVENT SCD720/86 Range up to 1000ft DECT Technology Audio Baby Monitor

Using DECT technology, PHILIPS AVENT Audio Baby Monitor offers a reliable and private connection to your toddler with no interference. Complete assurance thanks to its dedicated and advanced features. The comforting night light and lullabies are important in calming your baby during the night. Also, the tack back feature allows you to exchange communication with your kid without entering the room. Besides, you can monitor your baby’s room temperature using the temperature display feature on the parent unit. The battery is excellently designed to offer a max of 18 hours baby monitoring which is suitable for a night, plus the docking station for comfortable charging.


  • Offer freedom for cordless monitoring for up to 18 hours per charge
  • Multiple lullabies to help soothe the baby
  • Philips has a mode to use less power as you are closer to the remote unit
  • DECT technology offers a secure and private connection for you to listen in only
  • Two-way communication feature enables to talk to your baby remotely


  • Video monitors battery life doesn’t last long

#1. Motorola Halo+ Over-the-Crib 4.3 inches LCD Two-way Audio HD Wi-Fi Camera Video Baby Monitor

Are you always insecure when you’re not connected to your baby as you walk around? Well, we have your back. Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor connects you to your baby remotely. This system will enable you to view, see and talk to your baby on the go or at home. Using the dedicated parent unit, parents can share experience and soothe their young ones with their sizzling voice. Both the video and audio connection are encrypted so no interception by hackers in any case. The device comes with preloaded lullabies that lull your baby to sleep. Moreover, the camera set on the set is detachable and portable. The Motorola halo+ is easy to set up, no messy wall mount or tools required.


  • The set is easy to set up with no messy wall mount or tools needed
  • Enables you view, see or talk to your baby on-the-go
  • It is preloaded with a selection of soothing sounds that ensure your child sleeps soundly
  • This unit was created with a versatile design that grows with your family


  • The camera doesn’t pair easily with smartphones

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Audio Baby Monitor

Screen Size & Audio Output

The initial factor to consider is the loudness of the audio built on the monitor. A device with loud audio will enable you to hear the baby condition. Also, the display screen of the monitor should be large enough for you to check on the baby sleeping position.


To what extent can the signal reach? Most audio baby monitors have a signal range ranging from 600 – 1000ft. Note that, if your signal range is between the recommended transmitter ranges, you monitor your baby at home.

Night Vision

Of course, you’ll want even to check on your toddler while sleeping and that’s why you need to consider the night vision feature. Presence of a night vision functionality will enable you to leave your child to sleep undisturbed without switching the room’s lights.

Analog vs. Digital

While analog monitors relay signals directly to the monitor, digital monitors hide the signal by encrypting before sending it. In so doing, digital signals tend to be more secure than the analog monitors. Also, this safety measure will ensure your baby is safe from hackers.

Temperature Sensor

A temperature sensor is an added feature that helps parents to give their children a conducive sleeping environment. The sensors enable you to directly manage home appliance like coolers and heaters for different conditions.


As we had seen earlier, an audio baby monitor is a vital device for any modern parent, therefore, every parent must make a point of acquiring one soon. We hope you’ve gotten information on the best audio baby monitor trending in the market and what features to go look for. That alone will enable to have a precise and well-thought decision before shopping. If you click any particular product, you have the advantage to check on genuine individuals who have got enough experience using that product. Have a fabulous shopping experience!

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