Top 10 Best Baby Crib Mattresses in Reviews

Safe and sound sleep is the most essential for babies and toddlers. It’s a dream for most parents to have their babies rest or sleep on crib mattresses. Even at times, the selection process can seem challenging, and this might put you at risk of falling for sub-standard models. In case you need the best baby crib mattress, then opt for that choice with superior construction. The mattress ought to be easy to clean, breathable, and most importantly, should meet the safety standards to guarantee the baby’s health.

Buyers often get confused with a wide range of baby crib mattresses that have flooded the market. However, this guide will make your shopping experience easier. That said, we present to you the top 10 best ten baby crib mattresses you might want to consider. Also included is a buying guide that will keep you on track during your selection process. Have a look at the list.

#10. Safety 1st Hypoallergenic Water-Resistant Heavenly Dreams White Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress

Safety 1st won the title of America’s Most Recommended model for crib and toddler mattress. This baby’s bedding will make the baby drift to slumberland very instantly. With a high-density thermo-bonded core, this mattress offers firm support to enable your baby to have a restful night of sleep. Besides, it’s durable and lightweight and effortless to move and flip. Also, it’s water-resistant that keeps the mattress clean and dry all times! And for assured safety of your child, this brand is backed by GREENGUARD certification. In essence, it’s manufactured without the use of flame retardant chemicals and meets the standard for less-chemical emission.


  • The outer cover is waterproof that keeps off spills
  • It’s lightweight and durable with great support
  • Offers your baby a safe and high-quality sleep
  • Fits standard crib and toddler beds snugly


  • The cover material isn’t up to the standard

#9. Delta Children Waterproof Lightweight Non-Toxic Twinkle Star Fiber Core Crib & Toddler Mattress

The next product on this array is Delta Children crib and toddler mattress. If you want your young one to get the replenishing sleep they deserve, this is the perfect solution to consider. The mattress is constructed with excellent craft to offer optimal support and firmness for the babies and toddlers. It features square corners that ensure it fits snugly and securely inside the toddler bed or the crib. On the other hand, the cover is waterproof and durable that offers effortless cleanup and maintains the mattress as good as new. What’s more, the crib mattress has a lightweight design that necessitates easy change.


  • Offers babies and toddlers ideal support during sleep time
  • The mattress has a lightweight design for easy changing
  • Perfectly sized to fit most standard cribs & toddler beds
  • Has quality construction with a durable design


  • It’s not 100% waterproof

#8. LA Baby 3 inch Hypoallergenic Easy to Clean Portable Crib Mattress w/Soy Foam Core & Cotton Cover

If you want your baby to have a calm night’s sleep on his or her crib, then purchase LA Baby hypoallergenic portable crib mattress. The dust mite barrier is very easy to clean and elegant to touch with a waterproof back. Also, the box edge construction, firm and breathable support foam core, and amalgamated cotton fire barrier are eco-friendly. Additionally, the pad has a tan color with a 3-inch thick portable mattress for the durable support of your baby or toddler. Even better, it has harmful substances like phthalates, and also stain resistant. It fits perfectly into any standard crib or toddler bed, thus preventing any issues of suffocation.


  • Maintaining this crib is easy because it has a waterproof cover
  • The cover is hypoallergenic to suit babies with allergies
  • Has a portable design that fits snugly into baby’s crib
  • Offers firm support to your kid during sleeping time


  • Has an odor on arrival that disappears after some days

#7. Graco Non-Toxic Breathable GREENGUARD Gold Certified Superior Foam Baby Crib Mattress

Graco superior foam baby crib mattress is the best unit for your infant or newborn. This unit is from 100% polyurethane foam hence guaranteeing long-lasting use. And again, to get maximum air-flow, this unit has high-quality, breathable foam core. Moreover, to be assured that this mattress is safe for the babies and toddlers to use, it is GREENGUARD Gold certified. As if that’s not enough, it meets or exceeds all the safety standards of ASTM International and CPSCE. Lastly, the outer cover of this unit is water-resistant and removable for effortless cleaning.


  • Constructed from high-quality, breathable foam for optimum air-flow
  • The mattress cover is from 100% polyester that is durable
  • It has removable and machine washable outer cover
  • Ideal mattress firmness for the infant’s safer sleep


  • The cover is a bit loose on the mattress

#6. Sealy Firm Rest Standard Toddler & Baby Crib Mattress w/Luxury Design Patter & 204 Premium Coils

Are you frustrated with those crib mattress that develops depressions after your baby sleep for a few days? Your frustration ends now! Sealy baby firm rest infant crib mattress offers exceptional firmness for your offspring. With innerspring coil unit and extra-full perimeter wire and the anti-sag even weight distribution bar, your baby will be left to sleep like never before. Whether your baby is taking a nap or sleeping at night, this crib mattress will tenderly cushion your baby thoroughly. Additionally, it has two non-allergenic layers that offer long-lasting support and durability. Better yet, it has underscored all the ASTM requirements for safety.


  • The waterproof barrier makes the unit to stay clean always
  • Supports infants and toddlers or young ones up to 99lbs
  • Deliver a healthier indoor environment for your baby
  • It offers a safe sleep environment for your baby


  • The mattress produces a little crinkle sound

#5. My First Baby Crib Mattress Breathable Hypoallergenic Plush Waterproof Removable Cover

If you are looking for a more comfortable baby crib mattress, this brand from My First mattress ought to be the best choice. This memory foam crib mattress has been certified by CertiPUR US to provide your infant with a comfortable and safe sleep. Since it is memory foam, your young one can sleep without the production of any noises when turning around. With a soft velour cover, your baby can rest more comfortably and soundly. This cover is waterproof to avoid wetting the mattress when your baby wets herself or himself or when you splash drinks. It is an ideal baby gift during Christmas or birthday since it fits most standard cribs and popular brands.


  • Free from harmful substances such as lead and phthalates
  • The cover can be easily removed when you need to wash
  • Easy to use since you just need to unpack and air it
  • Made hypoallergenic to keep your baby’s skin safe


  • Produces a mild residual scent after unpacking it

#4. Milliard Premium Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Infant Crib Mattress w/Waterproof Bamboo Cover

As a mother, you would love a safe sleep environment for your baby, and that’s why you may think of getting Milliard baby crib mattress. It has a bamboo cover that provides additional comfort to your little one. Both the foam base and high-grade memory foam ensures that your baby’s mattress remains in good shape for a more extended time. Maintenance is an easier task since the bamboo can be easily removed for a wash-up and made waterproof to prevent any spill from reaching the mattress. With unique technology, your baby can sleep all night comfortably long without sweating since it allows free air-flow.


  • Safe for use because it is free from harmful substances like lead
  • Has 3lb construction thus retains its shape for a more extended period
  • Easy to maintain as you can use a machine to wash the cover
  • Suits all standard size cribs since it has the right size


  • Very soft and can sometimes run hot

#3. Milliard Flip Technology 100% Cotton Cover Firm Side Crib Mattress for Baby & Soft Side for Toddler

Milliard has the best cribs in the market today, but what about this crib mattress? This unit is perfect for infants, toddlers, and older babies because it has both the firmer side and memory foam side. It has the right sizing; thus, it fits all toddler beds and standard size cribs. The mattress remains protected by the cotton cover that is made waterproof and washable. This cover is soft to touch and made anti-slip to keep your young in place without slipping. Finally, it only weighs 8.73 pounds; thus, you can carry it from one place to the other.


  • Keeps your baby’s skin free from irritations as it made hypoallergenic
  • Designed from high-quality materials thus retains its shape
  • Has a natural, non-toxic fire barrier to keep your baby safe
  • The tight-fitting corners ensure a secure and safe fit


  • Has round corners that fill in entirely on the crib

#2. Moonlight Slumber Dual Firmness Slumber Dreamer Easy Maintenance Foam Baby Crib Mattress

With the uniqueness that this baby crib mattress has to offer with its outstanding features, you will never regret having purchased it. This mattress provides maximum comfort for both infants and toddlers. It has both the new firm foam side and the soft plush foam side. Additionally, it is from high-quality materials that durable and stronger. The cover is hypoallergenic; thus, your little one is free from skin irritation, dust mites, and so on. Also, this mattress is free from any harmful substances like phthalates, vinyl, lead, and many more thus, your baby is always safe. The woven fire barrier has no fire-resistant chemicals.


  • Odor resistant and water-resistant for maximum comfort
  • Has been certified and approved by Greenguard gold
  • Only weighs 10.4 pounds thus can be easily carried
  • Easy to clean since you can use a damp sponge


  • The waterproof covering is of cheaper materials

#1. Newton Hypoallergenic Breathable Non-Toxic Baby Crib Mattress & Toddler Bed w/Removable Cover

When it comes to a high-quality mattress, you never go wrong with Newton baby crib mattress. It allows your baby to sleep comfortably without sweating since it prevents overheating by regulating temperatures. Since it has no latex, dyes, or adhesives, it safer on your child’s skin without the production of any allergens. Besides, it is designed from high-quality materials that are durable and soft to accommodate both infants and toddlers. You quickly remove the cover and wash it at since it is made lightweight. The cushy firmness that this mattress offers keeps your baby comfortable throughout the sleeping period.


  • Made soft to support your young kiddo comfortably
  • Reduces suffocation since it allows free flow of air
  • Can be easily recycled after a long usage time
  • Meets all safety and environmental standards


  • It takes more time to let out the odors

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Baby Crib Mattress

Safety and Comfort

The first and foremost thing to consider when purchasing a baby crib mattress is the safety and comfort it will give to your child. Don’t just settle for any kind of mattress, because at the end of the day, your baby should feel comfortable while sleeping as you do. Also, keep in mind that this unit will offer your baby a safe place nap during the day and sleep at night as well. In that respect, ensure to go for a high-quality mattress to enable them to sleep comfortably.

The Crib Mattress Versatility

If you need a crib mattress that will grow with your baby, then it’s paramount to purchase a versatile model. Such mattress comes with different levels of firmness on every side. Ideally, one side of the unit will be very firm for young or newborn babies, while the other side will be softer for toddlers. Doing so will save you the cost of buying another crib mattress when your baby graduate to the next level.


Consider the size of the crib mattress before sealing a deal with one. Remember, there are always dire consequences that come by purchasing the wrong size product. Since their different size and shapes of these mattresses, you should buy the quantity that perfectly fits into the baby’s crib. If you purchase a small size crib, then there would be space left between the side of the mattress and the crib, which might cause the baby to get stuck inside it and sometimes suffocated.

Go Green

Most parents are embracing organic and medically-approved mattresses because they are safe for the health of their babies. With such crib mattresses, your baby can sleep naturally and securely. Unlike those chemical manufactured mattresses, these environmentally-friendly models will support even kids with any medical conditions like asthma.


As a parent, you should strive for securing the best crib mattress for your baby so that he or she can sleep comfortably. And instead of sifting through a full range of options on the market, we’ve done everything for you. The choices we’ve selected are the best, and you have all reasons to smile as you make your selection. It’s never too late, invest in the best quality crib mattress, and you’ll never regret it. The pros and cons of each option will enable you to make a well-informed decision. Plus, the selections are cost-friendly. Be the first one to discover this fantastic list and share it with friends!

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