Top 10 Best Baby Tricycles in Review

We all acknowledge the fact that kids these days tend to spend their time indoors watching and playing computer games. They spend less time outside. Their involvement in physical exercise is limited too. How then now can we resolve such a case? Of course, as parents, there are more things we can do to show them our care. We need to motivate our babies to love outdoor activities from their tender age. And the best suitable way to start is by acquiring a tricycle for your baby. Having one for your baby can distinguish between the kid that loves sport and the one that stays glued on to the screen.

Since we care about the health of your child, we have decided to put together a list of the best baby tricycles that fits any child you have. We arrived at our conclusion after a well-researched task all over the internet, and hopefully, you get your match. That said, here are The Best 10 Baby Tricycle Review. Read along for explicit description of each product.

#10. Little Tikes 5-in-1 Reclining Trike Deluxe Ride Baby Tricycle (red)

Are you yearning to get a tricycle gift for your kid that perfectly fit him or her? Well, take a close look at this steady tricycle by Little Tikes baby Tricycle. The three-position seat makes a comfortable stroll. Also, the five-mode trike ensures it is set for your kids to make use of it on the go! If you are sure you want a trike that can firmly keep your pace active as your kid grows, then this is the solution. This brand is not only meant to provide fun to your kid but also safe and help balance and offer exercise to your infant. Your kid will love this unit!


  • Has a high back seat that offers comfort & safety
  • The detachable push handle allows parents to control direction with only one hand
  • Offer 5 stage that grows progressively with your child
  • Full shade canopy protects the child from all angles from UV rays


  • Two screws that hold the seat down are not long enough

#9. BABY JOY 4-in-1 Folding ABS Foot Pedals Storage Bag Sponge Guardrail Baby Tricycle

BABY JOY Baby Tricycle is a kid’s companion that help them enhance their general well-being. It suits all children of all ages because it can transform into four different ways. The most exciting feature about this trike is the protection guardrails that enhances the safety of your child. It has an adjustable awning with a safety belt that also boosts the security of this product. Kids wouldn’t accidentally fall because of enhanced safety. When it comes to storage and portability, this option is the best — assembling this tricycle as a no-hassle task because it doesn’t require extra-tool.


  • Made from premium, durable materials
  • Built-in a steering rod that can flexibly control the direction as you push along
  • The foldable and extra storage bag makes storage and carrying so easy
  • It is usable with children having different ages


  • Peddles do not fold up easily

#8. INFANS 4-in-1 with Adjustable Push Handle Removable Canopy Stroll Trike Kids Tricycle

Did you know that childhood comes only once in a lifetime? If you wish to make your kid make the childhood memories last, then we suggest you acquire this INFANS 4-in-1 Tricycle to your kid. This product is suitable for babies’ age ten months to 5 years using the varied modes. For younger kids who are unable to ride independently, this trike offers parents with push handle to control both the steering and speed of the tricycle. What’s more, having the best way to walk with your kid whichever place you’ll be going.

Moreover, this tricycle can change progressively as the kids grow. Furthermore, the wheels have durable and sturdy construction; thus, it suits the various ground surface. Get one for your kid today!


  • The Premium wheel are wear-resistant thus suit the various ground surface
  • Parents can easily use push handles to control the speed and steering of this tricycle
  • Suitable for children aged from 10 months to 5 years because it supports four modes
  • Have removable canopy for UV protection
  • Presence of storage baskets ensures kid’s items are stored safely


  • The pedals seem far for younger kids

#7. Chrome Wheels 4-in-1 Adjustable Height Push Ride Kid's Trike & Stroller

If you want a Tricycle that you buy once and for all, then give a trial to the Chrome Wheels 4-in-1 Trike & Stroller. It offers four ways to ride, which is suitable for children between the age of 9 months and 60 months; thus making an excellent companion to your kid. It readily converts from an infant stroller to a steering trike, learn to ride a trike and last a classic tricycle. This latest model features a removable and adjustable UV prevention canopy, front cup holder, push handle, and a storage bag. For safety and security, this unit has a 3 point harness and round armrest. The material from which this product is from is durable hence making it last for many years. It is one of that gift every child would yearn to get.


  • Made with premium materials that ensure it will last for years
  • It has an armrest and 3 point harness that enhances safety
  • Adjustable and removable UV blocking canopy help block UV rays
  • Offer four ways to ride that accompanies your child to grow


  • The wheels make so much noise on the road

#6. Costzon 4-in-1 Safety Seat Storage Basket Kids Tricycle Steer Stroller Toy Bike (blue)

Every kid would never forget their first bike. Now actualize those good memories by taking advantage of this lovely Costzon 4-in-1 Kids Tricycle. It can accommodate kids of all ages because it can take four different forms. Also, it will mean that your kid will use this product for a more extended period. Since the backrest is adjustable, it enables your kid to sit comfortably in any position. Moreover, this trike has safety belts that ensure your child remains safe throughout the riding session. The removable canopy offers sufficient protection against the UV light while enjoying the sunshine.


  • Built with an adjustable push handle to meet the demand of the parents for comfortable steering
  • Has a convenient armrest for easy access to take out your baby with an optional button
  • Detachable canopy ensures your baby is kept safe against UV rays
  • The 4-in-1 design makes it meet varied kids requirements
  • Retractable and folding pedals makes the trike to be sweeter


  • The ring that turns on the pedals tend to fall

#5. Qaba 2-in-1 Lightweight Convertible Steel Adjustable Baby Tricycle Stroller (blue)

Qaba 2-in-1 Lightweight Kid Tricycle Stroller is made to grow progressively with your child. This unit can vehemently transform from a stroller into a tricycle as your kid get older. Constructed with convenience and comfort in mind, parents with thoroughly enjoy the adjustable push bar with excellent grips, pockets, multiple bags that offer storage. Also, silent ride rubber wheels prevent foot injuries. Moreover, this trike comes with a removable canopy top for rain, sun, UV protection, and well-constructed seats that offer full back support. To keep your baby safe and secure is a front-wheel mudguard, safety belt, and removable safety bar. If you wish to have a stroller that you can take it whichever place you’ll be, then think no further than Qaba 2-in-1 Baby Tricycle.


  • Constructed with removable safety bar and safety belts to help keep your kids safe and secure
  • Lightweight and portable making it a perfect stroller for any outdoor adventure
  • Removable canopy top offers excellent protection against rain, UV and the sun
  • Silent ride rubber wheels prevent foot injuries
  • This trike offers comfort and convenience as your child ride on


  • The seat does not offer sufficient back support

#4. Radio Flyer 5-in-1 XL Removable Canopy Sturdy Steel Frame Stroll ‘N Trike

When it comes to an established brand that has super-dope features, I think Radio Flyer Stroll ‘N Trike takes it all. This fantastic unit grows progressively with your child with five varied forms including; rear infant seat, infant trike, learn-to-ride trike, steering trike, and classic trike. The sturdy steel frame and adult foot brake foster the safety of this product. Also, the removable safety tray together with a cup holder enables you to keep kid’s rare commodities securely. Moreover, your kid wouldn’t be affected by the UV light because it has a sizeable removable canopy. Give your child a smiling look today by picking this good looking tricycle.


  • Has a removable safety tray with a holder cup to keep kid’s commodities
  • Built with XL removable canopy for UV protection
  • Can support kids between the ages of 6 months to 5 years
  • The sturdy steel frame with comfortable release child footrest


  • Not the best option for younger toddlers who can’t reach pedals

#3. ICUBY Detachable Sponge Guardrail 4-in-1 Foldable Steer Stroller Baby Tricycle (blue)

ICUBY Baby Tricycle is another unique trike that comes with a 4-in-1 combination. You can assemble to transform into steering trike, infant trike, classic cycle, and baby walker. Children aged six months to 5 years can comfortably use this trike to exercise around the home. What even makes this unit so unique is the adjustable and detachable ergonomic handle, one-step installation brakes, suspension spring, and inflation-free tier. This trike that gives your kid a better ride. Also, the bidirectional seat that improves your child’s emotion. Furthermore, this product is easy to use and design with safety in mind – has guardrails and 5 point safety belts that safely holds your kid while riding.


  • Suitable for children age between 6 months to 5 years
  • Adjustable canopy and storage bag enables the storage of baby’s necessity
  • It comes with a protective guardrail that enhances the safety of your kid
  • Assembling and dissembling is simple and does not require extra-tool


  • The price is on the higher end

#2. UBRAVOO 4-in-1 Stroller5-Point Belt, Canopy & Brakes Kids Tricycle

UBRAVOO kids Tricycle is one of the trikes that can take your kid’s exercise moments to the next level. Aside from improving on your kid’s health, this item enables your kid to have fun. The 4-in-1 design allows kids to of different age to use with their safety mechanism. The reversible seat also allows your kid to enjoy the ride in both directions. UBRAVOO baby Tricycle has a top-notch safety mechanism. First, this trike has a protective guardrail and 5 point safety belt with soft cotton cushion. Secondly, this unit uses a one-button to make getting in and out of the tricycle become convenient. Besides, this tricycle offers a better riding feeling, which enhances your kids’ love for outdoor activities. The handles are adjustable and detachable. At the back of the trike are two mummy bags and storage bag for carrying essential items.


  • Have protective guardrail with 5 point safety belt to enhance safety
  • One button enables adults to open the rail thus making it convenient to get in and out the tricycle
  • The adjustable and detachable ergonomic handle offers a tight grip on kids’ hands
  • Different rides options enable kids of varying age to use this trike


  • Installation seems to take a lot of time

#1. Besrey 4-in-1 with Steering Handle & Safety Belt Kids Tricycle

If you love your kid and you want a tricycle that stands out uniquely, then I suggest that you consider this option. Besrey kids tricycle is the latest design model with lots of safety features built-in it. A safety belt is added to this trike, thus making it safer for the toddlers. Also, this tricycle has a 4-in-1 combination which is steering, canopy, learn to ride and easy to ride a trike. The different set is suitable for kids having different ages. Additionally, the metal frame making this trike is durable enough to hold up to 55lbs. The wheels also are non-inflatable and can work through all-terrain. Make your kid enjoy the ride by buying this product today!


  • A safety belt is added to make the trike safer for younger kids
  • The comfortable ride trike makes it suitable for kids having different ages
  • Made of metal frame which can support up to 55lbs
  • It has non-inflatable all-terrain wheels that make cycling enjoyable


  • It takes almost an hour to put it together

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Baby Tricycle

The age of your kid

The first vital factor to put into consideration when purchasing a tricycle is the age and size of your kid. Knowing your kid’s age will lead you in determining whether they can have a big wheel or a push tricycle. Push tricycles are suitable for kids who are one year old because their parents can help them push when they are tired pedaling.


Getting your kid a first tricycle is an exciting occasion, and you strive to acquire the best of the best tricycle in the market. But it is appropriate to stipulate your budget beforehand. The tricycles discussed above are cost-friendly; therefore, you rest assured that you’ll get your fit.


Classic and latest models are all best, yet the critical thing to pay attention to is the best tricycle that offers safety mechanism to your child. You can make some inquiries to ensure that the trike you are purchasing meets the safety standards required. Availability of safety belts, helmet, and knee pad enhances the safety of your kid. A trike that has robust and sturdy materials is suitable.

Design and Durability

For any tricycle, you choose to buy, keep in mind that your kid will spend most of the time with it. That said, the tricycles you purchase should serve for a longer time without getting damaged. Tricycles with metal frame are believed to be more durable as compared to the plastic versions. Besides, the durability of the tricycles varies from one model to another.

Pedal Power

How fast does your kid want to enjoy cruising? The energy level determines the type of tricycle you’ll buy for your kids. Pedaling power is the most significant consideration here. There are varied options available in the market; therefore, it’s upon you to choose the suitable option for your kid. Above all, ensure your kids can easily climb the trike and pedal effortlessly.


Buying a tricycle for your baby is the initial step to break the bad routine of your kid watching and playing computer games indoors. With more cycling experience, their brains and general well-being is excellent. Make your selection well to get the best tricycle and be assured you’ll change the life of your kid. Remember to check out for the safety measures, and you’ll enjoy the charming look on your baby’s face on receiving one of this state-of-the-art tricycle.

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