Top 10 Best Baby Walkers in Reviews

New parents must be aware of what their kids need for proper development. This should be viewed both in the physical and emotional perspectives. One of the best ways to achieve that will be teaching the kid how to walk. In this case, a baby walker will be a very important accessory for the kid. This is a special baby accessory which helps to promote locomotory skills for the kid.

Given that there are so many baby walkers in the market, it is the responsibility of every parent to get the best baby walker for their kid. After detailed research, we managed to put together some of the best baby walkers that you will find in the market today. This was in the quest for helping buyers save their time and make sure they invest money in the right baby walkers.

The Best Baby Walkers Reviews

10. Wonder buggy Baby Walker with Adjustable Height & Removable Toy Tray (Beige)

Kicking off this review is the Wonder buggy walker whose height is easy to adjust in three different positions. It also comes with a high back and a well-padded seat. This, therefore, assures the parent that the kid will be comfortable with this walker. One thing which is given the first priority in this baby walker is the kid’s safety. This is the reason why it is made with BPA, PVC and even Phthalate-free materials. You will also realize that the seat pad is machine washable which helps to promote good hygiene for your kids.


  • The baby walker comes with a very wide base in order to give the best stability for your kid.
  • It is recommended for kids roughly from six months since it supports a maximum weight capacity of 26 lbs.
  • The baby walker is easy to fold when you need to store or travel with it. Its height is also adjustable in 3 positions
  • Comes with a supportive seat pad which is also very comfortable and machine washable


  • There is none for now

9. BABY JOY Baby Walker with Adjustable Height, Blue

This activity walker comes with some removable toys which allow the kid to learn and also have fun. These toys will stimulate the senses of your kids and also accelerate early development. Another great feature about the baby walker is that it has an adjustable height functionality. The sturdy construction of this baby walker allows it to support a maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs. This walker is made for ultimate mobility as well as comfort. Its seat pad features quality Polyester Batting which is lightweight and secure. Again, its extra-wide base offers the best stability.


  • It is equipped with a high seat back which provides extra support & comfort
  • The baby walker comes with an adjustable height feature allowing you to adjust it into three different positions
  • It comes with removable toys which stimulate the kid’s senses by promoting learning for the kids
  • Foldable and compact design which gives you a simple time when storing or traveling


  • The bay walker does not roll on carpets

8. Delta Children 2-in-1 Baby Walker, Pink

This baby walker has a 2-in-1 design and is ideal for those kids with the weight of up to 25 lbs. The walker comes with an activity tray which is full of fun toys paired for entertainment. The toy tray is easily removable to create space for eating. Another great feature about this baby walker is that the height can be adjusted in three positions. That, therefore, means that the baby walker will still be functional as the baby grows. The chair cover for this baby walker is also machine washable helping to maintain high levels of hygiene. When not in use, the walker can be folded down for storage or transportation.


  • Features A 2-in-1 design and has been recommended for kids with a maximum weight of 25 lbs.
  • It entertains your kid with the fun developmental toys & music
  • The baby walker can be adjusted to three different height positions to accommodate the kid as they grow
  • The walker comes with JPMA, CPSC, and ASTM safety certifications to meet and exceed your safety expectations


  • It might arrive with defects

7. Joovy Spoon Baby Walker, Blueberry

This baby walker comes with a well-sized tray which has a removable insert. You will be happy to realize that the inset is dishwasher safe. It is also made with a supportive seat pad to make sure that the kid remains comfortable with the baby walker. Other quality features for this baby walker include the adjustable height feature and the oversized wheels for stability. Again, you will realize that it folds flat for easy storage or whenever you want to travel with it. The safety of your kid is also prioritized since the materials used are BPA and PVC-free.


  • Super-sized tray which has a dishwasher safe and removable insert for convenience
  • Comes with a wide base to make sure the kid’s little fingers do not get easily pinched
  • It features a supportive seat pad which is also comfortable and machine washable
  • This baby walker will fold flat ready for storage and/or travel


  • It is not ideal for the tall babies

6. Tiny Love Baby Walker & Mobile Activity Center

This toy is made to be used like a stationary center where every activity grows with the kid. It comes in a 4-in-1 design which makes it the only entertainer that you need. You will appreciate that it safely locks its wheels so that the baby can enjoy playing without the toy moving. With a wide range of incorporated activities, you will realize the different developmental wonders the walker brings. This accessory will nest compactly which makes it easy to store or transport when need be. What’s more, it incorporates quality construction materials which are easy to clean.


  • Features a 360-degrees rotating seat which allows the baby to completely explore their surrounding
  • Promotes the kid’s development with its wide range of activities
  • Easy to take care of the unavoidable messes by simply removing its seat pad and tossing it in a washing machine
  • Designed to nest in the outer frame which makes it easy to store and transport


  • This is basically a stationary toy

5. YU KEN Adjustable Baby Walker for Boys & Girls with an Easy to Clean Tray (Flax Blue Cushion)

This walker is ideal for toddlers who are aged between six and eighteen months. The maximum load capacity for this baby walker is 10 kilograms. You will also appreciate the fact that it is very easy to fold up when you need to store or transport it. The construction of this baby walker involves high-quality and eco-friendly PP plastic. It is good to note that the plastic is BPA-free and can resist temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius. The baby walker also comes with a thickened cushion and a heightened backrest which is detachable and easy to care.


  • This baby walker is recommended for those kids who are between the ages of six and eighteen months
  • It has a maximum load capacity of 10 kgs owing to its sturdy construction
  • Made with quality and eco-friendly PP plastic which BPA-free for the kid’s safety
  • Round design with eight universal wheels which are multi-directional


  • The manufacturer won’t allow the product to be returned

4. Bright Starts Baby Walker with Three Ways to Play

This is an amazing three in one baby walker which can support pre-walkers and the experienced walkers all the same. It comes with features like rubber feet and a sturdy frame all which are meant for convenience. Once playtime is over, the baby walker can be wiped easily to make it clean. The baby walker also gives you the convenience of transporting it wherever you want. This is because it folds easily into a compact design ready for storage or transport. You will also appreciate the fact that its height can be easily adjusted into three positions for convenience.


  • The baby walker folds compactly allowing for easy transportation and storage as well
  • This walker comes with authentic details and sounds for John Deere
  • Its height can be easily adjusted into three different positions to accommodate the baby as they grow
  • It has three ways to play and allows multiple kids to play simultaneously


  • This baby walker might take a bit longer to get shipped

3. Storkcraft 4-in-1 Baby Walker with Jumping Board – Blue

This is a fun and interactive baby walker which comes with a jumping board & a feeding tray. The entertaining toy tray, the jumping board, and the feeding tray have been well combined to give your kid the best experience. You will also have the convenience to choose between the four different color options. It also comes with a 360-degrees swivel feature which allows your kid to easily access all the toys. Other convenient features for this baby walker include the removable toy tray, the interactive steering wheels and the sounds. Although the price is a bit high, you will get value for your money.


  • This is a fun and interactive baby walker which is equipped with a feeding tray to act as more than just a typical walker
  • Allow your baby have fun with the rocking feature as the jumping board remains in place
  • Adjustable seat height which accommodates the baby as they grow
  • You need to buy with confidence since the baby walker comes from a reputable brand which has been in the game for 70 years


  • Poor quality and it might break within a very short time

2. Combi Baby Walker - Bounce, Drive & Play

This is a mobile entertainer which is basically an all-in-one center which will give fun to your kid. Once it has been locked, the kid will enjoy bouncing and jumping for several hours. Its front hood will easily snap off and on to kid the kid enough space for snacks and drinks. You will also appreciate the fact that assembling of this baby walker is very straightforward. Apart from that, you will appreciate the fact that the height for this baby walker can be adjusted in three different positions. What’s more, it has ample padding for the comfort of your kid.


  • The baby walker is very simple to assemble in order to get it ready after the box
  • This baby walker has an adjustable height feature which gives your kid three height options
  • Comes with ample padding for the kid’s comfort not forgetting that it is machine washable
  • The baby walker offers a wide range of fun activities which are also educative


  • Some people complained that it was hazardous and unsafe

1. Baby Walkers w/Wheels and Music, Purple

Finally on the topmost rank according to this review is this baby walker which is comes in 2 color options. It is ideal for those kids with the age of at least six months. The maximum weight capacity for this kids’ accessory is 12 kg. You will also appreciate that the seat unit can be adjusted into three different heights to adjust with the kid’s growth. Safety is also a feature which was in the manufacturer mind when making this baby walker. Its well-padded seat will also give the kid all the comfort they deserve.


  • Comes with a removable and washable enveloping seat cover to keep the kid comfortable and clean all the time
  • Features a flexible protector around its lower base to prevent the walker from hitting or scratching your furniture
  • In-built safety device which will stop this walker once faced with some step
  • The seat unit for this accessory is easy to adjust into three different height positions


  • There is none for now

Factors to consider when buying a baby walker


This definitely remains a factor that you need to check before making up your mind. Any caring parent will want to ensure that the baby walker comes with adequate safety features. The baby walker you intend to purchase must offer the best stability. Apart from that, ensure to check whether there might be any parts which can injure your kid.


The best purchase is the one that gives you value for your money. It would be wise to select a bay walker whose height can be easily adjusted as the baby grows. This will, therefore, allow you to make the most out of the walker despite your kid’s development. Although it is hardly possible to get more than a year’s service, adaptability remains a key concern.


This is another primary concern when buying a baby walker. If the walker won’t be comfortable for the young one, it is obvious that they will not like using it. Most parents see the baby walker as a toy and end up disregarding the comfort the walker has to offer. Look for features like a padded seat, a washable bay walker among other factors. This will guarantee comfort to the young one.


As you can see, the list of these baby walkers is actually unending. Although all of them have the sole intention of helping your kid learn how to walk, they are very different. Every manufacturer is pulling on their side, a fact that might easily confuse a buyer. This is the reason why we decided to come up with a selection of only ten leading baby walkers in the market. It is our hope that after reading through this review, you will be able to make the right decision. Above, we have highlighted some of the important features to consider before proceeding to purchase.

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