Top 10 Best Baby Wash and Shampoo in Reviews

Are you planning to buy the best baby wash and shampoo for keeping your baby’s body clean and healthy? Then, reading through this review will be a great deal. We know that every mom would like to find a product that would keep their babies healthy and clean. And most are always on the search for the baby wash and shampoo that wouldn’t irritate the skin of their babies. Before you can opt for any baby wash and shampoo, you should ensure it’s the best recommendation from a dermatologist.

And since you might not have all that time to consult a dermatologist, we have that part for you. After researching hundreds of these products, we managed to put forth a list of the top 10 best baby wash and shampoo in reviews. Plus, we’ve included some consideration to take into account before sealing a deal with either of the options. Let’s get started.

#10. Baby Magic 16.5 Oz. Replenish Skins Soothe Dry Skin Calming Bath by Lavender Lulloby Scent

First off, we present to you this calming bath by Baby Magic. With a lavender lullaby scent, you can be sure your baby will drift to dreamland in comfort. Also, it ensures the baby’s skin remains hydrated and enriched with moisturizers. This tear-free formula has chamomile and lavender. Moreover, it has full approval from a dermatologist, and it’s even suitable for newborns, toddlers, and infants with sensitive skin. Its therapeutic and aromatic properties enable it to calm your baby’s senses perfectly. This baby wash and shampoo will keep your baby smelling nice all day. Try it today!


  • Has a sweet-smelling scent that suits babies
  • Keeps skin hydrated and moisturized
  • Ideal for babies with sensitive skin
  • Helps to keep baby’s skin soft


  • Leaves some residue in the tub

#9. Johnson's Baby 27.1 Fl. Oz. Sulfate-Free & Hypoallergenic Tear-Free Gentle Baby Wash & Shampoo

Are you looking for a baby wash and shampoo that will offer a sensational feel to your baby’s skin? Look no further than Johnson baby wash and shampoo. This product is hypoallergenic and tear-free, and therefore, your baby will enjoy the bath. It has been thoroughly tested by pediatricians and pH-balanced to soothe the baby’s skin. With over 90 percent natural ingredients, this sulfate-free product will cleanse your baby’s skin more gently. Moreover, it contains no harsh parabens, phthalates, fragrance, dyes, and it’s not tested on animals. The procedures of how to use this unit are elementary and straightforward.


  • It is safe for the baby because pediatrician has tested it
  • Comes with simple instructions to make it easy to use
  • The tear-free formula makes the baby feel comfortable
  • It’s ideal for baby’s sensitive skin and hair


  • The plastic on this bottle is very flimsy

#8. Aveeno Baby 18 Fl. Oz. Paraben & Phthalate-Free Hypoallergenic Baby Calming Wash & Shampoo

Aveeno Baby calming comfort wash and shampoo have scents of vanilla and lavender to suit the needs of the baby during bathing comfortably. It offers a calming and comforting feeling to your baby and helps to improve the well-being of your baby. Also, it’s formulated with active natural’s oat extract, which is concerned with ensuring the baby’s skin is left smooth and soft. If you want your baby’s skin to be left pliable and healthy, then try this product. What’s more, Aveeno most trusted brand and contain natural ingredients. And if your baby’s skin dry, then this is the perfect solution.


  • The lavender and vanilla properties offer your baby comfort
  • Offers your baby a calming bath for a more restful sleep
  • Features natural oat extract for skin-soothing benefits
  • It’s hypoallergenic, phthalate-free and paraben-free


  • The scent is a bit overpowering

#7. Cetaphil Baby 13.5 Fl. Oz Dermatologist Tested Baby Wash & Shampoo with Organic Calendula

You can feel safer using Cetaphil baby wash and shampoo since it is made from safer ingredients. It is free from parabens, sulfates, and many other harmful components that allow you to care for your infant’s skin gently. This baby wash and shampoo are made from a natural extract from a marigold flower to nourish your baby’s skin. Furthermore, it safe for use on sensitive skin since it has been tested and approved by dermatologists. You do not need to use much of this cleanser because easily lathers and rinses leaving your baby’s hair and skin well moisturized. Also, it rinses very well, leaving no residue behind that can cause itching.


  • Weights 1.01 pounds thus you can carry it anywhere
  • Made from organic calendula that has a fresh scent
  • Does cause itching when it enters your baby’s eyes
  • Gentle on skin and leaves no tears or dry skin


  • It leaves the skin dry

#6. Dr. Bronner's 8 Fl. Oz. Baby Unscented Non-Synthetic Preservatives Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

When it comes to the purest baby wash and shampoo, this brand, Dr. Bronner’s becomes the best in the market. This cleanser is designed from pure organic ingredients that are safe in your baby’s skin. 70% of these ingredients have been certified and approved by fair trade, thus meets all the required standards. The ingredients are environmentally friendly, therefore poses no danger to the surrounding. It is free from preservatives, foaming agents, thickeners any other harmful substances. Unlike other liquid soaps, this one can be used for laundry, washing dishes, mopping, cleaning pets, and so on. Moreover, it is well concentrated, so you do not have to use much soap per wash.


  • Versatile since it can be used for cleaning babies, laundry and so on
  • Free from sulfates, paraben and any other harmful substances
  • Designed from natural ingredients that safe on baby’s skin
  • Suitable for babies with both normal and sensitive skin


  • Can cause itching if it enters your baby’s eyes

#5. Baby Dove 20 Fl. Oz Moisture Tear-Free Tip to Toe Baby Wash & Shampoo for Baby's Delicate Skin

Are you looking for a less soap-like and more lotion-like baby wash and shampoo? Look no further than Baby dove cleanser. This liquid soap has been tested by dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and pediatrician, thus safe for use on baby’s delicate skin. It cleanses and nourishes the skin leaving it softer and smoother than before. Additionally, it helps your baby’s skin to retain its moisture to prevent the skin from getting dry and torn up. With a creamy lather, this soap thoroughly cleans your baby’s skin for fresh and softer skin. You are assured of a safer product since it is free from harmful substances such as parabens, phthalates, and dyes, and so on.


  • Free from any fragrances that might be unpleasant to your baby
  • Made lightweight making it easy for you carry when traveling
  • Has a neutral pH to keep your baby’s skin safe and smooth
  • Hypoallergenic thus can be used on sensitive skin


  • It is a little bit hard to pump out the liquid soap

#4. CeraVe 8 Fl. Oz Fragrance-Free Sulfate-Free For Tear-Free Baby Bath Time Baby Wash & Shampoo

If you need a baby wash and shampoo with the best safety rating, this brand from CeraVe is the best pick. It contains three essential ceramides that help to cleanse and moisturize the baby’s skin, thus keeping your baby safe. This liquid soap also contains vitamins that create a good skin barrier from any dirt and germs. With the fact that it is free from strong scent, it becomes the best baby’s soap so far since babies do not need any strong fragrances. Also, this soap moisturizes baby’s skin to prevent the skin from drying up or tearing. It is free from sulfates, parabens, dyes, and many other harmful products, thus ideal for use on any sensitive skin.


  • Easy to use since you just to pump and apply it on your baby’s skin
  • Has hyaluronic acid that hydrates and retains skin moisture
  • The niacinamide calms the skin and acts as a skin barrier
  • Easily lathers thus you do not have to use much soap


  • More watery as compared to other brands

#3. Burt's Bees Pack of 3 12 Fl. Oz Fresh Scent Pediatrician Tested Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash

For new mothers, Burt’s Bees baby wash and shampoo is a popular choice. It is an ideal gift for a baby during baby showers, birthdays, or Christmas holidays since cleanses and smoothen babies. You can use it on babies with sensitive skin because it has a non-irritating formula to keep the skin safe. Moreover, it has a calming and fresh scent that keeps your baby sleeping good and feeling fresh at all times. With its neutrality and originality, you rest assured of dye-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free liquid soap.


  • Leaves your baby smelling nice and feeling refreshed
  • Has soy proteins that help to moisturize baby’s skin
  • Keeps your skin highly moisturized to prevent drying
  • Can be quickly absorbed by baby’s skin to keep it soft


  • Not suitable for those allergic to strong scent

#2. The Honest Company 10 Fl. Oz Naturally Derived Ingredients Tear-Free Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

There is no need to carry around large bottles of cleanser when traveling, yet The Honest Company baby wash and shampoo are here to sort out your baby’s need. You can use it to cleanse your baby’s entire body from head to toe. This liquid soap cleanses, moisturizes and hydrates your baby’s skin leaving it smooth and soft. You are assured of a safer baby wash and shampoo since it is from natural ingredients that nourish the skin. Besides, it forms a creamy lather that makes cleaning a more manageable task and prevents wastage of the soap. It has been tested by dermatologists, making it suitable for the whole family use.


  • Free from any chemicals that could harm your baby
  • Easily rinses away leaving no residue behind
  • Made gentle for daily use and nourishment
  • Tear-free formula to keep skin hydrated


  • The hair feels heavy after washing

#1. Puracy 2-Pack 16 Fl. Oz Tear-Free Sulfate-Free Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash Bath Soap

When it comes to a tear-free cleanser, Puracy baby wash and shampoo is the best choice. This liquid soap is designed from safer ingredients that are plant-based and free from harmful chemicals, making it one of the best cleaners in the market today. Not only can be used on small babies but also infants and toddlers. Moreover, it can be used by those suffering by eczema, sensitive skin, and cradle crap since it cleanses and softens your baby’s skin. Since it has a balanced pH and rinses very well, you rest assured of a soft and smooth skin after using it. Finally, it is free from parabens, salicylates, sulfates, and many other petroleum-based products.


  • Made from hypoallergenic component that is pet and child safe
  • Has vegetable glycerin that leaves your baby’s skin smoother
  • Leaves your skin moisturized since it has coco glycine
  • The sea salt balances and hydrates the infant’s skin


  • It has more organic ingredients as opposed to natural ones

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Baby Wash and Shampoo


As you know, the skin of an infant is susceptible, and for that case, you need to purchase a baby wash and shampoo with a hypoallergenic label. Ideally, a hypoallergenic unit doesn’t cause any adverse reaction on the baby’s skin and wouldn’t cause the development of rushes whatsoever. Also, such products ensure the issues of irritation are dealt with appropriately.

Natural Ingredients

The best baby wash and shampoo that can work best for your baby is the one that constitutes natural ingredients. For instance, you can go for the one with colloidal oatmeal ingredients nourishing effects for the baby’s skin. Additionally, an all-natural baby shampoo seems to work better on your body with limited chemicals, if any. Better yet, it’s the superb choice for those who care for the environment.


Since you’re buying a unit for the kid, it’s your solemn duty to ensure that it wouldn’t hurt their eyes. And while you do this, you should know that kid’s eyes are still in a development stage, so anything sensitive can cause pain in their eyes. If you’re more concerned, go beyond the ‘tear-free’ label and look at what customers say in the review section regarding the tear-free property. Avoid the brand without a tear-free label.


The other aspect to consider is the scent or the sweet-smell it has. Since it’s a kid’s product, it should be scented lightly. Don’t go for the heavily scented brand because it might over-power your kids, which may result in breathing problems. On the other hand, if you don’t want anything scented, then there are a variety of fragrance-free baby wash and shampoo you can choose from.


Before you can spend your hard-earned money on any of the above products, if prudent to understand basic things about such products, your baby is the greatest blessing you can have, and the treatment you give him or her should be deserving. Of course, the first thing you must think of is the safety of the baby wash and shampoo. At least you should ensure it is chemical-free and doesn’t cause any irritation to your baby’s skin. Fortunately, the list we’ve presented you above constitute the best of the best baby wash and shampoo you can try them with confidence. We hope that you’ll go through this and make a choice with ease.

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