Top 10 Best Bench Grinders in Reviews

Do you have tools that demand often sharpening? Or maybe you face rough time trying to smoothen weld joints anytime you dealing with metals? To end this menace, you need to get yourself a bench grinder for your workshop or home use. With a bench grinder, your welding work is left clean, and all the hand tools are kept sharp every time. Because they are compact and can be placed on the tabletop, they don’t demand a lot of space. Even with a compact design, these tools have been constructed with robust, abrasive wheels that can handle any type of metal related task. Don’t bother yourself with the wet stone, file, or wire brush, since a bench grinder is an efficient solution.

If you want to make work easier in your workshop, you’ll need to find yourself the best bench grinder in the market. Instead of rummaging through hundreds of thousand options available in the market, we have come up with a good research list of the top 10 best bench grinders in reviews. Also, with that is a buyer’s guide section that will enable you to make a well-informed decision. Let’s take you over the list.

#10. SKIL 6 inch 3380-01 Medium & Coarse Wheels 2.1-Amp Motor Built-in LED Rubber Feet Bench Grinder

Are you looking for the best bench grinder for your workshop or garage? Well, look no further than SKIL 6-inch 3380-01 bench grinder. With this unit, you can get all kinds of metal sharpening done efficiently. It can smoothen rough chisel edges, knives, and drill bits. Also, it polishes surfaces, grinds down rivets, and welded joints. It comes with a 2.1-Amp with medium and coarse wheels. The LED work light offers convenience while the tool rest for each wheel ensures you get accurate grinding. Some of the safety features it comes with this grinder include a solid cast-iron base, eye shields, and rubber feet to mount on the benchtop with ease.


  • Has medium & coarse wheels to grind down a variety of materials
  • The built-in LED work light over both wheels keeps your work lit
  • Comes with tool rest for each wheel to give you convenience
  • Includes eye shields to increase safety while grinding


  • The packaging is not up to the standard

#9. WEN 2.1-Amp 4276 6 inch Flexible Work Lightweight 16lb 3450 RPM 3/4 inch Wheels Bench Grinder

How much do you spend replacing those blunt and rusty tools? From deburring jagged edges, sharpening blades to cleaning objects, the WEN Bench Grinder is a suitable tool for any workshop. On the package is a two 6-inch by ¾” wheels, one 60-grit wheel for general grinding, and one coarse 36-grit wheel to quick material removal. Using a 2.1-Amp motor, you can count on this bench grinder for a fast startup, swift performance with a steady speed of 3450RPM. Besides, it’s built such that the removal of wheel guard for wheel changes is effortless. And before we forget, this 6-inch bench grinder is reliable and long-lasting.


  • Includes protective eye guards that protect you against sparks and debris
  • Built with a flexible work light to illuminate the workspace
  • Has a heavy-duty base to lower wobbling during operation
  • Comes with two-wheel grits that removes material faster


  • The size of the wheel small than the motor housing

#8. RIKON Professional 80-805 8inch Slow Speed Anti-Vibration Rubber Feet Bench Grinder Power Tools

If you’re looking for a professional bench grinder, then RIKON 8-inch slow speed bench grinder can serve your needs right. It features a powerful ½ HP motor that produces 1750 RPM. Additionally, it’s suitable for sharpening operation since it has a reduced heat buildup. Moreover, it is sturdy and with an iron base that features an anti-vibration rubber feet. Better yet, the package includes an adjustable shield and spark resisters for safety. With a groove included in its design, this machine is capable of sharpening drill bits.


  • Comes with an adjustable safety eye shield and spark resistors for total safety
  • The base of this unit is sturdy and safe with anti-vibration rubber feet
  • Has a powerful ½ HP motor that delivers high-performance
  • Made from high-quality materials to make it durable


  • It’s difficult to remove the bent flange

#7. ATD Tools 10558 8inch Wheel-Size 3/4 HP Heavy-Duty Dust-Proof Switch 3450RPM Bench Grinder

ATD tools bench grinder is one of the most popular machines in most households. It’s ideal for sharpening lawn mower blades, axes, and other cutting tools. Even though it vibrates a lot when running, it gets smooth once it gets to speed. Further to that, the base features a pre-cast hole for mounting workbench or stand. The sizeable, flexible work light is suitable to increase visibility. It can grind off glaze from the bottom of the pots with preciseness. It features a powerful motor that ensures you get higher-grinding performance. Don’t hesitate to grab this if it meets your needs.


  • Comes with two grinding wheels with medium & coarse grit for convenience
  • The metal tool rest & spark guards enhance your safety during operation
  • Manufactured with a powerful motor that delivers high-performance
  • It’s lightweight and compact to allow you to transport it with ease


  • The tool rests don’t pivot; you’ll have to sharpen blade free-hand

#6. Delta 23-197 8inch Variable Speed 36 & 60 Grit Wheels Bench Grinder Tool 2000RPM To 3400RPM

Sharpening and grinding of blunt blades is sometimes an uphill task if you don’t have the right tools; files and wet stone don’t offer the desire results. That’s why you need to adapt the use of the best bench grinder. And no doubt, Delta 8-inch bench grinder is the ultimate choice. It comes with a flexible work light with a cast-iron base that enhances the durability. Besides, it features a full-size safety shield for guaranteed safety. Also, the changeable speed offers you versatility in your buffing, grinding, sharpening, and deburring work. You can control the motor speed from 2000RPM to 3400RPM.


  • Has a variable speed control that offers you versatility and convenience
  • Features a five-Amp induction-type motor for exceptional performance
  • Ideal for buffing, sharpening, grinding and polishing operations
  • Has a water tray to cool the workpiece while it’s grinding


  • It vibrates a bit higher

#5. DEWALT DW758 8inch Overload Protection 3/4 HP Induction Motor 3600 RPM Durable Bench Grinder

Are you looking for a versatile bench grinder? Look no further than this model from DEWALT. It performs all grinding operations, whereas removing rust, cleaning objects, sharpening tools, shaping tools, and many other tasks. This unit has a powerful induction motor of 3600RPM to remove materials at a faster rate. Its base is designed from high-quality iron materials making it durable and robust enough to perform lengthy operations. The distance between the wheels is about 12 inches; this allows for more extensive and longer grinding tasks. With a weight of 7.8 ounces, you can easily carry it from one place to another and makes grinding a much simpler task.


  • Made lightweight for more comfortable and convenient grinding operations
  • Has adjustable aluminum tool rest for accurate operations
  • Offers smoother services since it has rear exhaust ports
  • The overload protection increases the motor’s usage life


  • It vibrates excessively when in operation

#4. Shop Fox W1840 Variable-Speed 8inch 3/4 HP 5/8inch Aluminum-Oxide Grinding Wheel Bore Bench Grinder

Shop Fox bench grinder has unique features that make it one of the outstanding bench grinders in the market today. It has a powerful 3/4 HP induction motor with a speed of 2000-3400RPM to perform grinding operations at a quicker rate. This unit has 8″ aluminum oxide grinding wheels that aid in achieving the best grinding results. For accurate services, it is equipped with adjustable aluminum work rests. Besides, it has variable speeds to enable you to choose which best suits your grinding operations. Finally, it has a maximum weight of 40 pounds, which makes it easier to carry when grinding; thus, less fatigue is experienced.


  • Performs more steadily without any vibrations or wobbles
  • The LED light directs you on which direction to operate on
  • Designed from high-quality, durable materials
  • Versatile since it can be used in sharpening tools.


  • Has a broader motor base which limits placement of jig bases

#3. BUCKTOOL Professional Multi-Purpose 8inch Dual Speed Cast Iron Power Tools Base Bench Grinder

If you are looking for a bench grinder to perform tasks on both low and high speed, this model from Bucktool is the best choice. With a 3.1Amp dual-speed induction motor, you can operate on upper or lower speeds. You can use lower speed in sharpening tools and higher speed for removing metals. It has 120 grit and 60 grit aluminum oxide wheel that aid in decreasing the buildup of heat. This unit is equipped with two pieces of adjustable aluminum tool rests. Moreover, it can be used by carpenters, carvers, turners, and in small workshops to resuscitate scissors, screwdrivers, dual blades, and other hand tools.


  • The motor performs quietly without production of noises
  • Has a buffing that helps in achieving different polishes
  • Occupies less storage space as it has a compact design
  • Remains sturdy since its iron base has mounting holes


  • Produces a little vibration during high-speed operation

#2. JET 577102 JBG-8A 8inch Powerful Pre-Lubricated Cast Iron Wheel Guards 5/8inch Spindle Bench Grinder

You may be surprised when you get to know that Jet bench grinder is for industrial-grade use. This equipment can be used for buffing, sharpening tools, removing rust, or cleaning metallic tools. It has a 110 v motor of 3450 rpm. With 60 grit and 36 grit inch wheels, this tool is useful in handling varied tasks. Furthermore, it has a well-guarded heavy-duty toggle switch that is safe for use, no matter the job the grinder is performing. The dust vent gets rid of any particles to avoid contact with your body for maximum safety. You can easily adjust this tool using the quick adjusting spark guards for maximum operations.


  • Has rubber to avoid any unnecessary movement when grinding
  • Made sturdy to handle a high volume of operations per unit time
  • Well enclosed ball bearings to keep you safe from any injuries
  • The eye shields are large enough to protect your eyes


  • It takes more time to stop since it has a higher momentum

#1. METABO 8inch 3,570 RPM 4.8 Amp Sturdy Machine Robust Die-Cast Motor Simple Disc Bench Grinder

If you are looking for a high-quality bench grinder, then the METABO bench grinder is all here for you. It has a maximum speed of 3570 rpm to perform grinding operations at a faster rate. Also, it is much quieter without the production of any irritating noise. You are assured of a long-lasting bench grinder since it has aluminum covers. Moreover, you can easily and quickly change the disc because it has a protective cover bayonet lock. The eye guards protect your eyes to prevent any ground materials from entering into your eyes. This is a great Christmas or birthday gift for tool enthusiasts.


  • Saves your time since it only takes 90 seconds to spin down
  • Weighs 35.9 pounds thus makes grinding operations easier
  • Has a powerful motor that requires little maintenance
  • Made sturdier to avoid any movements and wobbles


  • The wheel covers are a little heavier since it is from aluminum

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Bench Grinder

6” vs. 8” Bench Grinder

These machines are categories into two main groups; the 6-inches bench grinder and 8-inches bench grinders. The former have regular speeds while the latter has low speeds. Besides, the 6-inches bench grinders come with motors that rotate at their steady speed. On the other side, the 8-inches bench grinders are for professional uses. Choose the category that best fits your needs.

Types of Wheel

Given that you choose the right kind of wheels, your work goes on without any hitch. Some of the most used wheels include straight, cylinder, and tapered wheels. Straight wheels are suitable for surface grinding, cylinder wheels work best with horizontal and vertical bench grinders, and lastly, the conical wheels are ideal for grinding threads or gear teeth.


Well, as we’ve seen above, bench grinders come with either variable speed or constant speed motor. And the most popular one is the constant speed. For DIY or home users, continual speed bench grinders are the best choice because they offer instant results with hassle-free handling. If you get a bench grinder with a constant speed of 3000 RPM, then it’s more than enough to deliver you effective service. On the other hand, variable speed suits users who are in a commercial environment like workshops.


The other important factor to consider is the weight of the bench grinder. The lightweight models are at most 20 pounds, while the more massive models are at least 30 pounds. In essence, those more massive weight grinders tend to come with more features as compared to the lightweight models. Also, the weight of the bench grinder influences the stability you’ll get when handling one. In a nutshell, a more massive bench grinder regarded to be the more stable as to the lighter ones.


After you’ve read this article, we’re confident that you can now purchase without any trouble. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the factors that we’ve included in this post because they guide you in your selection process. Gone are the days when you use to sharpen your blunt tools using wet stone or file, a bench grinder is an overall winner to handle all this. We did prior research before putting forth the list above. Don’t hesitate to pick a choice from the above products because they are the most popular bench grinders in the market currently.

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