Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors in Reviews

Keeping an eye on your blood pressure mainly for the aged should be done regularly. Sudden changes in blood pressure can cause strokes, heart attacks, and early death. Are you aware that over a thousand people globally die due to blood pressure daily? It is necessary to occasionally check your blood pressure as you get old to ensure it’s within the recommended range. With the invention of the blood pressure monitor, checking your blood pressure level has been made easier. And the beauty of it that you use at the comfort of your home, therefore, doing away with the hassle of occasionally visiting a hospital to check your blood pressure.

There are tons of blood pressure monitors on the market currently hence making it a daunting task to select the ideal one. However, this guide will help you choose the best blood pressure monitor without sifting through hundreds of models online. That said, here are the top ten best blood pressure monitors in the market.

#10. KONQUEST KBP-2704A FDA-Approved Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

First off is the KONQUEST KBP-2704A blood pressure monitor that monitors your systolic and diastolic BP and pulse rate accurately. And again, it has the date and time stamp saved when the reading is taken. Moreover, you use it in the comfort of your home. If you want quick and accurate data, then this device is at your disposal. There are no other instructions tools needed to operate this appliance; once it’s out of the box, it ready to take measurements. Your package will include blood pressure monitor, 4 AAA batteries, one size fits most cuff, illustrated owner’s manual, and storage and carrying case. What’s more, it has a large LCD screen with backlit that displays all readings on the same screen.


  • Offers reliable and quick results in less than one minute
  • Easy way to detect pulse rate and irregular heartbeat
  • The adjustable cuff snugly fit on almost everyone
  • Has a large LCD that makes reading easy
  • A user-friendly device with everything included


  • The monitor doesn’t come with an AC adapter

#9. Vive Precision Accurate Pulse Readings Upper Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor (Silver)

It’s high time to let Vive Precision digital blood pressure monitor keep your health abreast. This unit enables you accurately and quickly track blood pressure – systolic and diastolic, right from your home. The large, luminous LCD screen shows your measurements within no time. The monitor comes when it’s out of the box, ready for use with a user-friendly interface. This appliance has been individually tested for accuracy. In case you’re experiencing an irregular heartbeat, this system has the potential to display and alert you with your current heartbeat rate automatically. Even better, the arms cuff is wide enough to fit people with arm circumference from 8 ¾-inches comfortably – 16 ½”-inches. Finally, it offers two user functionality and records readings separately.


  • Has a large memory size for keeping user measurements
  • Can detect an irregular heartbeat and alerts you
  • Offers accurate and instant measurements
  • It’s easy to switch between two users


  • The two units of measurements are confusing

#8. CocoBear Digital Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine for Home Use (Grey)

Do you want the best health manager for your home use but recommended by medical professionals? CocoBear blood pressure monitor is here to offer you exceptional results. This digital unit was designed with your health and comfort in mind. It has a large and crystal bright LCD that can track up to 90 readings for two individuals. So, you can make this one your healthy manager for you and your partner. And to back its accuracy and reliability is supported with FDA and CE certification. It’s easy to take reading more so for the elderly. Moreover, when inactive for three minutes, it shutoff itself to save you energy. Use this device to keep track of your health condition anytime, anywhere.


  • Uses a Germany high-precision chips for accurate readings
  • Ideal for monitoring blood pressure & heart rate value
  • It has full CE certification and FDA certification
  • Has a large LCD that’s easy to read


  • It’s challenging to switch to a different user

#7. Generation Guard Clinical Automatic FDA-Approved Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitor by Generation Guard is safe to use for an individual of all ages. Also, the cuff can seamlessly fit wrist sizes from 5.3-inches to 7.6-inches. The goodness with this device is that it can give measurements in both mmHg and kPa, and again, it monitors blood the blood pressure and the pulse rate with an extra heartbeat indicator. Additionally, this wrist BP monitors uses two AAA batteries that keep this unit working. This kit is FDA-approved for accuracy, and the large screen display allows you to take the readings without straining. With this system at home, monitoring blood pressure can now be done with ease and precision.


  • It reliable kit to keep you aware of your health condition
  • Fully approved by the FDA for accuracy and reliability
  • Records and saves your last reading for later use
  • Gives measurements accurately and quickly


  • Accurate but not detailed for low blood pressure

#6. Slight Touch ST-501 Fully Automatic Wrist Digital FDA-Approved Blood Pressure Monitor

If you want an accurate way of checking your blood pressure, then consider this clinically-tested model by Slight Touch ST-501. This monitor is straightforward to use and clinically correct. It can thoroughly keep track of up to 60 readings each for two individuals, and showing an average of the last three readings. Even better, it’s backed it an FDA-approval for assured accuracy. The extra-large LCD makes taking reading effortlessly because it displays crystal clear readings. As if that’s not enough, this device switches off automatically to save you on power. It features an irregular heartbeat indicator and a low battery indicator for early response. Additionally, it comes with 2 AAA batteries and a carrying case for safety and storage purposes.


  • Has an extra-large LCD for easy reading of measurements
  • Built-in memory stores 60 reading each for two individuals
  • Comes with a carrying case for safety and storage needs
  • FDA has approved this monitor for accuracy


  • Readings tend to vary slightly sometimes

#5. Omron Platinum Digital Bluetooth Premium Upper Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Machine

Omron Platinum Series wireless blood pressure monitor is used to monitor blood pressure and irregular heartbeats for two users. It has the potential to keep readings of up to 200 blood pressure – 100 readings per user; however, if you use the Omron free app, it can accommodate indefinite users and keeps unlimited blood pressure readings. Besides, you can check and go through your trend charts and graphs and share them as required with caregivers, family, or physicians. The app of this device works perfectly with both Android and iOS devices and also Amazon Alexa via Omron Health Skills. You know what, Omron is #1 trusted brand to keep you abreast with your health reports.


  • The AC adapter that eliminates the need for changing batteries
  • Built with a dual display and a backlit for easy reading
  • A clinically-accurate home blood pressure monitor
  • Has unlimited memory and users with the free app


  • The app is a bit challenging to configure

#4. iProven Backlit Screen Model 60 Reading Memory Blood Pressure Monitor (Blue)

If you only trust the doctor’s blood pressure monitor, then here is a choice that has been recommended by most doctors, iProven BPM-337BLU. You’ll get the same accuracy and reliability you’re used to. By having a large display with backlit, you can instantly take the readings of your blood pressure or heart rate with ease. Not until you start using this monitor, you wouldn’t know the excellent experience most people are enjoying taking their measurements. And if you need pain-free measurements, don’t look any further than this choice. The best you can do for your body is to keep an eye on your blood pressure for a good long life.


  • Can detect irregular heartbeats using the detection indicator
  • Has a large display with backlit to take readings with ease
  • It stores BP readings every day for two months
  • Arrives ready to use on your doorstep
  • It’s accurate and reliable BP monitor


  • -The battery dies within an hour

#3. Greater Goods Digital Large Display Upper Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor w/Tubing

Well, we have all the reasons to place this choice in the third position. Greater Goods digital blood pressure monitor is thoughtfully designed to keep track of your health and, most importantly, gives you peace of mind. In that respect, this device provides reliable and accurate blood pressure and pulse rating under one minute. Besides, it’s easy to use and read measurements. This professional kit also offers you a versatile two power options with a travel case for convenience. And if you’re much into the quality of the product you buy, then we’re happy to inform you that this one has a quality of its kind.


  • Comes with all accessories that are required to monitor the BP
  • It’s FSA, HAS and FDA approved for accurate measurements
  • High-quality BP machine that offers competitive results
  • The large LCD is easy to read


  • It consequently resets to default date and time

#2. Care Touch Automatic Wrist Platinum Series Blood Pressure Machine w/Memory Function

Reading blood pressure and pulse rate has never gotten better to this level thanks to the Care Touch Platinum Series blood pressure monitor. It offers you comfort and peace of mind because you wouldn’t feel any anxiety when you already the condition of your health. The device has a large, easy to read LCD with 60 reading memory to allow you to save daily health conditions within no time. The auto-power off feature saves you a lot of power when inactive. Better yet, it comes with an irregular heartbeat indicator and a low battery indicator that alerts you early for your quick response.


  • Built with a clear, easy to read large LCD
  • Delivers to you accurate and reliable readings
  • Powers off automatically to save you power
  • Has the ability to track up to 60 readings


  • Tends to fault out if you’re not holding still

#1. Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Soft 2 User 100-Reading Memory Blood Pressure Machine

This latest version of Omron is the 5 Series home blood pressure monitor that helps to accurately and precisely measure the blood pressure and pulse rate at the comfort of your home. Unlike the three series, this model is quick and easy with few more advanced features like memory storage space for up to 100 readings, dual settings for two people, and a wide range cuff that snugly fits standard large arms. The quick start guide and manual instructional will enable you to handle the simple setup under one minute. It comes with 4 AAA batteries that provide power for the whole system and not to mention the auto power-off feature that ensures power is used economically.


  • Built with a heartbeat detection feature that alerts when the need arises
  • Has contoured soft cuff design to fit standard & large arms snugly
  • The best-recommended unit by doctors and pharmacist
  • Allow two users to track BP readings


  • It doesn’t include AC adapter for the monitor

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Blood Pressure Monitor

Heart Rate Detector

Here, we are talking about the monitor that can detect not only the average heart beats but also the unusual ones that could imply the possibility of harm to the user. This technology is an essential addition to blood pressure monitor because apart from saving a lot your time, it acts as a second layer of shield and offers you warning early as well.

Large LCD Screen

The large and visible LCD screen is essential because it enables you to see the results of your body units accurately and clearly. Also, it makes the process of checking the blood pressure much easier for individuals and does away with the possibility of making a mistake as checking the results. It’s therefore paramount to purchase a blood pressure monitor that comes with a large LCD screen.


Most people are typically tensed when traveling since they cannot bring their blood pressure monitor with them simply because they’re not portable. However, the issue has been sorted with the introduction of compact and small size models. The handy sizes enable you to travel with peace of mind since you can check your blood pressure anytime, anywhere. They can fit seamlessly into the tiny space in your handbag.

Automatic Shutoff

Of course, this is an aspect shared by modern technology devices to ensure you save a lot of power when the device is inactive. There is no need to let your device on when it’s not in use; it’s a waste of resources. The blood pressure monitor you’re buying should have this feature to save you energy. And for that reason, choose a unit that has already been tested and thoroughly recommended by medical professionals.


In a nutshell, we’ve just presented to you an array of the top 10 best blood pressure monitors in the market, which have been thoroughly tested and approved by medical professionals. With that in mind, you can be fully assured that you’ll get an accurate and high-quality blood pressure monitor. Most importantly, the buying guide right above will help you through your selection process, especially if you’re buying this device for the first time. The units we offered you are also budget-friendly and affordable; you’ll never miss what it matches your needs. Choose right, and you keep your health abreast!

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