Top 10 Best Breast Pump in Reviews

One lifetime necessary care for your child is breastfeeding. It might seem an easy task, but as breastfeeding mothers, you must always dedicate time to ensure your child gets sufficient and on time milk. With busy schedules and many travel hours, we might not get close to our babies on time, and that’s why we have come with an excellent solution for you. A breast pump is a handy product that gets away all the stress of feeding your child even in your absence. Your child will get sufficient milk for healthy growth.

Breast pumps come with different designs and performance, and that’s why getting the best suit can be somehow tricky. Nevertheless, we are here to help you out. After doing well-informed research all over the internet, we managed to put together the best ten breast pump in reviews. Also, we have included a buyer’s guide that will help you in choosing a suitable breast pump. That said, let’s now go deep and review each product.

#10. Godehone Silicone 2 Pack manual Portable with Protective Lid Breast Pump

Amongst all this product, the cheapest yet high-quality breast pump is Godehone silicone with a protective lid brand. It has been designed with care in mind so whether you are looking BPA free or a manual breast pump, then this one is your option. The breast pump has many features that make it stand out from other brands, to begin with, and it is made of 100% food-grade materials, which are also BPA free and skin safe silicone. With that, breast milk remains natural and safe for your child’s consumption. Also, Godehone is lightweight and travel-friendly, which means it can collect and save breast milk for on-the-go usage. Besides, cleaning this pump is easy since it has a practical and simple design that is cleanable with a bottle brush and warm water. Hurry while stock lasts!


  • Easy to collect and save breast milk while feeding
  • Portable to carry while traveling
  • Has an effective yet simple design that makes cleaning an easy task
  • Made of 100% food-grade materials and BPA free


  • You need to keep a hand on it so that the baby doesn’t knock it off

#9. Q-JING Hand Portable with Baby Nipple & Baby Bandana Bib Security Breast Pump

For women who mostly breastfeed, one option available for you is Q-JING hand portable breast pump. When you’re away from the child for a short time, this breast pump can be moved with ease because it has a lightweight and a small design. Moreover, this unit is BPA safe materials safe for you and baby. One unique feature of this model of breast pump is the two-phase technology that expresses milk more comfortably and conveniently. Additionally, he handle of the pump adjust easily to enable comfortably switch from stimulation to expression phase. What’s more, soft rim found on the flanges offer a more convenient experience and provide a better seal during milk pumping. This breast pump makes things get done quickly.


  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • The ergonomic easy-express handle reduce hand strain
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to transport discreetly
  • Made with BPA free materials that are safe for mum and baby


  • The handle is not close to the bottle

#8. Kiddiluv Manual Portable Travel-Friendly Handheld Breastfeeding Kit

If you wish to have a breast pump that makes it easy to store breast milk for your infant, then acquire this good-looking breastfeeding kit by Kiddiluv. The pump is compact, portable, and easy to use. The comfortable design got its inspiration from the fact that all mothers require sufficient support while they breastfeed. That’s why it comes with an ergonomic handle that makes squeezing easy while the attached bottle is comfortable and lightweight. Storage is easy, whether being at home or workplace. Also, this pump is accompanied by a baby bottle that is used to feed your baby on the go. This item is fridge safe; therefore, you can store the available milk for later use.


  • It is BPA-free plastic materials
  • Refrigerator safe that makes you store available milk for later use
  • Has an ergonomic handle that is easy to squeeze
  • The attached bottle is lightweight and easy to store for home or work use


  • It is a little rough but works nonetheless

#7. Green Star Naturals Discreet & Portable Advanced Breast Pump

Why waste a lot of your time on complicated pumping kits? Green Star Naturals Advanced Breast Pump offer you all your nursing needs. Being lightweight is handy for mothers who are usually traveling. Also, the durable suction power makes this unit powerful and easy to use. Using this pump is an excellent choice because you can store ounces of milk in a bottle for later use that doubles up as a way of offering convenience. Besides, this pump has a silicone pad that provides a secure vacuum seal that offers effortless and quick pumping. Plus, it the right way of protecting milk from coming in contact with bacteria. Even if you are a first-time mum, this pump will work for you correctly. Aside from that, this one choice is gentle on your breast, unlike others that exert pain.


  • The plastic is durable and easy to clean for repeated use
  • Has a hand-free design that is powerful and easy to use
  • The pump is gentle on your breast with powerful suction for faster filling of the bottle
  • This breast pump doesn’t require a power supply


  • Silicone seal then to loosen after sometime

#6. Haakaa Manual BPA PVC & Phthalate Free Breast Pump (4oz/100ml pump & 160ml bottle)

Haakaa Manual breast pump is a must-have tool for all breastfeeding moms. This pump is safe for use since it from food-grade silicone, safe, comfortable 100% eco-friendly, and incredibly soft materials. This unit is one of the simplest ways of supporting breastfeeding mothers because the breast pump does everything for use with comfort and convenience. This kit is admirable with a small, portable, and lightweight design. Moreover, it can accommodate breast of different sizes; thus every mom can leverage on it.


  • Combine storage bottle makes your entirely breastfeeding more convenience
  • This breast pump can accommodate different breast sizes
  • It is BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free safe for human use
  • Safe in dishwasher, microwaves and boiling water
  • Lightweight and portable for moms on the go


  • The storage container is a bit small in size

#5. COCOBELA Portable Double Electric Breast Pump with 16 Adjustable Strong Suction Power

A more advanced option breast pump for you is COCOBELA electric breast pump that makes milk suction even faster and secure. One undisputed fact about this brand is that it strives to ensure that moms raise their babies more healthily and conveniently. This unit comes with four working modes including; massage, automatic, manual, and memory function mode with 16 different suction levels. For that reason, every mom has the option of selecting a suitable suction power. On top of that, this rand has large size button that is easy to operate. Moreover, the large capacity lithium battery makes it convenient to use without the requirements of AC power, and because of that, moms can use the pump anytime, anywhere.


  • No need to connect to AC power because it has a large capacity lithium battery
  • Adjustable mode and suction offer mum to choose the suitable suction power
  • Has a large size button, easy to operate
  • Enable mum to raise babies in a healthy and a more convenient way


  • It doesn’t have a rechargeable battery

#4. Elefmom Portable Electric Breast Pump with USB Rechargeable Battery (pink)

We understand that breastfeeding doesn’t make it easy, yet it is the most natural thing in the world. And we are here to make the breastfeeding journey a relaxed and straightforward as you can. Elefmom breast pump enables you to feed your baby with breast milk suction in your breast while maintaining the bond between you and your little one. The pump is less of a natural feeding action, thus improves the expression. The lightweight feature makes this brand convenient to use. Also, with various charging, you can always use this kit anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t produce a lot of noise; hence, it wouldn’t disturb your sleeping child.


  • Quiet enough to make you feel peaceful as you pump in the bedroom
  • Lightweight feature makes it convenient to use
  • Various charging methods makes the pump comfortable for any time use
  • It is safe and hygienic because it is from BPA free & FDA medical grade material


  • The cord is a bit short

#3. COTEY Hand Free Milk Extractor Wireless 9 Level of Suctions Electric Breast Pump

Unlike other breast pumps that come with only one size flange, COTEY electric breast pump comes with two size flanges that readily fits most mothers. It also leverages on frequency conversation mechanism to set two types of breast pumping frequencies for mothers. COTEY brand does away with pain during expression and leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable. Moreover, memory function is capable of saving you a lot of time. Besides, the seal is anti-backflow therefore, the milk is protected and kept clean at all times. Carry this tool whenever you go because it has a rechargeable battery which can work wirelessly without connecting plugging to any power source.


  • The two sizes of flanges accommodate nipple changing during the breastfeeding period
  • The close system is anti-backflow that save the milk and keep it clean
  • Can work function wirelessly without plugging to a power source
  • Painless and strengthen suction make breast pumping easy


  • The suction isn’t as strong as the hospital grade pump

#2. Phileex Portable Dual Milk Pump with Touchscreen Adjustable Mode Breast Pump

Are you looking for a breast pump that will make your breastfeeding experience to a pitch higher? Look no further than Phileex Breast pump. This electric breast pump is mainly for moms who frequently want to pump breast milk as well as helping you maintain your milk supply. Also, it assists you in lowering the pressure and pain from engorgement. Aside from that, this unit is BPA free and premium food grade feeding bottle and thoroughly safe for your child feeding. Plus, it’s very hygienic and safe. Moreover, the bright LCD and voice guide assist you in doing the setup. The volume is on the lower side; hence, there is no annoying beep heard.


  • Low noises offer a quiet time for your child to sleep
  • Detachable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • A bright LCD with a voice guide helps you in working on the setup
  • The USB rechargeable breast pump get powered anywhere


  • The price is a bit higher

#1. Bellababy Pocket with Hanging Lanyard Storage Bag Double Electric Breast Pump

Bellababy double breast pump suits mum on-the-go. This tool meets the daily use requirements and most useful for outdoor and family trips. As we all know, breastfeeding is such a hard task more so when you are traveling or at work – it brings discomfort and inconvenience. This brand is coming to change everything for you. We’re proud to inform you that this pump does an unbelievable job with the powerful suction system. Operating this machine is easy because you are only required to press the switch. This tool comes with other extra-items like storage bags, bag adapters, bottle thread changers, etc.


  • Have simplified stimulation and pumping modes which are very easy to operate
  • Does a fantastic suction from 1- 9 level, 80 – 300mmHg
  • Brings comfort and convenience to moms
  • Pocket breast pump changes the moms’ breastfeeding life


  • The button is not that sensitive to touch

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Breast Pump


Sticking to your budget will keep you on track, whereby you wouldn’t spend what you had not planned for. Also, buying a cheap breast pump might go against your desire something selling cheap tend to be defective. Buy a breast pump that is not over-priced or underpriced.

Milk Volume

Depending with your milk flow, you’ll need to pick a pump that suits your breast. For instance, for mothers who have milk flowing faster require a pump that suits heavy usage. Additionally, considering how often you’ll be using the pump will lead you in getting the right breast pump.


Portable breast milk will enable you to go to a job without feeling any sense of discomfort. Besides, for women who usually travel a lot, a portable breast pump is the best option. But for moms who stay at home, a portable breast pump might be less critical.

Ease of cleaning

A breast pump that offers natural methods of cleaning is suitable. It should have removable parts so that as to provide an easy way of doing a thorough cleaning.

Adjustable Suction

Power suction is not the same for every woman, so shopping for a breast pump with adjustable power is admirable. The reason is that women who need more or less can adjust to their ideal.


We’ll be offered you a well-thought list of the best breast pump. Feel relaxed as you make your selection because we believe your best fall in this best ten units. If you certainly want to get an enjoyable breastfeeding experience, then it of no doubt that you’ll need to use a breast pump. Hopefully, this guide will help you out in getting your suitable breast pump.

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