Top 10 Best Car Jump Starters in Reviews

Have you ever being gotten in a situation where your battery knocks and the car is unable to start? In fact, it can be so worse if you find yourself stuck at night with no other car to jump start your vehicle. However, technology has been so lenient to us with the introduction of a jump starter. Apart from the tire inflator machine, a car jump starter is another important accessory that should not miss in your car. Whether your vehicle is old or new, the jump starter is fundamental equipment that provides commendable service. In most case, jump starters are so essentially more so when your battery knocks suddenly.

Like the car battery, jump starters are directly connected to the vehicle for engine cranking. Jump starter enables you to jump-start your car without having the need to distracting other drivers. Jump starters are lightweight hence can be carried anywhere anytime unlike the car batteries. Moreover, they can be charged occasionally thus enables good battery rechargeability. Additionally, jump starters are designed with varied capacity and size, in that, you have the ability to choose the best fitting jump starter. That being said, we now look at the Top 10 car jump starters you might consider.

Read with me as we unleash the rankings.

#10. BEATIT Yellow B9 PRO Car Jump Starter


Starting our list is the powerful and compact BEATIT Yellow B9 PRO Car Jump Starter which is capable of jump-starting your vehicle ( up to 5.5L gas or 4.0L diesel engine) and it’s rated at 600 amps up to 30 times with smarter jumper cables. The compactness enables you to store the jump starter in your glove box. On the other side, it has dual smart USB charging ports which can easily be used in charging your phones, tablets, laptops and other appliances. This is possible because the jump starter has 14000mAh battery capacity and can charge your devices at a rate of 2.1A (10W) which is two times faster than the generic power banks.

More to note about this gadget is the advanced intelligent protection clamps, which provides anti-reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, over charging/ discharging protection and overheat cover. Not forgetting is the flashlight capability, which is the emergency flashlight that enables you to jump-start easily during the night without any problem. All package of this jump starter is Beatit Jump Starter, Intelligent Jumper Clamps, USB cable, AC adapter, Car Charger, and user manual.


  • Works well in every extreme temperature
  • Can fully charge different devices at a speed of 2.1 A faster than common power banks
  • It is safe on the engine of any size
  • The flashlight enables you to jump-start your car even at night


  • It will start a car with a low battery but probably not one with a larger engine below 12V

#9. Arteck Car Jump Starter Auto Battery Charger

By Arteck

In case your car battery knocks and your car is unable to start, you shouldn’t call a tow truck service. Neither should you wait for help on the side of the road. Take advantage of the Arteck having jumper cables to start your engine within some few seconds. The goodness with this jump starter is the capability of jump-starting up to 20 times without doing recharging. The heavy duty and clamps make jump-starting a no-hassle task.

When traveling, this device should never be forgotten at home, because apart from being a car jump starter it doubles up as being charging source where appliances like smartphones, tablets, Cameras, GPS units, and MP3 players can be charged. In case you are meant with an emergency issue and you want to make a call yet your phone is off, this is the best appliance to charge your phone. The LED flashlight also aid you in jump-starting and illuminating the place you are. That quite awesome and pretty since you wouldn’t fear coming out of tour car to open the bonnet.


  • Portable charger and the dual USB enables you to charge your handset devices
  • Intelligent protection clamps provide guide against overcharging and short-circuiting
  • Offers safe start
  • The battery is made to carry 22000mAh
  • The gadget is multi-function


  • Could be better with direction printed on the device

#8. LEMSIR QDSP Car Jump Starter


If you are fond of forgetting your car lights on and music playing then there is a high tendency that your car battery will be left flat. And next morning you be confused on whether to carry the batter to be charged or to push the car to near-by roadside? Gone are those days because LEMSIR QDSP Car Jump Starter will do everything right in your parking lot or whichever place you’ll be. It’s high time to reduce the cost of calling a tow truck or roadside assistance.

The important feature of his jump starter is the smart jumper cables having 8 advanced safety technology features reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, overcharging protection, discharging protection, etc. It is designed in a compact size that readily gets inside your glove box. This is the best jump starter you should give a try.


  • Portable size and lightweight
  • Compact enough to store in your glove box
  • 12800mAh high capacity powerful emergency power bank
  • Easy to carry and use, make your life convenient


  • Does not come with a storage case

#7. KINVERCH Portable Car Jump Starter


Try KINVERCH portable car jump starter that offers jump start power for various vehicles. In whichever place you are and your vehicle’s battery goes flat and you need a jump start, this is the jump starter to use without the need of having another vehicle to start it. This extraordinary starter has a jump starter power starting from 500 instant amps up to 1000 peak amps power. With that, it offers enough power to quickly jump-start a 12 V battery in your car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, Boat, Tractor, RV or an ATV.

Equipped with a 12V battery, you are able to charge with AC adapter at home as well as the DC inside the car. Adding upon its high performance is the high battery that delivers excellent cranking power. Aside from being a jump starter, KINVERCH comes along with an excellent air compressor which only takes between 6-8 minutes to inflate a flat tire. The bright LED light also helps when you are trying to jump start at night.


  • Provides charging for small devices
  • Doubles up as an air compressor that inflates flat tire instantly
  • Bright LED light is useful during the night hours
  • Easy to use the device


  • Needs charging after every jump

#6. BEATIT G18 QDSP 2000AMP Car Jump Starter


G18 is specially designed for high displacement vehicles, give life back to vehicles of any size, in any weather and any place. The 2000 peak Amps makes is capable of jump-starting up to 30 times on a single charge hence desirable for heavy trucks and high-end vehicles. In addition, it readily works well on cars with a 12V battery like vans, cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV, UTV, Lawnmowers, Yachts and heavy duties vehicles.

Comes with lithium-ion battery chip ADSP technology with quick discharge start power and ability to withstand various environments and challenging temperature, three times stronger and reliable than any product having the same specifications. If you’ll be traveling to cold winters and hot summer region, this is the best gadget to go with to for handling battery drain and the tendency of going flat


  • Safely jumper start a dead battery in seconds
  • 10W wireless charger or power bank on the go
  • Support 3rd generation QDSP technology
  • Bright LED flashlight offer lighting at night during a jump start


  • Great product but wish it could be cheaper

#5. POTEK Portable Car Jump Starter


No one feels happy when their car battery dies and your car stop unexpected. Neither will you be comfortable stopping other vehicles for jump start assistance. POTEK portable car jump starter is capable of jump-starting your car with a simple connection. Comes with 1500 AMP power, therefore, becomes a must-have device in your car. Whenever your vehicle battery goes flat, you bring it back to life and continue with your voyage.

Coming as an added feature is the 150 PSI air compressor that inflates your flat tire in around 6 to 8 minutes to 30 PSI, excellent for motorcycle, RV, Racing car, Truck and other vehicles up to 150 psi. You can also inflate other items like basketball, airbed, volleyball, and other inflatables.


  • Offers high performance
  • Portable power on the go
  • Two ways for charging
  • Doubles up as attire inflator
  • Easy to use and store


  • The battery depletes if not used by three day

#4. SUAOKI U28 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter


Want to have the best way of feeling the unparalleled power? Try out SUAOKI U28 jump starter. It is portable yet very powerful lithium-ion battery jump starter that gives 2000 amps for bringing to life your vehicle. Within a few seconds, it can safely provide robust power for all types of 12 volts vehicles ranging from your family car to heavy-duty truck as well as SUV, Boat, RV, etc. The thoughtful design was meant to enable the gas engine and the diesel engines to appropriately use without any problem experience. Without this device in your car, you might have to anticipate troubles!


  • Has a portable power source
  • Safe guaranteed
  • Built-in LED light
  • Has handy flashlight for emergency
  • 2000A peak battery booster


  • Rubber cover for input/output doesn’t really stay close

#3. AUTOGEN Car Jump Starter PRO 3000A Peak


AUTOGEN is made with unbeatable power, hence comes handy to be used for heavy duty by delivering 3000 Amps by ensuring the successful jump start of your 12V vehicle even in cold winter. Supports up to 10L gas and 8.5L diesel engine. The best appliance to start your dead battery with just a simple press. The safety in it makes it be liked by a matter of fact the large capacity battery, patented mistake-proof connection, the battery holds a charge longer and is less to be drained our or damaged. Furthermore, the professional-grade copper clamps are 0.5 larger and 100% copper cables design for high power output delivery in on time.


  • Unbeatable power output
  • Offer quick charge 3.0 input and output
  • Massive portable power bank
  • The device is portable and lightweight


  • It cannot power on an inverter

#2. Wagan EL7561 Orange Dome Car Jump Starter

By Wagan

Dome PLEX jump starter is a robust portable power source design to offer AC, DC and USB power any time you need it. This device was built around rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery that was designed specifically to offer jump starting services and handle recurring charging cycle. Apart from being a jump starter, this appliance is being used also as a tire inflator thus you can inflate car tires, pool toys, and sports equipment as well. Coming together is AM/FM radio with 3.5 mm audio output jack, 5 LED work light and inflator accessories.


  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Offer safety for you and your loved ones
  • LED light offer lighting when jump starting at night
  • The device is easy to operate
  • The outer casing is helpful is making the device durable


  • Does not charge normally

#1. JUMTOP QDSP 3000A Peak Car Jump Starter


In dire need of a Jump Start that doesn’t fail in your times of dead battery? Choose JUMTOP car jump starter which guarantees you a safe jump start. It was majorly designed for cars, truck, boats, motorcycles and many more having the gas engine up to 10L and 8L of diesel. The compact size makes it possible to be store the glove box and very light to be carried around on your hand.

This device gives you comfort and convenience to go with it anywhere without the urgency of calling a tow truck or other drivers thus saves you a lot of money which you might have had to spend in paying the trailer. It offers to charge services to other personal appliances like smartphones, tablets, GPS units and many more. This 22000mAh provides an unimaginable size to capacity proportion.


  • Jumpstart dead battery in seconds
  • An LED flashlight with 3 light modes
  • Multifunction jump starter with 3000A peak current for 12V battery
  • Offer external charging with a super-fast charging time


  • Works well but does not include any charger

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Car Jump Starter


Portability is fundamentally important when it comes to jump-starting. They are required to be around every time and therefore they must have a compact and lightweight design. When it is so heavy, you’ll have time making connections and starting your car. Our comprehensive list is an example of lightweight and portable jump starters.


Booster performance is determined by the maximum charge it carries. When buying one, have in mind the type of vehicle it will be used with. Occasionally, these gadgets come with readily compatible with the 12V batteries. Although the current and wattage differ. Principally, the higher the amperage and wattage, the more durable the jump starter tend to be. Jump starter having high charge capacity will mean it can perform a number of jump start before recharging it.

Other factors

Most jump starters which are design nowadays comes as being more than the cranking ability. They are endowed with sophisticated features that make them flourish and appeal in the functionality. These features are like LED light, USB ports, and many others. With uses preference, it is advisable that you pick your favorite jump starter.


If you want the best way to keep unexpected inconveniences away, then embracing a car jump starter should be your first priority starting today. Don’t allow yourself to be embarrassed right in the big city work car to car jump start. This practical measure will always keep you with no worries even if you find yourself stuck at night. Having your jump starter will enable you to avoid frequent flagging other motorists for a jump start. Having said that, get one for yourself and we promise that you share with your friends the goodness of having your own car jump starter.

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