Top 10 Best Chest Freezers in Reviews

Chest freezers enable us to store a considerable amount of food for a long time. So, for those who shop for food in large quantities, acquiring a chest freezer is an excellent choice you can make. The ample storage it offers enables you to store a variety of food commodities for future use. Due to the great work it does, chest Freezers demand has drastically risen. Manufacturers have responded positively to the rising demand by injecting tons of Chest Freezers into the market.

Selecting the best chest freezers is an arduous task because of the hundreds of options available online. And to make it further confusing, most models claim to be superior over the others. While making a selection, it is prudent to consider a unit from a reputable brand and the one with the best features. If you want to be sure about your purchase, you can consider going through this review tailored into the best 10 Chest Freezers.

#10. MAXX Cold Wide 40.6inch Solid Hinged 9.6 Cubic Ft. 272L Chest Freezer with Locking Lid (White)

MAXX Cold Chest Freezer is a phenomenal option for storing all your frozen food items such as packaged foods, vegetables, meat, bags, and desserts as it keeps them at an optimum temp to last. Even better, it doesn’t distort the quality and taste of the foods at the same time it preventing chest freezer burn and ice development. When it’s time to fetch the food, they are easily accessible for use. Its state-of-art design will offer you a reliable operation if well maintained. Finally, this freezer is ideal for concession stand, store, ice cream shop, bar, home, or restaurant.


  • This unit is capable of holding frozen contents more than the standard fridge
  • It is oversized yet energy-efficient system and fully certified by UL, NSF, and CSA
  • Capable of storing contents for up to 2 days when there is a power outage
  • You can easily adjust the temperature level depending on your needs


  • Handles are flimsy because they are plastic made

#9. Premium PFR740G 7.4 cu. Ft. Curved Glass Lid Top in ETL Listed Spacious Chest Freezer (White)

Although this could look simpler than the previous chest freezer, it comes with incredible features that ensure your food is kept in safe conditions for long without going bad. It is ETL listed to ascertain its validity in the market and thus becoming ideal for offices, small businesses, and homes. Also, the curved glass lid offers optimum visibility of products. The outer white finish is an excellent addition to your interior aesthetic look. The interior has several baskets that enable your store your foods in an organized manner. Besides, the baskets let you store a maximum number of contents possible.


  • The product comes with all required accessories for excellent content storage
  • The curved glass top enables you to check the conditions of your contents
  • Has a white external finishing to complements your house beauty
  • Built with removable baskets that make cleaning more efficient


  • Can’t work best under higher or lower temperatures

#8. BOSSIN 3.0 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer Convertible Free Quick Freeze Function Compact Refrigerator

Are you experience limited space in your apartment, yet you want a chest freezer in your home? And again, if you are tired of the freezers that are not consistent with temperature measurements? Worry no further, BOSSIN compact refrigerator is at your disposal. With a 3.0 cubic feet interior freezer space, you can easily fit your dinner, lunch, or any other edibles you need to store for later use. Your contents will remain frozen and tasteful at all times.

Even better, this refrigerator breaks the monotony of the old fridge because it’s more convenient and portable to carry. In that respect, you can place this freezer in the kitchen, bedroom, and any other reachable areas. Moreover, it is from stainless steel materials that can come directly in contact with food and ensures it lasts long. The reversible swing door makes it suitable to be installed anywhere.


  • Stainless steel materials are healthy and safe to be used with confidence
  • Offers enough space to store your lunch, dinner or other edible contents
  • Have reversible swing door that enables you to place it in any space
  • The lock prevents unauthorized access to your compact freezer


  • Frost built up even when it’s closed

#7. MIDEA WHS-109FW1 3.0 Cubic Ft. Reversible Door Removable Wire Drawer Upright Freezer (White)

MIDEA present to you there thrilling chest freezer that has a well-thought design with high-quality construction. The net capacity of the model is 3.0 cubic feet. Also, it uses mechanical temperature and operates quietly while again saving you a lot of energy. The reversible door-left or right swing enables you to install the freezer literally in any space. With adjustable legs, you can maneuver around with it in your home. Besides, the separate wire drawers enable you to store contents in a more organized manner. Additionally, it has a streamlined look to complement any room style or setting. It is suitable for small apartments, bedrooms, Europeans, galley kitchens, Minibars, and nurseries, etc.


  • Suitable for keeping ice, medicines, fruits, and snacks
  • The chest freezer is energy efficient and affordable
  • Ideal refrigerator for small spaces like apartment
  • It operates quietly to ensure sleep isn’t disturbed


  • It doesn’t indicate the temperature readings

#6. Euhomy Energy Star 2.1 Cubic Ft. Compact Single Door Reversible Door Upright Freezer (Silver)

Energy-saving chest freezers have since been in the market, but no even one offered an energy-saving functionality. It’s for that reason that we present to you Euhomy Energy Star Mini Freezer with a 2.1 cubic feet of capacity. The silver stainless steel surfacing gives this freezer a sleek look to add a simple touch to your home. Besides, the two quick-freeze shelves offer a rapid cooling and hassle-free organization. The built-in door handle enables you to access the frozen contents with ease. The doors, on the other hand, are reversible so that you can reinstall whenever you need them.


  • Comes with two-quick freeze shelves to offer you faster cooling and proper organization
  • Has a freestanding setup design to occupy a small footprint to save you space
  • The stainless steel surface with silver coating makes the unit look elegant
  • The manual defrost features enables it to get rid of the ice


  • It does the job, but it’s not as quiet as you might wish

#5. Danby DCRO31B1BSLDD 3.1 cu. Ft. 87 Liters Integrated Door Shelving Compact Refrigerator (Steel)

All your freezing needs are well sorted when it comes to this chest freezer from Danby. This freezer has a storage space of 3.1 cubic feet to hold most foodstuff at a time. You can use it in bars, apartments, offices, or cottages. With a spotless stainless steel finishing, you rest assured of a good looking freezer with no rusts. The mechanical thermostat ensures that your foods are kept at the right temperatures to avoid under freezing or over freezing. Also, this unit has plenty of space to allow you a tall bottle of wine or any other drinks. For the refrigerator part, it has multiple temperature settings (1-7) to enable you to choose the temperature that you desire your food to freeze at.


  • Reversible door handle to allow you to open it from the right or left side
  • Ergonomic integrated handle that makes opening and closing easier
  • Has a smooth finishing that makes it easy to clean this unit
  • Performs the freezing operations in a quiet manner


  • The smaller space does not accommodate taller items

#4. Avanti CF351D2P Removable Storage Basket 3.5 cu. Ft. Thermostat Chest Freezer (Platinum Finish)

Are you looking for a small freezer? Look no further than Avanti chest freezer. This unit has a storage space of 3.5 cubic feet, which means that it holds most items. Additionally, it has an adjustable temperature control that allows you to monitor your freezing items and set them at the right desired temperatures. You can easily open and close this chest freezer with the reason being that it has a recessed door hinge designed and an integrated handle. This unit is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for a friend or a family member.


  • Has a flip-up lid that enables to access your frozen items easily
  • Easy to assemble since it comes when almost fully assembled
  • Easy to use because all you need to do is to load this freezer
  • Removable storage basket offers more storage functions


  • It isn’t easy to move around since it weighs up to 90 pounds

#3. Home Joy Energy Efficient 5cf Deep Compact 5 cu. Ft. Chest Freezer Deep Upright Apartment

If you intend for the best when it comes to freezing, don’t miss this perfect freezer. Home Joy chest freezer gets cold quickly to freeze your foods at a faster rate. Besides, it is from high-quality materials that are durable and scratch-resistant. With a storage space of 5 cubic feet, you can store most foodstuffs in it. Additionally, it has a flip-up lid that allows you to access your frozen items anytime that you desire effortlessly. Opening or closing this freezer is a much simpler task since it features a door hinge system. When compared to other models, then this brand is lighter since it only weighs 59.5 pounds.


  • Spacious enough to store most items like drinks and canned foods
  • Has a compact design thus it does not take much of your space
  • Easy to use as you only need to flip the lid to load or unload it
  • Designed from steel materials that are resistant to rust


  • No cons so far

#2. hOmeLabs 3.3 Cubic Ft. Under Counter Removable Glass Shelves Chiller Compartment Mini-Fridge

This stylish chest freezer can be used in your office, apartment, college room, or college room to keep your foodstuff all cooled up. Besides, it has a storage space of about three cubic feet, which means that it can store a lot of items. Also, it has three temperature modes: Max, med, and min modes. The med mode is used in the refrigerating chamber, whereas max and min modes are used in the freezing chamber. Moreover, it features a single that allows you to write any small notes. It offers additional storage space since it has a reversible door that can hold canned beverages and a different section to hold eggs or butter.


  • Adjustable glass shelves to aid you in tucking items a little bit higher
  • Easy to turn the thermostat knob to adjust the temperature settings
  • Has stainless steel finish that blends well with your house decor
  • Removable drip tray that captures drips from this appliance


  • It lacks the interior light to keep your items visible

#1. COSTWAY 63-Quart Portable & Compact Chest Freezer Travel Car Freezer for Meat Drinks & Veggies

COSTWAY chest freezer has to offer ample storage for all your foodstuffs. It has a storage capacity of 2.1 cubic feet to meet all your freezing needs. Also, it is ideal for use in the office, at home, campsites, or RVs. You can select either the max or minimum mode since this freezer cools at a faster rate between -0.4°F- 50° F. Besides, it has three levels of battery protection (low, mid and high) to enable you to choose how best you would want to guard your battery. This freezer is compatible with a 12-volt power source or a standard household 110-volt outlet. The removable wire basket is an added advantage because it offers more storage options.


  • Multifunctional since it can be used as a freezer as well a refrigerator
  • The internal LED lights allow you to access your items easily
  • Two sturdy handles that make transportation a more straightforward task
  • Performs quietly with a working sound less than 45db


  • Has a smaller storage space when compared to Avanti model

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Chest Freezer


Chest freezers come with capacity specifications, and therefore should a model that has your preferred capacity. These units are available in 5-9 cubic feet for compact models, 12-18 cubic feet for medium, and 18 cubic feet for more substantial options. Also, if you live in an apartment, you can consider going for an upright freezer because it has a small footprint.


This aspect refers to how the freezer is capable of maintaining a consistent temperature over time. If you get the model with fluctuating temperatures, it won’t offer you precise readings. The presence of fans in some models will help in air circulation for consistent temperatures.

Blackout Recovery

Other high-end models can keep food at a constant temperature for two days when the power goes off. Given that the door is closed, your food items will stay fresh without losing any nutrients. It’s therefore paramount to check on the blackout recovery feature to enhance its functionality.


Well, chest freezers like any other delicate deice, don’t come cheap. In case you opt for a too cheap freezer, chances are that the fridge will be too small or perform dismally. It’s wise to take consider the price aspect with other factors like unique features and warranty. With that, you can rest assured to get the value for your money.


Chest Freezers are undoubtedly the most convenient appliances that make life easier. We’ve tried our best to offer you some helpful information regarding this model. Give priority to your needs, and you’ll never go wrong in your selections. Despite many options being offered in the market, you can quickly make a decisive decision using the above review. We’ve ensured that all our suggestions are from the leading brands with excellent features. Storing food for later days of the month is now possible as long as you get yourself the best Chest Freezers. Order one model today with confidence, and you’ll never regret it.

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