Top 10 Best College Backpack in Reviews

Backpacks are essential for students to carry laptops, books, notebooks, tablets or any other essentials they need to carry while in school. Even though it is not a requirement, it is worth investing in a college backpack that provides complete protection against UV rays alongside being water-resistance. Not for the sake but to ensure you don’t lose your notes when it’s raining or snowing. Therefore, in case you are out there searching for the best quality college backpack, we may help you out.

The overwhelming amount of college backpacks is filling the market day in day out, which tends to deter you from getting your best. Or taking you a lot of time in searching for the one that meets your needs. That being the case, we tried making things look easier for you by putting together the top 10 best College Backpack for reviews. Read along and we promise, you will find your favorite choice.

#10. HFSX Vintage Travel Laptop Bookbags with USB Charging Port fit 15inches Book College Backpack

Are you looking for a backpack that does not go hard on your pocket? Then the HFSX college backpack will be your best choice. The unit has several compartments with the laptop compartment holding up to 15.6″ laptops. The main and front compartment holds other stuff like keys, documents, and clothes. This bag is from high-quality and durable nylon fabric material. The adjustable shoulder straps are much comfortable as they are padded. You are much convenience as it has a USB port with a charger cable to recharge your cell phone when it runs low. This versatile backpack that can be used as an office backpack, laptop backpack or a school backpack.


  • The headphones allow you to enjoy your music as you walk or travel
  • The great craftsmanship makes it become a celebrated model
  • It is a multifunctional backpack and can fit small size essential
  • Suitable for adults, teens, girls, and boys


  • The side pockets are so tight and fit only slim water bottles

#9. Sosoon Water-Resistance 15.6 Inches Laptop & Notebook USB Charging Backpack for College (Black)

You will enjoy your traveling life and experience more with Sosoon college backpack on your back. The backpack has a larger storage room and several pockets that accommodate most of your stuff. Additionally, the laptop compartment allows you to fit in a 15.6 inch or less computer. The inner pocket allows you to keep some of your valuable items like cash. Also, this backpack has well-padded shoulder straps for a comfortable trip. You can as well use the built bin charger to charge your phone as you walk. The headphone port allows you to enjoy your music as you travel. This backpack is for sure the best backpack you can acquire for yourself.


  • Has a key fob hook to have your bag properly organized
  • You can fasten the zippers onto the hook for more safety
  • Well ventilated padding that supports your back at all times
  • The shoulder strap has a cardholder pocket and can hook sunglasses


  • The USB charges your phone at a slower rate

#8. KROSER Water-Repellent Nylon Casual 15.6 Inches Fashion School Computer Backpack for Women & Men

This is a simple-designed college backpack yet classic enough to suit all your travel needs. Get it as a birthday or Christmas gift for your parents or teens. Designed with various compartments to store all your essentials. The main compartment holds a laptop of up to 15.4″. The other pockets can be used to store wallets, cash, keys, an umbrella and more. Suppose your phone runs low, you would not have to open the bag instead, you charge it from the USB port. Its pockets are zippered to keep your items safe from thieves. The back panel is padded well and breathable to relieve you from back stress. This bag weighs 1.45 lbs. thus it’s easy to carry as you travel as it is lightweight.


  • It has a small pocket attached to it that can be used as a purse
  • Made from eco-friendly materials that keep your bag always tidy
  • Roomy enough to hold most of your traveling stuff
  • The luggage strap allows you to fit it in a suitcase


  • The main compartment doesn’t fit laptops of more 15.4 inches

#7. TOGORE WorkGo Travel Business USB Charging Port Slim Durable 15.6Inches Laptop College Backpack

With enough space to hold most of your items, TOGORE college backpack is designed to accommodate laptops of up to 15 inches and several other items. The strong, water-resistant and high-quality polyester fabric keeps your bag looking good for long. You are assured of much comfort as it a heavily-padded back and shock-absorbing shoulder straps. The zippered pockets have its zippers are of high-quality materials to avoid breaking or getting off. The external USB port has a charging cable for recharging your electronic device as you walk. Also, at the top of the bag is a handle that allows you to comfortable pick or move your backpack.


  • The side pockets allow you to keep your water bottle or umbrella
  • Suitable for schooling, hiking, camping or business purposes
  • The different compartments allow you to organize your bag
  • Has quick pockets to quickly access your items


  • It is not completely waterproof

#6. Bebamour Lightweight Casual College Travel Wide Open Backpack for Men & Women

For whatever reason, a high-quality backpack is what everyone desires to purchase. Bebamour college backpack from high-quality materials that allows you to use the bag for long without tears. The several compartments it comes with offers you a safe area to store your essentials. It includes the laptop compartment and other compartments for keeping other essentials. These essentials include clothes, documents water bottles, keys and more. The straps are heavily padded and adjustable to release any pressure you may feel when carrying. Also, it has a width of 9.8″ that remains open when empty for easy packing. This backpack is designed for both and women for schooling or traveling purposes.


  • It is 15l capacity bag hence spacious enough to hold most of your stuff
  • Has 2 carry ways: by the handle as a handle bag and as a backpack
  • You can easily carry all your stuff in an ultra-organized manner
  • The zippered pockets allow you to keep your valuable items safe


  • Has insufficient compartments to hold stuff of two or more kids

#5. Modoker Upgraded Vintage USB Charging Port Laptop Fashion Backpack for Women Men

Fifth on our list is the Modoker college backpack. This 15l capacity bag holds a 15.6-inch laptop. Made from high-quality 3D polyester fabric that offers long-lasting life. Besides, this fabric is also scratch-free, water-resistant and free from tears and wears. What’s more, it has 7 different compartments to hold your laptop, keys, clothes, phones, wallets, water bottles, etc. Additionally, it has an external USB port to allow charge your electronic device anywhere. Moreover, its shoulder straps are heavily padded and adjustable such that you will feel comfortable when carrying it. Without forgetting, it suitable for most outdoor events like hiking and tourist activities for men, women and also teens.


  • The side pocket is soft enough to prevent any scratches on your electronic device
  • You can keep your hands warm on the lint compartment of the bag
  • Has a built-in charge cable for recharging your electric device as you travel
  • Made lightweight allows you to carry it easily without experiencing any strains


  • It doesn’t come with a power bank (you’ll buy it separately)

#4. Himawari USB H900D-ZF Travel School 15.6Inches Doctor Work for Men & Women College Students

Everyone desires to carry a bag that is stylish and fashionable, yes? Himawari college backpack is one of the backpacks in the market that will get its style attracting you. It has different compartments. The main compartment can hold a 15.2″ laptop. The other pockets can be used for holding keys, wallets, power banks, earphones and most of your small items. The shoulder straps are heavily padded and are adjustable to ensure that you always are comfortable carry this bag. Additionally, it only weighs 1.4 pounds thus making it a suitable choice for traveling along with, for business and when in school. This backpack can be used by men, women, teens and all studying students.


  • It is a versatile bag which can act as a nappy backpack or diaper backpack
  • Waterproof hence all items in the backpack are kept safe against wetting
  • Perfect gift for a friend, student or a family member at any event
  • Freedom of choice as it is available in many different colors


  • It less spacious as compared to Tocode model

#3. Tocode Water-Resistant USB Charging Port Fits Up To 17inches Laptop College Backpack (Black I)

Do you need a much bigger space for your travel items? Here is the solution, Tocode college backpack and you will never get disappointed. This backpack has a large space to store your stuff. Also, it has a main zipper compartment that suits laptops of up to 17″. Besides, it has 3 other compartments to store items you would like to access frequently. You don’t have to worry about your essentials getting wet on a rainy or snowy day because it is waterproof. The handle is comfortable for easy carrying by the handle. Even on long walks, you are assured of comfort since its shoulder straps have soft padding.


  • The two mesh pockets allow you to carry a water bottle or an umbrella
  • Keep your items on different mesh pocket and get your bag organized
  • Has a weight balance design to make your bag weigh less
  • Suitable for traveling, businesses and outdoor events


  • It doesn’t have the waist strap for convenience

#2. TOGORE TripPro 17inches Travel & Business Backpack USB Charger Port Water Resistant Laptop Bag

TOGORE College Backpack is one of the popular items in the world. As a fact, it has a lot of pockets to store most of your items. These pockets include the main compartment, front pocket, front compartment, and second compartment and side pockets. Besides, it is from high-quality polyester that gets your bag working for many years. Also, it has a heavily padded back and shock- absorbing shoulder straps for comfortable purposes. At the top is a stitched handle for a safe hold when picking your bag. The built-in USB port allows you to charge electronic device as you travel. Finally, it can be used as a college bag or office bag for men, women, and teens


  • The high-quality zippers keep your stuff safe
  • Made of scratch-free materials to last long
  • Water-resistant to keep your items dry all through
  • Has a shackle for hanging your sunglasses or a mini speaker


  • Doesn’t offer freedom of choice as it is available in dim colors

#1. Chrome Industries Summoner 15inches 32L 2-Compartments Laptop Sleeve College Backpack (Black)

With the great features, Chrome backpack has, you will surely love it. First, it has different compartments to hold your 15″ laptop and some other stuff like clothes. This unit is one of the most durable gears that has your travel life made easier. Besides, it has a different compartment to hold all your traveling items. The main compartment is for holding your laptop. You can use the other compartments to store your few clothes, keys, wallets, etc. All the outer pockets are zippered to ensure the safety of valuable items like money and cellphones. Also, you can use the compression strap to compress down your large luggage to small luggage. This bag is comfortably padded and sweatproof to avoid any back strains or your bag getting wet from sweating.


  • It is one of the auspicious backpacks in the market that feels good to carry
  • Saves you on frequent replacement costs as it is designed to last long
  • It a spacious bag that allows you to carry most of your items at a go
  • You can easily access your items through the outer pockets


  • Though it is of high-quality, it is a bit expensive

Factors to Look Out for When Purchasing the Best College Backpack

To have a great insight into the backpack you need to buy, we recommend that you take a minute to go through these considerations.


The material of the backpack is the foremost thing to consider if you want to get the best quality a backpack. Whether you want it for school, hiking or camping, a backpack should be capable of withstanding prevailing weather conditions like rain, snow or cold weather. Be sure enough to check the material that makes up the backpack for assured durability. If the material is on point, you can move to the net consideration.


The straps of any backpack will dictate the comfort you’ll get when carrying the backpack. More so, this comes in place when you are carrying weighty stuff. In this case, padded straps are mostly preferred because they offer you a soft and pliable feeling while on your back or hand. Additionally, it’s a good idea to go for a backpack with adjustable padded straps, because they offer you a customized fit.


The volume you wish to carry will also determine whether a specific backpack can support or not. By that we mean, most backpacks come with a specific pre-defined function, for instance, a laptop backpack will come in a compact and yet spacious design. At the same time, a more spacious backpack could be helpful as well because it offers you a space to carry your laptop alongside books and other essentials.


This factor is not that important, but you can as well consider it. Students usually like something simple and functional. But, if you plan to use your backpack in carrying other appliances like electronic, gym equipment or any sensitive units with special attention, then a backpack with multiple compartments is desirable. If possible, ensure the compartments are separated with a very thick fabric for guaranteed safety of each item.

Water resistance

Last but not least is the waterproof feature of the backpack. Even though it’s not a major concern, it’s worth paying attention to it so that it helps you when it rains all of a sudden. A water resistance backpack will keep all your school and personal items secure and safe against being rained on. For that reason, some backpacks come with extra-covers that enable you to have peace of mind when the weather takes the worse turn.


Those are some great backpack choices the market has an offer currently. They have exciting features and one of the above selections will surely meet your expectations. We’ve ensured that our selection only constitutes backpacks that care about our customers’ budget yet sticking to their high-quality standards. Besides, we’ve incorporated all the stylish and fashionable designs that you may think of. Go through this review, and our assurance is, you wouldn’t fail to get what best suits you. Our research team usually does a great job and for that reason, you have nothing to fear, all our suggestions are equally the best. Walk majestically as you attend your classes with any of the above college backpacks!

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