Top 10 Best Cool Mist Humidifiers in Reviews

In case you are looking to enhance the air quality in your home, you will need a cool mist humidifier. This appliance remains very useful now that it comes with lots of benefits. Basically, the mist that is produced by the appliance comes with the ability to make the quality of life even better. With a cool mist humidifier, you eliminate the chances of suffering from some dry air in the room.

Before you can purchase an ideal unit for your room, you need to understand there are so many options available out there. As a buyer, therefore, you can end up being confused by the huge number. It is for this reason why we made this compilation to make sure that buyers have a very simple time shopping. Later in the post, you will find a highlight of the key features to consider when making your purchase. Let us get started!

#10. Pure Enrichment MistAire Cool Mist Humidifier, Whisper-Quiet Operation

Let us kick off this review with the cool mist humidifier from Pure Enrichment (a renowned brand). With this device, you will have a constant mist supply for 24 hours. It comes with an adjustment knob that allows you to adjust the moisture output according to your needs.

Its night light is going to rotate through the rainbow-color spectrum for an even better experience. Another great feature is that its water tank has a very large opening that makes it very easy to refill and also clean it. Backed with an industry-leading warranty for 5 years, you need to buy with confidence.


  • This product is approved as the PTPA winner and complements with playroom, nursery and kids bedroom décor
  • The cool mist humidifier will last for a period of 24 hours and comes with a variable mist control knob
  • The night light rotates via the rainbow-spectrum colors allowing you to select your preferred color
  • Has a huge water tank opening allowing you to easily wash the inside of the tank using your hands


  • Terrible leaky design

#9. POHL SCHMITT Humidifier for Bedrooms with a Whisper-Quiet Operation

If you are looking to breathe easily and remain healthy in your room, this is the humidifier you need. Its design makes it ideal for any type of bedroom including the baby’s room. It comes with a 1.5L water tank that is compact but very powerful with the ability to operate for 16 hours non-stop.

Being made with Swiss quality, this product is basically worth purchasing. The good thing is that it comes with a limited warranty of two years from the manufacturer. It is also very silent in its operation implying that it will give you a comfortable night’s sleep.


  • The stylish design for this cool mist humidifier makes it a good pick for all bedrooms or any other room
  • This is a compact but powerful cool mist humidifier that can operate continuously for up to 16 hours
  • For maximum relaxation and restful sleep, it offers a very pleasant and whisper-quiet operation
  • The humidifier has been made with Swiss quality and comes with a limited warranty of two years from the manufacturer


  • Not well packaged

#8. TaoTronics Cool Mist humidifiers, BPA-Free and Easy to Clean

What is known about this device is the trinity of its calming features. First, it is used as a humidifier to fill the air with hydration. Second, it acts as a diffuser to add some refreshing scent into the mist. Finally, it plays the role of the soothing night light. With such functionalities, the device will be worth the money.

Its 2.5L water tank capacity gives it 30 hours of some comforting mist throughout the night. When it comes to its construction, it is made with BPA-free materials that allow it to operate safely. What’s more, it is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature in case the water levels go down.


  • This device has a trinity of calming features since it acts as a humidifier, a diffuser, and a soothing night light
  • It has a 2.5L water tank that offers up to 30 hours of some comforting mist right from morning throughout the night
  • Made using BPA-free materials that allow it to operate safely and has been equipped with an automatic shut off feature
  • The device has advanced noise-reducing technology to make sure that you get a restful sleep without any disturbance


  • Leaves water at the base

#7. Homech Cool Mist Humidifier with an Auto Shut-Off Feature

The opening for this device is 92mm that illustrates that cleaning and refilling will be a hassle-free task. It comes with a dustproof sponge that is believed to lower the noise level to 26 dB for even quiet humidification. For this reason, this humidifier will not disturb you as you study or work in the office.

This accessory has a tank capacity of 4L and will operate continuously for 60 hours to eliminate discomfort. With a 360 degrees coverage, you will be able to receive even distribution of mist in your room. It also prides itself on an automatic shut-off feature whenever the water levels go down.


  • It has a wide opening that will make cleaning and filling pretty simple without getting the pipe moldy
  • The ultrasonic humidifier operates at 26 dB to avoid disturbing your work, study or even your sleep
  • It comes with an automatic shut off feature once the water is drained or after the tank has been lifted
  • Holds an impressive water capacity of 4L for not less than 60 hours of non-stop use


  • The output is not enough

#6. iTvanila Cool Mist Humidifier, Lasts Up to 28 Hours

This humidifier comes with an adjustable knob that makes it very easy and free to adjust the amount of fog. What’s more, the 360 degrees nozzle helps the user to decide the direction they wish to spread the humid air for better humidification coverage.

Another unique feature for this device is that it has a very quiet operation making it an ideal pick for libraries for instance. Its lightweight and compact nature, on the other hand, proves it to be a great space-saver. Upon purchasing this product, you will receive lifetime technical support.


  • 2.7L cool mist humidifier that allows it to be used non-stop for up to 28 hours for all bedrooms and other rooms in the house
  • An adjustable knob that makes adjustment very easy based on the direction you wish to spread the humid air
  • This humidifier has a filterless design so you will not need to order an extra filter
  • Whisper-quiet operation and comes in a compact size for people with limited space


  • Some people claimed that it was noisy

#5. Plustore Humidifiers with 3.5L Water Tank

Stay very comfortable with this humidifier from Plustore that is known for its soothing moisture and improving sleep. Having a top-fill design just like other quality gadgets in the industry, both cleaning and refilling will always be a breeze.

Another quality aspect of the humidifier is that it has a 2-in-1 design. What that means is that it not only humidifies but also diffuses oil together with mist in your room. Other than that convenience, this device is known to be among the quietest devices, especially during the night.


  • You will stay cozy and very comfortable throughout the year with this humidifier made to improve sleep
  • It has a top-fill design that allows you to easily pour water in and also comes along with the cleaning convenience
  • The device works both as a humidifier and a diffuser allowing you to pair the essential oils with the mist
  • It has been equipped with a very large 3.5L water tank and has three mist speed settings for convenience


  • Poorly-packaged

#4. Keebar Cool Mist Humidifier, LED Display - Black

This device has a capacity of 3.5L that allows it to work continuously for 60 hours. The maximum output for this device is estimated to be 300ml/hr allowing it to handle a maximum space of 300 square feet. Another great feature about this humidifier is that it has a touch panel and remote access that makes it even easier to operate.

The noise level for this gadget is 40 dB which means that it will not disrupt your sleep, study or work. It also turns the LED screen off upon entering the sleep mode for the same convenience. Cleaning and refilling this humidifier is another thing that it prides itself on due to its top-fill design.


  • The device comes along with a 3.5L water tank that allows up to 60 hours of working to distribute humidity in your home
  • You will choose three mist levels via the timer that allows you to specify the humidity level you want
  • Operating at a noise level of 40 dB, it will give you a relaxing sleep not forgetting that it turns the LED screen off in the sleep mode
  • Features a convenient top-fill design that makes the device very easy to refill water


  • Stops working after a short time

#3. iTeknic Cool Mist Humidifier, Ultra Quiet and Easy to Clean

The nozzle for this gadget rotates in 360 degrees to make sure that the mist is distributed evenly in the room. It has an ideal size both for large and small rooms and therefore becomes a good choice for bedrooms, offices or any other place. The manufacturer has equipped it with an automatic shut off feature when the water levels get too low or the tank is lifted.

The big opening is yet another thing that the humidifier prides itself on. For this reason, it will become very easy for you to clean and also fill the tank when empty. You will also appreciate the high output or large capacity for this device. It will work perfectly in 430 square feet of rooms for 50 hours without refilling.


  • Unlike the conventional humidifier, this is a silent humidifier that features dustproof sponges to lower the noise levels
  • The device features a very big opening that not only makes it easy to refill but also easy to clean it
  • Features a 360 degrees nozzle to guarantee an even humidity level that will be distributed in your homes
  • Comes with an automatic shut off feature when the water is drained or when the tank gets lifted for your safety


  • Weak electrical component

#2. GENIANI Top-Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers, Auto Shut Off (Black)

The first thing we mention about this humidifier is that it is a risk-free purchase with a warranty for two years from the manufacturer. You will also appreciate the fact that it plays the role of both a humidifier and diffuser as well. For that reason, it will be possible to fill the room with your essential oils.

With this device, you will maintain a very healthy humidity level in an automatic design with its intelligent control. The fact that it has a top-fill design, on the other hand, means that refilling will be very easy. Apart from that, the noise level is as low as 38dB which will give you a comfortable resting time.


  • The device acts both as a humidifier and diffuser allowing you to fill the room with essential oils while still enjoying the mist
  • Maintains healthy mist levels automatically with the help of its intelligent sensor
  • It has a top-fill design making both refilling and cleaning of the device pretty simple
  • The noise level is 36dB so it will ensure that you enjoy a very comfortable sleep


  • Complicated cleaning instructions

#1. Vogvigo Humidifiers for the Entire House

This is an ultrasonic humidifier that will soften and purify your water via the ionic generators. It, therefore, helps to moisturize the dry skins and ease the asthma symptoms. If you are looking for a spa-worth experience, you have the convenience of adding oils in the aroma box.

Another great feature about this device is that it has a constant humidity mode allowing you to set your preferred humidity mode. Apart from that, it will be very easy to adjust the direction of the mist for even better comfort. Buy with confidence since is totally a risk-free purchase as demonstrated by the money-back guarantee.


  • This humidifier will soften and also purify water with the help of its in-built ionic generators and the replaceable filter
  • You will be able to add the essential oils in the aroma box in order to get a clean and pure fresh smell in your room
  • It safely and silently moisturizes the air for more than 40 hours in continuous operation for convenience
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction so you need to buy with confidence


  • It is prone to leaking

Factors to consider when buying a cool mist humidifier


When choosing a cool mist humidifier, you need to keep in mind its capacity. This basically refers to the maximum coverage area for the device. The moderately-priced models will cover somewhere between 200 and 500 square feet. On the other hand, more expensive models have proven to cover double or triple that figure. You have to know the size of your room and its humidification needs before buying.


When choosing a cool mist humidifier, you need to consider its noise level. It is advisable to go for those models that have the least noise during operation. Such devices will be ideal for offices, libraries, and even bedrooms since they will never distract you in any way. However, the fact that a humidifier does not make noise does not mean that it should be ineffective.

Ease of cleaning

This is another feature that you ought to keep in mind when choosing these devices. You will need to select models that have a wide mouth opening since it gives your hand simple access to the interior parts. On this note also, you will be in a position to refill the tank easily whenever the water levels get low.


This is our list of the best cool mist humidifiers that you will get in the market today. These appliances play a vital role in our day to day lives. You will realize that most of the products listed above pay two roles as humidifiers and diffusers as well. Provided that you read through the whole list, we are sure that you will get your right pick from the list. We also prepared a guide on the factors to consider when making your selection. In short, you have all that you require to get the best cool mist humidifier for your room.

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