Top 10 Best Cooling Gel Pillows in Reviews

One of the worst scenarios you can ever face in life is having to wake up in the middle of the night because it is very hot. This sweaty mess prevents you from having a satisfying sleep. A healthy sleeping schedule is very vital for everyone to live a healthier life. You can make all this possible by getting a good cooling gel pillow for a supportive and comfortable night’s sleep. Additionally, this unit helps to support you to prevent any neck, shoulder, or head pains. They do not trap any heat during hot nights thus you will always feel cool since it wicks away any sweat particles. Above all, these brands support both men and women with different sleeping positions.

All that said, how do we get to pick the best brand to offer the much-needed comfort? Recent markets are flooded with different brands making it a bit confusing to choose the right brand. We, therefore, have made your work easier by compiling the best brands that will aid you in your choice. Though they differ in their features they indeed offer you the best sleeping results. The list below contains the top 10 best cooling gel pillows:

10. MALOUF Grey Bamboo 2.15lbs Z Gel Pillow & Travel Gel Dough Memory Foam Kit

When it comes to a high-quality cooling gel pillow, then you might want to put your trust in this brand from Malouf. This unit is designed from quality polyester and rayon materials well known for its strength and durability. Unlike other brands, this unit develops a unique gel approach that helps to regulate temperatures. The top of the pillow offers you a cool sleeping surface throughout the night. You can as well carry it with you while traveling without facing any difficulties because it has a compressible design. Additionally, it has an open-cell technology that offers optimum resilience and durability.


  • Has a removable cover for easier maintenance
  • Made soft to support you more comfortably
  • Can be used as a neck roll pillow while traveling
  • Only weighs 2.15 pounds thus easier to carry around


  • Has a strong odor after unpacking it

9. Classic Brands Standard Comfortable Doubled-Sided Orthopedic Reversible Cool Gel

You can rest easy and more comfortable during hot summers with Classic brands cooling gel pillow. The memory foam surrounds the cooling gel material offering you a cooler environment to sleep on. It molds to your body shape offering you the needed comfort on your head, shoulders, neck, and back. Moreover, the silky cover is made breathable to ensure a free flow of air substance to avoid sweating. Since it is made naturally hypoallergenic it can be used by those who frequently experience allergies. You can as well remove the cover when you need to wash it without experiencing any difficulties.


  • Has the latest open cell memory foam for airflow
  • Ideal for use by both side sleepers and back sleepers
  • You can easily toss it into a machine for washing
  • Well designed to retain its original shape for long


  • The pillowcase has a smaller opening

8. BLISSBURY 2.6'' Thin Slim Flat Washable Soft Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow for Men & Women

If you need to comfortably support both your head and neck, this cooling gel pillow by Blissbury is the best choice. It is well designed to offer the needed comfort to both stomach and back sleepers. Its cover has a soft bamboo construction that creates an even sleeping surface throughout the night. This covering allows natural air ventilation to prevent sweating during hot nights. The softness of this pillow enables you to rest easy at all times. Additionally, it has rounded edges that provide a gentle way to connect with your arms and hands.


  • Has a unique design that reduces neck stiffness
  • Can be used by both stomach and back sleepers
  • The soft foam offers the needed stability
  • Its cover wicks away any moisture particles


  • Smaller in size

7. Bedstory Ventilated Design Orthopedic Cervical Bed Cooling el Memory Foam Pillow (Standard Size)

You can now relax your muscles and alleviate any shoulder or neck pain with Bedstory cooling gel pillow. Both the inner and outer cover is made of high-quality materials that are strong and last longer. The memory foam has a good density and offers enough responsiveness that keeps your head and neck all comfortable. You can easily remove the outer for easier maintenance. Additionally, it is safer for everyday use because it meets all the certifications by CertiPUR-US. With only a weight of only 3.12 pounds, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight.


  • The pillowcase is made breathable and soft
  • Retains its shape and firmness to avoid any lumps
  • Its hidden zipper is made of quality materials
  • Has open cell technology to keep you cooler


  • A bit thinner compared to a normal pillow

6. KUNPENG Side Back Removable Cover Neck Support Memory Foam Cooling Gel Pillows

Everyone deserves a special gift this coming holiday and you might want to consider Kunpeng cooling gel pillow. It offers the needed support to your neck and head thus suitable for back, side, or stomach sleepers. You do not need to regularly adjust your pillow because it rebounds faster for a good sleep. Since it meets all the Oeko-tex standards, you are assured of a safer product for daily use. Better still, it offers a cool sleeping experience because it’s a good gel that dissipates heat. Also, it is equipped with some vents that provide the needed air circulation for a comfortable sleep.


  • Has a zipper that makes it easier to remove it
  • Designed from environmentally friendly materials
  • The edges are well wrapped to ensure good support
  • Offers right softness on the neck for back sleepers


  • Emits some odor after unpacking it

5. Perfect Cloud Full Classic Comfortable Double-Sided Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

No more shoulder, neck, or head pains while sleeping with a Perfect cloud cooling gel pillow. One side features a cooling gel and the other memory foam to offer you much-needed comfort while sleeping. It helps to eliminate any tension in the head, shoulders, or neck to prevent you from frequently waking up at night. The cover is designed from quality materials and can be easily removed for cleanup purposes. Featuring a durable zipper, you can easily remove the pillow anytime that you desire. This makes it a great gift for your friends or family members during holiday seasons.


  • Promotes good airflow for better sleep
  • Has a good finishing that keeps it looking good
  • Made hypoallergenic to prevent any allergies
  • Safer for use with the certi-PUR US certification


  • Heavier compared to Malouf model

4. KUNPENG Eco-Friendly Firm-Feel Ice-Silk Memory Foam Gel Pillow for Back & Neck Support

Sleeping is essential and therefore you will need a good pillow to lie on. Kunpeng cooling gel pillow conforms to your body curves thus ideal to relieve any neck or shoulder pain. If you switch to any sleeping position, you are as well assured of better sleep. With certi-PUR US certification, you are assured of a safer and environmentally friendly unit. It has a higher resilience thus it does not flatten but retains its shape for a longer period. The padding makes this pillow softer therefore allowing you to sleep more comfortably. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable at all times.


  • Designed from 100% durable cotton materials
  • Has a detachable zipper cover for easy cleaning
  • Offers you a balance between comfort and support
  • The materials wick away sweats to keep you cool


  • Takes up to 48 hours to fully expand

3. Sealy Essentials Standard/Queen White Adaptive Gel Cooling Memory Foam Gel Pillow

Sealy cooling gel pillow is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your sleeping needs. It has a weight of 2.99 pounds that makes it easier for you to carry it from one place to another. The adaptive memory foam has a refreshing gel layer to keep you feeling cool while sleeping. This gel layer also provides soothing supports to both and women with different sleeping styles. Besides, the mesh outer cover is made breathable to prevent you from sweating during hot nights. Also, you can easily toss it into a washing machine for easier care and maintenance.


  • Has a mesh design for a direct cooling sensation
  • Uniquely sized to offer a comfortable sleeping surface
  • Supports your head and conforms to your body shape
  • Features a dimensional design to relieve tension


  • Has thinner dimensions

2. Columbia Standard Queen Extreme Cooling High-Performance Memory Foam Pillow

Are you looking forward to a more restful and cuddly night rest? All this is made possible with Columbia cooling gel pillow. It features an Omni breeze technology that offers you a cooling surface to keep you comfortable throughout the night. The white side has a breathable surface with Omni wick technology to keep dry during sweaty nights. You no longer have to flip the pillow all the time because it has an intelligent design. Furthermore, it has a stabilizing and supportive effect to comfortably hold both your neck and head. With all these features, this unit will offer you a refreshing day after a goodnight’s sleep.


  • Can be used by back, stomach, and side sleepers
  • Ensures maximum air circulation for efficient cooling
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations
  • Has an ultra-cooling cover for a comfortable sleep


  • Does not stay cool for long

1. Brentwood Home Non-Toxic Standard Adjustable Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Do you need a pillow that will help improve sleep quality? Look no further than this model by Brentwood home. The cover is woven from Tencel from fibers thus assures you of maximum breathability for ultimate comfort. It is filled with gel memory foam and polyester blend that offers you the needed support. Depending on your needs, you can easily add or remove the filling since it has an external zipper. Additionally, it is designed from materials that are free from any harmful substances such as lead, phthalates, heavy metals, mercury, formaldehyde, and many more.


  • Designed from environmentally friendly materials
  • Available in a standard size for use by everyone
  • Retains its firmness to free you from neck pains
  • Assures you of greater thickness with adjustable filling


  • It is overfilled thus very firm

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Cooling Gel Pillow

Sleeping position

People have different sleeping positions and therefore would need a different cooling gel pillow. For stomach sleepers, they might need a softer and flatter pillow surface for proper alignment of the cervical. Back sleepers could as well require a flatter but firmer for better neck support. On the other side, side sleepers require a firmer pillow with a higher loft to support their head and neck.

Materials used

Most of these pillows are designed from high quality shredded memory foam materials that are durable and assures you of good breathability. These materials are not dense and offer you the needed support like a standard pillow. The cover also is made of materials that do not retain any heat to keep cool at all times.

Cooling properties

This includes how it regulates temperatures and dissipates heat away. Some are designed from moisture-wicking materials such as bamboo which makes it ideal for hot sleepers that sweat at night. These materials help in the circulation of air particles and prevent heat retention to keep you always dry.

Pressure relief

A good pillow should not only keep you comfortable but also it should aid in relieving some pain. It should relieve any tension and pressure in your neck or shoulder region. Also, they should conform to the shape of your body for proper spine alignment. With this, you are assured of a comfortable sleep at all times.


The above choice has us scratching our heads with which brand is the best. All these brands are indeed best with only different features. Therefore, depending on your needs, you might choose one brand over the other. They all offer you the most comfortable sleep regardless of your sleeping position. We do hope the above review will help you pick a brand that will satisfy your needs. We wish you all the best with your choices.
Good luck!

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