Top 10 Best Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port In Reviews

For most people, working up early in the morning to meet their daily obligations is an ordeal. Sleep is yet again healthy and good for your body but working up for your daily job routine is better. Many people prefer setting alarms to forcefully cut their prolonged sleep. Gadgets like phones are usually used to set alarms but they are unreliable. If you’ll always want to wake up on time, then a digital alarm clock is what you should go for. In addition, this clock has a radio functionality, so you can listen to your preferred local radio station.

Arguably enough, a digital alarm clock is endowed with a number of functions that comfortably wakes you in the morning as compared to your mobile device. Most digital alarm clocks have built-in USB ports for charging phones, Backup battery and designed with rechargeable in-built batteries. Henceforth, you wouldn’t be worried about the alarm you set not going-off just because it has no power or its battery is dead.

When choosing the appropriate digital alarm clock with USB port, you might be confused and frustrated because alarm clock is all over the internet, however, we’ve narrowed down and selected the best 10 digital alarm clocks for you. Read closely to ensure you get the best out of the pool of our resources.

Top 10 Best Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port Reviews

#1. AmazonBasics Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port

By AmazonBasics

Comfortably wake up early in the morning with the aid of this digital alarm clock using this unique Amazon basics alarm clock. An ideal alarm clock for any nightstand which provides reliable and convenience alarm notifications. You can use it at comfort or when you’re on a journey. This alarm clock designs such that its display is of 0.9” red LED display thus making it easy to check the time at a glance, and has adjustable display brightness which you can set to accommodate your personal preferences.

When setting alarm, you have two preference to choose from, you can either set FM radio or use the alarm sound for the wake-up signal. The alarm is simple and easy to operate and accurate. In case the power goes out during the night, you don’t have to worry, because the pack comes with a backup battery system that keeps the alarm clock on and running, and also keeping the time correct making the alarm to go off at the appropriate time. If you’re used to charge smartphones and other devices, this alarm clock has USB charging capabilities. Moreover, this clock comes with Bluetooth functionality which makes it easy to listen to tunes, music and many more.


  • Comes with a backup battery
  • USB ports for charging devices
  • FM radio or alarm sound options
  • Built with adjustable display brightness
  • Easy to read LED display


  • There is no auxiliary input and no way to connect an external amplifier to the device

#2. WOODMUSIC Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port


Getting the best alarm to wake you up when you’re not in the mood of waking up can be a big achievement. Well, WOODMUSIC alarm clock might be the choice you have been looking for to set alarm. Design in a compact with a nice finishing. Comes with a digital tuning FM radio with sleep timer. For instance, if you are almost sleeping, you can press the ‘SLEEP’ button and within a period of between 10-90 minutes, the sleep timer will be initiated. A great alarm clock for the elderly and sight restricted person.

If you have many appliances you’ll wish to charge with this clock, the good news it comes with dual USB charging ports supporting 1.5A output power. The two ports are basically designed to make it easier to charge your cell phones, tablets, kindles with other 5V appliances with no other adapters to occupy your socket ports. This is an alarm clock worth investing in.


  • Alarm clock with radio/buzzer alarm sound
  • Dual USB charging ports with 1.5A output power
  • Large LED display with dimmer
  • Has digital tuning FM radio with sleep timer


  • Face cover usually fall off after opening held on by double sided tape

#3. ANJANK Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port


Prefer going for an alarm clock that does it a job well and precise. ANJANK Digital Alarm Clock offers a fairly easy way to set the alarm. The charming two-color nightlight beautifies your room. Comes with 2 colors, white and orange. When you slightly press the light button located on top of the switch, the lights are displayed. The other thing that makes this alarm clock stand out is the adjustable nightlight brightness, (10% – 100%), making it the best companion for kids who are usually afraid of the dark or those people who get up at night.

The alarm comes with a 5.3” large LED display thus making easy to see time with 0-100 dimmable display that offers comfortable brightness for both your day and night. Select your preferred time format, either the 24-hour or the 12-hour system.


  • Simple clock to set & snooze
  • Large digital clock with dimmer
  • Dual USB charger ports & battery backup
  • Charming two-color nightlight


  • For now, it has no cons

#4. Sharp Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port

By Sharp

Looking for a digital alarm clock that is designed to meet your everyday needs? Sharp Alarm Clock does it all for you. Design in a stylish simple to operate alarm clock, perfect for everyone who requires a simple and attractive clock for an office, kitchen, bedroom and any other place in our homes.

The 0.7-inch green LED display screen makes it easy to read, also setting an alarm is a no-hassle task, you simple control everything using the top button, in fact, no fumbling around with hard to reach buttons. Can fit well boys, toddlers, elderly, girls, and teens. The alarm has a beep beep alarm and also a snooze button for 9 minutes snooze function that is continually pressed until the alarm switch off by itself.


  • Easy to read
  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Very clear and easy to read green LED display
  • Beep alarm and snooze


  • The sound of the alarm is too low

#5. PEAKEEP Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port


PEAKKEEP digital alarm clock has a 6.8” display can be comfortable be read from across the room with ultra-clear quality, with the brightness (0- 100%) being precisely set and a whirl dimmer on the back. Plus, the day of the week, DST, AM/PM being extra-bonuses. The dimming capability is also a feature that makes this alarm to be a choice of many. The dimming power begins with 10% to 100% controlled through the whirl light dimmer. The top button can also easily turn night light on/off.

In addition, the beep alarm can be set at low or high volume, each progressively speeds up continues for a total of about 120 seconds. The best companion for heavy sleepers, the 9 minutes snooze can be continuously be pressed until the alarm goes off by itself.


  • Offers ultra-clear quality brightness
  • The night light is unique with varied dimming capabilities
  • Beep alarm can be set at low and high volume
  • The clock is designed with absolute simplicity in mind


  • Could be better if the buttons in the back were more readable when setting the time

#6. LEIQI Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port


In case you are searching for a digital alarm clock with the extra-large screen, with a big white bold number against the black face, you are right at home. LEIQI alarm clock offers the easy to read display across the room, perfect for an elderly or sight-restricted person. Apart from selecting an alarm, it’s a good gadget to decorate your house and makes it attractive.

If you want to snooze the alarm, this alarm offers you simple ways of activating it, with just only a simple touch, extremely simple to operate. Nonetheless, the two dual USB ports serve different functions, one for the clock power supply and the other for charging phones, tablets or other devices. And the adjustable alarm volume is undeniably the best feature this alarm have because it gives you the freedom to set your preferred volume, high and low and also the gradual ascending alarm feature ensures you wake up gently without being irritated.


  • Has an extra clear large screen
  • Full range brightness dimmer
  • Touch activated snooze
  • Designed with two USB ports
  • Has adjustable alarm volume


  • The display is very bright for a person with sensitive eyes

#7. REACHER Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port


REACHER Digital Alarm Clock is the newest version of alarm clock with more user-friendly features. First, it enables you to adjust the brightness of the digits to any brightness you might want that makes your eyes comfortable. Makes it easy for you to read during the day and does not disturb your sleep at night. Its undisputable alarm for your bedroom for the light-sensitive. Secondly, It is designed with three USB charging features, one for clock power supply and the other two phone charging.

Besides, this alarm clock has upgraded alarm volume with a range of 30 – 85db unlike the normal alarm clock with the high/low volume which limits user preference. If you are in the middle of your sleep, this alarm clock offers a big snooze button that can be easily pressed with ease.


  • Easy to snooze
  • The 30-85db alarm volume level
  • Three USB charging feature
  • Easy to read in the day and does not disturb your sleep at night


  • The battery backup feature does not seems to work

#8. JINGSENSE Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port


The setting alarm is the best thing to do if you have an early schedule that you must follow. Taking advantage of JINGSENSE digital alarm clock is desirable because it offers you the best options for setting alarm. It is designed with a digital alarm clock with buzzer and radio alarm sound. It uses a 12 hour time system.

If you set time or alarm, there is a ‘PM’ indicator light to inform you its afternoon, if the light doesn’t brighten, it means the time is A.M.The other ideal feature of this clock is the gradually increasing alarm sound, no need to be shocked by the irritating sudden sound produce by alarms, this one produces progressive increasing alarm sound.


  • Digital alarm clock with buzzer and radio alarm sound
  • AM/PM radio 10-90 minutes sleep timer
  • Gradually increasing alarm sound
  • 0.6” LED display with dimmer


  • Poor AM reception

#9. HETYRE Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port


This other unique alarm clock has big digit 12/24h alarm clock with calendar, alarm and sleep mode. It supports snooze function and if you tap the top of the light lamp once when the alarm rings, it will again ring after 5 minutes. If you don’t want to make it ring again, you only need to tap the top of the device twice when the alarm rings and make it stop eventually. To add up on this functionalities is the 5in 1 functional units, Bluetooth speaker, touch sensor led lamp, Alarm clock, MP3 player and hand free call.


  • Soft lamplight
  • Super long playing, super long lightning
  • High-quality Bluetooth alarm clock
  • Good sounding alarm clock


  • The directions that come with the clock are not all clear

#10. MJDUO Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port


Need an alarm clock with a perfect tone quality? MJDUO digital alarm clock is the best alarm clock you can try out. Comes with a powerful sound Bluetooth 4.1 wireless speaker. Easy to connect with every electronic product. It can readily work perfectly with iPhone, iPad, iPod, HTC, Samsung, Tablets, and other Bluetooth enabled appliances. The smart alarm clock comes with sleep mode setting, offering you a nice morning feel, you can customize the sound you’ll like to produce. Having a lovely day begins with experiencing a good waking experience.


  • Gives a perfect tone quality
  • Smart alarm clock setting with sleep mode
  • Has a hand free function
  • Touch sensor night lights


  • Comes with an extremely short cord

What You Need to Take into Considerations When Selecting Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port


When you are choosing the best alarm clock, the display factor should be on top of your mind. Depending with your preference, check the screen size and brightness such that, the one you’ll shop fits well your preference. LCD and LED display are mostly preferred.

Power supply

Power supply option is a crucial thing to take into consideration when selecting the best alarm clock. Check to ensure the alarm clock you are purchasing has a backup battery to take in charge in case of power loss.

Other features

Currently, other alarm clocks have gone much ahead with extra-ordinary features likes USB ports, AM/PM, to include music and tunes that will offer you a peaceful sleep at night and wakes you sweetly in the morning.


As long as you purchase an alarm clock that fits well your job, your daily task will be done effortlessly. While our reviewed clocks almost share their features and characteristics, it’s advisable that you read closely to get the small difference that exists amongst the given alarm clocks. Needless to say, our choices have undergone thorough selection and you should not freak, pick the one you see match your choice.

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