Top 10 Best Digital Bathroom Scales in Reviews

The best way of tracking your fitness and health goals is by the use of a digital bathroom scale. It’s a great device to monitor your weight changes over a period. However, some models are more useful and reliable than others. Therefore, it’s paramount to invest in a unit that has been fully approved for reliability and accuracy. Apart from checking your weight, some digital bathroom scale can also check your body fat percentage, body mass index, muscle mass and metabolic rate. Even better, most of these units connect up to mobile apps that make you track your weight loss goals with ease.

When purchasing a new digital bathroom scale, it’s crucial to find the best of the best choice. The best option should allow you to monitor your weight with negligible errors. And because we know the hassle you might have to go through looking for the best bathroom scale, we’ve rounded up a list of the top ten best digital bathroom scales you might find helpful. Check out!

#10. EatSmart 440lbs Ultra-Wide Platform 4 High Precision Sensors Digital Bathroom Scale

This bathroom scale by EastSmart opens up the list as an ideal unit to track your weight instantly and effortlessly. With the proprietary step-on tech, you can step onto the unit platform and get quick and accurate measurements rounded to the nearest 0.2 lbs. Unlike the traditional bathroom scale that you had to tap or press to wake it up, this advanced scale starts automatically. Besides, it has an oversized display that features a cool-blue backlit, enabling you to view readings even in dim light areas of the bathroom. If you were frustrated by the previous bathroom scale because of inaccurate readings, this model has G sensors that offer premium accuracy with every weigh-in. Even though this unit is sleek and fits any surrounding, it comes with a 15-inch comprehensive non-slip platform that can support up to 440 pounds of weight.


  • Built with a large display with backlit for easy viewing
  • Has an ergonomic design to fit any surrounding
  • Tracks weight in a comfortable and efficient way
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions guide


  • Weight readings disappear once you step off

#9. EatSmart Large Lighted Display One Size Free Body Tape Measure Digital Bathroom Scale

If you’re looking for a simple yet functional bathroom scale, EastSmart precision digital bathroom scale is the choice to grab. It uses an auto-on technology and a sensor accuracy that offer exceptional results. The LCD of 3.5-inch with bright blue backlit allows you to read the weight results from any angle or distance. Better yet, the four high-precision sensors offer accurate and consistent measurements up to 400lbs of weight. You’ll also learn that this is the device that has up to 23,000 reviews in the market. Other features worth noting about this functional scale is the auto-off, auto-calibrated and battery operated. Rest assured, this is a brand to buy with confidence plus it’s affordable!


  • Deliver consistent & accurate measurements
  • It’s suitable to track weight loss easily
  • Simple to set up and easy to operate
  • The platform is wide and non-slip


  • The unit is quite unreliable

#8. Innotech Easy-To-Read Backlight LCD Durable & Compact Digital Bathroom Scale (White)

Tracking weight loss has never been easy thanks to Innotech digital bathroom scale. This fitness partner can offer you accurate measurements which makes it easy for you to perceive your daily weight changes. Often weight checking will enable you to manage your health and keep you fit. With excellent craftsmanship, this bathroom scale features an elegant, sleek design and a tempered glass top that enables it to last long. This device combines beauty and functionality to meet the needs of anyone in this era. Even encouraging, this unit is ready to go to work as soon as it’s out of the box. The four weighing sensors enables error-free readings to within 0.2lbs. What are you still waiting for? Start controlling weight, managing health and shaping your figure with this simple to use a bathroom scale.


  • The tempered glass is shatter- and scratch-resistant
  • Comes when it’s ready to go right out of the box
  • Has a white color that complements your décor
  • The large display makes it easy to read


  • The batteries don’t last

#7. Etekcity 8mm Tempered Glass 400lbs Digital Bathroom Scale with Body Tape Measure

Keeping fit and healthy is a number one game – that’s why the Etekcity digital bathroom scale is not leaving anything to chance as far as weight tracking is a concern. It leverages on four high-precision sensors to instantly offer you accurate results with a 0.2lbs. Viewing and reading your measurements is effortless thanks to the large, sharp LCD and seamless unit conversion having a single button. Also, the ultra-chic tempered glass platform isn’t only durable but also feature an auto-on/off for premium convenience and long-lasting battery life. Even better, the low battery and over-load indication give vital precautions during use. The accessories that come along this digital scale includes a user manual, two-1.5V AAA batteries and tape measure.


  • Offers you a clear step towards a healthy lifestyle
  • Reading weight results is easy and instant
  • The tempered glass platform is durable
  • Built for precision and performance


  • It displays inconsistent results

#6. IDOO 440lbs Heavy-Duty Ultra-Wide Elegant High Precision Digital Bathroom Weight Scale

IDOO electronic bathroom scale is a fundamental unit that allows you to track your weight gain or loss goals. It features a broad platform, step-on tech, unique marble design, high max capacity, easy to read LCD, which makes it ideal for everyone to use. You have every reason to purchase this digital scale because it keeps track of your daily bodyweight to grasp your fitness process. Also, it has an attractive look that adds elegance to your bathroom. Additionally, it has rounded corners that make the unit look sleek and even spare family members from sharp edges. The tempered glass is robust and durable.


  • The four precision sensors deliver accurate measurements
  • Backlit LCD allows you to measure at any time of the day
  • It can support up to 440lbs of weight capacity
  • Has a safe design and durable tempered glass


  • Not ideal for the aged who’s balance is questionable

#5. Greater Goods Large Backlight Sturdy Tempered Glass Top Digital Bathroom Scale (Silver)

Do you want a streamlined scale that can help you stay focus on your fitness goals? Your desires are satisfied now! Greater Goods digital bathroom scale simplifies your daily weigh-in by giving you reliable and consistent results regularly. And to suit any space, this scale features a sleek tempered glass top with a minimal look. The display is simple and easy to read to offer you some of the vital information that you need. Better yet, the scale calibrates itself automatically, which reduces your work of having to press or touch to power on. Moreover, it has a non-slip and scratch-resistant feet that hold the scale in place without messing up with your floor. What’s more, the four weighing sensors work in hand to keep a resolution of +/- 0.2lb.


  • The size of the platform is right to stand on comfortably
  • Has a large display that makes the digits to read with ease
  • The feet are non-slip to keep the scale in place
  • Comes with two long-lasting batteries


  • The initial reading is usually wrong

#4. RENPHO 396lbs Bluetooth Body Fat Bathroom Weight Scale with Smartphone App (Black)

If you’re looking for a bathroom scale that will show much more beyond body weight, they consider RENPHO body fat scale. This unit utilizes BIA to calibrate 13 key body composition metrics. Also, it can offer you an overview of your body and keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly fair-on. Believe it; this scale is far much better than any traditional weight scale in the market. Most importantly, RENPHO app is capable of synchronizing the data to your best fitness app like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Fitbit app, and Google Fit. If you a have health or fitness goal, then let this high-performing digital bathroom scale to help you stay motivated toward the goal!


  • Capable of showing 13 key body composition analysis
  • You can view data on the app within one second
  • It’s versatile since it can support unlimited users
  • The RENPHO app is user-friendly


  • The display screen is smaller compared to the Greater Goods scale

#3. 1byone 400lbs Step-on Tech & Unlimited Users Bluetooth Digital Weight & Body Fat Scale

1byone Smart body fat scale is another advanced scale that offers you full body composition analysis. You just need to step on it, and within seconds, you’re able to take eight different essential health measurements, thus offering you comprehensive data regarding your health. Besides, any time you step on, your results are relayed to your smartphone, thus making is hassle-free to track weight loss or gain and health progress. It doesn’t need any setup since you need to download the app to your smartphone and connect to Bluetooth. Plus it budget-friendly and stands out among other its competitors. Finally, this scale can support up to 400lbs.


  • You can track data with a lot of conveniences
  • Its app is compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit, etc.
  • Bluetooth configuration is as easy as ABC
  • Offer accurate readings with consistency


  • The accuracy of body fat is questionable

#2. YUNMAI Premium Extra-Large Display Smart Body Fat Scale & Body Composition Monitor

Whether you want to track your body fat, BMI, Weight, Muscle Rate, Bone Mass, Water, Visceral fat, protein, BMR or body age, YUMNAI body composition monitor is here at your disposal. It’s backed with FDA-approval for safety. And also, it boasts a smartphone app that tracks healthy weight loss, not to mention the 16 users recognized. This device has taken a healthy lifestyle to a different new level, and up to date, it has gotten the attention of 2 million-plus users. Moreover, the thin 17mm edges with a durable curved shell bottom work comfortably with your busy lifestyle. Spanning from full-sensor integration to its backlight LCD porthole screen, this sophisticated brand portrays an intrigued way of living well. Setting up the app and connecting through Bluetooth is very easy; therefore, you should give a try this scale.


  • The scale is FDA-listed for accuracy and safety
  • You can weigh yourself anytime without the phone
  • Offers ten precision body measurements
  • It comes with an instant setup guide


  • It’s pricier for those looking for a simple scale

#1. Withings/Nokia Body Cardio Body Composition Digital Wi-Fi Scale with Smartphone App

We couldn’t end our list without this revolutionary body and cardio analyzer by Withings. This unit is an advanced Wi-Fi smart scale that is capable of tracking weight, heart rate, and body composition to motivate you to make changes that can boost your health and update them to the free Health Mate app. It can take a maximum of 30 seconds to analyze your health condition. There is no other accurate device that offers the accuracy readings compared to this advanced brand. Cardio check-in is very important because you get to know your health condition before it gets to an alarming point. Don’t hesitate to invest in this unit if you find it ideal for you!


  • The baby mode gives parents an easy way to follow the baby’s weight
  • Has rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 18 months
  • It automatically recognizes and tracks up to 8 users
  • The scale offer ultra-precise and accurate results


  • You need to pay for the app to have full access to it

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Digital Bathroom Scale


The first aspect to keep in mind when purchasing the best digital bathroom scale is the accuracy it gives. Go for the model that has been fully certified to rest assured that you’ll be purchasing the accurate choice. The error level for a precise scale should be negligible. Also, considering this factor, ensure to purchase the brand that has been in the market for long with encouraging reviews.

Weight Capacity

The other obvious factor to keep a close eye on is the weight the scale supports. And it doesn’t end there; it should help a certain weight without distorting the accuracy of the weight results. In most cases, digital bathroom scale supports up to 450 pounds of weight. If you’re using with people of different weight, then consider purchasing the one with the maximum weight capacity. Addition, the intended use, construction and manufacturer will come in when deciding the weight capacity to consider.


The convenience of a digital bathroom scale is dependent on the material made of. In most cases, a typical digital bathroom scale is of a combination of glass and metal or glass and plastic material. Also, for better usability, consider the models with rubberized legs that will ensure the scale is stable all times. Besides, since it’s a bathroom unit, choose the waterproof option.


The display of a digital bathroom scale should be large and displays crystal clear readings. The backlighting functions should help you take reading even when you’re in a dark environment. Such devices enable you to read weight measurements without straining your eyes. Fortunately, the bathroom scales above have a large display with backlit for convenience taking of readings.


A digital bathroom scale is a lifesaver device for managing your weight loss goal. And without an accurate and reliable model, you’re unable to stay on track. That’s why it paramount to invest more in getting the best digital bathroom scale that offers safe and accurate readings, without affecting its effectiveness. There is nothing as good as knowing your weight often, especially when you’re on a weight-loss endeavor. We’re confident that this review will not only offer you information regarding weight scale but also it will enable you to purchase the right choice for the job. Wait no further, go ahead and upgrade your bathroom scale with one of the above best options!

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