Top 10 Best Dog Hair Dryers in Reviews

The steps of selecting the best dog hair dryers are not that easy as most individuals think. There’re many things to consider before thinking of buying one. With a dog hair dryers, your dog will be left clean with no dry, bald spots. Besides, the dryer will ensure the dog is protected from any skin infections because wet dog coats act as fleas and parasites habitation. Moreover, keeping a dog’s hair dry aid in maintaining its steady body temperature, thus reducing their vulnerability to illnesses.

With the right dog hair dryer, drying your dog’s fur can be easy and quick. But the big question is: Where do you find the best dog hair dryers? This post is here to offer you the right answer to that question. Without further ado, we’ve reviewed dozens of options and decided to narrow down to the top 10 best dog hair dryers in reviews. Also, we’ve included a buyer’s guide that will keep you informed regarding the best options. Here is the list!

#10. XPOWER Multi-Use A-2 Electric Computer Airrow Pro Duster Dog Hair Dryer - Blue

With a compact and lightweight design, XPOWER A-2 power air blower has everything you need to ensure your pet remains dry and healthy all seasons. It features easy to use nine airflow nozzles that offer endless application. It’s even better than just a standard air duster because it provides you the flexibility and power to pump air, dust, and dry. You can now leverage on 500 watts of power and capable of handling even any heavy-duty usages. Even better, it’s an affordable model that makes it a permanent replacement to canned air dusters. It fully powered by electricity; thus, it’s free of harmful fluorocarbons and other dangerous propellants.


  • It’s multi-use appliance dust and clean about anything
  • Fully certified and approved by ETL/CETL safety bodies
  • Sturdy, energy-efficient & lightweight
  • Has easy to change the washable filter


  • The appliance is very loud

#9. Go Pet Club 2-Speed & 2-Adjustable Temperature Control Grooming Hair Dryer for Cats & Dogs

As the name suggests, Go Pet Club dryer is a professional style grooming for your dog or any other pet at home. With powerful airflow, the pet’s fur is thoroughly and quickly dried, saving you time in the long run. Also, it boasts two adjustable speeds and two adjustable temperature controls with low noise technology for efficiency. This appliance has a double reinforced, puncture-resistant flexible hose to offer you controlled spot drying on your pet. Besides, it’s rated 2400 watts for incredible performance. Don’t let your pet sleep under adverse conditions, yet all his sleep can be boosted by using this powerful grooming hairdryer.


  • It’s designed for professional style pet grooming
  • Saves your time by drying pet’s hair quickly
  • Operates with low noise for comfort
  • Delivers controlled spots of drying


  • It doesn’t stand the test of time

#8. METRO 4.0 HP Air Force Lightweight 2-Stage Dual Fan Motor Speed Blaster Steel Variable Pet Dryer

If you’re looking for the best pet dryer for your grooming needs, look no further than METRO pet dryer. This compact grooming unit features a sophisticated design that lowers drying time by about 75%; hence, your grooming business can go on within no time. Besides, the variable speed has infinite control over airflow and noise level when grooming smaller or noise-sensitive dogs. It uses its high-speed to get rid of water off of pets, leaving them with a fluffy and dry coat. The unique thing about this unit is the fact that it’s manufactured without any heating element. Using this heatless grooming, you’ll be in a position to dry off moisture on pets while safeguarding their fur from damage.


  • The unit is constructed using steel material to enhance durability
  • This appliance is lightweight and works perfectly
  • Ideal for smaller and noise-sensitive dogs
  • It has a safe and reliable construction


  • Could be better if it could blow a bit stronger

#7. B-Air Powerful ETL-Approved ¼ HP Quiet Operation Motor 375 CFM Pet Hair Dryer Airmover

B-Air CP-1 pet dryer air mover is an exceptionally designed single cage brushless dryer offering 2.3 amp draw. It has a built-in handle for hassle-free carrying and positioning and constructed from non-rusting high-impact polyethylene to provide long-years with of use. Features such as the filter system and Cage dryer kit make this model the most versatile single cage unit found on the market today. As a fact, it’s efficient enough yet gentle enough for kittens and puppies. Aside from that, it has a built-in handle that eases handling. Even better, it has a 3-way adjustable angle that offers quick positioning for hassle-free airflow.


  • You can add an optional filter kit to keep debris & hair out of the dryer
  • It’s compact and fit seamlessly on small space
  • Operates quietly with non-heated drying
  • Safely uses room temperature


  • It’s tough to manipulate and add ties

#6. Petnf Upgraded 3.2 HP Stepless Adjustable Speed High-Velocity Air Forced Dryer for Dogs

Drying pets has never been this easier. Petnf air forced dryer is a very novel unit for pet hair drying. This appliance features 56 MPH – 145 MPH adjustable speed and two flexible temperature options, not to mention low noise technology. If you want to save on time and dries the pet’s coat thoroughly and quickly, this is the kit to watch. It has a puncture-resistant with a double reinforced flexible hose for spot drying on your pet. It boasts a stable and powerful motor that quickly dries the fur of your lovely pet. What’s more, it can blow away any kind of dirt out from the pet’s body with ease.


  • Has a robust and stable motor to quickly dries pet’s fur
  • Adjustable airflow allows you to regulate airflow
  • Saves you half of the time needed to dry pets
  • Use to check a pet’s skin health


  • Works incredibly fine (no cons)

#5. Pecute 2800W 3.2 HP Stepless Adjustable Temperature & Speed Grooming Dryer Blower w/Heater

Does your lovely pet have a thick fur? Do you usually take much of your time drying your pet after his or her bath? Do you need a compact and affordable dog dryer with powerful airspeed? PECUTE pet hairdryer is the solution. This appliance will save you time and money as well. It’s perfect for drying your dog’s hair after a shower in snowy and rainy days. It features a thickened filter that prevents debris from finding their way into the motor, destroying the fuselage. Further, the thickened stainless steel chassis can achieve the effect of noise reduction and shock absorption. Finally, the non-slip rubberized feet keep the unit stable when running.


  • It’s equipped with a heat-insulating cover that allows convenient handling
  • Non-slip rubberized feet keep it stable when using
  • Easy to use with three different nozzles
  • Built with noise reduction technology


  • It’s not recommended for younger pets

#4. SHELANDY 4.2 HP Double Motors Professional Pet Blaster 3050W Dog Grooming Dryer Blower

Are you frustrated with standard pet dryer that doesn’t work best for a large dog with thick hair? Unlike another conventional pet dryer that doesn’t live to your expectations, SHELANDY grooming dryer is equipped with powerful twin motors for greater performance. You can adjust the airflow for convenience and customized drying. This machine can run for up to 24 hours continuously. Besides, it’s designed with four noise reduction device levels at the air inlets that ensure the noise level is lowered. Additionally, it comes with a flexible and quality hose with three different nozzles. It’s suitable for pet grooming salon and huge dog owners.


  • Ideal for pet grooming salon huge dog owners
  • Built with quality switch and stable motors
  • The size of the airflow is adjustable
  • The sound is not overpowering


  • Running both motors runs a huge fire risk

#3. NBF 3.2 HP Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet Professional Grooming Blower w/Heater

You’ll never go wrong by opting for NBF professional grooming blower because it features all features needed to perform optimally. It has an infinitely variable, temperature control, and powerful wind speed. It’s a better choice for the family user and also ideal for grooming business premises and shops. Aside from that, it’s insulated for quiet operation. Further, it has a washable filter that is quite easy to replace. Besides, it’s built with unbreakable, stainless steel chassis that makes it look beautiful and stay durable. Finally, it runs with a power of up to 2400 watt, 110V voltage, and a noise value of 60dB.


  • Built with a stainless housing for durable performance
  • An excellent choice for family use and businesses premises
  • Has a washable filter that is easy to replace
  • It’s insulated for quiet operation


  • It’s economical for dogs that shed a lot

#2. Free Paws 4.0 HP 2-Speed 5 Different Nozzles & Shower Massage Glove Dog Hair Dryer

We understand that keeping your dog groomed well can be an arduous task. On the other hand, we would want to keep our lovely pets happy, clean, and healthy, and that’s where Free Paws dog hair dryer chip in. It allows you to groom your pet hair without spending a fortune. This appliance makes your life easier and dog’s grooming more pleasant. Moreover, its CE approved and conforms to safety, environmental and health protection. In line with that, it has UL standard power cord for universal compatibility. Whether it’s a mini-cat or giant dog, you can opt for different wind level with your pet size.


  • Come with five different nozzles to satisfy all drying demands
  • Has low noise and considerate design to work quietly
  • It’s equipped with a powerful and stable motor
  • Built with adjustable speed and temperature


  • Wish it had included a carry bag to keep everything together

#1. Flying One High-Velocity 4.0 HP w/10 Ft Flexible Hose Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer

If you need frequent grooming force dryer, look no further than the Flying One model. It saves you on time and money because it’s a valid and reliable grooming kit. This is a professional grooming dryer that takes care of your pet grooming needs. It’s made of high-quality and can stand the test of time. Besides, it’s simple to use with large switches that are very helpful when handling a shivering wet dog. It’s constructed with a steel chassis, and the motor is designed to be used for many years.


  • It’s super-duper convenient, and the dryer doesn’t blast on
  • Built with a powerful motor that works optimally
  • The variable speed dial is super-convenient
  • It’s the best choice from this list


  • The hose is wide

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Dog Hair Dryer


Even though most people think that heat plays a very crucial role more than any other feature in drying the fur of the dog, airspeed plays even a more critical role. Higher speed enables you to dry the dog very fast but tends to make the appliance noisier to the extent of making the dog nervous. On the contrary, the lower speed tends to make the dog calmer but prolongs the drying extent. It’s therefore wise to choose a model with adjustable airspeed that enables you to select the speed that best suits your pup.


It’s good to know that not all dryers like force dryers depend on heat, and it’s not necessary to dry your dog, but it can still be helpful. If you opt for a dryer that has, for instance, a heating element, then opt for the one having an adjustable temperature setting to enable you to choose the appropriate level depending on your dog’s fur condition. Regulated temperature ensures that your dog’s skin remains protected.


The types of attachments that you need and whether you require any attachment all depends on your dog’s fur. In some situations, having the nozzle on the air dryer is enough to get started. You shouldn’t be enticed by a dog hair dryers just because it comes with various attachments. What’s fundamental is to go through the attachment’s information to understand their function and contribution in ensuring your dog is dried with efficiency and less effort.


Most dogs are afraid of the noise created by hair dryers. In case your dog becomes skittish about such scenarios, try as much as you can to acquire the most powerful and quiet unit to prevent the dog’s nervousness. Check on some features that aid in minimizing noise like an insulated body and adjustable airspeed.


To help you get the best dog hair dryers, we have offered you a wide range of options to allow you to choose with ease. We settled on the above options after we did an in-depth review of the market’s best choices. Whether you need a model that will work efficiently or effortlessly, we’re confident that one of the above models will change your perspective. Even if you’re not sure about the model to purchase, you can always go through the buyer’s guide to be in a position to make a well-informed decision. We hope you found this post helpful with regards to the best dog hairdryers!

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