Top 10 Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat In Reviews

Yoga exercise is associated with numerous health benefits. It is a fantastic way to stay flexible, healthy, tone your muscles and lose some weight too. Getting yourself Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat will ensure you have a smooth and comfortable practice without hurting yourself on your knees, joints, elbows and also spine.

Today, Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, styles and materials. Getting the best one that will suit your needs can be tricky, especially if you are a new yogi. In this article, we have narrowed down a list of top 10 best Eco-Friendly Yoga mat for you.

10. Gesar Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Premium Yoga Mat with Optimal Cushioning

The Gesar Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat offers a place where you can perform your yoga exercises safely and securely. The mat is made of Eco-Friendly Material with no PVC, No latex or any harmful chemicals. In addition to that, it has an excellent cushioning providing a comfortable experience to perform all kind of yogi. Subsequently, this Yoga Mat features a double-sided non-slip that offer optimum grip giving you maximum stability. The mat will hold wear and tear even after regular practice and will not stretch, shred or rip with use. Moreover, it has an extra-large size measuring 72 inches x 24 inches, thus ideal for everyone.


  • Made of Eco-Friendly material that is PVC free and Latex-free
  • Has 8mm in thickness offering a comfortable experience for all yogi exercise
  • Durable yoga mat that holds wear and tear even after regular practice
  • Extra-large yoga mat measuring 72 inches x 24 inches making it ideal almost for everyone


  • It gets marks from folding.

9. WWWW PIDO SGS Certified Non-Slip Exercise Mat Yoga Mat

WWWW PIDO Yoga Mats is an extra thick mat that provides a stable and non-slip surface for perfect yoga traction and practice. It is made with SGS certified TPE eco-friendly material that is flexible and can be stretched repeatedly while providing superior durability. Moreover, it features a Special laser engraving texture and non-slip index giving excellent grip. The mat is non-slip on the cement floor, tile floor, wood floor and it is easy to clean with water and soap. The mat measures 72 inches x26 inches, giving you adequate space to perform all kind of yoga including bikram, pilates, yoga and fitness exercise. Other than that, the mat is 6 mm extra thick, providing excellent resilience and cushioning you need.


  • Made of eco-friendly material with proper cushioning and slip-resistance
  • Extra-long and extra thick72 inches x26 inches yoga mat
  • Suitable to practice all kind of yoga and fitness exercise
  • Features alignment lines that help you to work on alignments


  • Costly compared to others

8. MaxIT Non-Slip TPE High-Density 6mm Thick Yoga Mat

The product is both eco-friendly and healthy thanks to the materials used. It comes with excellent slip resistant advantage, thus preventing all kind of injuries. What’s more, it comes with all-purpose, dual-layer design providing excellent cushioning and optimal grip on tile, wood and cement floor. The yoga mat is made with TPE non-tear quality material. This assure you it does not have toxic, PVC, Latex or any other harmful chemicals, With its 6mm thickness and high density, the mat will optimally and comfortably cushion your spine, knees, hips, spine and elbows on hard floors. You will be able to keep a perfect balance whenever you are doing exercise. Lastly, the mat is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for gym or travels.


  • Double-sided non-slip yoga mat with excellent cushioning
  • Made of TPE non-tear quality material with no toxic, PVC or harmful materials
  • Portable and lightweight great for gym, home and travels
  • Has 6mm thickness making it comfortable for training


  • For some yogis, transitioning is difficult

7. JELSYOGA Eco-Friendly TPE Non-Slip 6mm Thick Yoga Mat

This is a large, healthy and thick mat for both professional and beginner’s yogis. It features a subtly textured surface that will prevent feet and hands from slipping out of the position. With that, you can hold your poses no matter how vigorous it is. The mat is extra wide 26″ thus it will provide you with excellent cushioning protecting your joints, spine and knees. It will also help you to maintain your balance. Besides that, the mat is made with high-quality materials for superior durability and will not easily deformed. With its lightweight and portable design, it is easy to carry from your home to yoga classes. Also, the mat has a double-sided anti-skid design and non-slip texture layer that will offer excellent grip performance.


  • Has double-sided anti-skid design and non-slip texture layer for good grip
  • Lightweight and portable making it easy to carry
  • Made of high-density TPE material that is healthy and genuinely eco-friendly
  • Extra wide yoga mat to protect your joints, spine and knees


  • Moderate durable

6. IBAWLY Non-Slip Eco-Friendly Hot Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

A great thing about this yoga mat by IBAWLY is the fact that it is non-slip on both sides. It is also made of TPE Eco-Friendly materials that are 100 per cent SGS Certificated. In addition to that, the mat has a super cool marking that is appropriately aligned. This makes it ideal for various types of yoga such as flow yoga, Bikram, hot yoga and more. At any rate, this Eco-Friendly Hot Yoga Mat only weights 1.8lb. And it is included with Carrying strap making it very convenient to carry to your studio or home gym. The mat measures 72 inches x 24 inches and has a 6mm thickness making it super comfortable to use. Finally, it has a reversible non-slip texture that offers optimum grip.


  • The mat has 6mm thickness making it comfortable enough for all kind of yoga
  • Made with eco-friendly and healthy materials that are non-toxic and free from DBP and DEHP
  • Only weights 1.8lb. Making it very convenient to take it to the studio or gym
  • Suitable for various types of yoga and has super cool markings


  • It smells at first when new

5. UGO 10MM NBR High-Density Odor-Free and Anti-Tear Yoga Exercise MAT

Are you slipping or sliding all over your mat? Consider purchasing UGO Odor-Free Yoga Exercise MAT as it is highly textured to minimize chances of slipping and sliding. Also, it features a fast rebound that reduces the impact of giving superior protection of joints. Moreover, the mat has a perfect combination of stability and cushioning while delivering the comfort that you need. This exercise mat measures 71″ x 25″ and a thickness of 2/5 inch (10mm). This durable fitness and sports mat will hold wear and tear even when used regularly. Besides that, it is made using anti-tear technology; thus it will not stretch, shred or rip with use.


  • Has a soft and smooth surface to reduce impact for the protection of joints
  • Comes with non-slip surface offering excellent traction to keep you stable
  • Wider and longer than regular yoga mat making it ideal for everyone
  • Made with anti-tear technology thus it will not shred, rip or stretch


  • It gets dirty very quickly.

4. Aqui Legend Odorless Pilates and Floor Exercises Lightweight Yoga Mat

The Aqui Legend Thick Exercise Mat is a premium thick mat that will make you feel comfortable whenever you are performing any yoga exercise. It measures 72 inches x 24 inches x 6mm, making it more comprehensive and longer to offer extra cushion and support for your joints, elbows, knees and back. Moreover, the mat boasts its Super grip texture on both sides to ensure non-slip performance. This yoga mat is made with high-density TPE material that is anti-tear and more durable. All in all, this mat comes with beautiful, stylish colors. You can select your favourite color that will make your yoga room looks gorgeous. Overall, the yoga mat comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • Non-slip and Anti-tear yoga mat for non-slip performance
  • Lightweight and thick mat to provide extra support and cushion
  • Made using high-density TPE material that is anti-tear and durable
  • Produced aesthetic colors which are low-profile and stylish


  • It can be a little slippery.

3. Plyopic Ultra-Grip Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Plyopic Yoga Mat is among the best yoga mat in the market for skillful yoga practices. It is designed for all kind of Pilate and yoga including Bikram, Power, Kundalini, Iyengar, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and hot yoga. What’s more, the mat is going to improve your body balance and stability of any pose and comes with -slip base that will firmly grip the floor. Also, the mat is thinner, wider and longer, giving you extra space in the class to comfortably and freely execute any pose. Ideally, this product is made from high-quality vegan-friendly materials that are Latex and PVC free. Lastly. The mat allows you to feel confident and secure when performing yoga like never before.


  • The mat is designed for all type of Pilates and yoga
  • Made of high-quality materials that are PVC free
  • Has non-slip base that grips the floor firmly
  • Thicker, wider and longer mat that gives you extra space


  • This mat is a bit heavier than other options

2. Ewedoos Eco-Friendly TPE High-Density Padding Yoga Mat

Ewedoos Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat is made of technologically improved TPE, which is generally low modulus materials that provide superior durability. It features double-sided non-slip surfaces allowing you to perform your yoga exercises with confidence. Moreover, it has a subtly textured surface that will prevent feet and hands from slipping. You can hold poses regardless of how vigorous your exercise it gets. The mat is Tested and certified by SGS hence; it does not contain latex or PV. Besides, it is made with a closed-cell top surface which locks out the moisture and the dust keeping the odors and the sweat at bay. Above all, it is easy to clean.


  • Made of Eco-friendly and Innovative TPE Material that offers superior durability
  • Has alignment lines that assist you to focus and adjust your feet and hands into accurate positions
  • Comes with Free Carry strap to easily carry the mat anywhere
  • Water Proof, Easy to clean and has a closed-cell surface to lock out moisture and dust


  • Doesn’t unroll well

1. Yoga By Design Pilates Lightweight Designer Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

Yoga By Design Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mat comes with stunning features and deserves our number one in this review. It measures 72 inches x 24 inches x ¼ inch and only weighs .2 pounds making it easy to carry to your home gym or yoga classes. Besides that, the mat has a unique, stylish design and comes with different print to choose from. Ideally, it is made using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic, PVC free and Latex-free. The alignment lines assist you to adjust your hands and legs to the exact position keeping your body aligned properly. Also, the mat has a thickness of 6 mm that provides a comfortable experience for all kind of yogi levels.


  • Made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic and Latex-free
  • Has 6 mm thickness making it ideal for all kind of yoga
  • Perfect alignment line that assists you to adjust your hands and feet when performing yoga
  • Only weighs 2.2 pounds thus easy to carry anywhere


  • A bit expensive

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat


Safety is one of the vital consideration to need to look before buying Yoga Mat. Many people get injured when practicing since they use yoga mat with no safety features. Therefore, look for a yoga mat that put your safety fast to avoid injuries.


Too thick mats can give pain on your joints, elbows, knees and back. Similarly, very thick yoga mats can be comfortable, but it can make yoga exercises ineffective. With that, look for a mat that has optimal thickness with around 6mm maximum thickness.


The material used in construction is also a very crucial factor that you need to look. Look for one that is made with skin-friendly and eco-friendly material. Avoid mats made of, materials with Latex as they can bring an allergic reaction. Mats made of premium-quality PVC, Natural rubber or cotton material are the best.


Yoga mats come with different features.
Some essential features that you also need to look are whether the mat has a non-slip bottom surface, ability to absorb sweat, and more.


A perfect and right mat is essential for practical yoga practice sessions. The list above is the best Eco-Friendly Yoga mats that you can find in the market. They provide good stickiness, good texture and comes with ideal thickness. Just choose one from the list and have unmatched yoga experience.

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