Best Electric Skateboards In Reviews – Top 10

Over the past years, electric skateboards have become the most convenient and efficient of traveling around the town easily. They are also fun for both newbie tech lovers and seasoned skaters alike. They are powered by a rechargeable battery and motors, while riders control their movement with the help of a remote controller.

With many designs and types of electric skateboards found in the market, you may find it tricky to determine which one is the best for you. To make things simple for you, our team has reviewed the top 10 best Electric Skateboards for you.

#10. Anxin Electric Skateboard 12 Miles Range 12 Ply Maple Deck Longboard

An amazing product to kick start our review is this Electric Skateboard by Anxin. It is made of 12 layers of northeast maple, making it stable and durable. It measures 39 inches x 12 inches x6 inches and has specially designed Bushings and Trucks. In addition to that, this skateboard is lightweight and only weighs 35 lbs. making it easy to transport. Besides that, it can hold weight up to175 lbs. making it suitable for all people.
This Skateboard has an adjustable speed setting that ranges from low medium and high. Also, it requires 3 to 5 Hours charging period and features an automatic power shut off when it is not in use.


  • Adjustable speed setting that ranges from low, medium and high
  • Made using 12 layers of northeast maple making it stable and solid
  • Measures 39x12x6 inches and supports maximum rider weight of up to 175 lbs.
  • The product only weighs 35 lbs. making it easy to transport


  • Low speed compared to other brands

#8. L-faster Off Road Electric Skateboard 4 Wheel Longboard 11 Inch Truck

L-faster is another great skateboard that comes with numerous exciting features, and it is offered at an affordable price. It is a superb electric Longboard that can take you up to 31 miles per single charge. Ideally, this 4 Wheel Longboard has a solid construction, and it is made from high-quality carbon fiber to offer you smooth and medium flex ride.

Equipped with two 1650W brushless motors, this skateboard will let you enjoy a faster speed up to 40 Km/h. Besides that, this product is portable and lightweight, enabling you to enjoy skating as you have never experienced before. Lastly, the skateboard is equipped with a high-performance battery that allows you to roll wherever you want.


  • Comes with two 1650w brushless motors with pulley
  • 8 inches wheels with a pulley
  • Has 40 km/h maximum speed
  • Truck with riser pad


  • Its wheels are quickly worn out.

#8. Surfwheel SU One Wheel Electric Skateboard +4 Wheels

Dreaming of the perfect outdoor fun with electric Longboard, you can always have it with Surfwheel. It is a UL2272 certified Skateboard that is designed for riding on the urban street road. The Skateboard is app-enabled and integrates with a smart wireless controller allowing you to easily select the mode (slow or fast depending on your own needs). Furthermore, this product has a max speed of 12 mph and supports a replaceable battery. Surfwheel is ideal for everybody, from kid to adult, because it has a maximum weight loading capacity of up to 220lbs. What’s more, the Longboard has fast acceleration and comes with durable construction.


  • Has 220lbs maximum loading capacity and 12 mph max speed
  • Ul2272 certified and engineered for surfing on land
  • Support replaceable battery, and it is app-enabled
  • Perfect for riding for urban street road conditions


  • Quite pricy

#7. E-ASUM AS01 350W Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control

Next in the list, we have E-ASUM AS01 Skateboards. It is equipped with 350W silent hub motor and high elastic PU wheel, making skateboard move easily on the highway pathway. In addition to that, it is equipped with a 4.4Ah lithium battery with triple battery protection and requires only 3 hours to be fully charged. The Skateboard can travel up to 10 miles and speed of up to 13 mph when the battery is fully charged.

Ideally, this Skateboard is made from 7 ply Canadian rock maple that has good deformation resistance and split resistance. Moreover, it can support the weight of up to 200lbs, and the product itself weighs only 8lbs. Lastly, this Skateboard has an ergonomic design and regenerative braking system.


  • Equipped with 350w silent hub motor that offers excellent performance
  • Equipped with 4.4ah lithium battery that allows you to ride 3 hours when fully charged
  • The skateboard support up to 200lbs max load and only weights 8lbs
  • Made of 7 ply hard rock maple that features deformation resistance and excellent split resistance


  • Low battery backup

#6. Aceshin Motorized Skateboard 250W Motor Electric Skateboard for Adult Teens Kids

If you are searching for a durable and secure Skateboard, there is nothing better than Aceshin Motorized Skateboard. It is made from a 7-ply maple deck that is much stronger when compared to other boards in the market. It features High-density Emery Waterproof and Non-slip Surface that makes you safe whenever you are riding the skateboard. What’s more, it has 250W high-power motor that usually propels the skateboard up to 12 MPH.

This Motorized Skateboard is equipped with a high capacity battery that runs this unit 2 to 3 hours when it is fully charged. Also, the skateboard can travel up to 10 km under normal conditions and climb a hill that has an angle of 15 to 30 degrees.


  • 7-ply maple deck making it more secure and sturdy
  • 250w high-power brushless motor that propels the skateboard up to 12 mph
  • Wireless remote control and led display that shows power mode and speed
  • A high capacity battery that runs 2 to3 hours per full charge


  • Poor customer service

#5. BACKFIRE G2T Hub Motor Electric Longboard Skateboard with 23 mph Top Speed and 96mm Wheels

Another outstanding electric Longboard we have on our list is the BACKFIRE G2T Skateboard. It will take your longboarding experience to the next level. It features a super flexible desk that is going to absorb the shock and vibration during riding. Furthermore, every aspect of the manufacturing process and the design has been thoroughly thought out. This Skateboard only weights 14.5lbs making it lightweight, portable, and easy to carry.

Another thing, this electric Longboard features independently replaceable motors and tires and has low maintenance costs. Moreover, it has an eco mode riding range of about 25km and a sports mode riding range of 20km. Lastly, it has a flexible curve deck and a low center of gravity design.


  • Independently replaceable motors and tires and require low maintenance cost
  • Super flexible deck that absorbs shock and vibration during riding
  • Only weighs 6.5kg making it lightweight and portable to carry
  • 50 Degree Truck making it stable during high-speed riding


  • Wheel material is not good

#4. NPET Pro Skateboard 31 Inch 7 Layer Canadian Maple Deck Skateboard

With exceptional speed and range, the NPET Pro Skateboard is another excellent option that should be on your radar. It adopts a high-quality maple wood making it durable and flexible while it will ensure pleasant riding experience. This Skateboard will easily deal with 15 percent up-grade hill and has top speed 12mph. Moreover, it features a powerful brushless Hub motor and a high capacity battery that allows you to ride up to 10 miles.

Similarly, this standard 31 inches skateboard has a portable design, and you can easily carry it to anywhere you go. Typically, it has 3 level speed settings making it ideal for beginners and safe for teenagers and kids. The Skateboard has a maximum load of 288lbs, and it is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Made of high-quality maple wood making it durable and flexible
  • Standard 31 inches skateboard that is portable and lightweight
  • Comes with powerful brushless hub motor that allows top speed 12mph
  • High-quality budget skateboard for street skaters, amateurs and beginners


  • Motors produce noise

#3. OUTSTORM 31MPH off Road 3300w Motorized Mountain Longboard Electric Skateboard

If you are searching for a beast hoverboard, then OUTSTORM 31MPH Electric Skateboard should make it on your list. Ideally, it features a 3300W motor that allows you to skate with a top speed of up to 31MPH. Unlike other Longboard in the market, this one has 7.8 inches x 2 inches pneumatic rubber tires making it suitable to ride in all terrains and all kinds of surfaces such as grass, gravel, and concrete. Moreover, it includes a wireless remote control and some outstanding features such as high and low-speed switch, speed control joystick, reverse button, and signal indicator.

Equipped with built-in11Ah lithium-ion battery that only needs 4 hours to be fully charged, it will allow you to skate up to a 19-mile range. It is perfect for grown-ups, kids, and everybody who loves a good ride.


  • Comes with a 3300W motor that offers up to 31MPH top speed
  • Off-road longboard with 7.8 x 2” pneumatic rubber tires
  • Come with 11Ah lithium-ion built-in battery that requires four hours for a full charge
  • Sturdy and balanced wheels allow it to tromp over gravel, concrete, and grass


  • 4 hours charging time which is quite long

#2. SKATEBOLT Electric Longboard Skateboard with Dual Motors and Remote Controller

Are you on a tight budget, but still, you do not want to miss your skating hobby? No worries because SKATEBOLT Electric Longboard is probably what you require now. It comes at an affordable price as well as exceptional features. The Longboard is equipped with a 7500 mAh lithium battery and will enable you to ride between 21 to 24 miles in the medium speed. Besides that, it has 4 brake modes, 4-speed modes, and a top speed of up to 26 mph.
This powerful Skateboard is made using 8 layers of northest maple making it solid and durable. Following this, it can support a weight capacity of up to 265 lbs. and can go up to 25 percent hill. Above all, the Skateboard has LED taillight guarantying your safety during the dark night.


  • Powerful and solid electric skateboard that can go up a 25% steep hill
  • LCD screen remote control that indicates battery power, speed, and direction
  • Led taillight allowing you to ride even during the night
  • 7500 MAH lithium battery that keeps the longboard cruising up to 24 miles


  • Struggle on difficult terrains

#1. Evolve Skateboards Electric Bamboo All-Terrain Longboard

Evolve Bamboo All-Terrain Longboard stands out to be the best electric Skateboards as it comes with great specs. They include 31-mile rand, 26 MPH top speeds, and 25 to 30 percent gradient climb. Ideally, this All-Terrain Longboard is made from 2-Ply Fiber Glass and 3 Ply bamboo making it sturdy and durable. Something else, it is equipped with a 18650 lithium-ion battery that provides you up to 50km per charge.

This longboard comes with Bluetooth remote that offers riding modes allowing the rider to enjoy riding the product under realistic conditions. Besides that, it features a digital LCD screen that shows real-time data such as distance, speed, and board diagnostics. Lastly, the Magnetic trigger controls allow smooth braking and acceleration.


  • Equipped with 18650 lithium-ion battery that provides up to 50km per charge
  • Made from 2-ply fiberglass and 3 ply bamboo
  • Ensures super smooth ride gives you great control and comfort
  • Digital LCD screen that shows real-time distance and speed


  • Expensive

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Electric Skateboards

Speed limit

Different Skateboards in the market have different maximum speed capacity. If you are a professional skater, you can check for a skateboard that has a higher speed so that it can enhance your experience and comfort. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, the speed limit may not be a big concern for you.


This is another important thing you should pay attention to. Each skateboard always has a certain weight that it can withstand. With that, you need to ensure that the skateboard you are about to purchase can actually support your weight.

Battery capacity

Most electric skateboard runs by a battery. Following this, the battery capacity usually determines how long it will last after a full charge. You need to clarity the battery capacity before you buy any skateboard.


All in all, there are some of the best electric skateboards that you can find out there. They will bring joy and the best experience whenever you are riding the skateboard. Moreover, they are made of high-quality materials; thus, they will serve you for a long time. Therefore, it is essential to consider these ten options.

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