Top 10 Best Floor Dryer in Reviews

Floor dryers are an essential accessory when it comes to keeping your floor dry and neat. Well, you might think of the possible methods of making your carpet dry instantly, which is made possible by the application of this robust machine. It has gotten many uses including in the garage, home, kitchen, office, and so on. Moreover, these floor driers are so versatile and can dry many types of floors. They have powerful motors that ensure drying is to perfection. Drying your carper under the sun can take a lot of time, and that is why it the use of a floor dryer, you can save a lot of time for yourself. The floor dry not only cleans your floor but also act as a medium of circulating fresh air in your house.

While shopping for the best floor dryer for your house, there is some consideration that you need to pay close attention. You should know in advance the kind of a floor you wish to dry, for instance, is it a tile or a carpet? However, you don’t have to worry if you don’t know where to start, because we have gone out of our ways and rounded up the top 10 best floor dryer in review. Follow with me as we dig down the list.

The Best Floor Dryer Reviews

#1. Dri-Eaz F451 Dri-Pod Direct Flow Floor Dryer

Have you ever imagined of getting a floor dryer that can use the limited space in drying carpets and hard surface? Well, Dri-Eaz F451 Dri-Pod is one of those fantastic floor dryers that does a marvelous job within few minutes. The 360 degrees directed airflow offers efficient drying to your carpets. Whether it is a carpet or a flow, these dryer is capable of drying it magically. Besides, unlike other air movers that occupy a lot of space, these savior is capable of fitting into small spaces, like under sinks, into cabinets, in closets or any other squeezed space. In case of any accidental leakage or pipe burst, this dryer can dry the mess. Also, the lightweight makes it easy to move around with while because it stacks securely, makes it easy to store.


  • The lightweight makes transportation easy
  • Delivers efficient drying to your floor or carpets
  • Can be set directly under sinks, in closet, in cabinets to dry
  • Stack securely for compact storage and secure transportation
  • Easy to use in your house


  • The fan produces too loud weird sound

#2. B-Air VENTLO-25 Low Profile ¼ HP Air Mover Dryer Blue

Use this powerful blower fan to dry light water in your carpers and floors. The lightweight size is appropriate for handling light task, which, in turn, saves you from carrying more massive machine for managing a small job. The unit has a stackable structure that enables you to group for safe and efficient storage. This dryer comes with a robust well-constructed casing that ensures the appliance is durable. Additionally, the 3-speed mode makes you select the speed you might want to use depending on the task you are undertaking.


  • The stackable structure makes it easy to store and transport
  • The outer housing is strong enough which enhances its durability
  • Design with a powerful and compact floor fan for efficiency
  • Lightweight makes it portable


  • Way bigger and heavier than appearance

#3. Goplus 3-Speed Commercial Dehumidifier 1 HP Floor Blower

Coming third from our list is Goplus fan blower. Apart from being economical and powerful, this dryer is also energy-efficient hence help you in drying your floor. This unit quickly takes over the areas where air movers are unable to reach. Additionally, it gives utmost in heavy-duty performance and professionalism in both industrial and commercial environments. In most cases, this unit finds its use in water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, and janitorial services. Has three adjustable working angles which render it the best choice for all drying purpose. Moreover, the long handle with two large wheel makes it comfortable to move around. What’s more, the sturdy base with a mesh enclosure ensures the blower works for a more extended period.


  • Has an efficient blower that works perfectly in drying carpets and floors
  • Built with a long handle with two wheels for smooth movement
  • The steady base makes the appliance last longer
  • Have adjustable operating angles for different needs


  • Cannot dry flooded water on the floor

#4. CFM Pro 3-Speed 1/3 HP Stackable Red 2 GFCI Outlets Floor Dryer

This carpet dryer and air mover fan from CFM Pro is the ideal choice for flood restoration, pad drying, etc. The unit is designed to offer exceptional results with the powerful features it is built-in. Since it is highly versatile, this unit is suitable meant for attics, homes, crawlspaces, basements, garages, workshops, offices, etc. The speed can be adjusted into three modes depending on the amount of moisture it is cleaning. Additionally, this cleaning device offers three blowing positions, so you have the option to change to your best inclination.


  • The anti-skid feet ensures the unit stands firmly and keep it in place
  • Highly versatile, suitable for attics, basements, garage, etc.
  • Offer 3-speed setting to incorporate varying moisture levels
  • Can be handled and stored easily


  • It lacks a carpet clamp to keep from pushing rug across the room

#5. XPOWER P-230AT 1/5 HP 3-Speed Green Mini Multi-Purpose Dryer

The XPOWER is a robust and efficient dryer with a quiet dope operation. The unit features a durable 1/5 HP motor which can be stretch up to 800CFM. It is amongst the reputable blower fan using 2.4amp when it is on the highest speed, which in turn saves energy. Also, this unit has 3 –speed settings and four angle drying directions. Not forgetting is the swing outstand. Don’t let the small size fool you about this device because it offers mighty results. Using this appliance produces large airflow capacity that can dry your carpet or floor. It only weighs 10lbs, which makes it easy to wipe tight spaces like under-counters, in the cabinets, bathrooms, crawl spaces, etc.


  • The compact size makes it fit into tight spaces for drying
  • Lightweight and compact design makes it durable
  • Offer four drying angles and three drying speed
  • Saves you a lot of energy because it works at a super-fast speed


  • It is not as powerful as you might expect

#6. B-Air VP-25 ¼ HP 900 CFM Blower Fan Blue Floor Dryer

Dry your carpet so efficiently using this all-time powerful B-AIR VP-25 air mover. This unit by VP-25 air mover is the best choice to be applied in drying your home. It offers sufficient air circulation through ¼ HP motor, and this small device is a good option for retail businesses, homeowners, contractors, etc. The ergonomic handle makes this unit to be carried freely anywhere with comfort. You can enjoy cleaning and drying your carpets and small spaces that the standard air movers can’t reach with this generous appliance by B-AIR Vent VP-25. Besides, the compact size and weight make it be carried comfortably without any inconvenience. The 3-speed settings enable the dryer to circulate to a max rating of 900CFM.


  • Offer the best cleaning and drying to your carpet
  • The lightweight is portable and stackable
  • The unit is easy to use at home
  • The ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry


  • Does not dry flooded water floor

#7. Soleaire Max Storm Pro Janitorial ½ HP Lightweight Air Mover

The seventh unit is Soleaire Max air mover. It is the perfect tool that professionally offers incredible service. For quality drying performance, think about this unit from Soleaire. And if you are interested with high quality and dependable air mover, max storm gives utmost in heavy-duty and professionalism performance in both industrial and commercial environments. Max storm is not only powerful but is also easy to move around with because it has a lightweight design. Weighing only 25pounds can be comfortably used for individual services. Its compact shape also implies that it can fit into small spaces like in the closets, attics, etc. Max storm is a dependable option that you can bet on for all your drying services.


  • Lightweight and easy maneuvering
  • The compact size makes it fits into smaller areas for drying purpose
  • Designed with sturdy housing for durability
  • Efficient and super-fast way of drying floors and carpets


  • Produces some rattling noise

#8. MASTERCOOL1200 CMF 21200 Black ABC Construction Blower Fan

If you wish to leave your work station clean with free air circulation, then you better settle down with MASTERCOOL1200. It is the best option to create a clean and more refreshing air circulation flow in your work station. By this, the equipment will not only work faster, but as well they will work more efficiently. Keeping where you stay clean is essential, that’s is why this unit has come time to aid you in working out the cleaning. This unit offers powerful output, and when used, you fetch more results than you think. Opt for this unit if you want tour floor to be left dry and neat.


  • For both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Built-in with overloaded protection thus remains guarded against electric surge
  • Has an impact resistant ABC design for durability
  • The efficient way of drying floors and paints


  • The knob is not well constructed hence wouldn’t go to the full speed

#9. Shop-Vac 3-Speed & 3-Position 1032000 Mini Air Mover Dryer

Shop-Vac mini air mover is constructed to faster dry wet floors and carpets, and additionally for drying ceilings and walls. This unit has a three-speed airflow control mechanism of the motor. Moreover, the gadget has a constructed such that it can connect other outlets at a go. This appliance is structured such that it is stackable, thus enhancing secure storage. The 10-ft power cord is strong enough to enable you to maneuver the whole room drying the carpet or the floor — the handle construction for smooth movement. The motor can move at 500CFM on the high end.


  • Has a carry handle for easy mobility.
  • The units are stackable for secure storage
  • The body is from superior, durable materials
  • Versatile and space-saving unit


  • Might look smaller than you thought

#10. STANLEY 655704 Built-in Outlets High-Velocity Blower Fan

Closing our list is STANLEY high-velocity blower fan. It encompasses features that aid you while you are at the workplace. The built-in pivoting action enables you to direct the airflow to the intended area. The high-velocity speed of the air makes the unit to yield high performance. Further to that, this system has two extra outlets and a circuit breaker having a reset with a built-in plug for convenience and safety.


  • Comes when fully assembled offering ease of use
  • The pivots direct airflow and circulation
  • It has a built-in carry handle to ease movement
  • Has three high-velocity speed thus makes it ideal for a wide range of use


  • After a while, it can start producing different noise than usual

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Floor Dryer

The type of the floor dryer

Various floor dryers in the market are available. And choosing an appropriate option is essential. It is upon you to select your best floor dryer because, in the long run, you’ll like something fast and easy to operate.

The fan blades

The more the fan blades, the more it will work on the drying job more quickly while the lesser the edges, the lower the drying process. Choose the dryer with sturdy leaves to ensure they deliver continuous drying to your floor in your house.

Blades inclination

The blade inclination is another factor that might affect the outcome of your drying. In essence, the different inclination mode will automatically interfere with the rate of airflow out of the blower. For instance, fans with front inclination blades have perfect air capacity as compared to the backward inclination.


Since the floor dryer is applicable in almost any cleaning process, you should be able to move around with it. A good floor dryer should be lightweight and must have a compact design that ensures ease in moving around.


It is inevitably simple to clean and dry carpets nowadays. But it is prudent to know that rugs are from weather-sensitive and fragile materials, henceforth, they need a unique mode of cleaning and drying them up. However, with the use of a floor dryer, every job is a breeze. Additionally, by using this machine, you wouldn’t encounter any challenge whatsoever! The top-ranked blowers we have reviewed are meant for the floor cleaning task. Pick the one that lingers well with your pocket, the size of your house and continues enjoying a straightforward carpet drying methodology.

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