Top 10 Best Food Processors in Reviews

A food processor is basically a versatile kitchen appliance that finds so many uses during meal preparations. It is very closely related to the blender only that it will not require liquids for it to be effective. A food processor will chop, knead, slice, shred and even blend your ingredients. This is just a highlight of what these processors can do. By the end of this article, we hope to educate you more on the uses of food processors and how to choose the best.

Even though the market has been flooded with food processors, it does not mean that any food processor will suit your individual needs. It is therefore important that you do proper research before buying any food processor. Given the cumbersome nature of research, we opted to help you choose the best appliances. This is a review of the top 10 best food processors from leading brands. Just read through this piece to see what food processor will align with what you need.

#10. Mosaic Electric Food Chopper w/ Titanium Coating Blades Upgrade Version

To open this review is the Mosaic food chopper that is equipped with titanium-coated blades. The knife set has been upgraded with an aim to make it very durable and sturdy enough to perform even the heavy job. Its versatile design makes it ideal for chopping, blending, mixing and mincing different ingredients.

This processor is made with safety features that make it generally user-friendly. You will also appreciate that the processor comes with unique cable storage features for easy storage. Since it also comes in a dishwasher safe design, you will appreciate that cleaning will be hassle-free.


  • 400 W powerful motor with titanium coating blades that make it easy to grind and chop within a short time
  • It has been made with a safety function that makes it safe and user-friendly as you only need to press down to start
  • This food chopper is very easy to assemble and all parts are easy to remove and dishwasher making it easy to clean
  • This food processor will be good for chopping, pureeing, blending and mincing different ingredients easily


  • The materials used are not strong enough

#9. Dash DMFP100BK Food Chopper, Blender and Grinder w/ Stainless Steel Blades, Black

If you are looking to make healthy sauces and dips from the comfort of your kitchen, this is the tool you need to get. The good thing about the food processor is that you have control over the ingredients which makes it perfect for the entire family. You will also have the option to choose between the three color options provided.

With just a touch of a button, the stainless steel blades will stand blending and chopping. You can rely on this food processor even for the toughest ingredients and the good thing is that it does the job done in minutes. What’s more, this food processor comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty of one year.


  • Makes healthy, homemade salsa, dips and sauces from the comfort of your kitchen where you have control over the ingredients
  • With just a touch of a button, this food processor will be very easy and quick to use now that it combines stainless steel blades
  • This processor weighs less than 1 lb. and has a compact design which makes it ideal for the small kitchens
  • The manufacturer has provided a 1-year warranty on this processor and a recipe book so you should buy with confidence


  • It is not user-friendly

#8. AmazonBasics Food Processor 4 Cups (Red)

This is a 4-cup capacity food processor that is ideal for chopping, blending, chopping and more. With this food processor, you will be able to chop herbs, make dough, dips, sauces, and fillings with ease. The manufacturer made this food processor in different color options to suit different buyer needs.

With multiple functions together with the interchangeable discs and blades, this processor will be ideal for various jobs. It also prides itself on a dishwasher safe design which means that its cleaning will be very easy. What’s more, it comes with a limited warranty of one year from the manufacturer.


  • This is a 4-cup food processor which will be ideal for blending, chopping, and shredding among other uses
  • Its versatile design allows it to chop herbs, make, dough, sauces, fillings, and dips among other culinary creations
  • Features multiple functions and has interchangeable blades & discs for various tasks
  • This product comes with a 1-year AmazonBasics limited warranty


  • There is none for now

#7. Cuisinart DLC 4-Cup Food Processor w/ Extra Bowl, Red

The reputation of this brand actually speaks for itself and you will therefore never go wrong with food processors from this brand. This food processor comes with a great finishing that makes it fashionable for all types of kitchens. With fully-featured controls, access will be very basic.

This food processor is equipped with a powerful 250 watts motor which makes it handy for everyday uses. The automatic reversing blades, on the other hand, will allow you to chop or grind through any recipe’s prep work. Despite having all these features, you will appreciate that the food processor comes at a very affordable price.


  • The food processor is finished with an elegantly brushed metal which makes it very fashionable for all kitchen types
  • Fully-featured touchpad controls that make access very easy for this food processor
  • The automatic reverse blade will grind or chop through all recipes for easy homemade meals
  • It is handy for the day-to-day food preparation tasks with its powerful 250 watts motor


  • Some people complained that it was too loud

#6. Aicok 5-Cup Food Processor, Safety Interlocking Design

With a bowl capacity of 8 cups for the dry ingredients and 5 cups for the liquid ingredients, this food processor has a perfect size for daily uses. It also prides itself on a large feed tube which is wide enough to accommodate a block of cheese. Its BPA-free design, on the other hand, helps to guarantee your safety.

It has a very powerful 500 watts motor with two-speed options that makes it very convenient to use. The low and high speeds allow the processor to work both on hard and soft ingredients. It has also been made in a dishwasher safe design which will make it very easy to clean.


  • It is powered by a very powerful 500 watts motor and comes with low and high speeds to handle both the hard and soft ingredients
  • This food processor is ETL and FDA-approved and BPA-free for your safety accompanying a warranty of 2 years
  • Easy to assemble with all parts being removable and dishwasher safe making it very easy to clean
  • Features stainless steel blades that make cutting faster as compared to using hands in order to reduce the prep time


  • People complained that food gets caught

#5. KitchenAid KFC3516ER Food Chopper, Empire Red

The 3.5-cup work bowl comes with a locking blade a handle and a pouring spout making it very easy to serve. You will also be in a position to master the tasty sauces and dressings with its drizzle basin. Since this food processor has been made in an assortment of colors, you will have the freedom to choose your ideal color.

Another great feature about the food processor is that it comes with 2-speed options giving you control to produce fine or coarse results. It also comes in a compact and lightweight design which is a perfect size, especially for the small kitchens. Being dishwasher safe, you realize that it will be very easy to clean.


  • The work bowl, the lid and the blade have been made in a dishwasher safe design that makes cleaning very easy
  • Made in a compact and lightweight design which makes the mini food processor an ideal pick for the small kitchens
  • Two speeds and a pulse operation which will give you precise control of the processor so that you can produce fine or coarse results
  • The food processor has been made form a reputable brand and comes in multiple color options


  • Hard to take the top off or on

#4. Hamilton Beach Food Processor and Vegetable Chopper w/ an Adjustable Slicing Blade, Silver

This is a versatile food processor that will allow you to make homemade cauliflower rice, puree sauces and also knead the dough with ease. To achieve that, you will appreciate that there are two-speed options that you can pick from. Another thing you will like about this food processor is that it has a very simple assembly and operates very quietly.

Your safety will also be guaranteed with this food processor now that it features BPA-free parts. Apart from that, its 8-cup bowl has been well sealed in order to prevent the liquid from leaking. This food processor also comes with 5 attachments with very convenient storage.


  • This is a versatile food processor that will allow you to create homemade cauliflower rice where you get to choose between its 2 speeds
  • The food processor is very simple to assemble and has a very quiet operation for convenience
  • It has been made in a BPA-free design and comes with an 8-cup sealed bowl to prevent liquids from leaking
  • Features five attachments with very convenient storage since it can be stored in different ways


  • It is not well-packaged

#3. EVERUS 12 Cups Multi-functional Food Processor with LED Lights

This food processor has been equipped with different attachments allowing to perform different tasks including mincing meat and kneading dough. We can, therefore, conclude that the food processor is convenient and a time-saver as well. The blades are also very sharp making them ideal for any type of ingredients.

With the 12-cup capacity bowl, this processor becomes ideal for the huge food preparation needs. You will also appreciate that the food processor comes with dual-lock protection for your safety during operation. The functional panel also comes with LED lights to alert you on the speed to choose.


  • This food processor has been equipped with so many attachments allowing you to mince meat, cut your vegetables and knead dough easily
  • It is powered by a 600 watts motor making it too strong to perform its designated task and comes with a warranty of 2 years
  • Features a functional panel that has LED lights to alert you on the speed to choose from depending on the task you wish to perform
  • To keep you safe during its operation, this food processor features dual-lock protection to prevent the blade from coming out of the bowl


  • Ideal for minimal home use only

#2. Cuisinart DLC-8SY 11-Cup Food Processor

This food processor features three shredding discs, a spatula and a new chopping blade to bring you the convenience you deserve. It is therefore perfect for dough making, slicing vegetables, mixing butter and many more tasks. The manufacturer also made the processor in two color options so that you can pick your desired color.

With a 625-watt motor and stainless steel blades, you can rest assured of the best meal preparation experience. It also prides itself on an extra-large feeding tube which makes it ideal for the large food slices. To guarantee its quality, it comes with a full 5-year warranty for the motor and a limited 3-year warranty for the entire unit.


  • The motor comes with a full warranty for 5 years while the entire unit comes with a limited warranty of three years
  • The feed tube is extra-large for the large food slices which makes it large enough for the entire family
  • This food processor will be good for preparing dough, shredding cheese, slicing vegetables among other tasks
  • It includes 3 slicing discs, a new chopping blade, and a spatula


  • The base is too cumbersome

#1. JAWZ High-Performance Countertop Food Processor, Silver

Finally, we conclude this review with the JAWZ countertop food processor that has the ability to handle both fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. This blender also prides itself on the variable speed control in settings to make sure that you have a precision blending.

Its stainless steel blades have been engineered to limit the aeration and also deliver excellent ice-crushing capabilities. This is basically a powerful blender that will incorporate wellness into your day to day routine very easily. It is a complete kitchen tool that will replace several kitchen appliances for increased productivity.


  • This is a commercial-grade blender that conveniently handles both fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits with ease
  • The blender features variable speed control dial which has ten settings and the pulse function for precision blending
  • Its stainless steel blade has been made to lower the aeration and has been engineered to deliver strong ice-crushing capabilities
  • This is a complete kitchen tool that will actually replace several kitchen appliances on the counter


  • It will not blend anything thick

Factors to consider when buying a food processor


You need to ensure buying processors that will handle your tough jobs including kneading the stiff dough, shredding hard cheese and chopping raw carrots. If that is compromised, you will be in for a rude shock. This is because the processor might be unable to combine or chop the ingredients in a uniform way. To the extreme, the motor might burn out rendering the whole unit useless.


Food processors arrive in different sizes based on different user needs. The correct size of your food processor will be determined by the number of people and recipes you wish to prepare. If you intend to use the unit for the whole family, the 11-cup size will be a great pick. On the other hand, if you intend to use it for small quantities of sauces, for instance, a 3-cup size will suffice.

Storage and ease of cleaning

This is yet another feature that should cross your mind when choosing a food processor. The last thing you would want is a unit that becomes so hard to clean after use. To be on the safe, you should opt for machines that come with removable parts which are also dishwasher safe. This way, it will not only be easy to clean the food chopper but also store it after use.


Food processors are very handy machines as far as food preparation is concerned. They will cut down the time you used to prepare meals using your hands by half. One of the biggest challenges that buyers face is the high number of these products in the market which makes it hard to find the best. This is the reason why we prepared these reviews and it is our hope that it will direct you to the right pick easily. The buyers’ guide above will also help you know what to pick based on your personal needs.

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