Top 10 Best Full-Size Mattress Toppers in Reviews

Are you looking for the best way of improving your night sleep experience? Opting for a new mattress isn’t the best solution, because you’ll end up spending more money than you anticipated. Going for a full-size mattress topper is the perfect solution to go for without spending a fortune. It offers you excellent support and cushier comfort. Besides, it cradles your body for peaceful night sleep. These mattress toppers have excellent airflow to allow you to have a fresh and thrilling night.

Since there are many different models of these full-size mattress toppers having various features, making a direct selection can be challenging. And that’s where we come in to help. We understand how overwhelming it can be to make the right selection with countless models on the market. After thorough consideration, we’ve compiled a list constituting the top ten full-size mattress toppers in reviews. Let’s unleash the list.

#10. Zinus 3inch Swirl Cool Gel Memory Foam CertiPUR-US Certified Air Flow Full Size Mattress Topper

Zinus Swirl Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper has come a long way; you’ll have a supportive and comfortable sleeping experience throughout the night. It’s breathable to enable you to have a cool night. Even though it doesn’t include a cover, this topper can fit under any typical deep-pocket fitted sheet. This current memory foam topper contains natural green tea extract with active charcoal to help eliminate odors, get rid of moisture, and make your mattress topper stay fresh. You can’t compare the comfort that this model offer with other models. What’s more, it has a remarkable airflow pattern to keep you comfortable throughout the night.


  • Has a sculpted design that ensures even weight balance for optimal support
  • You’ll wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed on this mattress topper
  • Offers you comfortable sleep night with a cooling feature
  • Eliminates odor using the green-tea property in it


  • Has on odor on first few days of use

#9. POLAR SLEEP 2inch Plush Gel Beads Memory Foam CertiPUR-US Certified Eco-Friendly Mattress Topper

There is more than one reason why POLAR SLEEP memory foam mattress topper deserves your attention. First, it’s capable of softening your hard mattress with extra-plushness for you to get a comfortable sleep. Secondly, manufacturers paid great attention while manufacturing this topper because of it last. Besides, it contours to your body and hugs you have a sumptuous sleep. This model is an affordable way to create an everlasting sleeping environment. Even better, it is infused with gel beads that help to get rid of excess heat to prevent overheating. Lastly, it has a 2-inch plush memory foam that will offer you excellent sleeping experience.


  • Capable of softening your hard mattress for a comfortable sleep
  • CertiPUR-US fully certify it for quality assurance
  • An affordable mattress topper that is durable as well
  • It removes heat faster to prevent overheating


  • Not suitable for people suffering from back pain

#8. BedStory 2inch Infused Bamboo Charcoal Ventilated & CertiPUR-US Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

BedStory memory foam mattress topper delivers you an exceptional approach for comfortable night sleep. This bedding is entirely safe for use, and with natural bamboo charcoal, it has gotten a world-world reputation for offering practical performance. The charcoal addition gets rid of odors and also enables it to stay clean and fresh. Besides, the cooling gel removes excess moisture, hence allowing you to sleep comfortably and calmer throughout the night. Better yet, it keeps your spine is an appropriate alignment by contouring your body shape; thus, it offers pressure relief and lower the pain you feel.


  • Has ventilated holes with cooling gel to make the unit breathable and cool
  • Has a dense memory foam that offers proper support for the best sleep
  • The natural bamboo charcoal keeps the topper fresh and prevent odor
  • Align your spine correctly to relief pressure and lower the pain


  • It has a little smell that disappears after a while

#7. RECCI 3inch Pressure Relieving Bamboo Viscose Cover Removable & Washable Full Mattress Topper

If you’re looking for a pure and original mattress topper, then you’ve no idea about RECCI with its impressive features that will leave you gazing. It doesn’t include useless and toxic materials, offers comfort reliably and straightforwardly. This topper has a soft level firmness that is ideal for most people. Besides, it comes with a unique weaving method that ensures airflow to ensure your body remains cool and does away with sweating and overheating issues. For better moisture absorption, soft touch, and temperature control, the surface of this cover are from 100 percent viscose rayon.


  • Uses an exclusive insulation technology to prevent overheating and sweating issues
  • This mattress topper is fully removable and washable for easy maintenance
  • Cooling bamboo viscose cover regulates temperature and absorbs moisture
  • OEKO-TEX and CertiPUR-US fully certify it for safety


  • A bit expensive compared to the previous model

#6. HIFORT 2inch Cooling Gel-Infused Removable & Washable CertiPUR-US Certified Full Mattress Topper

Adding this HIFORT 2-inch mattress topper to your bed means that you’re ready to enjoy a good night’s sleep full of support and comfort. This model is designed such that it gets rid of pain on the body by massaging your body with a layer of plush memory foam. Be sure to wake up fresh and rejuvenated each day. Since it’s infused with cooling gel, HIFORT distributes heat to ensure you acquire a comfortable and more refreshing sleep zone. Moreover, with a ventilation feature, you can expect a 100 percent airflow and breathability. Better yet, it is removable and machine washable for hassle-free maintenance.


  • Get hold and distributes heat to ensure a more refreshing and comfortable sleep area
  • Constructed from unique cooling material that is incredibly soft
  • Offers a better sleeping environment to relax muscles
  • Machine and hand-washable for easy cleaning


  • Doesn’t have any flaws for now

#5. LANGRIA 3inch Removable Bamboo & Non-Slip Bottom Gel-Infused Memory Foam Memory Topper

Sometimes you might wish to revitalize your bed, but then you’re don’t want to break a bank, and that’s where LANGRIA 3–inch memory foam mattress topper comes into play. It lies on top of your mattress excellently and offers a pleasant and comfy place to have a rest. With 3-inch gel memory foam construction, this topper mattress ensures your sleep quality is improved. The outer cover is from bamboo that wicks away excess moisture and sweats. On the other end, the inner cover is of polyester fabric that offers excellent protection, thus making your mattress topper more soft, restful, and comfortable.


  • It’s breathable and allows for airflow for cool and refreshing sleep
  • Relieves pressure points that usually makes you toss and turn
  • The mattress topper offers restful, comfortable and soft sleep
  • Offers an extra layer for a comfortable night sleep


  • Has a little odor that disappears shortly

#4. Starcast & Abakan Extra-Thick 400TC Down Alternative Quilted Fitted Mattress Toppers Cover

Do you want to experience sleeping on a cloud-like mattress topper, Starcast & Abakan offers you unbeatable comfort like never before. It perfect for individuals who would want to have an extra-cushioning on their mattress. Besides, it is filled with 3D snow down alternative fill that ensures weight is distributed evenly to get rid of pressures, thus allowing you to sleep peacefully and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Even better, it’s a perfect choice for back, side, and stomach sleepers. It’s refreshing and breathable to ensure no odor develops or heat. This cover is machine washable and easy to maintain.


  • Has deep elastic pocket that will never slide when you turn on the bed
  • Comes with an extra-thick quilt for a luxurious sleeping experience
  • It offers cooling and breathable functionality for perfect sleep
  • Easy to clean the residual stains and dust


  • It’s not super thick, but it’s enough to add comfort to your mattress

#3. INGALIK 3inch Pressure Reliever Removable & Washable Full Size Memory Foam Mattress Topper

INGALIK mattress topper copes with most individual’s needs for sleep, ease of cleaning, and roll storage. It is one of the best addition to your bed, travel, or camping needs. You can place it even in your car to use it when to sleep when you want to take a day time nap. With 3-inch high-density memory foam, you can rest assured that your spine will align, which in turn helps you relieve common pressure points and keeps you balanced on the bed. Also, with excellent support, this mattress topper has a superb breathability feature that makes it the best choice among people. It is from a bamboo fiber fabric with non-slip plastic material on the back that ensures it doesn’t slip on the bed.


  • It’s refreshing and breathable to enable you to have a comfortable sleep
  • Keep your spine align to relieve pain and relax your muscles
  • Has a zip closure that is removable for convenient washing
  • Have non-slip granules on the back that prevent slipping


  • It’s costly for those looking for a cheaper model

#2. ViscoSoft 3inch High-Density Ventilated & Breathable Full Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

ViscoSoft full-size mattress topper ensures you have a great night’s sleep each night by creating a serene environment for your sleep. Whether you’re breathing life to an old mattress or bringing into shape a too hard bed, this mattress topper deserves your needs. This model comes with medium firmness; hence it’s very soft to enable you to feel weightless and cushy. Featuring a slip-resistant, plush, and super-soft bamboo-rayon cover, you can never expect anything less than a comfortable sleep on this mattress topper. If you’re also looking for a long-lasting memory foam topper, then going for this model will be a more fabulous solution.


  • Made from high-quality materials ensures it offer long-lasting service
  • Has a breathable design that ensures you have a restful sleep
  • It helps prevent body aches brought by sinking into foam
  • This mattress topper fits easily on top of a mattress


  • This item is heavy, and you should unwrap on the right bed

#1. Tempur-Pedic 3inch TEMPUR-ProForm Supreme Washable Medium Firm Full-Size Mattress Topper

The most incredible and probably the most ingenious mattress topper to end this list is the Tempur-Pedic model. This unit features TEMPUR material that enables you to enjoy a pressure-relief, comfort, and maximum support that you could receive from those high-end and expensive mattresses. Whether you’re carrying this mattress topper on a trip or revamping on your old mattress, you’ll have everlasting comfortable sleep using this magnificent mattress topper. It features a removable and washable cover that offers you a hassle-free cleaning. Additionally, it responds positively to your body temperature to keep you comfortable and fresh throughout the night.


  • This mattress topper is more durable and reliable than its competitors
  • Supports well your weight and shape for personalized comfort
  • The cover is machine washable for hassle-free maintenance
  • Conforms to your body to deliver you a more restful sleep


  • You’ll pay more for this exceptional mattress topper

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Full-Size Mattress Topper

Topper Size

When you are purchasing a mattress topper, the size of your bed should match your purchase. In this review, we are into the full-size models, but there are other sizes out there, including queen size, king size, etc., you can wish to purchase. If you’re dealing with a full-size mattress, the above list will offer you some great choice to select.

Weight & Thickness

The other aspect that should lead you to acquire the best mattress topper is the thickness. Well, a mattress topper should be thicker enough to offer you maximum comfort and protection. The gel memory foam models are generally considered because they have more adhesive pad than other models. The thickness of these toppers ranges from one to five; you should choose at least a topper with two thicknesses. Also, the model you opt for should not be weighty because it would be easy to handle.

Soft or Firm

These two aspects have no direct selection criteria as to the one that best fits your needs. It entirely depends on what you regard to work best for you. Firmness is the aspect that is going to offer support to your back while softness determines how your body will lay comfortably on a bed. Each consideration sort out back pain and related conditions. Go for what you the choice that best fits your needs.


The last thing you can think of before sealing a deal with a mattress topper is the cost. Of course, no one would like to spend money on a product that doesn’t last for a year or so. You should be careful to avoid buying those cheaply made mattress toppers because they might compromise the quality of the unit. Luckily, the list we’ve presented above entailed high-end toppers that are budget-friendly.


In a nutshell, a full-size mattress topper is, for sure, the bedding unit that ensures you have a splendid sleep. Your personal preference and taste are going to have a significant impact on your purchase, and if you want things to sound simpler, consider everything we’ve shared with you. No matter your sleeping habits, the mattress toppers above are going to take your night sleeps to a whole different level. You have all it takes to make a successful purchase on the best full-size mattress topper since we’ve offered you more than enough information to get you started.

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