Top 10 Best Gas Fire Pit Table in Reviews

It is necessary to have a central heating point in your garden more so during chilly conditions. And the best tool to make this come true is leveraging on a gas fire pit table. It has gained tremendous popularity over the traditional wood-burning because it is more effective. When it is chilly, you can come around this fire pit table to get warmth. Aside from keeping your friends and family members warm, this fire pit double up to be a decorative item on your patio or garden. This is possible when you get the one that matches your other garden decors.

When you plan to buy a gas fire pit table, we must let you know that there are numerous options available on the market based on different models and styles. And due to this, making the right decision can dwindle off as you come across various models. But if you want to have an easier and quick shopping experience, we’ve listed the top ten best gas fire pit table for reviews. They’re the most viable alternatives that save on a lot of energy bills. So, here is our tailored list.

#10. Endless Summer GAD 15255SP Oil Rubbed Bronze Square LP Gas Fire Pit Table (Black)

A great way to bring ambiance and warmth to your backyard, patio or deck is by using Endless Summer gas fire pit table. The fire unit is constructed with ceramic tile for a great stunning attractiveness. In addition to the beauty, this unit has an attractive stamped steel-base, that makes it’s the greatest item in your home. Besides, this is the best warming unit that doesn’t bring any inconveniences of smoky or ashes hassle. What’s more, the system comes with a protective cover, a table insert, and a black fire glass. That means, it can also work perfectly as an outdoor dining table.


  • The base is stamped with a steel base for strong support
  • Comes with 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner for great power
  • The exterior is built with ceramic tile mantel for beatification
  • Uses an integrated ignition system that is super-easy and quick


  • The lid is very flimsy and gets spoiled too quickly

#9.BALI OUTDOORS 50,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner 28inch Square Table Firepit Fireplace (Black)

BALI OUTDOORS propane fire pit table is the next patio heater on the look. It has admirable features that will interest you. First, it is 25-inch tall and 28-inch wide to work conveniently in any outdoor space. The gas burner is 50,000 BTU great enough to heat a patio space to dissipate heat evenly to the guest. Also, it is a lightweight unit that only weighs 70 lbs. for convenient portability. Built with lava rock to conserve a good amount of heat and offers thermal insulation. Aside from that, the elegant and fashionable appearance will add a sense of decoration to your outdoor space. Its controls are hidden for a seamless appearance. Even better, ignition is a hassle-free, with just a push of a button.


  • Provides a lot of space to ensure full combustion is achieved
  • The elegant look makes your outdoor space look stunning
  • Built with a lava rock that has good heat preservation
  • The body construction is strong and durable
  • Operating is hassle-free with define controls


  • The black fire glass isn’t included

#8. TACKLIFE 28'' 50,000 BTU Steel Durable Cover CSA Certified Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

What a great way to warm and illuminate your life using a fire table by TACKLIFE! Constructed with steel surface to prevent damage or cracking of desktop. Also, the honeycomb design of lava stone prevents any breakage. This fire pit table has an automatic ignition function that can start and adjust the flame with ease and uses 50,000 BTU for sufficient warmth to meet your various needs. The unique bronze paint on the table legs makes a woven graphic appearance for beautiful and stunning outdoor décor. Since it has been fully certified with CSA, the unit will offer you a safe and comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.


  • Comes with an anti-rust and glamorous appearance for stunning outdoor scenes
  • Offers you a safe and comfortable atmosphere to char even when it’s chilly
  • It is versatile and can serve as a fire table and outdoor dining table
  • The surface has a construction for sturdy and durable materials


  • The fire pit works well but some pieces don’t fit together

#7. Blue Rhino Outdoor Beauty & Warmth with Glass Top & White Fire Glass Gas Fire Pit Table

If you’re anticipating to get a gas pit table that can offer you continuous comfort and warmth all years on the outdoor space, then it high time you forfeit wood burning and the use of gas. Indeed, it’s thrilling and enjoyable to use the Blue Rhino gas fire pit table. Being the best addition to your patio or any porch, it has an electronic ignition system that starts the unit without a hassle. On the other hand, the decorative side panels hide the propane tank for an auspicious look. The best way to get entertained as you go catch up with your old friends outdoor is by leaving this fire table to dissipate heat continuously. That said, it yet another grand opportunity for you to get a special gift to your family.


  • Has sleek and solid steel side panels to hide propane tank to decorative needs
  • The piezo ignition system has a safety valve for easy start
  • The unit is lightweight to fit in any outdoor space
  • Dissipate enough heat to warm everyone near it


  • Tends to get scratches and dent so easily

#6. OT QOMOTOP 28inch 50,000 BTU Mantelpiece Rattan Finish Propane Gas Outdoor Fire Table

Time to get yourself a winning winter and Christmas gift, and that is only a dream come true if you get yourself OT QOMOTOP gas outdoor fire table. In essence, it is built to suit all your table and outdoor fireplace needs. Also, it is built with a rugged steel material that ensures it offers long-lasting service in your home. Additionally, it can output 50,000 BTU heat that is enough to heat your patio or balcony for warmth. The burner is constructed with stainless steel to avoid rust and offer reliable gas flow. Besides being a fireplace, this unit can also change over to become a stylish outdoor dining table or even a coffee table. So, don’t wait any further, get yourself this life-changing equipment.


  • The fire pit table is made from durable steel material to avoid cracking
  • This pit fire table has been fully certified by CSA certification for safety
  • A great way to enjoy a romantic white bonfire atmosphere
  • Uses liquid propane to offer stable and clean combustion
  • Can also serve as an outdoor coffee or a dining table


  • They usually come when having a small dent

#5. Pleasant Hearth OFG824T Atlantis 30,000 BTU Table Gas Fire Pit (Matte Black/Tile Top)

Pleasant Hearth table gas fire pit is a great way to ignite a night and add ambiance to your patio or deck. Besides, it serves as a good rejoinder to catch up with your old friends on a chilly evening. The warmth that it dissipates is encouraging and you can get along with your friends and guest and you share a cup of coffee. What’s even more interesting about this apparatus is that you wouldn’t have the hassle of struggling with smoke because it doesn’t use firewood. In addition to that, the pull-up chair will enable you to sit in your preferred position with ease. This is your destined fire pit table for your home.


  • The unit delivers a spectacular fire without the smoke mess
  • Uses the piezo ignition system to start and regulate the heat
  • Offers glistening ambiance to your patio or deck
  • You can access the propane gas with ease


  • As per now, it has no record of any bad performance

#4. Smarten Arts Outdoor 24inch Round Hand Crafted with Marbleized Finish Propane Gas Fire Pit

Enjoy the warmth and elegance of the 30,000 BTU output with Smarten Arts high-quality propane fire pit table in any of your preferred outdoor spaces for all years. Have a glance at the dancing flames on the lava rock. This also enables you to keep warm and stay cozy within the heating radius of the outdoor centerpiece. Also, the durable construction delivers prolonged use. And, the aluminum frame with MGO body construction will ensure the unit is rust-resistant and weather-resistant as well. So, what else do you need? Well, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne, sit back and have a nice time your family member. You can even take it at the poolside.


  • The marbleized body construction match other patio furniture
  • Auto-ignition system hides the propane tank on the base
  • Access of the interior compartments is easy and simple
  • Easy to assemble and light with auto-ignition system


  • The control panel is visible which doesn’t look good

#3. Bond Manufacturing 51228 Morgan Hill Stone-Look Granite Top 40,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit Table

Coming third on our list is Bond 51228 Morgan Hill gas fire pit table. The unit outputs a 40,000 BTU fire table and has a beautiful granite top with a durable environmental base. Also, it is built with a pulse ignition system with a stainless steel burner for longevity. Besides, it uses a 20lb propane tank which is not included in this set. This system will change your perception of your patio during the chilly evening because you can have dinner outdoor. The attractive and elegant look is more important in suiting your outdoor furniture. Enjoy yourself and the rest of your family members while keeping yourself using this generous gas fire pit table.


  • Outputs 40,000 BTU for maximum heat dissipation to the patio space
  • The base is a durable environ-stone base that is also glamorous
  • Has an exceptional granite top that beautifies your outdoor
  • Uses pulse ignition system for fast and quick operation


  • The propane fire pit table is very heavy

#2. Smarten Arts Outdoor 27.5inch Square Hand Crafted Wood Block Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Smarten Arts Outdoor propane gas fire pit is the runners up in our list and is among the high-end units in the market. First, the safety of this unit is on a top-notch class; safe and CSA approved. Also, the stainless steel burner is rated 30,000 BTU that releases high-speed flame presence with only a push of a button for ignition. Controlling this system is convenient and simple. Moreover, assembling this collection is a breeze, simple and quick connections. On that note, the flame can also be adjustable to various heights to meet your needs. Built with an automatic gas cut-off device that comes in to prevent accidents or abnormality.


  • Built with automatic gas cut-off circuitry for safety
  • It has been approved by CSA standards for safety
  • Offers simple and convenient control when lighting
  • Flame height variable offers 100% smoke-free atmosphere


  • Only available in brown and grey color

#1. Outland Living Series 401 Grey 44inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table (Slate Grey/Rectangle)

Last but not least is the Outland Living Series gas fire pit table. The award-winning unit has a superior design that adds style and functionality for your backyard patio or deck fire pits. The super-stunning rectangular fire table will bring a unique fire feature that suitable compliments any of your outdoor space. You can rest assured that all your family members will enjoy staying around this fire pit. Also, the impressive strength and durability being showcased by this pit table are just exceptional. Furthermore, it requires low maintenance and resistance to heat. Additionally, it has fully undergone the CSA standards checks and fear not, safety is guaranteed. Grab it now, your outdoor space will move a step higher!


  • Built with the highest safety standards and its CSA approved
  • Offer impressive strength and enhanced durability
  • Combines functionality and style to give your patio a great look
  • Compliments your outdoor space with its glistening style
  • It is resistance to heat and requires low maintenance


  • The fire pit table tends to take time to light

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Gas Fire Pit Table

Size & Design

These units come in different sizes and styles. When it comes to the general design, it’s more of a personal choice than any other thing. By this we mean, if you are looking for a fire pit table for your garden or patio, it should also offer a pleasing advantage to your eyes. Also, the size will determine the maximum number of guests it can sit around it without squeezing one another. If for instance, you’re expecting often guest and events, then it’s wise to go with a larger size.


For on the go uses, who want to have a fire pit table around, you ought to go for the lightweight and compact models that will offer easy mobility. But for those who wish to fix the fire pit table on their gardens, this factor shouldn’t be the point of consideration.

Heat Output

BTU is the measurements of the heat output. In most cases, the best heat output should be at least 40,000 BTU and above. That means, the heat dissipated that this unit can heat a large surface area.

Ignition System

The mode of ignition is equally important to consider. But, as a fact, you should keep note that the method that you choose will affect both convenience and safety, so, choose wisely. The most basic ignition system is the light ignition available. Mostly, it is found in less expensive units. A more modern option is the piezo ignition system; a small push button relay spark on the burner which ignites it. Lastly, there is an electric ignition system which is used in most high-end models.


Safety is the last yet crucial factor to consider. Here, you need to ascertain the model you wish to buy is fully certified by safety world safety registered bodies like CSA. Check also to confirm whether it comes with an emergency shut-off valve or not. If your model comes with an external propane gas tank, ensure the hose is long to enable you to keep it in a safe place.


Nothing works best in your patio or garden during a chilly weather condition than a gas fire pit table. It is a good tool that adds aesthetic value to your home and enables your guests to have a nice time as you catch up. Also, it is a phenomenal unit and out win the other competitors because it is extra-convenient and smoke-free. The journey has just started, you wouldn’t the same again. And, what we have just offered you are among the ranked models in the market, you can rest assured that they will also work fantastic for you. Try one and your outdoor night story session wouldn’t be boring at all!

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