Top 10 Best Gauge Brad Nailer in Reviews

Sometimes back, driving nails into wood using hammers left bruises on our ancestors’ hands yet it proofed to be the only option available. They would have to swing by force to nail them right. But in today’s world, advancement in technology has made everything easier. Engineers have invented a nail gun that uses compressed air to drive nails quite fast and easy. These brad nailers are exceptional and can drive any specific nail size.

The market currently offers you a wide range of gauge brad nailers including big ones, little ones, medium-sized ones, all colors. But the “daunting task” isn’t a big deal for you now. We are here to help you out. We have done countless research on these nail guns available in the market and table for you the best ones. Presented below is a list of the best ten Gauge Brad Nailer for Reviews. Enjoy the fruits of our labor!

#10. Metabo HPT NT50AE2 5/8inch To 2inch 18 Gauge Selective Action Switch Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Metabo HPT gauge brad nailer is available to provide you the greatest carpentry experience. This pneumatic tool is used for trim work, construction of furniture and other finishing work. It accepts finish nails of length 2 inches. It has an aluminum body that makes it to last-longer without replacements. The composite magazine helps to reduce fatigue during long operation hours. Also, it has a selective actuation that allows the user to choose from the firing modes. Additionally, it requires fewer tools for quick and simple nail removal. Moreover, it has a 360-degree adjustable exhaust port that prevents dust, debris, and oil from affecting your ongoing project.


  • It has a visual indicator to alert the user if there is a shortage of nails.
  • It has a durable case that is used in the storage of the tool after use.
  • One can use different sizes of the nail when using this tool.
  • It’s so strong and can drive brads through hardwoods.


  • Nails driven do not stay tight against the wall chamber.

#9. WEN 61741 4-in-1 18 Gauge 5/8inch To 2inch Pneumatic Flooring Nailer & Stapler with Case

Do you need to make your hammering work efficient? WEN 4-in-1 gauge brad nailer is at your disposal. The unit has brad nailer, stapler and flooring nailer. The nailer drive nails 18-gauge anywhere on the working piece. Also, it has an adjustable spring attached to load floor head to an angle of 45degres making it your perfect partner. The onboard depth adjustment wheel controls the depth shoot on the workpiece. For convenient working, this tool is lightweight and has a good grip handle to prevent exhaustion during long working times. Also with that, it has a carrying case that offers hassle-free transportation. The two hex keys and oil are used for lubrication to make your work easier.


  • With the right depth adjustment, you get the best results
  • Easy to use as it does not many tools when operating it
  • Works perfect for nails and staples unlike other models
  • Its sections are well built for a comfortable operation


  • They don’t hold the adjustable knobs so well

#8. Makita AF5050N 2inch Narrow & Non-Marring Rubber Nose Adjustment Dial Brad Nailer

Are you looking for an effective and affordable nailer? Consider Makita AF5050N nail gun. The tool is mainly used in trim work, baseboard, flooring, and other woodworking applications. Also, it has a narrow nose that is designed for easy nailing. The surface of the wood can’t be damaged since it has a non-marring rubber nose and bumpers. Further to that, the dual nail reloads indicator window shows when to load nails, thereby, enabling you to avoid blank drives. The tool-less depth-adjustable is used in a different finished application and to minimize downtime. Additionally, it has a multi-direction exhaust port that rotates 360 degrees to direct unwanted air away from the user.


  • Has a rubberized soft grip to provide comfort when using
  • The directions are clear and easy to understand
  • This tool is durable since it’s made of aluminum
  • It is consistent on how deep it sets the nails


  • It does not have a more noticeable indicator when you run out of nails.

#7. BOSTICTH BTFP12233 18GA 5/8inch To 2-1/8inch Dial-A-Depth Control Smart Point Brad Nailer

This reliable performer brad nailer will never let you down no matter the circumstance. The tool makes it easy to place a nail using smart technology. You can choose the countersinking options and trigger the system to best meet your needs. You don’t have to compress the contact trip to activate this tool because it has a smaller nose. This brad nailer is best suitable for driving 18 GA nails of length 5/8″ and 2-1/8″. Also, it can be used for upholstery, paneling and even cabinetry. If you want to remove the nails, then this tool-free unit made it easier.


  • The dial-A-depth control aids in countersinking the nails
  • Makes operations easy as it only weighs about 5 pounds
  • Has a carrying case for storing this tool as you travel
  • Free from oil stains as it does not operate by oil


  • The firing noise is a bit louder

#6. Freeman PE2118G 18V 2-in-1 Two-Stage Safety Trigger 18 Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer & Stapler

Drive nails to the desired depth by using Freeman brad nailer. This model is suitable for upholstery, paneling, cabinetry, insulation, and many other finishing works. It has a powerful lithium-ion battery that can be charged for a more convenient performance. When the battery is fully charged, it can fires up to 450 shots per charge and 30 fasteners in just a minute. This brad nailer is compatible with 18 gauge brad nails of length 3/4″ to 2″ and narrow crown staples from 3/4″ to 1-5/8″. You can customize your firing depth by using tool-free depth adjustment for the best results.


  • Has indicator LED lights that notify you when your battery runs low
  • The two-stage trigger allows for safe operation free from injury
  • Made from the heavy-duty plastic body that productive lifespan
  • Has an ergonomic handle for good grip with no strains


  • This brad nailer is a little heavy for long usage time

#5. BHTOP 2-in-1 18GA with 18V 2 Batteries Heavy Finish Cordless Nail Gun Brad Nailer & Stapler

Are you a small scale contractor dealing with small operations? BHTOP 2-in-1 gauge brad nailer will do you good. As a fact, it is suitable for various nailing operations liking driving brad nails and staples. Also, it accommodates brad nails sized 25mm to 50mm and staples sized 20mm to 40mm. Besides, it has two modes of firing: single and contact. If it is a high-intensity work, you can combine both modes using the dual-mode toggle switch to ease your work. You can adjust the rotating knob when you want to adjust the nailing depth. Your safety is guaranteed because these tools start when the safety switch is pressed. You can get this brad nailer as a gift for a friend or relative who does nailing operations.


  • Has a bright LED light which makes it convenient to work when it’s dark
  • Has a non-slip handle that prevents it from sliding during work
  • Made lightweight to ease your operations without tiring
  • When fully charged it fires up to 400 shots per charge


  • This tool uses too many handy staples

#4. CRAFTSMAN V20 CMCN618C1 18GA Over-Molded Handle Fully Cordless 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Kit

You can change the trim work all-around your house by using the CRAFTSMAN V20 gauge brad nailer. This tool is from high-quality materials that give it prolonged life. You wouldn’t require any compressors or hoses since it is cordless for convenient operations. The tool-free-depth settings allow you to set up your desired settings for comfortable operation. This tool weighs about 7 pounds which makes it easy to handle during high-intensity operations without any strains. Lastly, it has a high-performance battery which when fully charged fires about 420 shots per charge.


  • Provides for comfortable use as it has an over-molded handle
  • It has a belt hook that makes it easy for storage and access
  • It comes with a charger to ease powering up a low battery
  • The tool-free setting makes it easy for you to fix nails


  • It lacks carrying case to be used for storing the tool

#3. PORTER-CABLE 20V PCC790LA 18GA MAX Cordless Better Runtime Battery Brad Nailer Kit

Are you looking for a power tool for your molding project? Look no further than PORTER-CABLE gauge brad nailer. The unit drives 18 gauge nails at a consistent force to a consistent depth. This brad nailer is powered by a battery hence there is no need for compressors or gas cartridges. The multifunctional LED lights make it possible to operate in dark environments. Also, it has an integrated belt hook to ease access and storage purposes. The motor is specially designed to be used during varied weather conditions and on distinct materials. Moreover, it has multiple tool-free settings that’s makes this model safe during operation and increases its production level.


  • Can be used when in different positions to reduce fatigue
  • It drives up to 1300 nails when the battery is fully charged
  • It is easy to detect any error has it has LED lights
  • Has a long-lasting battery for extended usage


  • The charger is not wall mountable

#2. DEWALT DCN680B 20V Max XR Automatic Shut-Off Brushless Motor Maximizer 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

DEWALT gauge brad nailers are another best brand among many buyers in the market. This nail compressor drives 18 gauge nails sized 5/8 inches to 2-1/8 inches. And it drives nails without any compressors, hoses or gas. This pneumatic tool can be used in tightening kitchen crown, shoe molding, and decorative molding. The LED indicator lights notify you of the charging status of the battery. This gauge brad nailer weighs about 4 pounds hence you won’t tire yourself when using it. Its operations are quieter without producing any irritating noise. This gun is powerful to get your job done well.


  • Built with an automatic shut off to avoid too much discharge
  • Suitable gift for a friend or a family who loves carpentry
  • The micro nose allows for accurate nail driving
  • Suitable for use for both small and large jobs


  • The package doesn’t include the charger and the battery

#1. Metabo HPT NR83A5 2inch To 3-1/4inch Plastic 21-Degrees Magazine Pneumatic Framing Nailer

Remodeling of your house is now easier and convenient with the use of the Metabo HPT gauge brad nailer. Its body is made from aluminum materials that make it one of the strongest brad nailers in the market. Also, it has 2 fire modes: contact mode and bump mode. You can select the mode that best suits your current operations with a simple switch. The 360° adjustable exhaust port prevents any dust or debris from any destruction of your project. This tool weighs about 2 pounds, which is an added advantage to reduce the chances of fatigue. With this feature, you can work for long hours without straining. This brad nailer will for sure gets you the best results.


  • The nail jam allows for easy and quick nail removal
  • Suitable for nails of length from 5/8″ to 2″
  • Indicator notifies you on the quantities of nails loaded
  • Allows for maneuverability as it weighs less


  • It isn’t a dual-purpose gun since it only accommodates nails

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Gauge Brad Nailer

As long as you want your pneumatic brad nailer to work effectively, it’s worth consideration some factors. Although these aspects seem so obvious and small, they are worth for a successful purchase.

Trigger Type

Any pneumatic brad nailer that you choose comes with a specific trigger type which will affect your nailing precision and the nailing speed. This aspect is very crucial when deciding what best suits you. The options available are a bump and sequential triggers. For the sequential trigger, you’ll have to compress its nose before pulling the trigger. That will result in a less nailing process, hence suiting delicate work. On the other hand, the bump trigger will offer a faster nailing process. This is not the best option for the precision job but efficient for the mass delivery task.

Nose Size

The other factor to look out for is the nose size. This is an important factor to ensure that the nail is riven to the intended point. In that regard, the length and the diameter of the nose will offer you get accurate nailing. The smaller the nose size, the better the accuracy you get. On the other side, a larger nose will lower the precision of the entry point.

Operating Pressure

The strength of your pneumatic brad nailer is determined by the operating pressure. Unless you don’t want to have the right nailing into the wood, the unit you choose should have a decent PSI level. It is good to know the hardness of the hood you wish to nail which determines the PSI pressure you should use.

Extra Features

With the specific pneumatic brad nailer you pick, you might be lucky to get some other special features. Some of these special features are like tool-less jam clearing, depth adjustment, swivel cords, adjustable belt hooks, and loading mechanism. You find other units having these extra-features while others having none. Bear in mind that these added features come with more weight in terms of price, so, ensure to choose the features that would be useful to you.


Finding the best gauge brad nailer demands a lot of your attention because there are wideouts to choose from out there. You find expensive units and others being relatively inexpensive, but at the end of the day, the best one for you is the one with qualifying features. Hopefully, our review on the best pneumatic brad nailer will offer you useful options. Our picks are from high-quality models and have gained reputations from buyers. In addition to that, our list entails affordable models and buying one wouldn’t interfere with your budget. Best of luck as in your trim and molding task!

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