Top 10 Best GPS Running Watches in Reviews

The best GPS running watch is equally important as a pair of good running shoes because they perform a vital role in enhancing your cardio exercise. For beginners, this is one of the must-have gears if you want to achieve the best out of your running experience. This watch is ideal for keeping records of all your running activities. Better yet, these gears have a built-in GPS utility that makes them keep track of where you run. Even better, these devices can keep track of your heart rate, blood pressure, etc. for a healthy living.

Though it might seem challenging to purchase the best GPS running watch, probably because there are different models of these gears, we’re here to help you out. After making some analysis and comparison in the market, we were lucky to find the top ten best GPS running watches. Read on as we unraveled this new list.

#10. WISINNO Waterproof Blood Pressure & Heart Rate GPS Running Watch for Men Women & Kids

Are you looking for a perfect helper for your fitness? WISINNO GPS running watch is the best option that keeps track of all your daily records. It tracks your distances, steps, calories burnt, etc. You can charge this device anywhere because it uses a USB interface and has a reliable battery that lasts. It has a built-in alarm capability, which only requires the JYouPro app install, and you’re good to go. Also, it has four sport modes that include running, walking, cycling, and climbing, which automatically switch depending on your actions. Additionally, it monitors your blood pressure and oxygen to inform you about your health. Being IP67 waterproof, this watch can be used in both wet and dry environments.


  • Healthy device for checking your blood pressure and calories burnt in a day
  • You can use this watch in a rainy environment because it’s waterproof
  • It’s easy to charge with any USB port for a long working time
  • Great gadget to improves your cardio exercise experience


  • It’s cheap but still offer accurate readings

#9. WearNow Waterproof 1.3 inches Brightness Adjustment Fitness Tracker Watch for Men Women & Kids

We have all reasons to state that the WearNow fitness tracker watch is the right choice to enable you to stay healthy and motivated. It has a simple touch button that allows you to check many functions and track your performance. The activities tracker will monitor your calories, steps, and distance in a more accurate way. In case of an incoming call, message, this device can remind you via a light up on the screen and a vibration. It’s waterproof and can support up to 2m water deep. Once you’ve connected your phone’s GPS, you’ll keep track of your running routes via the app.


  • It’s easy to charge, and the battery can last up to 7 days when fully charged
  • It has a big colorful screen to show steps, distance, calories burnt, etc.
  • Built with a 24 real-time heart rate and intelligent sleep monitor
  • This smartwatch is compatible with android and iOS phones
  • Comes with smart reminders with multiple useful features


  • Its charger shouldn’t be move while charging

#8. YAMAY Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch Compatible Android & iOS Phones (Black)

YAMAY fitness tracker is a new invention in the world of fitness that’s capable of tracking all your daily calories, steps, duration time, and distance. Besides, it supports up to 14 sporting modes that make you get the best out of your running. Also, it meets the needs of being used in a swimming pool because it’s waterproof. Even better, women can set their menstrual details via the app like period start date, length, and last date and set a reminder to get ready for your menstrual; this is a way of knowing yourself even more. Besides, you can also be notified of incoming calls and messages on your phone using the VeryFitPro app.


  • It’s IP68 waterproof to enable you to wear when swimming
  • Has a sleep monitor that auto monitor your sleeping quality
  • The brightness is adjustable to suit different environments
  • It’s easy to control because it has a sensitive touch screen


  • It doesn’t track your distance correctly

#7. Letsfit SpO2 Monitor Waterproof GPS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker iPhone & Android Compatible

This smartwatch by Letsfit is of no different from those top-notch fitness trackers. It needs at least iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 to operate. The weather forecast that it displays is based on the weather information being displayed on your smartphone; you’ll need to make sure that the weather info on your phone is up to date. Besides, the 5 ATM waterproof standard is ideal for swimming in the pool or the shoal. It works best with the VeryFitPro app on your smartphone. Connecting your phone with this app is very easy and straightforward. It is built-in with a GPS functionality that tracks your locations and routes precisely.


  • Has reflective touchscreen that is easy to operate and suits outdoor workouts
  • Has a reliable battery that can work for up to 15 days in a normal working
  • Capable of monitoring your heart rate automatically day and night
  • Built with a smart notification and weather forecasting utility


  • GPS work smart but drain the battery faster

#6. Amazfit Bip Long Battery Life Bluetooth Smart Watch GPS Fitness Tracker by Huami (A1608 Black)

A light watch is what everyone desires to wear for more convenience. Amazfit GPS running watch only weighs 32 grams; thus, you can never feel its weight when worn. It has four sports modes that keep you informed all day long the event you need to handle. The battery can be fully recharged within 2.5 hours for a 30-day usage. You can get alerts from weather forecasts, Facebook, Twitter, or notifications for incoming calls or messages. Also, it has a 1.28-inch display that allows you to check on it without having to strain because of smaller screens. To choose a favorite, it comes in 4 different colors to suit different preferences.


  • The charging makes it easy to recharge your watch at any time
  • Water-resistant to keep your watch off any water substances
  • Works well with both Google android and Apple IOS devices
  • Has an excellent display quality that is visible at all times


  • The band doesn’t accommodate fat people

#5. LUKAWIT Multi-Sports Bluetooth Waterproof Fitness Activity Tracker GPS Smart Running Watch

When it comes to a high-quality GPS running watch, then it got to be this model from LUKAWIT. This watch has a high-quality silicone band and stainless steel buckle that are durable and feel comfortable. You can wear it when swimming at a depth of 50 meters to record active time, stroke rate, and so since it is made water-resistant. It changes its colorful faces depending on running status; this notifies you how best you’re running. Also, you monitor your heartbeat rate using HRV analysis as it alerts you of a maximum or minimum heart rate to keep you safe and for optimum performance. You no longer have to check your phone if there is any notification since this watch alerts you of an incoming call or message.


  • Has seven running modes and 17 kinds of sports to choose from
  • When the battery is charged fully, it lasts for up to 5-7 days
  • Easy to operate since it has a large LED touch display
  • Works well with Bluetooth of 4.2 or above


  • Lacks a low battery warning that alerts you to recharge it

#4. Garmin Easy to Use Forerunner 45 with Coach Free Training Plan GPS Running Watch (Black)

If you are looking for a top-performing adventure and sports, watch, Garmin GPS running watch is as good as it gets. The GPS tracks all your activities when running and training to mark your intervals, pace, or distance. When the battery is fully recharged, it can last for up to 5-7 days and 14 hours when in the GPS mode. It has tracking features like incident detection, which sends locations and emergency contact your paired phone. Moreover, you can quickly get notified of any incoming calls or messages on your phone; thus, you will never miss any important calls. You can record all your efforts during yoga, running, cycling, cardio, and many more.


  • The intuitive button is easy to operate at any time of running activity
  • Comes with a USB charger for recharging your watch anytime
  • Made lightweight thus feel comfortable wearing at all times
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last longer


  • Has limited smart notifications of only emails and messages

#3. POLAR IGNITE Advanced Waterproof Fitness Running Watch with GPS & Daily Training Guide

A casual watch would do for a casual environment, that’s why you ought to check out Polar GPS running watch. For best workouts and training, this unit is equipped with Polar Fit Spark Daily Training Guide that trains you best. This watch is capable of receiving texts, calls, and emails, and so on to avoid missing any relevant notifications. Exercises can leave you more fatigued or healthier, and so this watch measures how you are recovering to make a decision later on. You do not need a phone since this watch tracks your speed, route, and distance. This is an ideal holiday gift for a friend or a family member.


  • Well designed to complement your looks and training gears
  • Easy to use as it has a color touch screen and one button
  • Has a sleek design thus can be worn for a whole day
  • Works well with any 20mm standard watch straps


  • It doesn’t accurately track laps when swimming

#2. SAMSUNG Galaxy Bluetooth Wi-Fi 40mm Auto Workout Tracking GPS Watch (Silver, US Version)

If it is a smartwatch with excellent tracking features, then you can check out for Samsung GPS running watch. This unit comes with stainless steel or aluminum bands that are durable and make it light. To achieve your running goals, it has a built-in pace coaching to track your pace. You can check your heart rate when running since it notifies of a higher or lower heart rate. The built-in sleep tracker guides you on how to get better sleep as it tracks your stress levels. On a single charge, this watch can be used for up to 5 days or more. With its new design, you can wear it anywhere, either in a pool, bed or any other place.


  • Works well with all smartphones that with a Bluetooth connection
  • Has a sleek design making it one of the fashionable watches
  • Made lightweight thus can be worn for a whole day
  • Longer battery life allows for a longer usage time


  • It doesn’t have a good voice recognition system

#1. Coros APEX Ultra-Durable Battery Life Multisport GPS Watch HR Sensor Titanium Training Peaks

If you’re an athlete and you want to train even harder and more effectively in a safe manner, Coros Apex is a high-quality multi-sport watch that offers you the best experience ever. With this gear, you can count on thorough training without being injured or wearied because it provides you precise training time. The ultra-max setting will enable this unit to run up to 30 days for regular usage. The digital knob allows you to navigate from the menu to the screen that displays data. Besides, this model comes with various watch straps that enable you to get the combination that best suits your needs.


  • It’s easy to navigate the menu because it has a digital knob
  • The battery can work up to 30 days for regular use
  • Enables you to have a hassle-free workout plan
  • Make your training safer and more efficient


  • The wrist HR isn’t reliable

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best GPS Running Watch

Experience Level

It’s a wise idea to consider your experience before you can think of buying a GPS running watch. Ideally, if you’re more experienced runner, the best choice to go for is the one with high-end features; however, if you’ve just begun running, a simple model is the best. By getting the right GPS watch is the appropriate features, you’ll undoubtedly achieve the best out of your running experience.


At least you should ensure that the GPS running watch you want to buy is water-resistant. This feature will enable you to do your exercise in any environment. A waterproof watch will keep track of activities, be it underwater or in the shower. Besides, a water-resistant GPS running watch is a reliable 24/7.

Battery Life

This aspect is visible, but it’s worth talking about it. Ensure to choose a watch with a durable battery that can sustain you for quite some time. Remember, a long-lasting battery is reliable. And also, with a reliable appliance, you can expect improved convenience. For that reason, it’s worth considering GPS watches that can last up to 100hrs.


If you want to get the best out of your shopping, it’s good to consider your budget. Don’t rush buying a watch because it has a lower price tag, who knows; you might be grabbing a low-quality gear. It’s very crucial to stay on your budget and ensure to check on other considerations before coming to this last aspect. Luckily enough, all the products we’ve reviewed meet all budget needs.


If you’re out looking for the best GPS running watch, look no further than the above list. We’ve done more than enough to ensure you get the best gear for your next running activities. And we tell what, most of the models we have reviewed come from customers who have used them in real-life situations and you can’t miss having one too. And also, they are the most affordable. If you find yourself in doubtable situations, go through the consideration section to keep you on track. We hope that this review has offered you helpful information on how to get the best GPS running watches.

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