Top 10 Best Handheld Steamers for Clothes in Reviews

No matter where you’re going- be it to a party or an office meeting, you always have to dress to the occasion. The way you look speaks a lot about you. Of course, everybody wants to look good. But, whichever attire you wear – formal or casual – God forbids, it has some wrinkles, which brings down your reputation. This is where a handheld steamer for clothes comes to your rescue. The best handheld steamer clears out any lines and wrinkles on both your clothes and also from your face – the stress lines, you know!

Unlike an iron, using a handheld steamer for clothes is convenient and easy to use. As you may attest to this, ironing clothes is tiring and frustrating sometimes. We have undertaken the daunting task of sorting out the best models in the market. So, without further ado, let’s find out the 10 models that emerge the winners in the market. Just read on to learn more.

10. LCRUNONE Detachable Handheld Steamer Portable Fabric Fast Heat-Up Garment Steamer

Are you looking for a more compact handheld steamer for clothes? Look no further than this brand by LCrunone. This unit does not require an ironing board thus you do not require much space to perform your operations. You can use it on different kinds of fabric either vertically or horizontally to suit all your needs. It powers up to 1200 watts allowing you to heat this entire unit within some 10 seconds. The unique nozzle helps to distribute heat in an even and consistent manner to avoid any wrinkles. Additionally, you are assured of a safer device because it features a dual safety protection system.


  • Smaller in size to fit into your backpack or suitcase
  • The water tank prevents leaks and water spitting
  • Keeps clothes neat and fresh to avoid wrinkles
  • Suitable for household items such as curtains


  • Does not remove stubborn wrinkles

9. TEKAMON 1500W Portable Fast Heat-Up Handheld Wrinkle Remover Steamer for Clothes

You can easily remove any wrinkles in your fabric in the best way with the Tekamon handheld steamer for clothes. It has an energy gathering steam chamber that enables you to dry up any steam within 30 seconds. The high-temperature steam quickly penetrates through each layer of the fabric to get rid of any wrinkles. With the 300ml large capacity water tank, you can iron up to 6-8 shirts. Moreover, it has a double safety protection system that guarantees you needed safety while using it. You can use it on different fabrics such as sofas, curtains, clothes, and many more.


  • Automatically shuts down with high temperatures
  • Has a transparent water tank for easy monitoring
  • Has a clip that makes it convenient for travel
  • The smart touch panel is easier to operate


  • The release buttons are very close

8. AICOK 1500W 15S Dual Steam Settings Handheld Clothes Portable Clothes Steamer for Home

If you are looking for a lightweight handheld steamer for clothes, this brand by Aicok is the best choice. It only weighs 1.98 pounds you can never feel it’s weight while carrying it from one place to another. With the pulse boost technology, steam is provided at a much higher temperature and pressure to remove all the wrinkles. This 1200w steamer is powerful enough to preheat within 15 seconds for faster operations. The large capacity water tank enables you to steam your clothes continuously for up to 14 minutes. Besides, it has a compact and lightweight design thus you can easily fit it into your backpack.


  • Easy to store with its compact and lightweight design
  • Certified by ETL thus safer for everyday operations
  • Has dual steam setting to meet different needs
  • You can spray some water to get rid of wrinkles


  • The tank requires regular refilling

7. Deerma 7-in-1 Powerful Portable Handheld Travel Garment Steamer for Clothes Wrinkle Remover

When it comes to a high-quality handheld steamer for clothes, you can put your trust in this brand by Deerma. This unit is designed from both plastic and aluminum materials that are well known for their strength and durability. The aluminum alloy plate is well designed and heats within 10 seconds for efficient results. With a foldable handle, you can easily fit it into your bag for convenient traveling. Moreover, it is equipped with an overhead water tank with a capacity of 100ml to avoid using more effort while ironing. Also, the water steam particles have been well scattered to avoid leaving behind any watermarks.


  • Has a powerful heating element that heats up quickly
  • Can be used at different angles for easier operations
  • Distributes heat evenly to remove all wrinkles
  • Made lightweight thus easier to carry around


  • The steam is not very strong

6.HAWITON Foldable Fast Heat-Up Fabric Handheld Steamer Portable Iron Wrinkle Remover for Travel

While traveling or at home, you would not want to carry around a heavy handheld steamer for clothes. This brand by Hawiton has a lightweight and compact design which makes it easier to fit it in your bag while on the go. The detachable water tank heats up in 20 seconds and provides continuous steam for up to 10 minutes. For safety purposes, this unit automatically shuts down after 12 minutes of inactivity. Better still, it has 3 different modes which allow you to adjust the amount of the steam to suit your needs. You can use it on different fabrics such as nylon, polyester, silk, and many more.


  • Easy to steam clothes hanging vertically or horizontally
  • The fabric brush is gentle enough for use on all fabrics
  • Provides high-density steam for both toys and clothes
  • Has five holes that act as vents during ironing


  • Takes up to 20 seconds to heat up

5. Reliable 1500W DASH 150GH One-Touch Control Portable Garment Steamer for Tablecloth, Clothes

Reliable handheld steamer for clothes is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your ironing needs. It features a ceramic soleplate with the best pressing surface and ensures even distribution of heat. The removable water tank has a capacity of 300ml to provide continuous steam for up to 11 minutes. Furthermore, this powerful steamer heats up with 30 seconds to remove any stubborn wrinkles on sofas, curtains, and all kinds of fabrics. Weighing less than 3lbs, you can easily carry this device with you whenever you are traveling without feeling its weight at all.


  • Designed from durable quality materials
  • Has a compact design thus takes less space
  • You easily fill it refill the tank while in use
  • Easier to operate with only one touch


  • Heavier compared to Hawiton model

4. 666 SIX-BY-SIX Anti-Drip Fast Heat-Up 1350W Garment Steamer for Clothes for Travel, Home

If you need to freshen up your clothes, 666 six by six handheld steamer for clothes becomes your great companion. This unit heats up within 25 seconds to get rid of any wrinkles on fabrics and clothes. The 380ml water reservoir offers you up to 15 minutes of steaming time on all fabrics. Not only can you use it to de-wrinkle and sanitize clothes but also beddings, curtains, drapery and so on. Its compact design allows you to easily slip it into your bag while traveling to keep your clothes all-fresh at all times. When the water level gets so low, this unit automatically shuts down to keep you safe.


  • Powerful enough to produce steam within 25 seconds
  • Offers the best results if you steam clothes on a hanger
  • Takes a few minutes to steam more clothes
  • Comes with a clear instructional manual


  • The cord is very short

3. CONAIR White/Light Green Dual Heat Extreme Handheld Steam fabric for Clothes

Keep your clothes free from any germs or bedbugs with Conair handheld steamer for clothes. This device provides a constant stream that not only removes wrinkles but also kills up to 99.9% of germs. It has two heat settings thus capable of handling most kinds of fabrics. Even better, it is equipped with a water reservoir that can be easily refilled while ironing for a continuous steam supply. Besides, it features a dual heating element with a power of 1100watts for a fast heat up. This makes an ideal gift for a friend or family member during birthdays or Christmas holidays.


  • Only weighs 2.95 pounds for easier transport
  • The fabric brush helps to open up fibers
  • Has steam pause features to save energy
  • Soft can be used on delicate fabrics


  • It does not come with a stand

2. iTvanila 1200W 7-in-1 Powerful Portable Wrinkle-Remover Garment Steamer

You can easily remove wrinkles in your fabric in a more instantaneous manner with the Itvanila handheld steamer for clothes. It has a power of 1200 watts thus preheats within 15 seconds to save up your ironing time. The water tank can hold up to 150 ml of water for a continuous supply of steam. The two included brushes help you to steam different kinds of fabric more conveniently. Besides, you can steam your clothes while lying horizontally or hanging vertically because it has an anti-leakage design. Since it also features a lightweight design, it becomes a big plus for you if you need a portable unit.


  • Can be used on cotton, velvet, polyester, and many other fabrics
  • The water tank is well designed to avoid tipping over
  • Smaller in size thus fits into your suitcase or backpack
  • Has well-designed heating plates for even steaming


  • The top part can get very hot

1. POLARDO Cordless Mini Size 25s Heat-Up 110V Handheld Steamer for Any Fabrics

Regardless of the kind of fabric that you need to steam, Polardo handheld steamer for clothes is the best choice. It has a metal steelhead and advanced heating element that assures you of incredible performance. With the innovative steam channeling design and electronic pump system, you can easily steam your fabrics from any angle. Featuring an easy to refill water tank that heats up within 25 seconds, you no longer have to wait for long periods. The stainless steel head is well designed to remove wrinkles on linen, cotton, silk, and other fabrics.


  • Stays cool at all times to keep you safer while using it
  • Has an extended long cord for more convenience
  • Can be used upside down without water leaking
  • Allows you to steam your clothes for 10 minutes


  • The water tank requires regular refilling

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Handheld Steamer for Clothes

Weight & Size

Well, there are tons of models of different weights and sizes. It is a good idea to check the specification of the best handheld steamer you’re going to purchase and ensure they’re going to meet all your needs. For that case, you can decide to settle with a lighter model to make your work easier. On the other hand, the size also need not be huge, so that it can fit seamlessly in the smallest space available. However, if you’re looking for a commercial steamer, then you need to opt for a larger model to handle the heavy workload.

Continuous Steam Capacity

Before spending your hard-earned money, you must look for a model with continuous steam capacity. With a continuous steam capacity, it is very simple and easy to control since you only need to use a single finger on the button. It is therefore recommended that you look for these features if you’ll be using your steamer often.

Heating Time

The other factor of importance is the heat up time. No one has the luxury of time, and therefore, you need to opt for a model that heats up in seconds. It is tiresome and frustrating to wait for the handheld steamer to heat up slowly, more so when you’re rushing. So, always choose a model that can instantly reach your desired temperature. Besides, the fast heating ability can aid you to save your overall time you’ll take to accomplish the task.

Steam Settings

The settings of the handheld steamer should be easy to read and use. Opt for a model that has clear and quick to related settings. As such, you remove lines in your clothes like never before.


We have come to the tail end of our article on the best ten handheld steamers for clothes in reviews. If at all you’re still in confused ozone, you can still read through this article once again to enable you to make a well-informed decision. The goodness with this post is the fact that we have added a set of factors you need to go through to enable you to make the right buying decision. We are certain that this post has opened up your eyes to some contagious issues you had with regards to these helpful appliances. We hope you’ll have a smooth buying experience!

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