Top 10 Best Hook-On High Chairs in Reviews

Probably you are expectant or a nursing parent and the favor you’ve done to yourself is stocking all gears that the baby will need. Well, that is quite impressive but how about the limited space? It’s true, the baby’s stuff wouldn’t spare your house or apartments in terms of space. Even a high chair wouldn’t fit because of this. But have you thought of getting yourself the most convenient hook-On high chair? Yes, it is the perfect solution to save you space in your house. Your newborn will stay jovial and comfortable in this space-saving unit.

Although it sounds like a cliché, we must let you know that getting the best hook-on high chair is a hassle because you need to sift through all the available options. That being the case, we don’t hesitate to come through and help since that’s our job. We want you as a customer to take more of your time with your family members. That said and done, we have compiled the best 10 hooks-on high chairs reviews. Check out the details below.

#10. Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat Fast Setup Adjustable Tray Compact Fold Chair (Grey)

The Chicco Pocket Snack hook-on high chair is the cheapest and affordable unit in this set. With convenient carrying design and a compact fold, you can be assured that this seat is comfortable carrying with you anywhere. This unit is designed for a dining chair exclusively. Also, it has rubberized feet to secure the Pocket Snack to its dining chair. Besides, any parent should avoid using elevated surfaces other than sticking to the full-size dining room chair. Furthermore, it comes with metal legs that ensure the seat serve for long without getting damaged. Enjoy taking meals with your child seated on this hook-on high chairs comfortably by purchasing this suit.


  • The removable tray is adjustable to three positions to meet various kid’s needs
  • Easy to maintain because you only you a damp cloth to wipe seat and tray
  • It has anti-slip and non-marking feet for enhanced baby’s safety
  • Has a quick setup which is also easy and compact to fold
  • Constructed with metal legs for prolonged use


  • The straps aren’t removable but they wipe off pretty easy

#9. Toogel Fold-Flat High Load Design Portable Hook-on High Chair Feeding Seat (Navy blue)

Get your baby much comfortable on the Toogel hook-on high chair. The seat features a 5-point safety harness that supports your baby at all times. You don’t have to worry about how and where to install, because assembling and installation is a breeze! You can as well clip it on the table with a thickness of 0.79″ – 3.15″. Both your baby and your table furniture are protected. Moreover, the compact size makes it easy to fold and store. Also, it comes with a carry bag that makes it easy for you to carry it to a place of your choice. And, it suits babies of age 6months to 3years. Therefore, wait no more and hurry gets this seat!


  • Made of skin-friendly materials that keeps baby’s skin safe
  • The storage bag allows you to keep some babies’ stuff
  • Weighs about 3.4 pounds which makes it easy to carry
  • Suitable for usage at home, when out for picnics or in hotels


  • It is difficult to install on a round table

#8. TCBunny Safe & High Load Design Tight Fixing Clip Machine-Washable Hook on Chair

TCBunny hook-on high chair is one of the seats in the market that is uniquely designed for your infants. This seat is designed to suit tables with a thickness of 20- 85 mm. The steel clamps with non-slip grips provide a steady attachment to the table. Also, it has a 5-point safety harness that keeps your baby safe and comfortable. Additionally, it is designed for babies aged 6-36 months weighing up to 37lbs. To ease portability purposes it compactly folds as it weighs about 4.12 pounds. With this, your space is greatly saved. If your seat covers are untidy, you can easily remove them and wash them using your hands or a machine.


  • The 5 point harness keeps your babies’ waist and legs safe
  • You child automatically sits in an upright position
  • Easy to dissemble as it does not require any tools
  • Even wiggling babies stay intact to the seat


  • As compared to other models it lacks the tray

#7. BeMAX Washable Feeding Seat Tight Fixing Clip Safe Hook-on High Chair for Baby or Toddler (Black)

Suppose you need a seat for your baby, you will have to priorities the safety of your baby when using it. BeMAX hook-on high chair has your baby kept safe all through. This seat is best suited for babies’ age 6-36 months weighing up to 33 pounds. The hook is compatible with tables of 0.8″ to 3.35″ thickness. For mothers who want things done faster, this seat can installed within some 30 seconds. Further to that, the frame has a stainless steel casing that does not corrode or rust easily. This seat weighs approximately 4.87 pounds, this makes it easy to carry around. You can keep your baby seat clean as its fabric is removable for cleaning purposes. You can as well wipe it using some wet wipes.


  • Can be used at homes, while traveling or in restaurants
  • It is compatible with almost all tablets and leaves no scratches
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble hence saves your time
  • Foldable thus making it easy to fit perfectly in most car trunks


  • Not suitable for tables with round or curved edges

#6. Toogel w/ Fold-Flat Storage Attach to Fast Table Hook-on High Chair for Home & Travel

Toogel hook on-high chair is one of the sleekest models you have come across in the market. And also, it is designed to suit tables that are 20mm to 80mm thick. Moreover, it has a 5 point harness to easily access your baby in different directions. You can easily clip this onto your table for great meal times. This seat can also be folded easily in case you want to transport it. The presence of storage pockets at the back of the seat allows you to keep some of the babies’ stuff. Also, your tables are free from scratches as the clips are soft. This seat weighs 3.25 lbs., – an added advantage for portability needs.


  • Easy to install as it only takes 20 seconds and you are good to go
  • Made of waterproof fabric to prevent your baby from getting wet
  • The adjustable safety belts keep your baby stable and safe
  • It is more portable compared to other models in the market


  • Not suitable for tables that are more than 80mm thick

#5. Muneca Baby Portable Travel Highchair Spill-Proof Compatible Hook-on High Chair

Fifth on our list is Muneca baby hook-on high chair. Made from high-quality steel materials with powder coating. That means the chair will have a durable life. The five-point harness with shoulder straps keeps your baby stable during meal times. This seat weighs 5 pounds and supports babies of weight up to 33 lbs. The lightweight features make it easy to be out with your baby at all times. Also, it comes with a silicone mat with a food catcher that is stylish. The seat keeps your baby safe at all costs as it no points that can pinch your baby. This chair is also designed with a raised arm edge and crumb catcher that keeps your floor clean as it prevents any messes.


  • This is a perfect gift for expectant mothers or those with small babies
  • You can fold it easily and have it with you at any place you desire
  • The fabric can be removed this makes it easy when cleaning it
  • The quick twist-to-lock design has your baby stable


  • It does not accommodate babies of more than 33 lbs.

#4. Chicco QuickSeat Travel-Friendly On-Pull Straps Adjustable Tray Hook-on Chair (Graphite)

Chicco QuickSeat hook-on high chair is one of the most trusted brands in the market and never gets you disappointed. Secure your baby next to a table using the straps that come with this unit. The Snap-On the tray makes it prevents any messes on the floor. Also, it is equipped with 3 point harness making your baby comfortable at all times. This seat folds compactly and easily for transport and carriage purposes. This seat weighs about 9 pounds making it more portable. As compared to another model, this has no gap between the child and tray hence minimizes messes. It also releases quickly when getting it out of the table. And finally, it supports babies weighing up to 37lbs.


  • Fast to hook on tables because of the Quickseat mechanism
  • Has a built-in carrying strap to carrying some meals with you
  • The seat covers are removable hence easy to wash
  • The tray is safe for use in a dishwasher


  • It can slip if used on a table with a cloth

#3. Upseat Removable Tray Booster Seat Baby Chair Floor Seat for Natural Hip Development (Grey)

Your baby needs the best mealtime experience, and that comes to reality with the Upseat hook-on high chair. If your baby is aged between 4months to 2.5 years then, this is the best model. This versatile seat can be used for feeding your baby or as a floor seat for sitting up. Designed from high-quality materials that make it durable. Also, it has a tray that makes it a booster seat when your baby is eating. Your baby’s health is well taken care of since the booster seat engages muscles for an upright posture. If your baby has chubby cheeks, then, this seat has enough space that encourages good hip formation.


  • Has an easy to grab handle when carrying it
  • Accommodates infants weighing up to 30lbs
  • Encourages natural hip development
  • Convenient for transport as it is light


  • No much freedom of choice as it is available only in grey color

#2. Phil&teds Lobster Apple Hygienic & Easy Clean Portable Clip-on High Chair for Home & Travel

Phil&teds hook-on high chair comes with the most admirable features for you. This seat weighs 3.9 pounds and best suitable for babies weighing up to 37 pounds. Besides, it is best suited for those aged 3 months – 3 years. Additionally, it has grip pads that suit tables of up to 3.7-inch thickness. Also, it features a 4 point harness with padded shoulder straps that keeps your baby safe and stable in the chair. The “lobster claws” with rubber grips are strong enough and easy to clamp onto a table. In case you want to store this item, you can easily fold it and there you are to go. Finally, it has its carry bag hence its easy when you need to pack it into your car trunk.


  • This is the best seat that matches your fashion and stylish look
  • The grips are non-slip to avoiding sliding or slipping off
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events
  • Made of durable materials that last long enough


  • Unlike the Chicco model with 6 points, it has only 4 points of the harness

#1. Chicco 360 Space-saving & Sturdy Easy to Clean Hook-on Chair Seat for Home & Travel (Scarlet)

Do you know that babies’ gears occupy most of your closet space? Chicco 360 hook-on high chair seat has much of this space saved. With the 360° rotating feature, you can lock in 6 different positions that suit your baby. This seat is best for children of age between 6-36 months, weighing up to 37lbs. You can easily clamp this seat to a 5.25 thick table using the rubber grips. These grips leave no scratches on your table or no pinches on your fingers. The seat fabric is removable thus makes it easy when you need to wash it. Also, it is easy to adjust this seat as it has some yellow highlighted buttons that are visible enough.


  • Versatile as you can interact with your baby in 6 different positions
  • Can be used when out for picnics or in restaurants
  • The deluxe carry bag makes it easy to carry this seat
  • Snap-on serving gets you a clean home with no messes


  • Food pieces can get in little crevices on the front part

Factors to Look Out for When Purchasing for the Best Hook-on High Chair

Most hook-on chairs are endowed with numerous features because of that, you need to consider them while making your purchase. That means, so long as you stick on them, you rest assured to get a unit that meets your criteria.

Storage pockets

You’ll find that some hook-on high chairs offer storage behind the admirable seat. It even becomes more useful if you’ll be taking with you to a restaurant. By that we mean, you can store baby’s forks, spoon, wet wipes or a soother to place in their mouths when they start crying.

Carrying Bags

To ensure that the hook-on high chair is portable and hygienic, you need to look for something that includes a carrying bag. This alone will offer you an easy way to fold up the unit and place it in the bag seamlessly. Besides, a bag is so crucial in keeping the chair set in place when not in use.

Removable Seat Cushion

With a removable cushion, the unit is a hassle-free to clean and quick. You need to take off the messy cushion and throw it to a machine for the next mealtime. It’s just as simple as that.


The model that comes with a secondary purpose is mostly preferred because it enables you to save time and space at a go. Also, you wouldn’t need to buy another item for yet another baby’s function. For instance, instead of buying a hook on high chair for only feeding your baby, you can acquire the one that also acts as a booster seat.

Color Choice

For home décor and color match, there is a need to consider the color of the hook-on high chair that you wish to purchase. It is advisable to acquire that unit that will blend well with the place it will be used on.

Baby’s Weight

Although this is not a common issue, it is a good idea to consider the weight of your child beforehand. As a fact, if the chair you are buying should offer prolonged services to your baby, you should consider the weight factor.


Possibilities are, you have scouted the best hook-on high chair and you are almost making your last decision. You have a reason to smile because we have offered you the best options we could. The only way to interest with your baby and have fun during mealtime is by purchasing the best hook-on high chair. Even if you’re a usual traveler, this chair will work best for you because it folds up with ease after use. Use the factors we have highlighted above to enable you to make a profound decision in your shopping. What’s more, order your set now and this life-saver and space-saver kit with amaze you!

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