Top 10 Best ID card Printer In Reviews

Whether you manage the student body at university or run a business, proper identification of all people involved is very important. Identification cards today are far better than just a basic photo ID as they help to distinguish between the employee and the guests quite easily. Most organizations have decided to get themselves ID card Printer to print an ID card for themselves to reduce costs in the long run.

There are numerous ID card printers in the market, and choosing the right one becomes a challenge. That’s why, in this article, we are going to review the top 10 best ID card Printers available out there.

#10. Bodno Zebra ZXP Series ID Card Printer with complete package

With up to 100 colors printing systems, this ID card printer by bodno is a convenient unit that is ideal for printing most units. It is easy to use a printer that is recommended for both beginners and experienced users. Ideally, this card printer includes all the software and items to make in-house ID cards, membership, and photos. In addition to that, it is a durable and compact printer that is easy to use, and you can print up to 5000 cards per year.

This card printer is a perfect choice for laundromats clubs, hospitality, health care, universities, schools, businesses, or any midsize organization. It has a fast speed printing of 19 seconds per card where it can print black or full color. Lastly, the product is backed with a two years limited warranty.


  • Compact and durable printer with a fast printing speed of 19 seconds per card
  • Includes all the items and software to auto-create the cards for you
  • Prints in black or full color and features 100 card input hopper
  • Easy to use and set up and comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Noisy

#9. AlphaCard ID card Printer Complete with 100 Printable Cards

This is another top-rated ID card Printer that is very reliable and efficient. It allows you to connect remotely with EasyBadge software via mobile App allowing the records to be added and edited instantly. Besides that, it comes with EasyBadge Wizard that enables you to create a database and good looking card design within a few minutes. Also, it has hand-fed processing where you fend the hopper by one hand, and this makes it ideal for lower volume purposes.

What’s more, the device is included with 100 blank cards, full-color ribbon, and Software & Applications. This device is made from high quality and durable plastic body material, and this will guarantee you that it will offer a long-term service. With its sleek, compact design, this device is small and portable.


  • Prints professional full-colored cards within seconds
  • Comes with intuitive software and mobile app
  • Hand-fed processing making it ideal for lower volume purposes
  • Power supply and USB cable are included


  • Does not offer lamination

#8. Nisca PR-C101 Complete Supplies Package ID card Printer

Nisca PR-C101 card Printer is a great unit that you can rely on ID card printing. It includes everything to print professional-grade membership cards or photo ID security cards. Ideally, this printer is effortless to use as it comes with user-friendly features allowing you to print your cards in minutes. What’s more, the package is included with 300 high-quality, durable PVC cards that are made to work correctly with software, camera, color ribbon, and printer.

You can use the included software has pre-made templates that allow you to use it without prior experience. The ID Badge Design Wizard is compatible with Windows 7-8-10, Vista, XP, and MAC OSX. Also, the printer is included with an instruction guide and manual for easy setup and usage.


  • Easy to use the printer and comes with user-friendly features
  • Comes with 300 high-quality, durable PVC cards
  • Everything you require to get printing is included
  • The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty


  • None

#7. Badgy200 Plastic ID card Printer with Camera and Bronze Edition ID Software

Badgy200 card Printer is a great unit that has a heavy-duty construction for longer life. It is a user-friendly solution to print and create your IDs for events, employees, students, members, and more. The printer is perfect for medium and small-sized organizations that require to print about 1,000 cards per year. It allows you to print customized badges with your own bar-codes, text, logos, photos, and even QR codes. Setting up this printer is very easy to use, perfect for beginners, and also advanced users.

This card printer comes complete with 100 free cards, 100 print color ribbon, ID design software, and cables. It will allow you to print a color badge in just 38 seconds, and the unit has an ergonomic design for easy operation. Lastly, this unit is easily portable for dependable uses.


  • Easy setup for both advanced and beginner user
  • Print a color badge in just 38 seconds
  • Ideal to use for small and medium-sized organizations
  • Comes with 100 free plastic ID cards


  • The templates are limited

#6. Magicard Complete Supplies Pronto ID card Printer

Are you looking for the best ID card Printer for your organization or school? Then, Magicard card Printer is the best Printer that you can go for. It is easy to use the printer that prints membership cards or professional ID cards and it has user-friendly features that will offer you professional cards in minutes. Ideally, this card printer is supplied with 100 white Bodno PVC cards that work perfectly with the software, color ribbon, and the printer.

Another thing, this card printer comes with 2 years limited warranty. Also, the software included has drag & drop images, pre-made templates, text boxes and other elements that make it easy to use.


  • Includes everything allowing you to start printing right when you get the printer
  • Easy to use printer and features user-friendly features to print cards in minutes
  • Pre-made templates as well as drag and drop images making it easy to learn using the machine
  • Supplied with 100 high-quality, durable PVC cards


  • Looks very basic

#5. Fargo DTC1250e Complete Package ID card Printer

If you want an elaborate color print, Fargo DTC1250e is the right ID card printer for you. It is an easy to use card printer as it comes with user-friendly features and will print professional cards in minutes. Ideally, this ID card Printer is fully supplied with 300 durable and high-quality PVC cards that work perfectly with this color ribbon, printer, software, and camera. Everything you need to start printing is included.

This professionally made Printer comes with a bronze software with drag & drop images and pre-made templates that allow you easy to use without prior knowledge. Furthermore, all the software and hardware come with three years of limited warranty.


  • Easy to use the printer and will print professional cards in minutes
  • Supplied with 300 high-quality, durable PVC cards
  • Has 30 card output hopper and 100 card input hopper
  • A compact and durable printer that prints 10,000 cards per year


  • Wastes a lot of material

#4. Magicard Enduro 3e Complete Supplies ID card Printer

Manufactured by Magicard, this model enables you to appreciate your very own, printed ID cards, whether in full or monochrome color. Everything you require is included in starting printing as soon as you get this card printer. The package is included with the MA300YMCKO color ribbon and Enduro 3e printer that has user-friendly features that enable you to print within a few minutes. With its drag & drop images and pre-made template, this makes it easy to use this printer even without any prior knowledge.

This bundle usually comes with 300 high-quality Bodno PVC cards and a camera that captures great pictures for IDs. Everyone can easily use this printer to customize the cards. Besides that, it is compatible with both Mac and Windows, so whatever one you use, you will make your own personalized changes to get the card you need.


  • Includes everything to get printing started right out of the box
  • Supplied with 300 high-quality PVC cards
  • Comes with user-friendly features and prints in a few minutes
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Inconsistency in printing

#3. Datacard SD160 Simplex Basic Software ID card Printer

Whether you are just a beginner or a skilled user, this ID card Printer from Datacard is very easy to use. This entry-level ID card printer usually comes with powerful features such as UV printing to ensure increased card security. It can print 150 full-color cards per 60 minutes, making it ideal for small to medium organizations. In addition to that, the SD160 usually comes with a 25 card output hopper and 100 card input hopper with can be upgraded to 100-card output hopper and 200-card input hopper if you need to print more cards in a run.

Another thing, the device come with easy to use card design wizard and card templates. Also, it is suitable for both color and monochrome versions.


  • Features 25 card output hopper and 100 card input hopper
  • Card design wizard and easy-to-use card templates
  • Can be able to print 150 full-color ID cards per hour
  • The printer offers rewritable card printing


  • Print quality not up to the mark

#2. Evolis Primacy Complete Package Dual-Sided Card Printer

Evolis continue to wow us with its innovative and powerful devices. This Dual-Sided Card Printer is ideal for business owners who are searching for a mid-volume card production device. You can use this printer to print your own membership cards or professional ID photo cards, as it is included with everything required to get started. Moreover, the bronze software allows you to learn without prior experience as it comes with drag & drops images, pre-made templates, and other design elements that make the card professionally built.

This Card Printer has user-friendly features; thus, you can print the cards in minutes. It prints the cards on both sizes, and the cards included works perfectly with this card printer. Lastly, this device comes with a three years limited warranty.


  • Easy to use and comes with user-friendly features
  • Supplied with 300 high-quality PVC cards
  • The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty
  • Easy to use without prior experience


  • The templates are limited

#1. Fargo HDP5000 with Supplies Bundle Dual Side Card Printer

If you are looking for a reliable, fast, and low-maintenance ID card printing machine, then this Dual Side Card Printer by Fargo is an excellent choice for small business owners. It is supplied with 100 PVC cards, card Imaging software, Transfer film, and YMCK color ribbon. Ideally, this card printer will help you to design, customize, and print your own cards such as credit cards, security cards, gift cards, ID cards, and more.

This printer allows the edge to edge printing on both sizes, and there will be no white borders. It has a high definition printing capacity with 100% accuracy. Lastly, the drivers are compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms.


  • The package comes with 100 white-colored PVC cards
  • It has an available option for Eco cartridge ribbon
  • Allows Edge-to-edge printing for both sides of the card
  • Comes with software that makes it simple to create a customized design


  • A bit pricy

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best ID card Printer

Double-Sided Vs. Single Sides Printers

You need to choose between a single printer and a double-sided printer as they come in 2 options. Ideally, single-sided printers are more efficient, but it takes a lot of time to print many IDs as you need to print each side at a time. Though is you need to print cards at a fast rate, then you need to get a double-sided printer.


To get a good ID card printer that will offer long term service, then it is crucial to go for a device that is made using premium quality material. The body of the printer should be resistant to wear for longevity. Moreover, it should have a compact design for convenient storage and better portability.

The number of PVC Cards

Because printers usually come with different numbers of PVC ID cards, it is advisable to get a device that comes with more cards. Some printers come with around 100 PVC cards, while others come with 250-300 PVC cards.


An ID card printer is a good investment, especially if you print many cards every year. It will save you a good amount of money, and you can print many cards without any extra costs. These ID card printers listed above are portable units and will suit all your printing tasks. They are perfect for both beginners and experienced users. Now, what are you waiting for? Choose one of the units above and will save you a few bucks every year!

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