Top 10 Best Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards In Reviews

Since surfing has become most people’s hobby, most people will want to get the best paddleboards. It helps you relax while paddling in the lake, rivers, oceans, canals, or any other water source, but it is excellent for a full-body workout. These paddleboards offer a wide range of features to help you achieve the best surfing experience. With all these, you can now go out with your family members for a more enjoyable paddling activity. Most of these units come with a pump for inflation and a carry bag for transport purposes.

All that aside, all paddle boards claim to be the best since most manufacturers want to market their products in the competitive markets. This gets so much confusing, especially if you are starting. These units have different features; thus, all you need to do is to pick a brand that meets its intended use. We’ve compiled the best ten inflatable stand-up paddleboards to aid you in your choice.

#10. WAVEY BOARD 6Inch Thick SUP PVC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board w/Bottom Fin

If you’re looking for the best surfing board, look no further than the Wavey board inflatable stand-up board. The surface of the deck is of high-quality EVA materials, the middle is of double-layered PVE, and the wings at the top are of military-grade aluminum, thus lasts longer. The paddleboard has an extra width that allows you to balance efficiently for the best performance while in water. The EVA materials at the bottom prevent any friction from keeping this unit safe and sturdy. With the high-pressure double action pump, you can quickly inflate it to 15psi within some 5 minutes.


  • The paddle can be separated into three pieces for storage
  • Comes with a carry backpack for transport purposes
  • Strong enough to support a weight of up to 250lbs
  • Has carrying handles making it more portable


  • It harder to inflate towards the end

#9. Bestway Non-Slip Traction Pad Hydro-Force Oceana Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Are you ready for your next adventure in the lake or ocean? Well, all you need is Bestway inflatable stand up paddleboard. You cannot only use it in lakes or oceans but all freshwater types such as rivers and ponds. It comes with one handy pump that enables you to inflate the board within a few minutes, and you are good to go. This paddle board is made of a durable stitch pattern, which assures you of a longer-lasting unit. With the non-slip traction pattern, you can easily carry it without sliding or slipping off your hands. Additionally, the deck handle makes it easier to take it from one place to another. Also, the aluminum oar is made lightweight making it easier to paddle.


  • It takes some few minutes to assemble thus saves your time
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable water operations
  • The storage bag makes it easier to carry it around
  • Can be used by both beginner and professionals


  • The carry backpack is a little bit smaller

#8. MAXFLO Wide Stance Bottom Fin Non-Slip Deck Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

As a beginner, you rest assured the best surfing experience with Maxflo inflatable stand up paddleboard. It is constructed from high-grade PVC components that are well known for their durability and strength. With the latest stabilization technology, you are assured of excellent stability and balancing all through your paddling time. It is now more fun surfing, handling or steering with this unit because it is fitted with a triple panel fin design. The top deck is anti-slip to avoid sliding, making it ideal for both beginners and experts to surf. Besides, it weighs less; thus, it is easier to carry with you when out on the lake or any surfing excursion.


  • Has a compact design thus fits into your car trunk
  • Comes with a collapsible paddle for easy storage
  • The manual pump makes it easier to inflate the board
  • Waterproof phone carrier keeps your cellphone safe


  • It is hard to lock the connector while pumping

#7. ACOWAY SUP Non-Slip Deck Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Youth & Adult

When it comes to a sturdier and thicker inflatable stand-up paddleboard, you got it all right with this model from Acoway. It has a removable central fin that makes it easier to maneuver around easily and keeps more stable for an enjoyable surfing experience. The adjustable bungee mounted on the deck lasts longer and keeps you safe while holding all the gear when surfing. With a large EVA deck pad, you are assured of a firmer grip since it is made soft and comfortable. For safety purposes, you can tie the rotatable ankle strap safety rope around your ankles while paddling. This unit has a compact design after rolling it up, thus occupies less storage space.


  • Inflates and deflates quickly for storage and transport purposes
  • Supports persons with a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • Has two-color side design thus looks elegant and beautiful
  • It doesn’t need any extra tools for assembly


  • Doesn’t support more than 400lbs

#6. SereneLife Non-Slip Deck 6Inch Thick Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board w/Wide Stance

Sixth on our list is this high-quality inflatable stand up paddleboard brand from SereneLife. It is ideal for beginners because it has an anti-slip and soft deck that keeps you safe from sliding while paddling. This unit is fitted with triple bottom panel fins that make handling and steering a much easier task. With only a weight of 19.6lbs, it can support a maximum user capacity of 275lbs and above. Moreover, it comes with an air pump that makes it easier to inflate it to more than 15psi. Assembly is a hassle-free task since it does not require any extra tool, thus saves your setup time. You can easily choose from the six colors available, depending on your preferences.


  • Easy to inflate since it only takes you some few minutes
  • Has 6-inch thickness thus accommodates two people
  • Folds up easily for storage and transport purposes
  • Made lightweight therefore easier to carry around


  • The pump is from cheaper materials

#5. ANCHEER Durable Double Layer Military Grade PVC 10Inch Inflatable Stand-Up Surfing Board

Ancheer inflatable stand-up surfing board is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your surfing needs. This unit has a length of 10 inches and a width of 30 inches to ensure that you are well balanced and stable while surfing. It only weighs 22lbs yet strong enough to support a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs. Not only can it be used while paddling but also fishing, cruising, and sightseeing and so on in rivers, canals or lakes. Additionally, you are assured of a durable unit because it is constructed from double-thick military-grade PVC and well stitched for longer usage life. In case of any accidents or slips, the non-slip deck keeps you well-cushioned.


  • Constructed from high-quality materials that last longer
  • Well designed to keep it sturdy during all surfing times
  • Can be easily deflated thus easy to store and transport
  • Comes with a repair kit for maintenance purpose


  • Lacks a fully zipped shut

#4. SereneLife 6Inch Thick Wide Stance Non-Slip Deck Inflatable Stand-Up Surfing Paddle Board

SereneLife surfing board has a width of 30 inches to keep it more stable even while standing. The triple bottom panel fins improve the handling, steering, and speed of the board for adults, kids, or teens. With the soft non-slip top deck, beginners can use it since it keeps safe in case of accidents or injuries. You can carry it anywhere you go since it inflates or deflates to ease storage or transport for use in lakes, rivers, or oceans. Moreover, it has a thickness of 6 inches that makes it ideal for use by two people.


  • The two-way pump allows faster inflation thus saves your time
  • Takes up minimal space after folding or rolling it up
  • Made of thick materials that do not puncture easily
  • Ensures great surfing with the dual fins in the back


  • The paddle is a little bit heavier

#3. Aquaplanet Adjustable Aluminum SUP Floating PACE Stand Up Paddle Board

You can now surf in most water sources such as rivers, lakes, oceans, and so on with Aquaplanet inflatable stand up paddleboard. The floating paddles can be easily adjusted to suit different riders and more comfortable to store. You can carry the entire kit with ease since it comes with a rugged rack suck for easy transport purposes. The premium carry strap makes it easier to transport this unit to and from your vehicle. Moreover, the dual-action premium pump makes inflation a pretty easier task. While you are on the water, you can store this kit and your clothing on the waterproof surf sack. It can be easily accessed by storing it in the bungee handle at the front of the board.


  • Easy to remove from the water edge since it attaches flat to the board
  • Has a deluxe coil leash to keep you more comfortable
  • The floating paddles are lightweight and sturdier
  • Twist lock hose easily attaches and detaches


  • More difficult to inflate after 8psi

#2. SWONDER Ultra-Durable Full SUP Pack Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Never worry of your paddle sinking in case it falls, Swonder inflatable stands up paddleboard is here to sort you out. This unit comes with a lightweight paddle that always floats on water when it is dropped on water. It comes with a big detachable central fin that is much firmer and thicker to ensure stable operations. While paddling, you can hold on to the adjustable bungee mounted on the deck to remain safe. Besides, the large EVA deck pad ensures a firmer grip, whereas keeping you comfortable while paddling for longer distances. You can easily inflate and deflate the paddleboard within a few seconds for easy storage and transport purposes.


  • The central handles make it easier to transport this board
  • Comes with a backpack to enable you to carry it with you
  • Only takes 10 minutes to inflate to up to 12-15psi
  • Has 10-inch coil leash to keep you safer in water


  • The pump is a bit hard to use

#1. Soopotay iSUP Package Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board w/All Accessories

Do you need an inflatable stand up paddleboard that support more weight? This model from Soopotay is an ideal choice. It only weighs 21lbs, yet it can support a maximum user capacity of up to 370lbs. This paddleboard is a little longer, wider, and thicker to provide solid and stable paddle operations. The coil leash helps to protect the rider and also the board from any unexpected damages. You can tie your bag and other accessories to the board using the 6D-rings with the extendable bungees at the front side. Furthermore, you can safeguard your phone using the waterproof phone case and eyeglass rope for your sunglasses.


  • Designed from high-grade and durable PVC materials
  • Comes with a sturdy backpack for transport purposes
  • The seat is well designed to support you comfortably
  • Has a compact design thus saves your storage space


  • The stitching on the board doesn’t line up well

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board


A good surfing board is one that is stable in water. It becomes more fun to surf in a much stable paddleboard. The center of gravity can affect the stability of this unit. A long paddleboard is more durable as compared to a shorter one. The thickness of a paddleboard also contributes to its durability. Thus, a more than 4 inches thick board is preferable since it ensures stable and sturdy paddling operations.

Ease of inflation

Inflation should be a much easier task that takes a few minutes to avoid wasting your paddling time. It should only take you some 3-5 minutes to fully inflate the paddleboard. This mainly depends on the size of the paddleboard and how quickly you perform this task. An ideal inflatable stands up paddleboard inflates at a PSI level of between 12 to 15PSI. Most of these boards come with a pump that makes it easier to inflate this unit at any given time.


Everyone desires for a durable inflatable stand up paddleboard for a longer usage life to avoid frequent replacements. Most of these units are designed from high-grade military-grade materials that are well known for their strength and durability. They have different layers of PVC that are stitched together to resist any scratches or bumps.


Since you do not spend all your time in the water sources, you will be required to carry this inflatable stand up paddleboard from your home to the place of adventure. For those with cars, you should choose a unit that is easy to transport to and from your car. Most of these units come with a carryback that makes it easier to pack your paddleboard and store it intact for easier transport and storage reasons. Some have handles to ease portability.


All the above inflatable stand up paddleboards are the best so far in the market today. The models above deserve to be recommended since they offer you a much delightful paddling experience. These units have smaller differences when it comes to their dimensions and colors, but all the same, they perform the same task. Other brands might have different or more accessories, but it doesn’t mean that one is far superior to others. They’re all designed to keep you paddling as much as you need. Depending on your preferences, you might be prompted to choose one brand over the other.

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