Top 10 Best Keypad Door Lock in Reviews

The first thing you ought to consider when leaving for your job in the morning is the security of your home. As you know, we are currently living in an era where robbery and theft cases are high. And those cases are even worse when it lands to the vulnerable in the society who can’t afford proper security to their houses. With tremendous advancement in technology, most people are opting for the smart locks, which assures you the excellent safety for all your properties.

For example, the invention of the keypad door lock has enabled people to close their offices, commercial business, and homes in a different way altogether. Whether you live in an urban or a remote area, you’ll encounter security problems unless you get yourself a high-quality keypad door lock. The exciting thing about this smart locks is that you don’t have to carry keys around.

So, if you out there scouting for the best keypad door lock, then give an eye on these top ten keypad door lock in reviews. This review is here to ensure your home is kept safe when you’re not within. We are presenting to you this list in descending order.

#10. TURBOLOCK TL116 Voice Prompt Keypad W/Up to 10 Passcodes Backup Keys Digital Deadbolt Lock

Nothing is more comforting and relaxing when you know your home’s entry access is secured. And that is made a reality with TURBOLOCK TL116 digital door lock. The lock is more comfortable and straightforward to operate hence becoming a great security gadget to rely on. It is crafted from a high-quality zinc alloy that is both durable and beautiful, making excellent security for your home.

Also, it is easy to install and keep track of persons entering your premises. In most cases, it is a friendly lock for small business owners, rental properties, homeowners, and guest houses. The physical keys grant access to the commercial space users as well as the passcode that supports up to 9 users, and the 10th is the master passcode. Moreover, this model doesn’t connect to the internet, so no worry about hacking. Using a 12-digit code, it makes it significantly harder to crack the password even by an eavesdropper.


  • The keypad door lock fits most of the standard door sizes with right – or left-side handling
  • It is designed to complement the beauty of the exterior home or office environment
  • The lock is easy to install and operate without the need of a professional installer
  • Made from reliable, durable and premium quality materials


  • Only available in brushed nickel finish color

#9. Elemake Digital Combination Mechanical Stainless Steel Keypad Door Lock (PassCode / Key)

If you are anticipated to get an advanced keypad door locking, then it’s your time to leverage on the Elemake digital keypad door lock. The lock is 100% mechanically designed and wouldn’t cause any problem. It is constructed from stainless steel to become harder against being damaged. You have a choice to use a passcode or key to lock it, and no thief can even attempt to break. The design of this lock is for DIY installation, meaning with step by step instructions, you can work on the rest by yourself. Also, it is suitable for the standard doors having a maximum borehole diameter of 2-1/8-inch, both wood, and metal. The combination for setting the passcode is between 4-8 digits with tumblers.


  • It fits the standard prepared doors with wood or metal materials
  • Installation is quite easy with a step by step guided instructions
  • Offers exceptional security to your home or business premises
  • Construction from stainless steel 304 that are long-lasting


  • It requires a battery to operate the electrical unit

#8. COOLOUS 2 Gen Bluetooth Touchscreen Fully Automated with Handle Smart Keyless Door Lock

Securing your home is getting more sophisticated with COOLOUS 2 GEN smart keyless door lock. It uses four modes of access, including pin code, smartphone unlock, RFID card, and mechanical key. The lock is suitable for both left and right door opening, so it gets rid of the confusion. The Bluetooth hidden lock core is safe and reliable and works during an emergency. In case you are not at home, and you need to open the doors, you can do it remotely on your smartphone. Besides, you can track open records of the door to ensure it’s consistent, and no fishy entry is allowed. This keypad door locking system is the best, more so when there are many guests visiting your home.


  • Perfect fit for all kinds of door opening methods
  • The app can grant access remotely
  • You can track the door opening records in real-time
  • It encrypts its operation for safe functioning without hacking


  • The door requires extra holes drilled for a comfortable fit

#7. Wandwoo Auto-Locked Enabled Anti-Peep Code Adjustable Hand Electronic Bluetooth Door Lock

Have you ever experienced a scenario where the smart lock stop working without giving an alert? Or forget the house keys in the house as you rush for your job? And would you like to do away with those troubles? This Wandwoo keyless door lock would be of great assistance to you. You can lock or unlock the door through the app or Bluetooth. Also, you can use the code to make your access. On your smartphones, you can check the records of the locking and unlock on your smartphone through the app. Moreover, the extra-battery backup can offer you up to 5000 access. Even better, it can suit both the left- and right-handle needs because it’s flexible.


  • Convenient to control checking the unlocking records via the app
  • The auto-lock would help you in case you forget to lock the door
  • The step by step instruction makes installation easier
  • The smart reminder will alert you when the battery is low


  • Customer support isn’t quick to respond to issues

#6. Hornbill Keyless Entry Bluetooth App Control Smart Deadbolt Keypad Door Lock (Newest)

Are you hoping to take your home security level to the next level? Make your dream come true by equipping your main house entrance with Hornbill keyless deadbolt door lock. The lock enables you to add an optional voice control Wi-Fi Bridge to will allow you remotely lock and unlock the door. Also, both the back and front panel of the smart unit is made from durable zinc alloy and best suits harsh environments. Besides, the door can be locked or unlocked using a keypad, mechanical key, and smartphone. The keyless access enables you to control who comes and goes out through your phone. Moreover, if you have guests in your house, you can grant access for a certain period they’ll be around. The best way is giving a temporary code for accessing your home.


  • The smart reminder will alert you via the app when the battery should be replaced
  • Locks your home automatically when you leave for guaranteed safety
  • Installation only takes 15 minutes with a simple DIY procedure
  • Capable of granting access to the guest using the temporary codes
  • Longer lifespan with enough reliable


  • It’s still new in the market

#5. Ultraloq U-bolt Remote Control Bluetooth Enabled Keypad Smart Door Lock (Non-Fingerprint)

Ultraloq U-bolt is the most secure and affordable smart deadbolt that delivers keyless entry through your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. If you’re visited with guests or friends, then this system is flexible because it will allow you to give them temporary codes for access for the period you set. Besides, you can check the status of your lock whenever you’ll be from anywhere with the bridge. When someone opens the door when you are not at home, the notification is relayed instantly to your smartphone. What’s more, you can key-in the keypad randomly as long as one correct password is embedded in the array.


  • Utraloq U-bolt unlocks the door when you arrive with your smartphone in the pocket
  • Uses Bluetooth connectivity and powerful smartphone app
  • The keypad door lock is designed to fit any US standard door
  • The battery can offer up to 8000 times access


  • Integration to glome is useless

#4. Sifely Keyless Remote Control Biometric Keypad Passcode Digital Smart Entry Door Lock

Sifely is the most advanced smart lock company that assures quick and safe locking of your home. The keypad door lock replaces the old keys with fingerprint, keyless entry code, smartphone app, or fob. Best of all, every door lock comes with two physical locks keys to gives you multiple ways of accessing your room. The lock can generate five types of passcode remotely without the use of the internet. Due to that instance, this smart work smart for rental property management, self-housing, shit-term host, etc. This unit is a time-saver, no need to search for lost keys.


  • It is an excellent solution for a short-term host or self-housing resident
  • The door is reversible for both left and right-handed door
  • Easy to install in minutes using Philips screwdriver
  • Offers multi-ways to unlock the smart lock


  • No cons as of when this content was posted

#3. SCHLAGE BE469ZP CAM-716Z-Waved Plus Enabled Aged Bronze Compatible with Alarm Deadbolt

Want to embrace a smarter home technology? Start with SCHLAGE connect Smart Deadbolt. The unit delivers convenient features and readily compatible with other home automation appliances, enabling you to control your home from anywhere. With the Z-Wave technology, the smart deadbolt offers you extended range, better battery life, and a relaxed mind knowing that your home is fully secured. Installation can be easily done using a screwdriver and connected quickly to your home security system with just a push of a button. The in-built alarm will alert you in case someone attempts to temper with your locking system.


  • Presence of an alarm will notify you when someone to break into your house
  • Grant, you access to create up to 30 unique access codes for guest
  • The battery offers high performance and improves on the range
  • Can be installed quickly with a screwdriver for smooth operation


  • The app lacks the door attack features

#2. Wejupit Keyless Fingerprint Touchscreen Two-Factor Mode Stainless Steel Handle Keypad Door Lock

There is no more need to worry about significant loss or forgotten in the house, Wejupit keyless keypad door lock makes your life smart. The lack offers you to access at the palm of your hand. You can use fingerprint, passcode, or even the crucial mechanical entry. Since the print can store up to 200 people’s fingerprints, this is an excellent choice for your clubhouse, office, gym, home, etc. Also, the fingerprint feature is even more sophisticated because it can detect a real human being from a fake one. The fingerprint access core is 100% made in the USA TI chip for guaranteed quality. Even better, the smart system operates with temp 5-140oF.


  • It offers a high-security level based on the anti-fake finger, anti-technical unlocking function, etc.
  • The fingerprint sensor is more sensitive than the optical fingerprint
  • It is super-convenient and smart with no Wi-Fi required
  • Durable and have an easy DIY installation procedure


  • Installation seems a bit challenging

#1. Nest x Tale RB-YRD540-WV-619 Newest Connect Temper-Proof Smart Door Lock (Satin Nickel)

Closing our list, but the topping is Yale x Nest key-free deadbolt lock. This unit is tamper-proof, key-free, and connects easily to the nest app. That means you can lock and unlock your door remotely. Instead of the mechanical keys that are bound to get lost, you can offer your guest passcode for effortless access. You can also check the door status and lock the door using the Google Assistant. Besides, you’ll get to control individuals who come and goes out of your home. Installing this unit is very simple and quick by just using a screwdriver. It is available in oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, and satin nickel.


  • The unit can auto-lock itself when Nest knows you far away
  • Available in various colors to enable you to make a suitable choice
  • You can use Google Assistant to secure using your voice
  • Battery alerts notify you when they should be replaced


  • Takes time to install

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Keypad Door Lock

Go through this guide to enable you to make the right choice as far as the best keypad door locks are a concern. They will allow you to compare what one lock offers over the other.


Well, from the onset of this article, we began by introducing to you about this keypad door locks. You must know the existence of the physical keys and the keypads. Decide your way, are you opting for the keypad entry or the physical key. But note that to have a keyless atmosphere, you’ll have to opt for the keypad option, but keys kept as a backup.


Did you know that sounds can control some locks? Even some advanced door locks are swiftly controlled via a smartphone using its app. So, if you want to have a taste of this era’s technology, you can try one of these accessibility modes. Most of the models we’ve reviewed use different ways of access, it’s even much better for you.


The next aspect that you should consider is the capability of the keypad door lock to have an in-built alarm. This factor is significant because you’ll get notified when someone is trying to break into your house even when you’re not in proximity. Besides, the alarm aspect should be able to detect fake fingerprints and sounds.


The last but significant thing to consider is lock-strength. As you know, a keypad door lock isn’t coming like a house décor addition, and it should be strong enough to prevent any breakage or malicious hacking. Here, we are concern about physical strength and system strength. The lock should not be easy to drill or easy to pick.


Your home security and safety is not an issue to play around with, and for that reason, we have offered you the best ten keypad door locks in the market. And to make it easier for you, we have highlighted features, functionalities, characteristics, and design of each model. In so doing, you can make any of the choices your best depending on your priorities. Next time you’re in dire need of a locking system in your home, be sure to get back to us for a more impressive list. Be the first one to embrace this technology, and you’ll have peace of mind on matters security of your home. Shop wisely!

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