Top 10 Best L-Shaped Corner Desks in Reviews

Computers are becoming part and parcel of life with the use spanning all industries. This rise implies that the demand for computers for both home and office use is also on the rise. In most offices, computers are usually used to run daily jobs. In this regard, it’s worth to have a well-organized office that will ensure no space wastage. That’s where l-shaped corner desks come into play. These handy pieces of furniture will take your office to arrange to a higher level. Plus, you’ll save a lot of space.

There’re tons of L-shaped corner desks in the market; it’s advisable to look for help when things seem challenging. As of now, various manufacturers produce these desks, and if you choose blindly, you may waste your money and time. To end these uncertainties, we’ve done the homework for you. Here are the top 10 best l-shaped corner desks to consider today.

10. SHW Espresso 3-Pcs L-Shaped Gaming Computer Corner Desk Table w/Foot Rest Bar

If you want to do the office transformation, make Vista L-shaped collectible desk series your number one choice of l-desk design. It upgrades the look of your office to become an adaptable and active work station. This brand of L-desk offers various table colors for you to choose from. This beautiful desk’s working surface is fitted with particle board or tempered glass with a steel frame. The steel frame is designed for modern powder coat finishing. The desktop is designed with a material that will allow easy cleaning. Moreover, you can easily balance the desk on any surface with adjustable leg glides.


  • Fitted with adjustable glides for balancing
  • It is made of eco-friendly particleboard
  • The package comes with its hardware
  • It has a manual for installation.


  • The top surface is prone to chipping.

9. Bush Business Pure White Bow Front Desk L-Shaped Office Desk By Kathy Ireland Echo

L-shaped bow front furniture is one of the products designed by Kathy Ireland manufacturers. This is a perfect L-shaped desk that enhances the appearance of anyone interested in upgrading their offices with fashionable and matching styles. It gives blends the pure white finishing with appealing wider lines. This L-shaped desk also creates a residential feeling in a modern work station. It is made of durable and thick laminated finish that can withstand daily uses without bowing. With the desk’s bow front style, you will have sufficient space to place your computer and any other office item. Additionally, you can comfortably adjust its layout to either side, depending on your preferences.


  • Comes with pre-drilled screw holes and plastic caps
  • The top of the desk is strong and durable
  • The desktop is made of thicker material
  • It has nice laminations on both sides.


  • The desk is smaller

8. CDTO  Multi-Purpose Computer Desk Home Office Writing L-Shaped Workstation

This is an ideal computer desktop that provides you with sufficient computer work, writing space, and any other office or home activities. It is designed for use by both laptops and desktop computers within the office or at your home. The working surface is made of fireboard material that is scratch resistant and waterproof. It is made of anti-deformation materials and solid structure that makes the desk to have a long-lasting lifespan. The desk is designed for multiple uses, including studying, kitchen use, bathroom, children’s living room, or office. It can also be useful as a gaming desk, computer desk, or picnic table.


  • It is made of premium quality fiberboard which is water-resistant
  • The L-shape style creates sufficient storage space
  • It is easy to maintain and install
  • Allows up to 360 rotation


  • The package does not come with a chair.

7. Best Choice Black Elegant Sturdy Modular L-Shaped Desk Workstation for Office & Home

BCP L-shaped desk is designed with a modular style that allows you to have either the L-shape’s right or left layout. This will enable the desk to fit into the general layout of your room perfectly. It is also designed with leg glides, adjustable to table height, and for balancing on uneven surfaces. This desk is equipped with a PC stand and a drawer for the keyboard. These two features make the desk highly convenient. The tabletop is also designed with durable sleek wood and a sturdy frame that gives the desk an elegant and modern appearance.


  • It is made of a sturdy metal frame and wood that accommodates up to 66 lbs.
  • Comes with a PC stand and keyboard drawer
  • Has a durable and elegant design
  • Fitted with adjustable legs


  • Not too easy to assemble

6. Le Cross SHW Black L-Shaped 3-Pcs Steel Frame Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk Table

SHL brand of an L-shaped desk is a computer desk made up of 3 pieces of corner desk. This computer desk design helps save more in your dorm, study room, bedroom, or home office. The body of this desk is constructed from sturdy steel material, tempered glass for safety. The steel frame is coated with a powder finish. The table is equipped with adjustable gliding legs. The glides help in maintaining stability and balance of the desk even when place in uneven surfaces. Furthermore, you are guaranteed a comfortable work experience with the footrest bar when using this L-shaped desk.


  • Its 3-piece design helps save on space
  • Made of steel frame material
  • Easy to assemble the parts
  • Has a tempered glass


  • Cannot hold weights above 25 pounds

5. SHW Walnut Engineered Wood L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk for Office & Home

If you are looking for a more spacious L shaped desk corner, this brand by She becomes the best choice. It is equipped with open shelves, which allows you to store your books and binders in a more organized manner. This unit is designed from high-quality wood-grain materials that assure a longer-lasting unit. All the required hardware and instruction make it easier for you to assemble it within a few minutes. With its space-saving design, you can have in your dorm, home office, and many other places. Additionally, the desktop features two grommets, which allows you to organize the cords.


  • Spacious enough to hold books and binders
  • Designed from quality materials that last long
  • Has a sleek design to complement your decors
  • It takes a few minutes to put it together.


  • It has smaller legroom.

4. Walker Edison Command Center Modern Corner L-shaped Glass Black Single Workstation Desk

Are you looking for an L-shaped desk corner with more legroom? Look no further than this brand from Walker Edison Furniture Company. It has a sleek design making it a great addition to your home office or dorm room. Since it is crafted from thick steel materials with a powder coating finish, you are assured of a longer-lasting unit. Additionally, it has a tempered safety glass that ensures that it can hold more items. Better still, its L shaped design saves your storage space for more convenient operations. You can as well mount the keyboard tray on either side of the desk with its flexible configuration.


  • More convenient with the unattached CPU stand
  • Two desks can be joined for more gaming space
  • Supports multiple monitors at the same time
  • Made sturdy for stable and safe operations


  • The underside of the glass scratches easily.

3. Elephance 59 Inch Computer Gaming Desk Workstation Large L-Shaped Desk Corner for Office & Home

You can easily access all your essentials with Elephance L-shaped desk corner. This unit features a larger working space and plenty of surface space to accommodate your needs, such as laptops, office supplies, etc. You can easily define your workspace because it has an L shaped design that saves your space greatly. It provides maximum space for handcraft, writing, computer work, gaming, and many other tasks. Moreover, it is crafted from a quality P2 class particular board with a steel frame known for its strength and durability.


  • Can be used in bedrooms, colleges, homes, and so on
  • Occupies less storage space with its compact design
  • Has adjustable leg pads to meet various needs
  • Easy to maintain by wiping with a dry cloth


  • Takes up to 90 minutes to put it together

2. Bestier L-Shaped Large Elevated Ergonomic Shelf Modern Corner PC Laptop Workstation Desk

Bestier L-shaped corner desk is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. It has a modern arc design with natural smooth lines to maximize your home or office workspace. This computer desk can be used for studying PC gaming, computer working, and many office tasks. You can easily fix it to avoid falling off because it comes with high adhesion 3M tape protection, three metal buckles, and an LED light strip. Ideally, you can create a more comfortable gaming and working environment since you can choose from the light show’s varied colors and dynamic modes.


  • Has an adjustable monitor stand for comfortable tasks
  • Accommodates a maximum load capacity of 100lbs
  • Convenient with the headphone and cup holder
  • Made of strong metal and wooden materials


  • It is a bit flimsy

1. Flash Pull-Out Black Glass L-Shape Spacious Corner Desk Black Sliding Keyboard Tray Desk

Flash furniture L-shaped desk corner is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. This unit is spacious enough to accommodate multiple monitors or laptops at the same time. It has a matching sliding keyboard tray that allows you to store your keyboard more conveniently. With the crisscross leg design, you are assured of a more stable unit for steady operations. Besides, it has a powder-coated finish that does not scratch easily and makes it easier to wipe it clean. When you need to remove the desk, you can easily glide it smoothly without damaging your floors.


  • The glass surface is waterproof for easier cleaning
  • Sturdy enough to ensure safe and stable activities
  • Has more legroom for comfortable operations
  • It takes a few minutes to assemble it fully.


  • Hard to move around after putting them together

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best L-Shaped Corner Desk

Material Used

Some of the common materials used in making this type of desks are wood and glass. First, wood is mostly preferred basically because it’s versatile apart from being cheaper. Besides, wood has a wider capacity to match seamlessly with any interior design of any room. On the other hand, the glass desk is the best choice when one needs to boost the sense of modernism. Even so, glass desks are sleek, hence lowering your storage space.

Size of the Unit

When you’re choosing an l-shape desk that suits your needs, it’s imperative to consider the size aspect to ensure your purchase. No matter how good they look, it’s always best to ensure it fits well in the allocated space. To be exact, you need to have your available measurements against that of the desk which you intend to buy. As such, you’ll be in the right position to choose the best corner desk for your cash that will fit perfectly.


Several l-shaped corner desk features a simple design, yet some models come with drawers on their side. Drawers may be large or even come with additional features and functionality. Some l-shaped desk feature hutch that offers extra efficiency. Such a desk is more suitable for spaces like in the kitchen or wide working areas.


Before deciding on a certain type of corner desk to buy, you need to have prior info about the space where the desk will be placed. The color is much important more, so if you don’t want to mess up with your office or home décor. Be sure to go for a model that will perfectly complement the color scheme of your home.


Having an l-shaped corner desk in your office or home will go a long way in ensuring there are tidiness and efficient use of space. The goodness with these desks is that they have friendly and exceptional designs. They offer you a great platform for studying, typing, and handling other office work comfortably and easily. As you’ve seen, we’ve provided you with an honest review that will not only promise durability and also take your working experience to a new different level. So, don’t hesitate to grab the option that impresses you the most!

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