Top 10 Best Laser Measure in Reviews

Using a measuring laser in many construction tasks is so crucial because it offers precise measurements of the length you desire to measure. By using this tool, measuring is made faster and easier. A laser measure is made to be used professional and amateur alike. We don’t refute the fact that devices like rulers, squares, or tape measures as measuring tools; however, they don’t offer precise results. If you want your house to exactly match your plan, then the most measuring device to use is a laser measure.

That said, there are other things you need to know to get the best laser measure. First of all, it is prudent to have and understand the various measuring modes available, the size of the memory it should have, the capability of working on the calculation, and so forth. Luckily, we have gone out of our way and made everything easier for you! We have researched and sampled out the top 10 best laser measure in review. Read with me as we vividly review each tool.

#1. URCERI 197Ft -+2mm Accuracy Laser Measuring Tool

URCERI laser tool is capable of calculating such units automatically and quickly. Additionally, it offers Pythagoras measurement and continuous measurements, thus making your project done in an easy and quick process. Because two AAA batteries power it, the tool is made lightweight and cordless. Moreover, the compact and square design makes the devices to be held comfortably at hand while working on the measurements. Plus, the small size makes it fits comfortably in your pocket, which doubles up to be portable. Whether you are an expert project manager or a landscaper, ULCERI Laser measure is your ideal tool for perfect results.


  • Has a lightweight design that makes it portable
  • You can comfortably use the device with one hand
  • It offers convenient and accurate measurements
  • Offer full application measurements like volume, area, etc.


  • Has a low IP rating

#2. LOMVUM 393Ft Backlit LCD Mute Digital Laser Measure

LOMVUM classic laser measure is another tool that offers maximum measurements of 393 feet. As long as you a tool that can ease your life by providing accurate and quick results, then you better enjoy readings from this fantastic tool. It uses precision laser technology to offer you comfortable, reliable, and easy measurements any moments you use it. Design with a pocket-sized that makes it portable. Also, this device is capable of giving area, volume, and length measurements in metric, feet, and inches units. When using this tool, you should not use it on direct sunlight.


  • Offer high accuracy compared to the bubble level
  • Has a durable and a portable design
  • Gives multiple measurements modes like volume, area, and length
  • LCD enables you to see the sizes in the dark


  • Does not have a tripod stand which could have avoided handshaking

#3. HUIMEOW 98Ft Compact and Slim Mute Dinofire Laser Distance Meter

If you’re looking for a digital laser tape that enables you to work efficiently with ease, then look no further than HUIMEOW tape measure. The lightweight and slimness body makes it portable. You can hold the tool on your hand, which makes it a better choice for both indoor and carry-on measure. Also, the unique and excellent interface makes it an excellent option to use as a measuring tool. Unique from the other choices available in the market, this one option enables you to read different measurements in all directions. You can read single distance, volume measurement, auto level, continuous measurements using this unique tool.


  • Can be used for both indoor and carry-on measure
  • Has a pocket-friendly size which makes it portable
  • Offer high accuracy and fast calculation of measurements
  • Built to offer versatile measurement modes
  • Has an auto-switch off when not in operation within 3 minutes


  • Built with a small display

#4. InLife 197Ft Backlit LCD Single-distance Digital Laser Measure

Are you searching for a measuring tool that offers precise measurements? Well, explore no more because InLife laser measure provides you precisely what you need. It gives about 2mm accuracy with a measuring range of up to 197Ft. This digital laser measure has a compact design with handheld capability; hence, you can take it anywhere you go. The other unique feature about this tool is the support of single distance and continuous function. Additionally, it supports Pythagoras measurement function and area measurement.


  • It gives accurate and quick measurements
  • The laser has a handheld design which makes it lightweight and portable
  • It supports many modes of functions like area, volume, continuous line, etc.
  • The large display makes the reading to be visible


  • A bit confusing because of the multi-function buttons

#5. Hti-Xintai Handheld 196ft LCD Display Portable Bubble level Laser Measure

Hti-Xintai is precisely the tool that should not miss in your home. Whether you work in interior design, home improvement, or in a construction site, accurate, good quality laser measurer is desirable, yet finding the best is a difficult task. This tool we have provided is a perfect solution. The state-of-the-art laser offer precision in just a few seconds. Moreover, this device is portable with an ergonomic design which allows for easy maneuvering. The compact design offers a perfect handgrip, as the waterproof nature ensures the tool last longer.


  • Has a portable design for easy maneuvering
  • The waterproof design ensures the device’s durability
  • It offers accurate and fast results
  • Comes with a pouch for convenient and secure storage


  • The reflective material is not suitable for quick measurements

#6. TECCPO 196Ft Backlit LCD Electronic Angle Sensor Laser Measure

When it comes to the top innovative distance measurement tools, then TECCPO TDLM19P is among the list. This tool has standards that make using easy and has full features that an advance laser measure would have. The machine is precise, easy to use, and portable to carry. Besides, the device is so efficient and effective in taking any distance you might intend to measure. It offers measurements in all directions and is not affected by sunlight. Moreover, the device has a tough outer casing that offers protective casing and makes it last longer.


  • The super large backlight screen offer accurate results
  • This tool is easy to use
  • Has a large memory with 30 storage sets
  • The anti-slip design makes it holdable in hand with ease


  • Built with many buttons that might bring confusion

#7. Meterk 137Ft Non-Mute Function Backlit LCD Laser Distance Measure

Without having to look at the screen size, Meterk laser measure is another brand of a measuring tool that offers highly accurate measurements of a particular area. The electronic angle takes over the traditional bubble spirit level tool by not only offering precise results but also delivering the results fast digitally. If you wish to get quick measurements of area, volume, distance, then this tool is the ultimate solution.


  • Convenient tool to measure an area
  • Large display that is easy to read
  • Offer different type of modes
  • Built with large memory


  • Wish the tool could calibrate with a broader range

#8. HYCHIKA 196Ft 4 Units Electronic Level Function Laser Measure

HYCHIKA measuring tool is another ideal option to get accurate measurements. The device provides a wide range of values, including giving readings of volume, area, long-distance, etc. Additionally, the large screen ensures you are capable of taking the readings even in the dark. And what will impress you more about this tool is the automatic adjustment of the brightness depending with where you are.


  • Gives large memory storage
  • Provides high precision measurement
  • The Large LCD screen enables you to make reading even in the dark
  • Offer various modes measurements like area, volume, distance, etc.


  • The manual is misleading

#9. MiLESEEY Pro r2 164Ft 2.4'' Backlit LCD Laser Measure Tool

With Milessey R2 measure device, it makes measuring easy because it has a portable size and compact design. Since it has multi-purpose uses, it meets all your need. This digital machine is capable of offering accurate measurements fast. It has 164Ft measuring range which enables to measure any distance you might require in your home. More interesting about this tool is the wheel built-in, which allows you to measure round, curved, or uneven surfaces with ease. You need to give a try this digital device since it meets all your needs.


  • Has a compact and durable body
  • Able to measure even irregular shapes such as a corner, curve, etc.
  • Built with a lens for precise results
  • The device is easy to use


  • It lacks a USB charger

#10. Bosch 165Ft GLM165-40 Blaze Pro Laser Measure

Ending our list is the Bosch Blaze Pro GLM 165Ft. Laser measure that is rounded with simple to use the tool. The LCD enables you to read all the measurements without any challenge because the illumination offers real-time distance. Using this tool will allow you to get area, volume, length, and other indirect measuring functions. This tool has a large memory; therefore, it can store enough data at the same time. The compact design enables you to place in your pocket so nicely. Lastly, this laser has a digital level that makes measurements so easy.


  • It fits perfectly in your pocket
  • The laser has a precision technology for real-time measurements
  • Feature a simple to use tool
  • Backlit illuminates the measures for easy to read


  • Fraction numbers are not readable on screen

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Laser Measure


Range of a laser measure insinuate the distance it can reach, for instance, a good laser measure should offer a 100ft. For a tool that can help you take some small measurements with ease, then opt for a laser measure with the precise range is recommended.


Irrespective of the size of the task you’ll be undertaking, your measurements should come out in exactness without errors. That is why, before settling down to buying any laser measure, you need to check the accuracy rating it offers. However, a laser measure can be affected when used in adverse conditions like during humid and hot days.

Measurement Modes

One of the unique thing about using a laser measure rather than standard tools is the different measuring modes it offers. It does submit not only straight mode measurements but also other offer circular measurements. Depending on your needs, you’ll choose a laser measure, which provides the exact modes you need. Some advance laser measure offers volume, area, and circumference modes. Ascertain the type of style you want and embrace it.

Easy to use

The more the mode, the more the controls, while the lesser the ways the tool has, the easier it becomes to operate. If you are not concerned with the modes of the machine, then better for a simple model that offers a more natural way to use.


Any laser measure should offer clear and visible readings. With that, the readings should not only be readable, but it should label all the required information appropriately. For instance, the mode you are using should be tentatively shown.


The size of the mind you require depends on the task it will be undertaking at a specified period. In most cases, laser measure comes with a memory of about five measurements. This tool is handy for home usage because you wouldn’t be taking many measurements at a go. However, if you want a laser measure for a general contractor, then you’ll need to get a tool with more significant memory. Having this will mean, you’ll be able to acquire many measurements at a go.


If indeed, you wish to get exact and quick measurements for your projects, then, a laser measure tool is your perfect solution. Again, to ensure you get the best of the best, then check on our guide for the display, measuring mode, memory, and range. Keeping a close look at your requirements will enable you to get the best laser measuring tool. Doing that, you can be confident that you get the best laser measure tool you want.

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