Top 10 Best Multi Cooker in Reviews

When it comes to cooking, nothing can’t beat the use of a multi-cooker. We’re sure you aim to buy an item that is of the best quality at an affordable price. This article could be shedding light to have you have searched for a long time. Also, because the cooker would cook almost everything, it is worth buying a durable unit. Think of any type of meal and the multi-cooker can turn your kitchen into a tantalizing aroma. So, if you are out there looking for the best deal, we’re here to serve you with a great ambiance of overwhelming multi cookers.

As you know, the market is flooded with different models of multi-cookers, which make your selection a daunting task. However, after we researched the greatest deal, we only managed to present to you a list of best 10 multi-cookers Reviews. As a fact, we took into consideration customer reviews and without any doubt, the units will offer remarkable results.

#10. COMFEE All-in-1 5.2Qt Large Capacity Keep Warm Instant Multi-Cooker

To open our list is COMFEE’ multi-cooker. This unit is capable of cooking almost anything. This appliance acts as a rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, stew pot, soup pot, slow cooker and many more. The ease of operation is unspeakable, offering you a chance to enjoy delicious food out of this device. With the 20 cups ultra-cups, you can rest assured to serve your family with hearty food. Also, the 24-hours delay timer offers you great convenience because you’ll save time. On the display panel, you can take readings and operate with ease. Finally, we can’t miss talking about the non-stick nature, which in turn makes cleaning a breeze!


  • Save you a lot of time because it has 24-hours delay timer
  • LCD makes it easy to take readings and use
  • It is easy to operate to prepare various meals
  • The non-stick cooking surface makes cleaning easy


  • You can’t clear time on the appliance until the very end

#9. New House Kitchen 9-in-1 Electric Multifunctional Programmable 2.5Qt Cooker

Are you looking for a true multi-cooker for your kitchen? Look no further than the New House Kitchen 2.5Qt electric multi-cooker. Expect the unit to work as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan and many more. Also, it can simplify your cooking and great confidence in you which in turn yields great results in a very short time. Whether you are cooking meat or frying a fish, you will get perfectly cooked food. Even better, the unit comes with a measuring cup and a rice paddle to jumpstart your cooking journey. If you want to take your cooking to the next step, then this multi-cooker is the way to start.


  • The nine-preset programs replace almost your cooking appliances in your kitchen
  • The sleek look enables you to use it on the countertop and store easily
  • Has a carrying handle and locking feature for peace of mind and safety
  • It can prepare dishes faster than the traditional cookers
  • Offers easy ways to use and easy clean-up procedure


  • It is useful but it is not as hot as a gas stove

#8. MasterChef 13-in-1 6Qt LCD Delay Timer & Non-Stick Pot Electric Digital Multi-pot

MasterChef 13-in-1 multi-pot offers you a great convenience because it cooks almost everything. Built with both high and low-pressure cooking options that give you the chance to cook what you want. The digital LED display enables you to makes adjustments to your cooking needs with ease. Also, the automatic pressure control takes care of your cooking, so you concentrate to take a meal with your family members. Besides, cooking time is lowered because it doesn’t experience any cooking downsize. Therefore, it is your turn to come out and cook tantalizing meals for your family and friends to enjoy using this multi-cooker.


  • Able to cook full meals within no time because it has two levels of cooking
  • Automatic pressure control offers you relieve in terms of pressure control
  • Digital LED displays offers an easy way to control your cooking
  • It is a good quality unit that can last long


  • The LED display is very small

#7. Hamilton Beach 33195 10Qt Extra-Large Portable with Lid Lock Multi-Cooker (Black)

Are you having a party or a family gathering that is coming soon? And you are stressed on the type of cooking pot that you will use? Worry no more, Hamilton Beach with extra-large capacity is your answer. The 10Qt capacity is enough to prepare food for a crowd. That said, think of what you’ll be preparing for your guest. Be it chili, meat, roast, fish or chicken, count this appliance in. To reassure you, Hamilton Beach can accommodate 12 pounds of roast or 10 pounds turkey. The slow cooker has low and high cooking settings plus the warm setting that suits the buffet. Additionally, the grip handles make carrying an easy job. Moreover, the glass lid and stoneware are dishwasher safe. Grab this option today, you thank us later!


  • It is a good option to use when you have an event or a large family
  • Comes with stoneware and a glass lid that are dishwasher safe
  • The full-grip handles make carrying easy and simple
  • It has a clip tight sealed lid that avoids messy spills


  • The rubber gasket in it has flaws in it

#6. COSORI 11-in-1 6Qt Programmable Auto-Warmer Delay Timer Multi-Cooker Pot (Silver)

Coming next is a versatile multi-cooker, COSORI multi-cooker pot. Without a doubt, this unit cooks nearly every meal you can think of. Speak of baking a cake, browning a cut of meat, preparing yogurt, frying a chicken or boiling French beans, COSORI multi-cooker is your close helper. It comes with two simple control dials that make the operation quite easy while offering you precise and mastery of your meals. This cooker is a game-changer in your kitchen, you need to give a try. Rest assured, you reap many benefits if you opt to settle with this model.


  • The steam rack is from stainless steel that makes it corrosion resistance
  • Made with a non-stick coating that makes cooking easy and cleaning a breeze
  • Comes with a compact and well-built design for enhanced durability
  • It is a versatile unit and suits any type of cooking


  • The readings on the display panel are blurred

#5. Calphalon Stainless Steel Ceramic Programmable Controls Digital Sauté Multi Cooker

If you need precision performance for your kitchen, then it high time to go for the Calphalon stainless steel cooker. The appliance is a sear, slow cooker and sautés all-in-1 pot. The digital LCD offers intuitive control for different cooking modes. Besides, the non-stick ceramic coating makes the cleaning process a hassle-free. And also, it delivers a long-lasting service as compared to a generic non-stick surface. Moreover, the slow cooker suits one pot dinners because it supports 5.3Qt capacity. What’s more, the pots are oven safe. LED lighting easily identifies food cooking modes. This device is the rightful unit in the kitchen in contemporary society.


  • The cooking pot is compatible to use separately on gas or electricity
  • Has digital programmable control for convenient cooking
  • The cooking surface is more durable
  • Release food fast and easy to clean


  • Has a small size that prevents you from cooking a whole chicken

#4. Fissler Souspreme 18 one-Touch Programs 6Qt Stainless Steel Steamer Multi Pot

Where else could you get a matching multi-cooker if not from Fissler Souspreme multi-pot? All-rounded talent offers you the greatest cooking experience that you will surely like. Have it for fast cooking, slow cooking, sous vide and more. Also, the 18 preset programs offer you a chance to cook as many meals as you can. Talk about meat, grains, soups, name them all. Additionally, it comes with a child safety lock that ensures your kids are safe whenever they are. This family size appliance will always offer you the best as far as meal preps are a concern.


  • The handle is ergonomically constructed for easy handling while on use
  • It is high-quality cookware that delivers a convenience cooking
  • For safety, the cooking machine is built with child safety lock
  • Has a stainless steel pot which is dishwasher safe


  • It does not include instructions and pictures that are referenced

#3. SOUS V Pot Precision Multi-Use Delay Timer Function Programmable Multi-Cooker

Start from searing to sous using SOUS V multi-cooker pot. If you want a meal cooked to its perfection, then you need this helper to make things straight. This unit is the greatest alternative over the boiler, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, etc. You now have the freedom to have fun cooking endless options of meals daily. Besides, intelligent preset programs offer you the simplest way of cooking delicious food. When food is ready, the machine automatically lowers the temperature to avoid overcooking. Take this one home and you’ll never regret spending your money on it. It is true to its features and function.


  • Delivers precise cooking with rightful time and temperature
  • Has an intelligent preset program to cook a variety of meals
  • Very little setup required with ease mode of operation
  • The inner pot is non-stick made for easy cleanup


  • It is best for cooking sous vide cooking

#2. Chefman 8Qt Programmable 18 Preset Programs 1300W Multi-Function Cooker

When time is limited, you would need an appliance to make meals within minutes. That’s isn’t a reality without Chefman multi-function cooker. The unit supports 8 quarts. Also, the convenience measurement marks, thus eliminating the need to measure with a cup. Additionally, the pressure is released with ease more easily. Moreover, the intuitive control panel has a range of preset that ensures precision cooking. What’s more, you need to purchase this favorite model for a first-hand cooking experience.


  • Has an intuitive control panel that takes outguess out of meals preparation
  • The cooking pot is calibrated to eliminate the need for measuring cup
  • The pressure is releasable with ease once the cooking time is reached
  • A bonus recipe book is included that enables you prep tasty meal


  • The unit doesn’t sear/crisp food

#1. Ninja Foodi Programmable 7-in-1 5Qt Pressure Fryer Multi-Cooker (Black/Gray)

The multi-cooker that wins our hearts is the Ninja Foodi Compact pressure cooker. Wish to roast or bake? This Ninja appliance is willing to do it with great precision. Also, it pressures to cook food to give a crispy, golden air-fried finish. You certainly cook delicious food and meals within no time. For your health, these units deliver foods that are low-fat contents. Moreover, the appliance has undergone several tests for safety certification, hence good for human use. The cook and crisp basket are coated with a non-stick surface that is dishwasher safe. Expect nothing than quick-cooking if you’ll decide to purchase this unit. Trust in this unit to offer you high-quality meals that you can share with your family members.


  • The compact pressure cooker works as air fryer and tender crisper
  • Comes with 14 safety features for peace of mind
  • The non-stick ceramic pot is dishwasher safe
  • It is PTFE- and PFOA-free


  • Hard to store

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Multi-Cooker

Of course, your best multi-cooker cannot yield success without some set of considerations. For instance, you’ll need to consider things like the design and general look of the cooker. That said, here is the main factor that you ought to consider for the best shopping experience.

Pressure Settings

First off, we consider the pressure setting of the unit. Because you will be using the device to cook almost everything, the one you select should have different settings to accommodate foods of any kind. There are those foods that require low pressure and cooks faster, hence calling the need of a cooker with wide pressure settings. The same case applies to foods that require high or medium pressure. Additionally, you can look at the locking lid and the valve to enable you to have a happy cooking experience.

Power Capacity

The other crucial factor to put into consideration is the power capacity. Do you know what this factor is essential to consider? Wattages determine the cooking pressure capacity. In simple words, it is the strength of the cooker. Averagely, a multi-cooker uses a wattage that ranges between 450W to 1400W. Hence offering you the option to choose what you think it’s giving you the best. We recommend you to choose the one with higher wattage if you want to use your multi-cooker most of the time.

Internal Coating

The safety of the food being cooked is the other major factor to consider. Certainly, health is what you need to take care of in any way possible. Therefore, consider the internal coating. The one with non-stick coating is the best because it makes washing a breeze. More essential, it is prudent to choose the internal coating with a thicker surface.

Cost and Warranty

If we may ask, how will you feel to spend your hard-earned money with what doesn’t offer results? Of course, that’s quite annoying. Find the best multi-cooker that match your budget. Under-budgeting will lead to buying a unit that is poorly made. Also, if you buy a multi-cooker at a higher budget, it will affect your budgeting plans. On the other hand, a warrant is also important to check. A warrant offers you an easy return guarantee. Besides, a warrant gives you a safety guarantee.


With the above high-quality and sophisticated multi-cookers, it is now possible for you to make shopping with great confidence. Sure enough, they are the most rated units to count on. These best-selling multi-cookers will serve you for a longer time and leaves you to enjoy the great taste of delicious meals. What makes these multi-cookers unique is the fact that they have many preset programs and reliable to offer you different cooking activities. Moreover, their large cooking capacity offers you the ability to cook large amounts of food. Do all you can to purchase these auspicious kitchen units, after all, they are affordable and reliable!

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