Top 10 Best Night Lights for Kids in Reviews

Offering your child with a good sleeping routine will enhance efficient hormones growth and healthy body development. One of the soothing items that accompany your kid during the night is a night light. A kid’s night light offers a gentle and warm light with soft music to create a suitable sleeping environment. Because we love our babies so much, this is an item that must stay next to their sleeper bassinet. This light will enable your kid to sleep soundly.

We understand that finding a suitable night light for your kid is a bit challenging, but whichever the case, we have your back. We have the best of the best night lights for your kid. After we did a tireless search all over the internet, we managed to come up with the Top 10 Night Lights for Kids Review. Besides, we have also included a buyer’s guide that will assist you in picking the appropriate gear for your newborn.

#10. NeuraLite Cute Chick Night Light for Kids with USB Rechargeable Battery LED Lamp

How about making your kid’s bedtime fun again? Pamper your kid with the most adorable NeuraLite Chick-n-Egg Night Light. As the name suggests, this light is shaped like a chick hatching to offer a soothing warm white light which is comforting and colorful for your kid. The light has a different brightness level that is adjustable depending on the occasion. Also, it is simple to operate with a single touch. Additionally, it is made from a soft silicone material that is washable safe and safe for children. When fully charged, this unit can run continuously for 8 hours for full brightness.


  • Quite simple to operate with just one-touch operation
  • It is safe for children because it is made of soft silicone material
  • Emits cool warm lighting that is easy on the eye
  • With only a single charge, this lamp can work continuously for 8 hours


  • To dim it, you have to light it on the brightest setting first

#9. SCOPOW Portable Silicone 7-Color LED Smile Cute Children Night Light

SCOPPOW Silicone Cat Night Light will offer your baby a cozy warm light that contents his/her heart. The seven-color breathing light can make your child have fun all day. This unit gives your child the best company ever through the night and all the nightmares will be eradicated. The lovely kitty face is BPA-free and washable. With the handheld size and standing design, it offers you the freedom to place anywhere anytime. This item is the best birthday gift for your child who is turning a year older. Opt for this option today and you’ll thank us later!


  • The sensitive tap light control for easy operation
  • It is BPA free and the soft silicone material is washable
  • The warm soft light emitted offers tender guardian
  • Has a handheld size and standing design for flexible placement


  • The lighting is too bright for sensitive eyes

#8. SYCEES White Noise Sound Machine Portable & Rechargeable Sleep Soother for Kids

Are you searching for affordable, portable white noise for your baby? Search no further than SYCEES Sleep Soother will meet your desires. The model has several sound selections for different baby’s needs. This sweet lullabies sound will make your toddler sleep with ease. The battery of this light is working right, it can last for the whole night without dimming off. Moreover, the soft LED night light will offer a sense of safety to your toddler because she wouldn’t be afraid of the darkness again. This unit is suitable for parental check-ins during the night. Availability of the auto-off timer that can be set for 30, 60 minutes, enables you to leave the light and sound throughout the night.


  • Lightweight and compact size make it portable
  • Can be quickly attached to car crib, car seat carrier diaper or stroller
  • The rechargeable battery can last for a longer period when fully charged
  • Easy to select a sound, adjust volume, turn on/off and set a timer
  • For added convenience the machine will resume it last setting automatically


  • It tends to tip over very easily as it is very light

#7. Mubarek Color Changing Portable Silicone Timer Toddler Lamp for Kids

You want to make your kid’s life more happy and adorable? Well, a suitable night light will do it all. Mubarek Toddler Lamp is the product to have for your infant. The super cute soft silicone toddler bedside lamp will work well for your baby room, bedroom, kid’s room, nursing room, etc. Take this product as a birthday gifts for a child, girls, kids or even babies. To control this unit, it only requires a simple tap to make full control of the device. Also, making dimmable light is a breeze! Additionally, it is portable with a handheld size for babies who love carrying their light all over the place in the room. The rechargeable lithium battery supports portable use than can last up to 10 hours.


  • With the simple to tap control, making dimmable light is easy
  • The handheld size night light makes it portable for kids
  • Built with a rechargeable battery that can support portable use up to 10 hours
  • You can easily adjust the brightness on the nose to enable the child to sleep quickly


  • It is a bit larger than displayed on the picture

#6. VAVA VA-CL015 Dimming & Color Changing Function Night Lights for kids (white)

VAVA VA Baby Caring Night Light is an overwhelming light that soothes your baby sleeping moments. When you gently adjust the brightness it gives your kid comfortable lighting during late night feeds. Also, if there is a gear that ensures your kids sleep with ease, then it’s VAVA VA. Made from BPA-free and toy-grade materials that suit all kinds. The light emits 95% of the glowing area that makes your child do away with nightmares. When the unit is at dimmer brightness, it can work up to 100 hours at dimmer brightness settings. When the light is in RGB mode, the light systematically changes through the set of warm, velvety colors.


  • In the dimmest brightness setting, this light can last up to 100 hours
  • The light comforts your baby to sleep and then shuts off automatically
  • Made of BPA and toy-grade materials that are environmentally friendly
  • It emits light that illuminates the whole body of the child
  • The sturdy base ensures it doesn’t tip-off by accident


  • The user manual didn’t detail setting up procedures

#5. VIPEX Night Lights for Kids with Touch Control, Dimming, Color Changing

VIPEX Night Light for Kids is another super cute little penguin that benefits your child in lots of ways. If your kid loves the spectrum, then RGB mode will best suit him/her but if not, then a steady yellow soothing light will serve the purpose. This unit only requires quick and simple navigation procedure – with a simple button press, you’re good to go. The light emitted by this lamp makes the room cozy and the kid will fall asleep peacefully. Additionally, the one-hour timer will help you save energy. The toy is made of 100% safe materials and safe for your baby to play with it.


  • The soft and soothing glow offer enough brightness to change kid’s diaper
  • Simple and easy operation enables the kid to use with ease
  • The warm light glow offer comfort and reassure your baby at night
  • In dimmest level, the battery can last up to 100 hours which is economical
  • Made from toy grade materials that are safe for your baby


  • Good for its price, no cons

#4. SECURITYMAN Adjustable Warm White/Cool White Baby Night Light

SECURITYMAN for kids MBABYLIGHT is a phenomenal night light that has a lightweight design for portability. This table lamp offers cool and warm light that is perfect for quick diaper change during the night. For kids who frequently have nightmares at night, this is a companion that will keep away the scary fantasies away. Also, it is easy to easy and versatile. If you want to switch on the light, you just touch the button and you can readily enjoy the glamorous lighting coming out of it. On top of that, you can remove the bulb out of the charging cradle and go with it on a trip. Furthermore, the rechargeable battery that comes with this unit enables you to use in any environment.


  • It is easy to use and versatile enough for all situations
  • You can adjust the brightness even when the bulb is away from its base
  • It offers a warm or cool light perfect for a quick diaper change
  • The rechargeable battery can be lost longer when fully charged


  • The charging cradle tend to loosen with time

#3. ANTEQI Star Projector Night Lights Rotating Ocean & Star Sky (White)

Another one of a kind light to pay attention to is ANTEQI Night Light. The light emits uniform non-flickering warm light that brings a relaxing, peaceful, warm, pleasurable atmosphere that’s helpful to sleep. Depending with your kid’s need, this night light emits two style projection lampshade and two light modes. With toy-grade materials, thus safe for your toddler to play. The rotating function makes this starlight more fun. The light rotates slowly with no noise because it uses the latest silent motor hence offering a silent sleep that has no disturbance.


  • Toy-grade ABS surface has no harmful substances hence it safe for your kids
  • The motor rotates quietly that ensures your kids sleep undisturbed
  • The cute little night light is perfect for a kid’s bedroom
  • It is pretty good for the price


  • The product doesn’t last long

#2. Cooper Life Adjustable Brightness Dual Modes USB rechargeable Night Lights for Kids

This super-lovely puppy sleeping night light by Cooper Life will offer you with a relaxing and enjoyable bedtime experience for kids to sleep. This unit is not only a night light but it is also a great gift as a toy. This night companion is safe and adorable an ideal gift for kids, babies, ladies, girls, etc. Also, this light has up to 15 hours of rechargeable lithium battery that supports a long hour functionality. The shape and style are super cute and can be held on the hand which is a perfect toy for kids at home. Moreover, it can be taken on family hiking and even camping.


  • It keeps your beloved one company as attender guardian all night long
  • Very handheld size and eco-friendly design makes it perfect for kids
  • The battery offers up to 15 hours of continuous usage
  • It is eye-caring and made with durable BPA-free silicone material


  • The timer doesn’t work well

#1. LittleHippo Mella Alarm Clock Trainer Night Light & Sleep Sound Machine (blush pink)

MELLA is the #1 most loved kid’s night light and all-in-one trainer to keep your toddler longer in bed. The unit serves as an alarm clock, sleep sound machine, sleep trainer and nap timer. MELLA uses facial expression and colors to train your kid on the time for bed and when the right time to wake up is. You don’t have to stress yourself singing lullabies to your kid because this model will sort out everything for you. Unlike other sets, this formidable set comprises of child-safe ABS and silicone that makes it durable as well. Additionally, it has been certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and CPSIA.


  • It is child safe and made of durable materials
  • Keep your kid in bed longer and get more sleep
  • Beautiful and modern design makes your child enjoy a charming sleep
  • It uses facial expression and colors to teach your kid sleeping and waking hours
  • The machine is easy to use and operate


  • The light is not user-customizable

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Night Light for kids

Brightness level

The most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a night light for your kid is the brightness level. Too bright light will tend to interfere with the baby sleeping habits. It is advisable to go for a soft and comforting light that wouldn’t deter your baby for having a sound sleep.

Power source

The power source will dictate where you’ll place your kid’s night light. For battery-operated, you can place it anywhere because it doesn’t require a direct electrical connection. But for plug-in option, you’ve had to place it in a strategic position near a power source. A suitable power-source is the one with a USB charger.

Auto Shut off/ Sensor

If you want a night light that will support your baby nursing needs, then a model with an auto-shutoff is recommended. Additionally, if you get busy and you’d like to conserve energy then a night light with sensor will be helpful to you.


Because this is a product that will stay next to your kid, safety is fundamental. Whether you want a cordless or corded model, you must check the UL certification. Besides, you should also figure out its design features and general outlook whether it conforms to the safety standards required for kids items.


In a nutshell, it’s our mandate as parents to ensure our kids get enough sleep and have good health. Truly, all the described night lights above will create a wonderful ambiance that can make our toddlers into sleep, although safety is also the most important feature to put into consideration. We hope this review will not only give you information about a night light but it will also help you in purchasing the best night light that will fit your kid’s need. Opt for one above and your kid will always sleep peacefully!

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