Best Off-Road RC Truck in Reviews – Top 10

If you’re out there in search of the best off-road RC truck, then this article is meant for you. Most often, kids play with their favorite toys to pass time and entertainment themselves. But in this modern era, they don’t get along well with those traditional toys since they don’t offer them anything captivating. They would rather prefer playing with electronically-controlled toys than those traditional units. For that reason, an off-road RC truck is the best gift idea for your kid. In essence, RC trucks are controlled with a remote which relates to the RC cars in the mode of operation.

This off-road RC truck can work in all possible road conditions like rocky, wet, muddy and bumpy trails. Also, they are built with safety in mind. You can get any color that suits your kid as well. To give you more in-depth information about these units is a list of the best ten Off-road RC trucks in reviews.

#10. XIXOV 1:14 Aluminum Alloy Remote Control Hobby Electric Off-Road Truck for Boys & Teens

Teens are usually involved in many productive activities to pass time but nothing is as good as XIXOV electric RC truck. The truck is more stable because it has shock absorbers built-in. Due to that, it can face any obstacle without any fear. And again, it is constructed with high-end materials to withstand an accidental collision. Also, to make this machine more realistic, this truck has a 1:14 scale design. What’s more, this system has a sturdy structure that makes it suitable for almost all terrains like snow, grass, desert, sand and more. And lastly, the front bumpers built on this truck will offer great safety against engine damage.


  • The non-jamming function enables multiple users to play at the same time
  • The USB charging line will offer convenience for charging this RC truck
  • The powerful motor offer efficient and high-speed movement
  • Its body is of alloy material that is shock-proof for durability
  • Has a large size remote scale for a more realistic racing


  • It is not a good truck for kids who are less than 6 years

#9. Ragu 1:16 2.4 GHz 4WD High-Speed All-Terrain with LED Light & Music Off-Road RC Truck

The next RC truck on our list is Ragu off-road RC truck. This innovative model comes with great features that make even virtual driving an interesting activity. The stability is remarkable with enhanced durability and you can win all competitions with ease. And also, it has a functional and rear light that extends the driving into the night. The shock suspension offers a great shock absorption mechanism for safe and secure riding time. For sure, this truck is all about drifting. This is a truck that will enable your kids to enjoy themselves as they ride along. Furthermore, it has a top-notch motor that offers quick acceleration and a good speed of up to 20km/h. This RC truck is a good investment for your kids.


  • Constructed with heavy duty-tires that will overcome all obstacles
  • It is reliable and has shock absorbers for a safe riding experience
  • No matter the terrain, this off-road unit is capable to move
  • This is the most unique gift for your kid


  • There is no option to control to right or left without drifting

#8. DOUBLE E 1:12 Scale 2.4 GHz 4WD High Speed All Terrain 2 Batteries Off-Road RC Truck for Kids

Hey, here is the perfect gift for your families, kids or friends, DOUBLE E Off-road RC truck. As a fact, this remote-controlled truck is education and funny; it can motivate you on areas of electronics and technology and enable you to have fun as you play and drive. There is no difference between a real off-road truck and this unit because they all work in all-terrains. The motor of this truck is stronger compared to its competitors. The front and rear lights will enable kids to enjoy their fun experiences at night. The chassis is strong and durable, thus it can move swiftly in any environment.


  • High-quality unit at a favorable price make it a popular choice among customers
  • Offer an excellent climbing performance because it’s the motor is double strong
  • Has a 1:12 scale to offer a buggy and more realistic resemblance
  • The exquisite structure design makes this unit perform perfectly
  • Controlled with 2.4 GHz controller for easy operation


  • No cons, connect easily with the remote

#7. Gizmovine with 2 rechargeable Batteries & Camera High-Speed Racing off-Road Truck for all Kids

Built with HD Wi-Fi cameras, Gizmovine off-road RC truck is the latest truck with phenomenal features. The camera enables you views videos and photos from your phone app. Perhaps, the 45 degrees adjustable angle will widen your shooting range. Also, the truck enables you to have a great time with your family members. Additionally, it comes with two control modes for convenient interaction with the truck. Moreover, this truck is built with an independent suspension spring that absorbs shocks and prevents damages caused by vibration. The crush-proof bumpers built in front of the car will protect the frame and engine of this truck. What’s more, this is a great gift idea for your siblings or kids at home.


  • Camera built-in offers a great way to spend time and take clear pictures
  • Offer two control methods for convenient interaction with the system
  • Has protection shield in front to prevent unintended damages
  • Superior control experience offers an easy way to face all-terrains


  • The battery runs down quickly

#6. LADUO 1:18 4WD 40km/h 2.4 GHz Waterproof 45minutes Game Time High-Speed Off-Road RC Truck

LADUO RC Cross-County racing truck is a 4WD unit with a 1:18 scale remote control for a great grip. And it works potentially in all-terrains. Also, it can turn a 45 degrees angle maximum slope without the fear of toppling. Again, it is semi-waterproof for all-weather fun, so no more need to worry about bad weather conditions. The five durable TPR tire rubber will offer you long service. Furthermore, the chassis of this machine is strong to offer great performance. The four options of left, right, forward and backward, make operation a hassle-free for your kid. Finally, this is equipment that works best for adults and children.


  • The truck can be driven in all-terrains because it has a sturdy construction
  • Day sticker enables you to decorate your truck to your personality
  • Radio remote control offer a responsive throttle and steering
  • Built with strong tires that offer extended life performance


  • The battery capacity is really low

#5. HAIRBOXING 1:18 Scale 4WD 36+km/h 2.4 GHz All-Terrain Hobby Off-Road RC truck for Adults & Kids

This 1:18 scale electric powerful 4WD off-road truck is a lovely innovation that is built in a ready to run version and constructed with a structured chassis for easy operation. And, it has many features that make it the best option for most parents. First, it is built with LED lights that enable your kid to drive it even in dark environments. Secondly, the chassis design brings a sense of realism plus it makes this RC truck look appealing and attractive for a kid to play with. Of course, all the electronics parts of this system are waterproof to offer safe and continuous service.


  • It is a hobby-grade fast remote control truck offering high performance
  • Offer performance around 200 feet which is great for kids pastime
  • The lightweight chassis and low center gravity offer stability
  • Built with a 4WD to work well in almost all terrains


  • Doesn’t have enough ground clearance except for very short grass

#4. HiStorm 1:12 2WD Rechargeable 2.4 GHz Waterproof All-Terrain Off-Road Truck for Kids & Adults

HiStorm off-road RC truck has a powerful motor and realistic rubber tires to enable it to run at a maximum speed of 24km/h using lion lithium batteries. Besides, it works perfectly for kids and has a good power circuitry with high-temperature protection. Aside from that, it has four suspension and strong shockproof resistance that is faster, tougher and stronger. The 2.4 GHz radio system will enable your kid to control the truck up to a distance of 60 meters. With a 2WD, this truck can work superfluously on all-terrain but does best on a flat floor. Lastly, this can be a perfect gift for all ages.


  • Built with an independent suspension system offer you stronger performance
  • The monster truck is waterproof and dustproof to remain clean always
  • Deliver fast speed and good performance for almost all-terrains
  • Constructed with a Li-on 9.6V 800mAh battery is long-lasting
  • Easy to control even at up to a distance of sixty meters


  • Works better on flat terrains but not on too sloppy

#3. Hosim Large Size 1:10 Scale 46km/h High Speed 2.4 GHz Radio Controlled Off-Road RC Truck (Black)

Are you looking for the best monster truck that can adapt to nearly all-terrains? Look no further than Hosim off-road RC truck. The 1:10 scale control will bring realism. From a broad perspective, this truck is a 4WD to ensure it works well in dry and muddy trails. Moreover, it can move at a speed of 46km/h or more when in a stable position, therefore, it brings a pleasant and entertaining scene to your kid. More interesting about this truck is the exterior body that is built with high-quality metal for steady driving. The wheels, on the other hand, are constructed to last, hence, you can count on this unit for great and durable performance.


  • This RC car is IPX4 is semi-waterproof for all-weather fun
  • Can move in a more captivating high speed for realism
  • The remote control is easy to operate and configure
  • Has a 1600mAh battery for good performance
  • The motor is double strong and powerful


  • The battery works good but it is pretty small

#2. Gizmovine RTR 1:12 Scale 2.4 GHz 4WD High-Speed 30MPH 4X4 Off-Road RC Truck Toys for Kids

If you need a high-end 4WD truck, then, consider trying Gizmovine ETR off-road truck for kids. The truck has an independent suspension that gets rid of the damages caused by continuous vibration. When you are driving this car, it wouldn’t get damaged if it hits a wall or a rock because it is fitted with bumpers on the front side. And that also enhances its durability. Also, the rear tires make the drive look more real. Additionally, the truck offers superior control experience because it can move up to 262 feet without losing the signals. The 1500mAh rechargeable battery will offer 15 minutes of playtime.


  • The large 1:12 scale offers a more realistic off-road crawler look
  • Has a super-strong and anti-collision structure for blissful drive
  • You get excellent 4WD off-road performance out of this truck
  • Driving this RC truck is easy with four action modes


  • Only available with light-green color

#1. HisHerToy 1:12 4WD 2.4 GHz Hobby Buggy Remote Control High-Speed Off-Road RC Car for Boys

The last yet sophisticated truck is HisHerToy off-road RC car. You wouldn’t find another monster truck like this one. First, it is built with the latest technology, unheard speed, and innovation hence becoming the leading rated brand in the market. You wouldn’t compare this truck with other competitors since it moves smartly. The winning design ensures its moves across all-terrains and obstacles seamlessly. You don’t know what this truck has for you in store! It is all about great power, speed, and strength. The wheels and tires are new altogether. And the motor has a smart design that guarantees a durable and quality performance. Besides, the shock system and PVC shell deliver smooth driving even on rocky terrains. What’s more, this is a truck that can make your kid more innovative and more creative, order it today!


  • Suitable for all-terrains and built with an anti-collision structure
  • Large scale and oversized tires make the truck look more real
  • The battery is safe and enables you to play the racing together
  • Offer up to 30km/h speed with strong propulsion power
  • The RC truck is easy to use and control


  • Getting spare parts is a daunting task

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Off-Road RC Truck


As its purposes demand, an Off-road RC truck should have a powerful motor that will move across all terrains. Also, a strong motor will offer high performance which in turn delivers high efficient riding experience. That will enable the rider to have lifelike enjoyable driving moments. Most powerful motors are capable of enabling the RC truck to move at a speed up to 40km/h.

Rubber Tires

An idea RC truck should come built with elastic tires. These tires ought to have clear texture and offer earthquake-resistance. In addition to that, the tires of the RC truck you wish to buy should have large rear tires with high frictional force. Rubber tires are the most preferred because they are reliable and long-lasting.

Battery Longevity

As you consider the eminent factors, the other one that you shouldn’t overlook is the general battery life. For an RC truck, a powerful battery is a must. For that matter, the lithium rechargeable battery is the most preferred. Moreover, the time for charging must reciprocate the playtime. On average, an RC truck should offer at least 30 minutes’ performance.


If you want your RC truck to offer you prolonged working service, then ensure the chassis is sturdy and built with both rear and front bumpers. With that, you can rest assured that it will work in all terrains without spoiling any part.

Range of Remote

Last but not least is the range of the remote. This will wholly determine the responsiveness of the RC Truck that you want to opt for. The wider the range, the more the RC truck will offer a sense of joy as you ride along.


There is no doubt, an off-road RC truck is for sure the best pastimes. It is a machine that enables you to compete with your friends and family members in a more interactive way. That said, we hope the couple of choices we’ve suggested will bring happy and fun moments to your home. Quality and great performance are some of the issues we advocate for when it comes to these RC trucks. Besides, comfort and joy are all added pros of these units. You can regret taking home one of the above off-road RC trucks because they’ll surpass your expectations. Have fun as you ride along!

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