Top 10 Best Portable Mini Projectors In Reviews

It’s for sure encouraging to have a personal mini projector. Such devices are extremely portable. Better yet, it’s a convenient appliance that can go with you anywhere. Whether you’re office employees, teachers, or students, it’s a wise idea to have your mini projector. You can make one purchase and reap countless benefits for several years. Even when you’re at home with friends or family, you can project your best movies or programs and enjoy the sweet moments together. Indeed, a mini projector is a device that’s here to stay.

Without further ado, we’re here to provide you with the best 10 portable mini projectors for reviews together with a guide. As you know, rummaging through several places on the internet wouldn’t help you in finding the best mini projector. That’s why we’ve offered you this comprehensive review to ease your work. Please ensure to go through the guide so that you can be in a position to pin down to the best of the best mini projector. Lego!

#10. AKASO WT50 Trackpad Design 1080P HD Wi-Fi DLP Portable Mini Projector w/Android 7.1

Do you want to enjoy entertainment in the comfort of your home? AKASO DLP portable mini projector is here at your disposal. This projector can be applied up to 120-inch for you to enjoy endless entertainment. To get the best pictures, you can project at a distance of 1 to 1.5m. Besides, it’s easy to cast over Miracast, E-share, or Airplay via Wi-Fi. There’re no running cables to disrupt you while you share movies and videos with friends and family. It uses dual-band Wi-Fi tech that supports gigabit networks that makes transmission very stable and gaming more fluent. Also, it comes with a smart pocket projector that has 5000mAh battery capacity to allow you to enjoy outdoor activities non-stop.


  • Ideal for iOS, the Android system for non-stop entertainment
  • Compatible with various devices such as USB, HDMI, etc.
  • Lightweight makes it effortless to go anywhere
  • Comes with a protective cover to make it last


  • It’s a little dim, but the sound was excellent

#9. ATOMICX P100B-BK Wireless Miracast Built-in Speaker Portable Mini Projector for iOS/Android

Whether you’re looking for a presentation or theater-style movie mini projector, you wouldn’t go wrong by selecting ATOMICX mini projector. It enables you to display high-contrast images in any place you’re. You can easily connect this unit with your mobile devices and start streaming your favorite content. Besides, it’s compact and lightweight to enable you to take on the go for outdoor movie night. Out of this device, you can get sharp, crisp, and bright pictures to bring realism. It’s suitable for office presentations, travel entertainment, home movie, etc. With an integrated operating system, this device is straightforward to operate and connect with all your smart devices.


  • Suitable for travel entertainment, home movie, etc.
  • Quite easy to connect with your smart devices
  • You can share films and ideas with ease
  • The mini projector is travel-friendly


  • The speakers are not clear enough

#8. VANKYO Full HD 1080P 250Inch Display Leisure 470 Mini projector w/Synchronize Smart Phone Screen

If you’re an iOS or Android user, here is a great solution to watch your favorite movie and video, VANKYO mini projector. You just need to connect your iOS handheld device by either lightning cable or Wi-Fi setting. On the other hand, if you own an android device, you need to cast your screen utility to project your handheld device to the projector by two simple step setting. Leisure 470 keeps off stray light from barring your viewing and boost image sharpness. It uses LED light tech with a contrast ratio of 3500:1 to deliver 80% plus brightness. Also, it can deliver up to 250-inch screen size in a range of between 4.27feet to 26.57feet. It has a 720P native resolution with 1080P supported resolution to ensure you get a clear and realistic display.


  • Compatible with TV sticks, tablets, smartphones, USB sticks, etc.
  • It’s straightforward to connect your devices to this projector
  • Enables you to enjoy the visual feast in the large screen
  • Displays crisp, clear and realistic images


  • The fan sound is a little louder

#7. BIGASUO Bluetooth Full HD 1080P Supported Built-in DVD Player Portable Mini Projector

BIGASUO Bluetooth projector is a reliable appliance that’s mainly used in the home for video games and theater. It features upgraded native 720P resolution that ensures the images displayed on the screen are clear with vibrant colors. Besides, it has a built-in DVD player; hence you can swiftly play your disc without the need for an extra DVD player. Aside from that, it comes with a built-in stereo surround speaker that ensures a full sound effect is restored to enable you to enjoy pleasure in various scenes. What’s more, the Bluetooth utility allows you to connect your Bluetooth enabled speaker at any time.


  • Allows you to connect handheld devices using Bluetooth with ease
  • Displays crystal clear images with vibrant colors
  • Support direct play of DVD, CD, VCD, etc.
  • This projector is of high-quality


  • Not suitable for word, excel, PPT presentation

#6. Jin Hoo 1080P Support TV Stick HDMI 4500 Lux Portable Wi-Fi Mini Projector (Latest Update)

We all have reasons to present this projector by Jin Hoo as one of the best appliances with many advantages compared to its competitors. It comes with a Wi-Fi feature that allows easy connection of your smartphone to this projector. Besides, it boasts a synchronize functions that collate information from your smartphone by USB cable directly without the need of any other app or HDMI adapter. The brightness, on the other hand, has been enhanced to boost the clarity of images. Moreover, it can offer a screen of up to 100-inch for daily home theater use. Furthermore, it features a native resolution of 720P and 1080P supported resolution for better viewing.


  • Wi-Fi connection is compatible with both Android & iOS devices
  • The pictures are pretty clear especially in the dark
  • The projector is small and light for convenience
  • It works best with USB, HDM, AV, GVA, etc.


  • The fan seems a little loud

#5. Crossmind Wi-Fi 5500 Lumens Smart Native 1080P 200Inch Display Full HD Mini Projector (Black Knight)

Enjoy your home theater with the Crossmind native HD 1080P Wi-Fi projector. It features an upgraded LED source tech that ensures it displays a vividly clear image without causing the problem as of tablets, TVs, and laptops. This system lowers strains on your eyes yet still enabling you to enjoy sports, movies, and TV. The device is built with high-quality materials to ensure it lasts. Moreover, it offers a fantastic image clarity with higher color coverage and a large screen that provides you get an immersive viewing experience whenever you are. What’s more, it comes with a more comfortable and precise operational touch panel for effortless performance.


  • It’s a multi-purpose home theater movie projector
  • Synchronizes smartphone screen with ease
  • Deliver brighter, sharper and bigger images
  • Operates a quieter and cooler way


  • Could be better with higher resolution

#4. ZCGIOBN 3500 Lux Support 1080P Bluetooth Mini Projector w/Built-in Speaker (Upgrade)

If you love watching thrilling movies like at home, ZCGIOBN mini projector is the best option to purchase. It’s built with a smart android system that allows you to enjoy massive online video. Even better, it boasts a Wi-Fi wireless utility that eases mirroring of information from the small screen to a large screen. It comes as an upgraded 3500 lumens with high brightness hence presents you clear and sharp pictures. It’s compatible with Android phones, iPad, tablets, iPhones, and so forth. In line with that, it has a built-in Bluetooth function that can wirelessly transmit info and connect to Bluetooth enabled devices. It also has exclusive Hi-Fi audio that output crystal clear sound that allows you to enjoy the cinema-like experience right at home.


  • It’s compact and lightweight to suit on the go needs
  • Compatible with TV boxes, TV sticks, laptops, etc.
  • Built-in speaker delivers crystal clear images
  • Built with convenient Wi-Fi connection


  • The manual is not detailed

#3. KODAK Luma 350 Wi-Fi Mirroring Up to 4K Ultra HD Portable Smart Projector w/Luma App

Do you want to take cinematic experience in the palm of your hand? KODAK Luma 350 is a portable mini projector that is easy to carry whenever you go. This practical device has all popular media options that are present in today’s market, including Wi-Fi, mobile-on-screen mirroring, HDMI hookups, Bluetooth, etc. And by using the built android 6.0 utility interface, you can stream Netflix and Hulu, browse the internet and have access to many other contents in seconds. Whether you’re leading a meeting in your office, watching a movie in your home, or addressing people in a large gathering, the powerful lamp has the potential to project images with incredible brightness. It portable and fits seamlessly into your pocket to suit the go needs.


  • Advanced Android 6.0 interface ease internet operation
  • Delivers cinema-quality video for movie magic
  • Built with a compact go-anywhere design
  • It’s compatible with all smart devices


  • Not clear enough when the room isn’t completely dark

#2. Anker Mars II 300 ANSI 10W Speakers Android 7.1 150Inch DLP Picture Home Portable Projector

The runners up choice is Anker Mars portable projector. It allows you to watch your favorite movie or make your presentation using different light. Using 720P DLP technology and 300 ANSI brightness, it’s can provide clear and crisp pictures precisely. Besides, the dual 10 watts audio drivers bring a cinematic stereo sound with the most profound pounding base. It’s ideal in the home and allows you to stay entertained whenever you’ll go. Watch YouTube, Netflix, and more content at your disposal. Better yet, it super compact to take less of your space.


  • Connects easily to different smart devices
  • Delivers crisp, sharp and clear picture
  • Ideal in-home for watching movies
  • It’s portable with carrying handle


  • The brightness could be a bit higher

#1. ViewSonic M1+ Wi-Fi Smart Portable Mini Projector w/ Dual Bluetooth Speakers & Built-in Battery

ViewSonic M1+ smart mini projector is an exceptional device that offers you endless possibilities. This unit provides convenient entertainment in almost any room. It features an in-built battery that has over 30,000 hours of operation, hence enabling the projector to provide many years of multi-media entertainment at all times. Also, it leverages on the current LED tech that is both lamps free and mercury-free, hence providing a filter-free, greener projector solution. With the integrated micro-SD card slot and USB type-A reader port, you can playback videos, photos and other contents without connecting to a pc. Even better, the USB type-A port offers to charge power.


  • Comes with an in-built battery that offers up to 6 hours of power
  • Has a smart stand that offers a simple 360-degree setup
  • Enhances entertainment in almost any room
  • Provide with plug-and-play connectivity


  • Doesn’t work with SD or USB data

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Mini Projector

Business or Entertainment

Ensure to ascertain the purpose or intent of the mini projector you want to purchase. There are models of mini projectors that offer excellent performance for entertainment with over 2000 lumens and can display even crystal images whether lights are on or off. On the other hand, if you’re into academics or business-related activities, a brighter projector with at least 4000 lumens can do better.

Indoor or Outdoor

For outdoor projectors, you should first consider the model with higher lumen to enable it to display clear images. As such, it may need up to 5500 lumens. But if you need a mini projector for indoor use, the one with even 1000 lumens can work best for you in displaying crystal clear images because there is no light disturbance.


Again, the brightness of the projector you purchase depends highly on the number of lumens – higher lumens offer brighter images. In case you’re buying a projector for meeting purposes, go for a model that is brighter enough to meet the settings.


The other important aspect to consider is the resolution of the projector. Resolution determines the video or pictures quality as it appears on the screen. It ranges from 320 to 4K. With higher resolution, the pictures will look crisper, sharper, brighter, and real.

Zoom Range

At least the mini projector should allow you to change the image size to fit the screen required to the number of people available.


The main reason why you’re opting for a mini projector over the projector is its lightweight and compact design to ease movement. Mini projectors are portable enough to be used anywhere with ease. They can fit seamlessly n a suitcase or bag without taking up much of your space.


Finally, we’ve come to an end of this review, two things to keep in mind; have a budget and follow everything else we’ve written down for you. We’re more than sure that our review will help you a long way in finding the appropriate mini projector for your needs. Whether you need a device with a high contrast ratio, resolution, or the one that’s compatible with several devices, you wouldn’t miss finding one from our list. Now, do yourself a favor by ordering one of the above choices without fear or favor because they’re all the best.

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