Top 10 Best Portable Tower Heater in Reviews

As the winter season approaches, you need to acquire a portable tower heater to enable you to get sufficient warmth. Being in a cold space is quite uncomfortable and your health tends to be compromised. Tower heaters the cheapest solution to keep your house habitable. These types of heaters are becoming more popular because they can be placed in the bedroom, dining area, office or even in the living room. A desirable tower heater should offer faster heating while enabling to be used anywhere anytime. Are you facing trouble selecting a specified brand of a portable tower heater? We have you covered.

In this article, we have gathered the best 10 Portable Tower Heaters Reviews for you to make your selections. To make you make an informed decision, we have added a buyer’s guide for you. Read through this exclusive review if you want to reap benefits out of it.

#10. Lasko Ceramic Designer Series Built-in Timer Remote Space Heater (Beige)

Lasko space heater is designed to perfectly blend with your home decor. This space heater has a wireless remote control that has 6 buttons that enables you to adjust your heater accordingly. It has two heat settings: low and high modes. This heat setting can be adjusted using the remote control up to 1500 watts. The temperatures also can be easily adjusted from 60F to 85F. Additionally, this heater comes with a built-in timer that can be set in between 1hour to 7 hours. The heater automatically shuts down when it reaches the set time. The overheat protection ensures that your heater does not overheat when it is left for more hours. The exterior design is made cool to touch even after the heater runs for more hours


  • Easy to have it place because it comes fully assembled
  • It is convenient in size and does not take much of your space
  • For those who go for style then this heater is stylish
  • The LED displays are red making it easy to read


  • It does not go below 60°F

#9. Air Choice Tower Heater with Adjustable Thermostat for Office and Home Heat Up

This coming winter you would want to have a warm home. Air Choice space heater produces the heat of up to 1500watts and has a 120° oscillating function that warms up your entire room making you feel comfortable and warm during cold conditions. Also, this heater has a remote control that allows you to modify the setting to suit your best. Besides, it comes with both tip over and overheats protection so that suppose the heater is tipped over you would not have to worry.


  • Ideal for personal use as you can use it to warm your legs
  • Saves you on space as it occupies less space
  • Warms your room instantaneously in 3 seconds after you turn it on
  • It can warm a wide room in just a few minutes


  • This appliance is a bit expensive

#8. ASTERION 1500W with LED Display Electric Space Heater Remote Timer (Black)

Is the chilly weather bothering you? Asterion control heater has your problem solved. Asterion space control is made lightweight for easy transportation. This space heater comes with a remote control that enables you to adjust the settings of your heater to suit your current needs. Also, it has an oscillating button that enables you to enjoy a 90° oscillating angle thus having all corners of your room warmed up. Besides, this heater has a 360° tip-over switch protection that helps you if the heater is knocked down and built-in overheating gears that prevent your machine from overheating.


  • The eco function helps you save on your bills
  • The fan function can be used during summer periods
  • You can it in different places like a bedroom, living room, office or even kitchen
  • Has a portable carrying handle for easy transportation


  • Only available in a black color

#7. Lasko AW300 Bladeless Safe Touch Rear Filter Air Logic Tower Heater

Lasko control heater is a great heater to have around in your room. This heater has a digital touch screen controls that allow you to set heat either in low or high mode. Also, it has a remote control that allows you to change the temperatures of your room to suit your current needs. The 8-hour timer allows you to set your heater using the remote control. It has a wide oscillation for efficient heat distribution in your room. Additionally, this heater is equipped with automatic shut- off and tip-over safety switches for safety purposes. The tip-over safety switches automatically shut off your heater in case it is knocked down by pets or children.


  • The permanent rare filter ensures that your heater is from dirt
  • Offers better results as compared to De’Longhi model
  • Heat channels can be easily cleaned up
  • It quiet during its operation


  • It does not produce much heat

#6. Aikoper 1500W Oscillating Heater Portable 8 Hours Timer & Remote Control Indoor Use

You will never get disappointed getting yourself Aikoper tower heater because it provides you a sufficient warmth in your room. The heater has two heat settings and a maximum power of 1500 watts to ensure that your room is warmed well. The temperatures can be adjusted by 1°F. Also, it has a built-in carrying handle that allows for easy transportation of the heater. Whenever the heater gets overheated or is knocked off and trips off then you don’t have to worry about any accidents occurring because this heater shuts itself down automatically.


  • The ceramic heating element ensures effective heating
  • Warms a wide area as it oscillates on a certain angle
  • No worry of forgetting to turn it off as it shuts itself down
  • Your energy bills are reduced


  • Suitable for only indoor use

#5. De'Longhi TCH7915ER 24'' Quiet System Ceramic Digital Tower Heater (Black)

De’Longhi control heater has 3 heating modes: low, high and eco mode to have your room heated well. It produces the heat of 1500watts for the instantaneous production of heat. It comes with a unique technology that reduces noise by half and allows you to study well and sleep comfortably as the heater does its work. You can have your entire room because it aside to side motorized oscillation design to warm all the corners of your room. The full-function remote control allows you to adjust the heat settings without necessarily having to get up from your sofa or bed. Also, you can set the timer to go on whenever you need to warm up your room.


  • Produces less noise that allows you to comfortably watch your TV
  • The fan produces a good amount of air even in longer distances
  • It is easy to use and assemble as it does not require extra tools
  • Energy saver mode of warming your room during winter


  • Produces an annoying beeping sound when you press a button

#4. VIPEX 1500W Small Space Adjustable Temperature & Oscillation Setting Tower Heater

VIPEX control heater has two heat settings. High heating mode of 1500watts and low heating mode of 900watts. You can easily adjust the temperatures of your room from 41°F – 90°F to be suit your needs using a remote control. Also, this tower heater has an 8-hour timer that automatically turns off. For safety purposes, this heater has overheating protection and falls safe protection. This prevents any form of overheating and incase the heater tips over it shuts off automatically. You can also turn on the oscillation setting that spreads heat in a wider range in your room. The led display and touch screens ease your operations more.


  • Lightweight, hence you can easily carry it anywhere
  • Best suitable for indoor use
  • Supports both remote control and button control
  • You can get it as a gift for a friend.


  • It does not come with an instructions manual

#3. TRUSTECH 12H Timer Remote Control for Indoor Use Portable Tower Heater

Everyone desires to have a comfortable and warm room during cold days. TRUSTECH tower heater has a remote control that allows you to adjust the temperatures to suit your own needs. Also, this tower heater has a 70° wide angle oscillation function that allows every corner of the room to get warmed up. Besides, it has a fast heating technique that warms your room to up to 86°F in a minute. It is also made portable so that you can transport it easily to any part of your room be it the living room or bedroom thus providing you a consistent warmth.


  • Has a modern sleek design making it suitable for your office or room
  • Saves you on energy costs because it is energy efficient
  • Easy to assemble as it comes with a user manual
  • No worry of overheating because it turns off in such cases


  • Can only be used indoors

#2. PELONIS 1500W Instant 24 Hours Programmable Timer Electric Tower Heater

PELONIS tower heater is quality and long-lasting machine to have around your house. The heater produces a maximum heat of 1500 watts. This tower heater has a sensitive temperature reaction system that automatically switches on or off when trying to balance the set temperature. You can easily adjust the setting of the tower heater with the help of remote control at the comfort of your bed or sofa. Additionally, this tower heater has a built-in handle that enables you to easily have the tower heater at any place of your choice at any time.


  • Gives you a comfortable sleeping environment as it produces a slight noise
  • Produces desired temperature thus saving you on energy bills
  • Has a dust filter that makes it easy to clean and dust
  • Made of quality materials making it durable


  • It does not that fast because it only adjusts by 5°F

#1. Dyson Hot Intelligent Thermostat Cool Focus Jet AM09 Fan Tower Heater (Black/Nickel)

Dyson fan heater can be used both in summer and winter seasons. During winter it can quickly warm your room hence protecting you from any cold. It can as well cool your room during warm summer days. This fan heater has an Air multiplier technology that ensures that air flows into your room steadily with no interruption. In a focused mode, this fan heater allows for distribution of air for long-range heating and cooling whereas when it is focused mode it allows for both wide and long-range heating of your room. Also, it an intelligent thermostat which when in heater mode it controls the set temperature and the room to distribute the heat


  • Safe to use because it has no exposed heating8 elements
  • In case it tips over it automatically shuts off
  • It can be used in medium pile carpets.
  • Easy to clean as you can use a cloth to clean it


  • It is corded and has a cord of 3ft

Factors to Look Out for When Buying a Portable Tower Heater


First off, check the safety of the tower heater you are settling with. To avoid issues like overheating, a shut-off feature should come with the heater to prevent endangering the lives. Also, sometimes that closely relates to safety is the mode of emission – a desirable device should not emit harmful substances to the environment.

Heating Mode

Heat technology also is an important factor because it will enable you to know the source of power you need. Most portable tower heater uses forced convection currents as others use infrared tech heating. That’s why you need to pick the tower heater that goes in hand with your preference.


A silent tower heater is good because it doesn’t disturb your family members at night. The one that operates quietly is recommended because it offers you a nice environment to work on some assignments without the loud and weird sounds coming out of the device.

Digital Control

For easy control, a portable tower heater should have simple controls that ensure the device works with efficiency. The best control is a digital control that works with a single touch. So when selecting the tower heater, choose the one with digital control to make everything go effectively.


The products above make the best selection on the market. You’ll find your suit from the list. Aside from that, this guide will give you great information regarding portable tower heaters and how they are helpful in contemporary society. The list also is tabled for you to make comparisons with each product hence leading to making a profound decision. One surest thing about these tower heaters is that they are energy-efficient and works effectively. Our selection is unbeatable and we wish you also find what you’ve yearned to get. You can still make your further research and compare it with our list, otherwise, here is your home for exclusive products.

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