Top 10 Best Portable Washing Machines in Reviews

The small space has limited people from acquiring a full-size washing machine. However, the good news is, you can still enjoy the benefits of a washing machine by going for a portable model that can fit into a small footprint. Even better, if you don’t want to spend more, then this is the right appliance to acquire. A portable washing machine enables you to clean your clothes efficiently without compromising room space or money. This unit is an excellent investment for a person who needs an appliance that lets work get done instantly.

And while this washing machine is compact and small, it doesn’t mean that it’s suitable for every person to purchase. When it comes to buying these machines, there are some few considerations to take into account. For that reason, we went out of our way to present to you the top ten best portable washing machines along with a detailed buying guide. With that, everyone can easily acquire the best washing machine that goes handy with their budget, space, and needs. Let’s have a look at each model from a closer perspective.

#10. SUPER DEAL Built-in Gravity Drain 13lbs Capacity Compact Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

Are you running out of space and still want to bring on a washing machine? Well, SUPER DEAL portable washing machine is a handy choice to take home. This model is ideal for those who want to multi-task, save more space, and also want to protect themselves a trip to the costly Laundromat. It is manufactured from a plastic body, thus making it ideal for dorms, campus life, camping trips, or any space with limited space. The washtub capacity is 8lbs capacity while the spin tub capacity is 5lbs. Besides, it is energy efficient and saves you on more electric bills. It is built with separate timer control settings for wash and spin cycle operations. For enough stability, the bottom is heavy, and the top is lightweight.


  • Saves you on more electric bills because it’s energy-efficient
  • It is more stable with a heavy bottom and lightweight top
  • No more need to go to the expensive Laundromat
  • Has a built-in gravity drain and inlet water hose


  • A spinning container is smaller than a washing container

#9. ThinkGizmos TG23 Wash & Spin Cycle Compartments Twin Tub Portable Washing Machine

If you need a washing machine, yet you don’t have space to accommodate a full washing machine, TG23 portable washer from ThinkGizmos is an ideal choice. Both the wash and spin tub are built with different wash modes for convenience. Even better, it has an overall weight capacity of 11 kg; thus, anyone can carry it to camping sites. The easy to use control panel with dials pads makes maneuvering this unit quite convenient. The strong motor also makes this model efficient and effective to work on anything you may throw on its way.


  • Has a compact and lightweight design to necessitate portability needs
  • Easy to add water, clothes, detergent and set the machine to wash
  • Comes with wash and spin timer for precise clothes washing
  • It’s strong and durable to offer long-lasting service


  • The instructional manual is unclear

#8. Panda PAN40SF 2.65 cu. Ft. 9lbs Outlet Stainless Steel Drum Portable Compact Cloth Dryer (White)

Panda compact cloth dryer has an 8.8 pounds capacity/2.65 cubic feet enables it to use it immediately dry table linens, sheets, clothes, and so on, yet it doesn’t take up a lot of room. This unit is the best model for small living spaces or apartments. The clear step by step manual helps you to use this washing machine without any challenge. Moreover, it uses a 120V outlet; thus, you can plug it anywhere you might want. What’s more, the stainless steel drum makes this unit durable, and the transparent lid enables you to see the progress of your clothes.


  • Lightweight enough that enables you to take with you on a camping trip or RVs
  • It’s quite easy to erect on the wall with all required tools included
  • The drum is from Stainless steel that offers durable use
  • Suitable for apartments and spaces with limited spaces


  • This washing machine tends to overheat

#7. Merax Sentern 2.65 cu. Ft 9lbs Capacity 1400W Drying Power Compact Portable Washing Machine.

Merax Dryer laundry dryer washer is a small unit for washing clothes for small living spaces or apartments. Sentern compact tumbler dryer offers you house convenience in drying all your clothes efficiently. Besides, it’s equipped with many key features that make this model work without any flaws. The wide heating selection offers heating options that ensure it suits your needs. Additionally, it is built with a powerful 120V/60 Hz electric mechanism to reach a temp of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy-efficient and quiet tumbling make it easy to clean and maintain. You’ll really like this cleaning unit.


  • The wide heating selection enables you to choose the best suit
  • Deliver powerful performance with a power of 120V
  • Has a classic compact design for portability needs
  • It saves you a lot of energy with quiet operation


  • The controls are on the bottom

#6. hOmelabs 1.0 cu. Ft Interior 5 Wash Cycles & LED Display 6lbs Capacity Portable Washing Machine

Do you need a washing machine without the need for a plumber? hOmelabs washing machine is a suitable choice to consider. This automated unit relieves you from the manual washing machines will fully automated washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles to offer protection to clothes, even for the most delicate wool. Besides, it also features a durable rust-resistant stainless steel drum for holding up to 6 pounds of clothes, suitable for delicate garments or even small wash. Additionally, it is quiet and energy-efficient, thus saving you a lot of electric bills.


  • The full automatic washer relieve you from the manual washing
  • Comes with a large wash capacity perfect for delicate clothes
  • It offers you smooth movement and enables for portability
  • It has two wheels that allow you to put away with ease
  • Saves you on energy since it’s efficient and quiet


  • Water inlet hose and related supplies are purchased separately

#5. HomeGarden 10lbs 5.74 Ft Power Cord Multi-Functional Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine

It does not matter which kind of stains you want to get rid of, HomeGarden portable washing machine offers it all. It has a powerful motor of 1300RPM, and a frequency of 60Hz to thoroughly wash and dries your clothes, leaving no stains. This washing machine features ten programs and eight water levels to enable you to choose that which best suits your washing needs. Any dirty water can be drained quickly through the built-in drain pump and drainage tube. Also, this unit uses less water, electricity, and soap, thus saves you on finances. With the intake hoses, then you do not have to manually pour in water as these pipes take in water by themselves.


  • Has a compact design that is suitable for use in smaller rooms
  • Quietly performs its operations for the noise-free environment
  • Easy to operate since it comes with detailed instructions
  • It is lightweight to make it easy to carry anywhere


  • Not ideal for use in larger rooms since it has a small size

#4. BLACK+DECKER Multi-Setting Operation Child-Safe Compact Space-Saving Portable Washer (White)

In the world of portable washing machines, the BLACK+DECKER model is the best unit with no regrets later. With a sleek design, it means that it is suitable for use in smaller spaces like apartments. It has six cycle selections (normal, heavy, quick, delicate, and spin) to choose from as per your laundry needs. Moreover, it has three water levels: high, medium, and low level to enable you to select a convenient water control. You are assured of safety because this machine has an auto shut feature that turns it off automatically when the lid is open and gets backs working when it is closed. It is an ideal gift for birthdays, housewarmings, or Christmas to a friend or a family member.


  • The transparent window to monitor your clothes being washed
  • Stores quickly since it takes less space and tucks neatly
  • Equipped with side handles thus easy to transport
  • Easy to use LED display makes operations simpler


  • Produces weird noises when it is stuffed excessively

#3. Panda 2.65 cu. Ft Touch-Screen Control Multi-Installation Modes Compact Laundry Dryer (White)

For anyone looking for a compact portable washing machine, the Panda washing machine is worth giving a try. The drum is from high-quality stainless steel materials making this unit durable and resistant to rusting. This machine only weighs 44lbs; thus, you can quickly move it around during transit or transport. It has a capacity of 2.65 cu feet; therefore, it can accommodate more clothes at a time. You can use it to clean and quickly dry clothes, sheets, or table linens hence saving your time. The touch screen control panel provides options to enable you to control how you can wash and dry your clothes. Besides, it has various sensor dry functions and manual dry functions to suit your needs.


  • Has various installation modes to enable you to install it as you desire
  • Spacious enough to hold large loads of clothes per unit time
  • Perfect for smaller living spaces and apartments
  • The touch screen panel is easy to operate


  • This dryer lacks the low-temperature options

#2. Westland Sales TVM63XNA 120V 4.0 cu. Ft 3-Timed Cycles Stainless Steel Drum Stackable Dryer

Do you need a washing machine for an apartment or RV? Westland model would be your best pick. This unit has a stainless steel four cubic feet dryer drum that is durable and spacious enough to hold a massive load of clothes. The fact that it has a compact design signifies that it can be used in smaller rooms like apartments and RVs. This 120V dryer dries your clothes in all directions to avoid wrinkling and folding. With three timed cycles, you can easily set to as per your desires to fulfill your drying needs. It doesn’t produce any distracting noise; thus, you can go performing some other works alongside drying your clothes.


  • Has extra-large door opening that makes it easy to load and offload
  • Saves your time since it only takes 60 minutes to dry your clothes
  • Easy to maintain because it has an easy to clean the lint filter
  • It doesn’t require any extra tools for installation


  • No cons so far

#1. Equator ED860 3.5 cu. Ft Door Safety Switch & Child Lock Portable Compact Washing Machine

Equator portable washing machine is a perfect choice if you’re looking forward to a compact unit. Even in a smaller space, this unit can be installed since it doesn’t take up much space. Child safety lock means that your kids are safe and cannot operate this machine. It has three programmable levels of sensory drying, which include: extra dry, ordinarily dry and damp dry to suit your drying needs. The drum is from high-quality stainless steel materials that are durable and rustproof. To match its height with the washer’s height, then all you can do is to raise it to 2.25 inches slightly. This unit is an ideal gift for a friend or family member this coming holiday season.


  • With a capacity of 3.5 cu ft., it holds a massive load of clothes at a time
  • The wrinkle guard prevents your clothes from wrinkling when dried
  • Has a refresh function that makes it easy to fold up your clothes
  • High-speed turbo fan facilitates a faster drying process


  • It is a bit heavier which limit movement

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Washing Machine

The Size of the Washing Machine

This aspect has to do with the size it will occupy and the machine size itself. Even though most of these machines are small and compact, each model comes with different scopes. Some smaller models are 14-inches in size while other larger models come with as large as 24-inches. For that case, read through the machine’s specifications and check on the space it will require.

Manual Machines or Electric Powered

As you might already know, all portable washing machines are not electrically powered. The manual washing machines are not conventional, but they are inexpensive. On the other hand, electric models are a better way of making your laundry faster, but you’ll have to incur a cost. However, the models that we’ve reviewed are electric because of the work efficiency.

The Machine’s Capacity

Also, consider the capacity that the washing machine has. Although most typical washers are measured in cubic feet (cu. Ft), portable models denote their capacity by giving the total weight of the washing they can do per pound. If you need to know the minimum clothes capacity that you can wash, you’ll need to know your clothes’ weight.


Before we can conclude, there are other additional features that you might also think to consider. These features include; caster-wheels for moving around the home, all-metal washtub for durability, a low-noise motor, an automatic wash feature, the ability to drain water-automatically, different wash settings and LED display control.


Whether you at home, in the dorm, or the RVs, a portable washing machine has made cleaning very simple. These ergonomic portable washing machines offer you a reliable and convenient job. Remember, these units come in different sizes; thus, you’ll need to consider the one that meets your needs. We’ve done the hard job for you, and if you choose one of the above models, you’ll get what you deserve without spending a fortune. And also, pay close attention to the buyer’s guide to enable you to make a well-informed decision.

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