Top 10 Best Postpartum Belly Wraps in Reviews

After giving birth, women usually want to return to their initial body shape, and the use of postpartum girdle has proven beyond doubt to be the best option. Postpartum belly wrap compresses the hips, abdomen, and backside to a shapely look it had before the pregnancy. Better yet, it does all this task under your clothes. We’re sure that you have myriads of questions running through your mind concerning the effectiveness of this shapewear, but until you read this post, all those questions will remain unanswered.

Finding the ideal postpartum belly wrap is an uphill task because there is no one size fits it all. And the fact that the market is currently flooded with all kinds of post-pregnancy shapewear, makes choosing even more challenging. That’s why we’ve come to your rescue. We’re going to present to you the best ten postpartum belly wraps and some consideration you need to take before pinning down to a specific brand. Let’s go through the list.

#10. Moolida C Section Recovery Belt Back Support Waist Shapewear Cotton Postpartum Belly Wrap

If you’re worried about the body shape that you’ve after birth, then you have a reason to smile because Moolida postpartum belly wrap is here to here to get you back your pre-pregnancy shape. This magical postpartum recovery girdle will reconstruct your confidence. It’s from high-quality cotton material that makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. Besides, the touch and close fastening enable you to wear ease.

Moreover, it comes with different sizes that will allow you to choose the size that snugly conforms to your body. Whether you want to shrink the hips, waist, or belly, this postnatal band offers excellent results without sagging your organs.


  • It’s medically tested and breathable to stay comfortable on the body
  • Made from 100% cotton material that is lightweight & comfortable
  • Helps in speeding up from recovery from birth
  • It’s ideal for burning tummy and weight loss


  • Don’t have enough Velcro straps

#9. NYOrtho 4 Panel -12inch Abdominal Binder Lower Waist Compression Wrap Support Belt Unisex

Most women usually find themselves in a confusing state after giving birth because of the change that occurs on the body shape. Don’t bother yourself any further, NYOrtho waist compression wrap support is the ultimate solution. It features excellent material that is soft and breathable when placed on your belly. This item is ideal for both men and women who are recovering for abdominal surgeries or injuries like hernia, tummy tuck, bladder problem, and liposuction. Also, it’s crafted to have many elastic support panels that ensure the belt doesn’t roll. Moreover, it’s from the US with latex-free material that is skin-friendly.


  • It acts as an ideal postnatal belly wrap and postpartum belt
  • Made from breathable material to offer extra-comfort
  • Soft and comfortable to be worn underneath clothing
  • Fits naturally to any shape and size since it’s flexible


  • It’s not suitable for the fluffy hourglass type

#8. GOEGE Waist Trimmer Recovery Support Girdle Belt Slimming Belt Band Abdominal Binder Belly

If comfort and breathability aspects matter most to you when looking for the best postpartum belly wrap, then without contradiction, GOEGE Summer Trimmer Belt is your ideal choice. Since it’s from most exquisite materials, you can trust on this gear to bring back your pre-pregnant shape within no time. Even better, adjustable and flexible fabric is more comfortable for anyone to wear. It offers steady abdominal compression and even lumbar support to lower the waist pain. The double Velcro closure mechanism offers you a personalized fit and stays on your body without slipping off. Also, the four flexible bone or abdominal binder inside the item ensures the girdle doesn’t roll up or down and improves on your posture.


  • Helps you to get back to your pre-pregnancy body within no time
  • Has adjustable Velcro straps for extra comfort and convenience
  • Fits comfortable on the waist and lightweight for easy handling
  • The unit is also suitable for offering back support


  • Doesn’t offer excellent abdominal support

#7. ChongErfei Pelvis Belt Shaper Postpartum Support Recovery Postnatal Shapewear (Black & White)

Using a belly belt is the best way of preventing abdominal muscle relaxation as well as visceral ptosis. ChongErfei is undoubtedly the best belly belt you can think of purchasing. It comes with many features that make it unique and functional. The breathable and stretchy mesh fabric makes it ideal for C-section and even for a natural birth. With an adjustable loop and hook, putting on this belly belt is much more comfortable. Better yet, this is a unique gift for women who’ve just given birth or any other person who had a surgical operation that resulted in loose skin. Essentially, this item helps the transition of uterus and compresses it down to standard size with ease.


  • Meet all your needs all through your postpartum healing process
  • Makes you look slimmer instantly after childbirth
  • It supports the lower back and holds the tummy in
  • You can quickly wear it since it’s adjustable


  • It does help but not most comfortable

#6. Gepoetry Postpartum Support Body Shaper Recovery Belly Wrap Band Belt Girdle Support 2 Sizes

One of the best ways of fastening your postnatal recovery is by getting the best postpartum belly wrap. The suitable choice you might think of considering is the Gepoetry belly wrap band. It takes care of all your recovery needs during your postpartum support process. You can get back to your stunning body shape with ease that also enables you to gain your confidence. Besides, it eases the discomfort that’s brought after childbirth. This postnatal belly wrap is adjustable to fit the waistline of most mothers. What’s more, it holds your tummy in, support your lower back, and redefine your waistline.


  • Comes with different types of the postpartum girdle in one set
  • Speeds up the rate of recovery and lowers discomfort
  • Great gift idea for women who have just given birth
  • Helps you restore your beautiful body shape


  • It’s not that comfortable because it slips up & down the waist

#5. KeaBabies 3-in-1 Postpartum Belly Band For Postnatal Maternity Girdles Bandit Waist Shapewear

For a quick post-birth recovery, you will need a binder to support your abdominal area comfortably, KeaBabies binder does it best. This wrap is available in two different sizes: one to support the pre-pregnancy weight of less than 145lbs, and the other promotes pre-pregnancy weight above 150lbs. It is designed from soft, breathable, and elastic to conform to your body shape, whereas offering the needed comfort. It can be worn 2-3 hours after vaginal birth, but the C- section mums should wait until the stitches are completely healed. A shirt should be worn under this wrap to avoid friction between the wrap and your skin, thus keeping you comfortable all day long.


  • Made lightweight thus you won’t feel its weight on your body
  • Can be worn during the day and night since it is comfortable
  • It should be worn for about eight weeks for the best results
  • Made elastic thus easy to put on and can be readjusted


  • Tight binds can affect the digestion process

#4. ARRIS Ice Pack Adjustable Lumbar Support w/Hot Back Pain Relief Therapy Wrap for Men & Women

Get back your lovely body shape within no time with this high-quality postpartum belly wrap from ARRIS. Not only does it help you regain your shape again, but it also relieves lower back pain and any muscle fatigue. You should wear it under your clothes, and a shirt can be worn under it to prevent friction between the wrap and your skin. This wrap is from latex-free neoprene materials that are durable and breathable to avoid sweating—it ideal for use by both men and women with a waist size of 48 inches. You are assured of a safe product with no chemical components and have been registered and approved by the FDA.


  • Versatile since it can be used by different adults either men or women
  • The silicone lining prevents it from slipping from stability purposes
  • Has elastic bands to support mums with different body shapes
  • Easy to maintain since you can use a machine


  • Doesn’t stay cold for an extended period

#3. Pro Enrichment Sacroiliac Hip SI Belt Diamond Back Brace Anti-Slip Compression Stability (XL XXL)

Are you into the yoga of late? You ought to pick a well-designed postpartum belly wrap. Pro Enrichment binder is equipped with high-grade back braces that helps relieve back pain and regain your shape back after a pregnancy period. It has four elastic bands that press your waist from four different parts to alleviate pain. Moreover, it is for use by both men and women with a hip circumference of 46-55 inches. With only a weight of 9.3 ounces, you can never feel its weight when in your body. This wrap stays in place without sliding up or down since it has four anti-slip silicone strips. You can as well customize the kind of compression that you need through the secondary straps.


  • Pill-resistant to enable you to wear it during exercises
  • Has a low profile thus you can wear it invisibly all-day
  • It helps to relieve joint inflammation and back pain
  • Made from breathable fabrics for a free flow of air


  • You’ve to get it out when you want to use the washroom

#2. UpSpring Baby Shrinkx Post-Pregnancy Waist Trainer for Postpartum Support (Grey, Large/X-Large)

Now that you’ve given birth successfully, thumbs up, you want now to find a way of getting off the post-baby belly. The simplest solution is to get yourself the best postpartum belly wrap to speed up your recovery. Shrinkx Belly combines cutting edge bamboo charcoal fiber technology with personalized compression to aid in lowering the swelling and support your abdominal muscles. The side straps offer triple abdominal compression to help in slimming your belly and waist. This brand is available in two sizes to accommodate almost all sizes. This model is better than the postpartum girdle since it offers support to the core abdominal muscles.


  • Supports postnatal abdominal muscles & offer back support
  • This belly belt is adjustable & moisture-wicking for comfort
  • Slims postpartum belly & waist faster and effectively
  • It lowers post-pregnancy & post-C-section swelling


  • It fails to retain its shape and size

#1. Emma + Ollie Adjustable Maternity Recovery Postpartum Belly Wrap for Weight Loss (2-12 Sizes)

Coming at the first position is Emma + Ollie postpartum belly wrap. It possesses three-point of Velcro warp system with partial cotton lining that makes it easier to use and the most comfortable post-pregnancy recovery belly wrap available in the market. Additionally, this wrap shapes and slims while speeding up the recovery and also help lower inflammation, abdominal separation, and swelling. With a partial cotton lining and a shorter height than other belly bands, this is the most popular comfortable belly band to purchase in town. Besides, it wouldn’t dig into your skin when you sit. Finally, it’s completely adjustable hence enables you to personalize your fit and tightness. In line with that, the easy on and off Velcro makes wearing this gear quite easy.


  • Helps to lower swelling on the uterus & abdomen and boost healing
  • Has partial cotton lining that ensures you get enough comfort
  • The adjustable fit changes with your body for comfort
  • Enables you to get back your pre-baby body faster


  • Offers secure and comfortable support (doesn’t have any disadvantage for now)

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Postpartum Belly Wrap


How effective is the post-pregnancy shapewear in suiting the two birthing methods (cesarean and vaginal)? Is it comfortable or adding stress on your belly? If you can answer that by the practicality nature of this unit, then you can be assured of a useful postpartum girdle. It should also relieve back pain and straighten your back as well. Don’t part with your hard-earned money if you aren’t sure about the effectiveness of a girdle.


How long can it offer you help? Durability has to do with the general construction of the gear. If you want to have a long-lasting use, then consider going for the one with high-quality material that fits into your belly and back without any hitch. Durability is undoubtedly the top-most recognized factor for those who wish to use it for several years after pregnancy.


The other thing you might think to consider is the comfort you’ll get out of a sure postpartum wrap. The material used for construction these units should be skin-friendly and hold your belly much comfortable without slipping or loosening when in use. Doing daily activities should not be affected by the presence of this gear on your body.


If you want your postpartum belly wrap to be durable, you have no choice but to go for high-quality materials. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort or breathability over material because they are all pertinent aspects in making these items the best. In that case, you can opt for models with medically-graded materials for the best comfort.


If you need to have your pre-pregnancy shape, you only need to choose the appropriate postpartum belly wrap. With the one that conforms to your body, you rest assured to get the proper support and comfort as you trim back to your desired shape. The best choice also shouldn’t exert pressure on your belly to distract your normal working. In this precise review, all your needs are well-taken care of. We’ve done an honest review of each product and trust us; you’re going to benefit more out of your purchase. You can extend your research elsewhere, but the bottom line is we offered you some of the best postpartum belly wraps in the market.

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