Top 10 Best Pregnancy Tests in Reviews

It’s the joy of a new mom to conceive and get a baby. In itself, pregnancy is one of the most notable occurrences in life. Nevertheless, it may come to a big surprise to most women. In either event, it remains essential. Well, the easier way of getting rid of uncertainties of whether you’re pregnant or not is by using a pregnancy test kit. Such tools will not only save you the need to go to see a gynecologist but also ease you of eagerness quickly. So, where are you going to find the best pregnancy tests to buy? Don’t worry; we’re headed there in a moment.

The market is currently flooded with all sorts of pregnancy test kits, and picking out the best is a nightmare. However, we’ve made your work more comfortable by offering you limited and well-research options. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best pregnancy tests for reviews. Let’s check-out what each kit has to offer.

#10. Simply Gorgeous 5X Ultra-Early Reliable CE-Approved Easy to Use Home Pregnancy Test Strips

Do you want to save yourself the headache of visiting a gynecologist? Look no further than this pregnancy test kit by Simple Gorgeous. The test that this kit offer has been proven to be 99% accurate. Each pack comes with five strips. And news going around is that this kit is so far the most affordable and reliable mode of checking your pregnancy status. Unlike other kits, it can detect about 10mIU. You can relax and plan for your baby after you’ve confirmed your pregnancy status. What’s more, this kit can detect early pregnancy to allow you to plan earlier for your baby and get rid of anxiety.


  • Offer reliable and accurate pregnancy results
  • Comes with five test strips that save on cost
  • It’s known to be the best on the market
  • Capable of detecting pregnancy early


  • Not the best but for the price it okay

#9. Simple Gorgeous Reliable Ultra-Early 10mIU Midstream Sticks Home Urine Pregnancy Test Kit

The ultra-early home pregnancy test kit by Simple Gorgeous is close to the previous selection, but it’s a bit advance. Ideally, this kit is simple, reliable, and easy to use. This midstream stick can detect the pregnancy at 10mIU; that why we refer it to be ultra-early. Each kit is wrapped individually to enable them to stay fresh and safe, and also, it’s backed with CE-approval. Even better, it has an expiration duration of no less than 12 months. The kit is required to be stored at room temp in a sealed pouch to the date of expiration. Of course, as the first model, it’s known to be the best in the market.


  • Can detect pregnancy at the early days of pregnancy
  • Delivers accurate and reliable pregnancy results
  • For guaranteed safety, the kit is CE approved
  • The kit is simple and easy to use


  • Work perfectly well, no caveat

#8. Gracefulvara Midstream High-Sensitivity & Accurate Home Private Early Pregnancy HCG Test Kit (5)

Getting the news of pregnancy should come as a surprise, knowing your pregnancy status as early five days. The tool is highly sensitive and delivers accurate results within no time. With visual results, you can easily interpret it. It’s a simple one-step rapid test that doesn’t need specialized training. The size of this kit is 8 x 2 cm and comes in a five-pack packaging. Besides, the kit is elementary, and it wouldn’t take you rocket science to figure out how it works. Additionally, it’s affordable and meets the budget for most medium-class individuals.


  • Deliver visual results that are easy to interpret
  • Gives early pregnancy results effectively
  • Offers accurate and reliable results
  • It’s super simple and easy to use


  • It takes quite some time to be shipped

#7. Fairhaven Health BFP Early-Detection Pack of 5 Tests Made in N. America Pregnancy Kits

Fairhaven pregnancy test enables women to know their pregnancy status as early as five days. Besides, this kit is focused on delivering accurate pregnancy results yet at an affordable price. In line with that, it’s also simple and easy to use. This kit, unlike the midstream kits, is inserted into the sample of the collected urine as opposed to the midstream that is held directly in the stream of the urine. The reliability and accuracy of test strips are guaranteed, yet they come at a very affordable price. That’s why this kind of testing is ideal for your compulsive tester. As a fact, this kit is sensitive to 20mUI/ml HCG.


  • Has a one-step procedure of using the kit
  • Detect early-pregnancy as early as four days
  • Offers extremely high-accurate results
  • It’s easy to use and highly affordable


  • Works well but doesn’t have instructions

#6. Clearblue Visual plus Pack of 3 Rapid Detection Reliable Easy to Use & Read Pregnancy Test Kits

The Clearblue pregnancy test is all you need for clearer and up to 99% accurate results. This kit contains two different tests to enable you to conduct the test at any time you desire. Unlike other models, this brand has a color-changing tip that turns pink when they absorb urine. With only a weight of 0.32 ounces, it means that you can easily carry it with you as you move from place to place. They should be stored in areas with temperatures of 36°F- 86° F to avoid any damage. Additionally, it is more convenient since you rest assured of accurate results. The display window is large enough to ensure that you can clearly check the results and interpret them accurately without being confused.


  • Has a unique flood guard to reduce errors
  • Well packed in individual bags for safety
  • They can detect early pregnancy
  • Operation is easy and simple


  • Contains two tests unlike Greenvida which has 40 tests

#5. Greenvida Reliable & Quick 40 HCG Test Strips Kit w/40 Urine Cups Pregnancy Strips

As a mom, you can now track your pregnancy at the comfort of your home with the Greenvida pregnancy test. This kit contains 40 pregnancy tests and 40 urine collection cups to enable you to conduct your test without regularly visiting the drug store. They have a sensitivity of 25mIU per millimeter, which allow you to perform your test 5 days before your missed period. Each strip is individually packaged to ensure that they all remain fresh and sterile to avoid wrong results due to poor storage conditions. You can easily pack it in your bag and carry it with it since it is made lightweight with a compact design. The results should be read 5 minutes after the test.


  • Convenient since they deliver 99% accurate results
  • Comes with a clear manual with clear instructions
  • Have high-quality sponge for quicker test results
  • Easy to use as you need to keep it in urine


  • The cups are smaller in size to pee in

#4. AFAC 3 Pregnancy Tests w/HCG Pregnancy Test Strips 99% Accurate Early Detection Pregnancy Kit

If you are looking for a more responsive and sensitive pregnancy test, then this brand from AFAC is the best choice. This kit contains three pregnancy tests to enable different conduct tests for surety and avoid frequent purchases. These tests have two big splash-proof result windows that will allow you to clear read and interpret the results. One line on the control region indicates negative results, whereas two lines on both the control and test region signify positive results. With a standard sensitivity of 25mIU, you are assured of 99% accurate results within five minutes. All you need to do is to dip the absorbent stream in the urine stream for only 10 seconds and read the results after 2-5 minutes.


  • Packed in moisture proof bag to avoid any damages
  • Have a good grip at the end to ease their operation
  • Absorbs urine at a faster rate for quicker results
  • Weighs 0.64 ounces making it more portable


  • Drinking fluids interfere with the results

#3. PREGMATE Easy to Use Accurate & Reliable 20 Ovulation & 5 Pregnancy Midstream Tests, Predictor

When it comes to quick and precise pregnancy results, the PREGMATE pregnancy test is all you could be looking for in the market. Operation is a hassle-free task because what you need to do is to dip or hold the absorbent tip in the stream for not more than 10s, and there you are. Two-color bands signify positive results, whereas one color signifies negative results. They have a sensitivity level of 25mIU to ensure quicker and 99% accurate results. This kit only weighs 11 ounces making it easier to carry them with you as you travel. The instructions are brought out to ensure that you conduct your results in a right manner.


  • They can be used for midstream testing
  • Capable of detecting early pregnancy
  • Offer second to none results
  • Easy to read and use


  • Doesn’t come with testing cups

#2. PREGMATE 10 Pack Accurate & Reliable Early Detection 25mIU/ml Pregnancy Midstream Test Kits

With the highest sensitivity level, the PREGMATE pregnancy test assures you of quicker and more accurate results. This kit delivers the most reliable results in 5 days before your missed period, so you would not have to wait until that day to check on your pregnancy status. It contains ten different pregnancy tests to enable you to conduct your test at any time in the comfort of your home. You can either dip or hold the absorbent tip in the urine sample or stream for about 10 seconds before reading the results in 5 minutes. Two-color bands indicate positive results, and negative results are depicted by one color band.


  • It comes with an instructional guide
  • Individually sealed to avoid any damages
  • It delivers up to 99.8% accurate results
  • Less messy and convenient


  • The test screen can be easily scratched

#1. First Response Early Results Easy to Use 2 Pack 99% Accurate & Reliable Pregnancy Test Kits

First Response pregnancy test responds quickly enough to deliver fast results. Unlike other brands, this model can detect scant HCG hormones in your urine six days before your missed period. The read panel is large enough to enable you to read the results with no clarity problems. They deliver 99% accurate results; thus, you would not have to doubt the results on the window. Since it detects all the four levels of HCG hormones in the urine, you can now conduct your tests earlier. This kit contains two different pregnancy tests to do two tests. One line signifies negative results, whereas two lines signify positive results.


  • Have comprehensive absorbent tips for accurate results
  • Offer pregnancy results in 3 minutes
  • Deliver up to 99% actual results
  • The instructions are easy to follow


  • Have curved handles that don’t lay flat

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Pregnancy Test

Early Pregnancy Detection

At least you should go for a kit that is very sensitive to be able to detect even a pregnancy even in the early days. Knowing your pregnancy status allows you to prepare for the yet to be born baby. It’s, therefore, essential to purchase a kit that has the capability of showing accurate results from the onset of conception. There’re advanced kits that are capable of detecting even the slightest amount of HCG hormones found in the urine. As such, most pregnancy test kits have the potential to detect the hormones at 50ml with other sophisticated kits detecting at 20ml.

Ease of Use

It’s obvious, and easy to use kit is desirable for testing pregnancy. If you can dip urine and wait for the results, the better; besides, the results should be easy to read. Like most brands make one strip when not pregnant and two when pregnant while some use positive sign (+) and a negative sign (-) to display pregnancy and no pregnancy, respectively.

Accuracy & Reliability

The kit should offer accurate results with consistency. For instance, it shouldn’t read positive results in the first days and later turns negative after a few days. A reliable pregnancy test kit will always show constant readings. Also, it should be accurate – this most case is contributed to the brand that you pick. Go for a reputable brand, like the one we’ve listed above.

Pack Number

For women who may be struggling with infertility, at least the kit that comes with 20 strips will be ideal for you. In essence, it saves you more time and cost-effective in the long-run. Always consider the pack number that goes handy with your needs and budget.


We’ve done our intrinsic part; it your turn to show gratitude by saving yourself the hassle of visiting a gynecologist and time by checking your pregnancy status at the comfort of your home. While doing the test, it’s advisable to follow all the setout instructions so that you can obtain accurate and reliable results. Start preparing for your child as early as one week after conception by grabbing one of the above precise pregnancy test kits. Check out the buyer’s guide right above this section to be in a position of making a well-thought buying decision.

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