Top 10 Best PS4 Controller Chargers for Reviews

Owning a PS4 controller charger is quite essential because it will allow you to charge your snowmobile and cruiser. This appliance enables you to charge your PS4 controller anytime you need it. Besides, it will offer you an uninterruptable gaming experience more so when you’re at the top of your game. Perhaps the introduction of this PS4 controller charger into the market has taken PS4 charging mode to a whole different level, hence changing PS gaming experience in general. It’s capable of charging your PS4 controller faster and effectively.

Although PS4 controller chargers are helpful, the big challenge lies in purchasing the best model. As you know, the market is currently flooded with tons of options, which becomes confusing, selecting the best choice. And to make your selection process easy, we have compiled a list of the top ten PS4 Controller Chargers in reviews based on genuine customer reviews. We’ve put into consideration all the features you might want to have, and no doubt, you’ll find a suitable model that matches your needs. Let’s check them out.

#10. BEBONCOOL 4 Charger Station with 4 Micro USB Charging PS4 Controller Charger PlayStation

If you aim to charge and protect the life of PS4, PS4 Pro, PS4 slim controllers, then consider purchasing BEBNCOOL PS4 Controller Charger will satisfy your wants. It has four micro USB dongles with an updated design to suit any contemporary PS4 arena. This charger has two in-built sturdy USB adaptor ports that simultaneously charge PS4 controllers. To ensure that the battery life of the controller is extended, when the controller’s power goes beyond 70 percent, the charger wouldn’t charge the controller. Even better, it comes with a manual that enables you to use this PS4 controller charger with ease. The charging dock is anti-slip, therefore enhancing the safety of the whole unit.


  • Built with LED indicator charging stand that indicates charging status
  • This unit is the most affordable model in this list with quality features
  • This device charges your PS4 Controllers fully within 3 hours
  • Comes with a safe and anti-slip charging dock


  • Doesn’t have enough slots to store all its accessories

#9. DinoFire LED Indicator & Fast Charging Dock PS4 Controller Charger for PS4 Pro Slim Controller

Charging PS4 controllers has risen to a higher level, with DinoFire Charger being introduced to the market. This model securely store and charge controllers at a go, you only need to line up the Micro USB port and plug them in –this is an ideal unit to save you more space by storing controllers. Besides, it takes between 2 ½ to 3 hours to charge the controller over the protected charging system fully. It’s also lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to place in the PS4 remote charger. Plus, the anti-skid base keeps the charging station in place to prevent it from sliding or falling. With a handy LED indicator, checking the charging status is quite easy.


  • Only takes about 2 ½ hours to charge controllers for an exciting gaming experience fully
  • You can quickly check the charging status of your controller using the LED indicator
  • It is lightweight and compact to save you more space and make it easy to carry
  • Built-in with a protective chip that will protect your controller while on charge


  • It requires mini-USB cable to the plugin instead of plugging directly into a wall AC source

#8. DOBE Dual Shock 4 Controller with LED Light Indicators Compatible with PS4 Slim Pro Controller

Life has even become better with the invention of the DOBE charger that enables you to charge PS4 controllers with ease. This unit is powered through the USB port from either the wall power source, PC, or console, which enables you to take on your game while the controller is on the charge. Moreover, it can charge the two controllers within two hours. Storage of the controllers is also easy using this charger station. Besides, the LED light indicators will display charging status, by color change for easy monitoring. Finally, it saves you a lot of space, and it’s safe for use.


  • Can be charged through USB ports from PC, Console or Wall power source
  • Design for saving the place with a built-in battery having a protector chip
  • You can go on gaming using the controller while it’s on charge
  • It’s capable of charging 2-controllers within 2 ½ hours


  • Seems a bit challenging getting controllers inserted for charging

#7. YCCTEAM Dual Fast PS4 Controller Charger 4 Micro USB Connectors Sony PS4 Slim Pro

Are you looking for a great PS4 Controller charger that is compatible with standard PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro? Look no further than YCCTEAM dual fast-charge station. It uses LED indicator to show the controller’s charging status and even adds flair to your room. The IC chip will offer excellent protection to your controller against overcharging. Something else to note about thing device is its capability to charge two PS4 controllers at a go within two hours. Also, it’s a brilliant way of storing more than one controller at once. What’s more, it looks stylish and cleaner than those chargers with a bunch of wires running all over.


  • Built with LED indicator features that shows the battery charging status
  • Has a built-in protector chip that ensures you don’t ruin batteries
  • It’s able to charge two PS4 controllers at once within 2 hours
  • A great way of storing more than one PS4 controllers at once


  • The adapter is a bit difficult to be plugged in

#6. S Sliq Gaming Fully Charges Within 1 Hour with QPower AC Adapter PS4 Controller Charging Station

As one of the unique and best controller chargers, S Sliq gaming unit produces a power of 2 amperes, this assures you of a faster charging time of less than 1 hour. This charging station allows you to charge up to 2 controllers at a time; thus, your room is kept tidy free from many wires. The yellow LED lights to notify you when the controller is charging, whereas the red LED lights indicate that the controller is fully recharged. It only weighs 1.1 pounds; thus, you can carry it with you anywhere you go. Moreover, it is from high-quality materials that last long enough before having to replace it. You can save much of your space because it has a compact design.


  • Versatile since it works with both first and latest generation of controllers
  • Has overcharge protection feature to avoid excessive charging
  • Easy to set since you just need to connect it to your controller
  • Made sturdy to ensure a stable charging system all through


  • It doesn’t hold more than two controllers at a time

#5. AmazonBasics for PS4 DualShock 4 Controllers 4 Foot Cable Controller Charger (Black)

Amazon Basics PS4 controller chargers enable you to game continuously without worrying about your battery draining off. First, it works well with PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 slim DualShock controllers. With this, you can charge one controller at a time or charge two of them simultaneously. You rest assured of the safety of your controllers since it has an overcharge protection system to avoid too much charge. It only takes 2.5 hours- 3 hours to charge a controller after plugging it into the adapter fully. When your controller is fully charged, it blinks green, and when charging, it flashes red. Its sleek profile allows you to store this unit in a more orderly and neat manner.


  • Has a compact design to save much of your charging space
  • The anti-skid feet stabilizes all your charging operations
  • Weighs less than 12 ounces thus easy to carry around
  • Designed from high-grade materials that last long


  • Takes more effort to plug the controllers to the dock

#4. Kootek for PS4 Slim Pro Vertical Stand Controller Charger Station Charger Indicator USB Ports

Kootek PS4 controller charger is the next unit on the look, and we’ll tell you it’s also the best choice for your needs. It is compatible PS4 slim, PS4 regular PS4 pro controllers. You can charge two controllers at a time since it two charging ports. This all in one controller charger has a vertical stand, games storage, cooling fans, charger indicators, and USB ports. The cooling fans allow for good air circulation to avoid overheating. You can check on your charging status through the 2 LED lights. Also, you can easily store or transport this charger since it only 1.12 pounds.


  • The removable slim clip allows you to charge PS4 pro and regular PS4
  • You can vertically keep the console to save your space
  • The cooling fans run quietly and clean any dust particles
  • Has a slim design thus it can easily fit into your backpack


  • The disk is not removable thus takes up more space

#3. OIVO Cooler PS4 Slim Pro Vertical Cooling Stand Multifunctional PS4 Controller Charger

Gaming safely is the more enjoyable, and with OIVO PS4 controller charger, expect nothing to come between your gaming. With a weight of 15.2 ounces, you can easily carry with you to your playing station. This unit is compatible with various PlayStation 4 consoles like regular PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 pro. The two LED indicators notify you of the charging system of your controller, where the red light indicates an ongoing charge and green light for a fully charged controller. When the controller has a charge of over 70%, then it does not continue charging it since they have a built-in-protector chip. Moreover, you can easily keep the console at a normal temperature since it has a metallic bottom.


  • Comes with a vertical stand, 12 games storage, USB cable and more
  • Charges the controllers for only 2 hours for a full charge
  • The cooling system produces noise of less than 20db
  • Has space at the side to store up to 20 games


  • It lacks the on and off switch for the charger

#2. BEBONCOOL Cooling Fan Vertical Stand PS4 Pro Slim Stand 2-Controller Charge Station

A good PS4 controller charger should have the right set of features, BEBONCOOL model has managed it all. It has 2 charging ports to enable you to charge one or two controllers at a time for 2.5 -4 hours. This multifunctional charger is compatible with PS4 slim, PS4 pro, and regular PS4. The built-in two high-speed mute fans act as a cooling system to prevent overheating and operate quietly. You can check the charging status of your controller through the different colored LED lights. The red light indicates a charging controller, and the green light indicates a full charge. Also, you can store both your old and games on the 16 pieces game storage to save on your space.


  • Has a low noise design to enable to performs other tasks along charging your PS4
  • The security chip prevents over-current, overcharging and short circuit
  • You can store up to 15 games thus keeping your place neat and tidy
  • Easy to carry since it has a maximum weight of 1.52 pounds


  • The low powered fan doesn’t perform its operations efficiently

#1. OIVO Controller Charging Station with Cooler Vertical Stand with LED Indicators & 12 Games Storage

Are you looking for an efficient PS4 controller charger? Look no further than the OIVO model. This charging unit comes with two cooling fans, console vertical stand, USB ports, dual controller charging ports, LED charging indicators, and 12 game storage. It is compatible with regular PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 slim, which you need to attach a detachable adapter kit. You can store the controllers, PS4 console, and game disc in a neat way to save on your gaming space. Besides, it allows you to charge one or two controllers at a time for a period of 2.5 hours to 4 hours. A red light indicates a charging controller, whereas a green LED indicates a full charge.


  • Has two built-in- fans for a good air circulation thus avoiding overheating
  • Weighs only 1.65 pounds that easy to carry from one place to another
  • The metallic base allows for a faster cooling rate and low noise
  • It is sturdy to avoid sliding while charging your PS4 controllers


  • Games storage is limited 12 games

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best PS4 Controller Chargers

Charging Time

The charger, or sometimes referred to the dock you wish to purchase, should offer you the fastest charging capabilities to your PS4 controller. Besides, with faster charging time, you can always use more of your precious time gaming rather than waiting for the appliances to charge. Consider this if you wish to enjoy uninterrupted gaming time.

LED Charging Indicator

To track the charging status of PS4 controllers, the charging station should come with LED indicators to prevent overcharging. In that case, consider the model with this feature to enable you to get rid of doubts and be assured of the safety of your devices.


When purchasing the best PS4 controller charger, it’s fundamental that you consider the durability factor. And you’ll do that by ensuring the PS4 controller charger have safety measures that prevent short-circuiting and also prevent overheating your devices.


If you’re in pursuit of charging PS4 controllers, it’s evident that the PS4 controller charger that we’ve offered above is worth more than you can think of any other appliances. Besides, they are lightweight, durable, and comes with many charging ports for convenience. Even better, they are budget-friendly and easy to use. Our list could’ve been endless, but we decided to present to you the topmost ranked models on the internet and genuinely reviewed by customers. It’s not too late to equip yourself with the best PS4 controller charger; you shouldn’t allow anything to disrupt your gaming experience.

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