Top 10 Best Pulse Oximeters in Reviews

If you want to live a stress-free life, then ensure to monitor your health regularly. And it doesn’t mean that you go and invest in expensive medical coverage plans. After all, a small change in blood pressure could go unnoticed up to the time you visit a clinic. That’s why it very important to have a finger pulse oximeter in your home to keep you informed. This device can accurately measure your blood oxygen levels, pulse rate plus the heart rate. It’s even a handy device for those individuals who go for workouts to ensure they stay healthy.

There are tons of pulse oximeters on the market, and it’s essential to choose the one that offers the best care. This is where we come into play. We have done the hard work for you by researching some of the best pulse oximeters. And we narrowed down your search to the top ten best pulse oximeter in the market. Go ahead and check our rated picks.

#10. CHOICEMMED Portable O2 Saturation Monitor Sky Blue Finger Pulse Oximeter

This fingertip pulse oximeter by CHOICEMMED-C1F is used to spot-check your SpO2 and pulse rate. Pilots and athletes who might want to know their pulse rate and Spo2 can use this device to get accurate results at a definite time. Operating this appliance is quite easy and straightforward to offer you convenience. After plugging one of your fingers into it, you can easily clamp and dial the button on the front panel. Also, it comes in a compact size that makes it portable for hassle-free movement, plus the carrying case that it comes with. You can switch it on and off by just a press of a button. Included in the package are user manual, lanyard, carrying pouch, and two AAA-size batteries.


  • Has a compact size that makes it easy to keep in the pocket
  • A versatile unit that can be used by athletes and pilots
  • Offers accurate readings of pulse rate and SpO2
  • The durable carrying case keeps the device safe
  • Operating this appliance is very easy


  • You can’t leave the batteries in it; else they’ll die

#9. CONTEC CMS50M Blood Oxygen Saturation Fingertip Pulse Oximeter w/Lanyard

If you’re looking for a fully certified fingertip pulse oximeter, then look no further than the CONTEC CMS50M model. Since it passes CE and FDA standards, this model is mostly used by doctors and other health professionals. But that does not limit home use because it comes with the instruction manual. The primary purpose of this device is to check the pulse rate and SpO2 value via the finger. Out of this pulse oximeter, you’ll get accurate and reliable readings. With advanced technology, this portable unit is convenient for checking your oxygen saturation level and pulse rate anywhere you’ll be. When the screens are in an inactive state, it switches off itself automatically.


  • Used in an oxygen bar, family, Gym, hospitals, etc.
  • Takes the reading quickly through your finger
  • Accurately check your SpO2 and pulse rate
  • Portable enough to be used anywhere


  • It’s designed to operate upside down

#8. ATMOKO OLED Digital Display Portable Finger Pulse Oximeter Heart Rate w/Lanyard

This device can quickly and accurately measure your SpO2 and pulse rate. And regardless of where you’ll be, this portable pulse oximeter can avail itself. Even better, the lightweight and compact design also necessitate the need for knowing your health anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re skiing, climbing, jogging, etc. this unit is the way to go as far as personal health is concern. The place where you place your finger is from skin-friendly silicone material for comfort and safety. The display has five adjustable brightness levels to care for sensitive eyes. Finally, it uses two 1.5V AAA-size batteries, which are also rechargeable.


  • Saves you power with an auto-shutdown feature
  • Gives accurate and reliable measurements
  • You can view results easily in any direction
  • The device is easy to operate


  • It takes some seconds to take the readings

#7. MIBEST Reliable OLED Display Finger Pulse Oximeter O2 Saturation Monitor (Silver)

Having lanyard, AAA batteries, and pulse oximeter case in the package, this unit will allow you to check your oxygen saturation level right out of the box. It’s convenient and easy to use this unit, which in turn enables you to get accurate results of the SpO2 anywhere you’re. It also has a one-press button that ensures the operation is done with ease. MIBEST fingertip pulse oximeter is a reliable unit that is here to stay. Besides, it’s suitable for all ages – it can act as a pediatric pulse oximeter for children and blood oxygen monitor for adults.


  • Easy to use with a one-button operation
  • Comes with a battery-low indicator
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • It’s ideal for all ages


  • You have to factory reset the specs for it to work fine

#6. WELLUE O2 Ring App w/Notification for Low O2 Level & Heart Rate Oxygen Tracker

The best way of checking your oxygen saturation level and heart rate is by using the WELLUE O2 Ring oxygen tracker. Since it has an app that can show you the results on your smartphone, you can easily deduce your health conditions every time. Whether you’re in a fitness center or sleeping in your room, this device will show you the appropriate readings. In case you experience irregular heart rate or low oxygen, the adjustable vibration feedback will notify you immediately. Additionally, this unit is compact and light to enable you to take readings anytime, anywhere. When it’s adequately served, this unit can work up to 14 hours.


  • Small enough to wear in public without drawing attention
  • Gives reports that are beneficial to your doctor
  • Suitable for sleeping and eliminating snoring
  • It fits thumb or finger quite comfortably


  • Doesn’t offer accurate SpO2

#5. N/A Portable OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter for SpO2 Level Heart Rate & Pulse Rate

Two things stand out for N/A portable finger pulse oximeter, accuracy, and reliability. With FDA approval, this unit has below 1% SpO2 accuracy deviation. It uses high-quality materials to ensure the device becomes reliable for long-lasting performance. It includes 2 AAA batteries and comes when it’s ready to use out of the box. Besides, it has a carrying case that protects your pulse oximeter against dirt and damage plus a lanyard that offer convenience. Moreover, the presence of a perfusion index is ideal for telling you the extent of your pulse while the plethysmograph displays your SpO2 waveform. This oximeter is suitable for kids aged one and over.


  • Has a faster response time of within one second
  • Built-in a compact design for portability needs
  • Delivers accurate results of pulse rate & SpO2
  • The screen is large, bright and easy to read


  • It’s a bit pricier but the best quality

#4. METENE Large LED Display Portable Finger Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Reading w/Lanyard

If you want to get accurate results of SpO2 and pulse rate, invest is a reliable and high-quality pulse oximeter. METENE portable finger pulse oximeter uses superb and advanced single-chip and gravity sensor with a photoelectric sensor system to pick the blood oxygen signal. Within 3 – 8s, you can obtain the measurements with an accuracy of ± 2%. Better yet, it’s a low power consumption device that can offer you 600 spot-checks using two AAA batteries. Additionally, this unit is very light and easy to carry. It’s also attached with a removable lanyard for convenient measuring of SpO2 and pulse rate anywhere.


  • It suitable for almost all people in works of life
  • Offers high accuracy of oxygen saturation
  • Perfectly fits the curvature of fingers
  • Portable and easy to carry


  • The cover is a little flimsy

#3. Amemo Portable Fingertip Pulse Oximeter w/Perfusion Index & Plethysmograph

Do you want a portable smart pulse oximeter that is accurate as that used in the hospital? Amemo brand is your ultimate choice. This model offers you a comfortable and precise way of measuring your pulse rate and SpO2. Better yet, the upgraded LED and sensor enables pulse rate and SpO2 measurement, a low blood perfusion index. Furthermore, it’s from ABS shell, acrylic panel, OLED screen, silicone finger mold to offer superb performance right in your home. This system also is replaceable after two years. What’s more, it features an auto-shutoff feature to saves you on more electricity bills.


  • The carrying case protects the device from dirt & damage
  • It an excellent O sensor with an attractive multi-color display
  • Ideal for children aged one and above
  • It easy to put batteries and use


  • The batteries get drained off quickly

#2. iHealth Air Wireless Pulse Oximeter w/Perfusion Index & Plethysmograph on the App

The runner’s up in this list is iHealth Air Wireless pulse oximeter that has a wide range of features. Its non-invasive unit meant for spot-checking SpO2 and pulse rate. This pulse oximeter is specially made to check the oxygen saturation level and pulse rate of the person(s) above the age of 16 years in both hospitals and home environments. Besides, it includes both the perfusion index and plethysmograph in the smartphone through the iHealth Myvitals App. It is quite easy to check how your activities influence your oxygen level and pulse rate before and after the workout. In conjunction with that, the device is medical CE and FDA approved.


  • It’s a reliable and accurate unit to check your pulse rate & SpO2
  • Uses Bluetooth Smart technology for effortless connection
  • Lightweight and portable device to meet on-the-go needs
  • Has been clinically tested and HIPAA compliant


  • Works great but has a poor display color

#1. ViATOM Overnight Wrist Oxygen Monitor Free App Track O2 Saturation & Heart Rate

ViATOM Overnight Wrist oxygen monitor is a superior device that is constructed using hi-tech. If you need a system to track your oxygen saturation level, then here is the best option. It also doubles up as a heart rate checker. The vibration feedback is triggered when the oxygen level in your body is below the set level on the App. Through the App, you can save and share your report with a doctor. The device auto-run after you wear it, and you can overturn your wrist to activate the display. Moreover, the high-efficiency Li-ion battery is capable of supporting up to 16 hours of uninterrupted monitoring.


  • It doesn’t take time to charge and has an easy setup
  • The best quality product that gives accurate results
  • This monitor works very well and easy to use
  • The best tool for evaluating sleep apnea


  • It’s a bit bulky on your hand while sleeping

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Pulse Oximeter


The first and foremost aspect that you need to consider before purchasing a pulse oximeter is the accuracy level. In that matter, you should take your time to check on the manufacturer’s specs to know the accuracy level. Given that you scout a very accurate pulse oximeter, you should not waste your time on other brands. And in that spirit, you can check on the products we have offered you for reliable accuracy.

Speed of the Reading

Pulse oximeter differs from the speed or time it takes to give readings. In essence, the quicker the reading, the better the results. Even better, some units are able to offer you a report or notifications alerts when the reading is taken is below the accurate level. It’s, therefore, imperative to choose a pulse oximeter that offers you results in less than 10 seconds.


The features that come with any pulse oximeter vary slightly from another one. These features could be highly important to your needs, while some could be less relevant. Features such as audibility, readable display, programmable alarms, battery power indicators, etc. offer more benefits to users. Additionally, features like auto-shutdown save you more power, and one-button control provides hassle-free operation. If you pay attention to the features of an oximeter, then be assured of finding the best of the best option.


The other possible aspect to look for when purchasing the best pulse oximeter is the portability. Luckily, most pulse oximeter currently on the market comes with portable design. From a closer perspective, it’s fundamental to look for those models that have neck lanyards or any other way of carrying the unit without a struggle.


This brings us to the end of this review. If you’ve been looking for the best pulse oximeter all over the place, then we have made your work easier by presenting to you the above ten selections. Whether you need a unit that offers accurate results within no time or easy to read and use, you wouldn’t fail to come across one from the list above. Besides, both the health and sports enthusiast can leverage on this device. And as if that is not enough, a pulse oximeter is suitable for all ages, so choose your suitable brand and buy it now!

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