Top 10 Best Real-Time GPS Trackers in Reviews

With the rise of GPS technology, it’s now hassle-free to track almost anything. Tracking devices that leverage on Global Positioning System can now locate the exact coordinates of a person or an object. Even better, some trackers are able to transmit or store this information; thus, an asset location can be viewed in real-time from a map. Real-time GPS trackers have numerous uses. But most individuals use these units to track their loved ones, cars, pets and other valuable assets.

Pinning down to the right real-time GPS tracker is a daunting task because there are tons of models on the market from which to select. And for that reason, we’re here to help you out. After researching on some few trackers, we have narrowed down to offer you the top ten Real-Time GPS trackers on the market. We hope you’ll find a model that match your budget and requirements. Let’s commence.

#10. Optimus 2.0 4G LTE Android & iPhone Compatible GPS Tracker for Vehicles People & Equipment

Are you in need of a tracker with unlimited tracking possibilities? Optimus 2.0 model can work better for your needs. It enables you to keep track of assets and loved ones without spending a lot of money. For instance, you can track your car whenever it goes and monitors the job being done. It is also complete, yet it’s easy to use. In a scenario where there is an occurrence, you get notified there and then, hence giving you peace of mind. When the battery is fully charged, it can last you about one to two weeks. Besides, you have a chance to customize frequency report – change how you’d like the GPS tracker to report at any given time.


  • The surest way of tracking people, items and vehicles with 4G LTE
  • Enables you to receive quick alerts in case of an incidence
  • Comes with Android & iPhone Tracking for easy tracking
  • Offers you a customizable report frequency


  • It doesn’t offer precise location

#9. LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Real-Time 4G LTE Magnet Mount Real-Time GPS Tracker for Assets

Tracking everything anywhere is now possible for this handy tracker by LandAirSea. This model is from the USA and uses cellular technology to track almost anything or anyone in real-time with precision. Also, it is ruggedly constructed to ensure it withstands any environments. With a magnetic and waterproof design, you can discreetly hide this unit under a car or anything that requires tracking. Besides, it is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last you up to two weeks. Even for those, you like going for outdoor adventures, and your family members can track you using these devices where you’re far in the jungles.


  • It is discreet and durable for you to track anything anywhere
  • A suitable choice for vehicle and driver monitoring
  • Offers guaranteed safety for your loved ones
  • The app is quite easy to master and use


  • Updates drop when the device isn’t in motion

#8. ShieldGPS Real-Time GPS Tracking Hidden for Vehicles & Cars OBDII Device for Tracking Anti-Theft

If you want to keep track of your vehicle more reliably and effectively is by adding a real-time GPS tracking. Well, brands like ShieldGPS vehicle GPS tracker easily plugs into your car OBD port and share GPS location info using the cellular network to reach you. Whether you are in Canada, USA or Mexico, you can track your vehicle more comfortable. More interesting about this tracker is the fact that there is no installation cost at all. In case you need to monitor your vehicle’s location, you can use the TrackSolid IOS, Android and web apps.


  • Suitable for anti-theft and surveillance, driver and employee tracking
  • Offers you unlimited real-time GPS tracking unlike other trackers
  • Powered directly from your car’s 12V battery, no need for a battery
  • It is quite easy to set up with tracking apps


  • Only works when the GPS on the car is working

#7. Tracki Magnetic Hidden Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker for Car Vehicle Kids Bike-Auto

Tracki real-time GPS tracker is an interesting device that offers its service across the globe. It can track vehicles, children, spouse, dog, elderly, ATV, drone, etc. Also, it uses an easy to use iPhone web or Android app. The SIM uses works worldwide. Additionally, it comes with a small and lightweight design that makes it be discreetly hidden. Even better, it uses a rechargeable battery that can last you about 2-3 days. The monitoring and smart notifications enable you to respond accordingly.


  • Has a small size that makes it work better as a tracker
  • Easy tracking and monitoring using Android, iPhone and Web apps
  • The tracker works in both indoor and outdoor areas
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts


  • No cons for now

#6. MINI PRO LTE 4G GPS Real-Time Tracker Ignition Cut-Off Hardwired T-Mobile AT&T Coverage

This upgraded tracker offers you a fast way of getting up-to-date tracking of your vehicle location and routes by using external GPS and GSM antennas. Trackmate Mini Pro LTE is suitable for tracking newly employed drivers, employees, deliveries, teenagers and for anti-theft needs. Further to that, it is also easy to conceal for interrupted tracking. With universal compatibility, you can connect with T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. This tracker is so far a famous brand in the market because it offers reliable tracking services worldwide. Don’t be left behind, consider this tracker if you need something substantial.


  • Comes with a backup battery that enables you to track continuously
  • Uses external GPS & GSM antennas to deliver precise tracking
  • Has a sleek and cancelable design for uninterrupted tracking
  • Offers real-time monitoring about anything and anyone


  • The installation instructions are printed in small font

#5. PRIMETRACKING Mini Portable 4G LTE Personal GPS Tracker with SOS Button Locator Tracker

PRIMETRACKING real-time GPS tracker is true to its word since it works just as it is described. With a width of a half-inch and height of 3 inches means that you can easily hide it without your loved ones noticing it. This makes it possible to conceal in backpacks, luggage, handbags, work supplies or any other place. Moreover, you can check on drivers on their speed, spouses if they are cheating or any logistics for businesses. You can quickly get the movements, locations, directions or any other information just as it is happening because it has a 4G LTE technology. The tracker weighs only 2.24 ounces, means its weight can never be felt regardless of where you slip it.


  • Designed from high-quality materials for a long usage life
  • Easy to operate with a simple click on your phone or PC
  • Has an ultra-compact design thus occupies less space
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and PC devices


  • It has limited notifications when compared with other models

#4. Brickhouse Security 4G LTE Track Port OBD-II Real-Time Vehicle Car Trucks Teens Elderly Tracking

With Brickhouse security real-time GPS tracker, you rest assured to enjoy a worldwide coverage. You can plug this tracker on your vehicle at OBD-11 port to monitor speed, braking, stops, accelerations when the car goes past the required location. It operates with the 4G LTE network to get you updates just as they occur. This network works throughout in USA, Mexico and Canada. With only a weight of 1.12 ounces, it means that it easy to carry around in case you want to install it somewhere else. When you want to monitor your car, all you can do is to download an app to help you track the location or the speed. Installation is a more straightforward task because the instructions are clear and easy to read.


  • Accurately tracks locations to bring you the most accurate results
  • You can receive updates after every 60 seconds about your car
  • Easy to use because all you need to do is to download the app
  • Easy to install since it does require batteries, no extra tools


  • It doesn’t give an alert when it is unplugged

#3. LandAirSea Sync Real-Time 4G LTE GPS OBD Vehicles Cars Trucks Fleets Real-Time GPS Tracker

Are you looking for a GPS tracker for your vehicles, assets or people? Look no further than LandAirSea real-time GPS tracker. It is mostly used for family and personal tracking, for example, to monitor your newly employed driver on the speed. This tracker can be installed on your vehicles’ OBD 11 port since it derives the needed power to charge itself. You can install its app on your phone or computer and monitor all events at the comfort of your room. When an accident occurs, this device automatically detects any impact and informs the emergency contacts of the place of accident. In case you are using it to monitor fleets, then you can track multiple devices at once.


  • You can use 10-second update subscription instead of the app
  • Made lightweight for secure storage and portability purposes
  • Sends updates at a faster rate that is after every 3 seconds
  • Has a compact design thus does not take up much space


  • Has a larger size which makes it more noticeable

#2. Badger Tracker GPS 4G LTE Real-Time Tracker for Campers Vehicles Fleets Waterproof Hard-shell

Here is a definition of professionalism as far as tracking is concerned. Badger real-time GPS tracker can be used to monitor vehicles, fleets, campers, assets and many more. It has a 4G LTE coverage and dual network technology that enables events in a large area. The mobile app allows you to track all your assets at the comfort of your home since this application is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This device requires one polymer lithium-ion battery to operate and is optimized for 10- 14 days of battery life before replacement. Additionally, this device only weighs 2.08 ounces which makes it easy for you to carry it around when you need to install it.


  • Waterproof hard-shell casing to avoid contact with water particles
  • Easy to set up since all you need is to plug in and install the app
  • Has a smaller size thus you can install it, and no one notices it
  • Constructed from high-grade materials that last long


  • The battery only lasts for almost 14 days

#1. GPS 1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device Real-Time GPS Tracker Fleet Tracking Elder Support

GPSit real-time GPS tracker is one of the most reputable brands known for the best trackers. It allows you to track your vehicle’s speed, alerts, stops, key events, exit, entry, idle time and many other activities. This tracker can be powered by the vehicle power of 12V or 24V. Also, it has three inputs to discover states of the sensors and two outputs for controlling accessories. Not only can it be installed in the vehicle’s OBD but also 3-wire configuration by connecting the positive, negative and ignition wires. When the vehicle moves or turns, it sends updates after every 2 minutes whereas when it stops, then it takes every hour to update the server.


  • Compatible with Android, iOS, window phone devices and many more
  • Saves you on costs since you do not have to purchase any batteries
  • Saves your time since it takes less than a minute to install it
  • The software is super easy to operate and track your assets


  • Sometimes it sends double notifications at once

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Real-Time GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker Size

Having a smaller GPS tracker is worth it because you can hide with ease. They should have a compact design that enables you to place in a hidden position for better performance. Also, a smaller tracker doesn’t need the provision of extra-space because it can fit literally in any asset space. Therefore, the size of the model you purchase is the determiner factor to perform its work.

Power Source

It’s also important to consider where your real-time GPS tracker gets it power. There are some models with in-built batteries while there some that can connect to the car power source. Remember, trackers should never switch off, and the power source should be reliable and valid. Consider the models with batteries that last.

Signal Reach

The other significant aspect to consider is the signal reach of your tracker. It is important to note that most GPS trackers in the US don’t work beyond. However, if you are travelling overseas, you can reach out to the manufactures of the tracker to increase the signal range.


If you’re planning to install the tracker on a vehicle, it’s good to go for the waterproof model. A tracker that keeps water and dirt away will ensure reliable performance, and even if you go through the drive-in muddy or rainy environments, your tracker remains safe.

SOS Button

Well, the presence of an SOS button in your tracking device will enable you to alert responders quickly when you’re meeting with an emergency. You can consider this feature if you need a tracker that does something extra.


In a nutshell, we’ve offered you the best real-time GPS trackers we consider the top-ranked on the market. They are popular with high ratings and are endowed with excellent features. Ensure to make a personal analysis before you can reach into a conclusion to acquire one option. Our list has incorporated all models you might think of with exceptional performance. Making your decision out of this review is easy because we’ve also included a guide section that offers you aspects to consider before pinning down to any option. You can acquire the best real-time GPS trackers without spending a fortune.

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