Top 10 Best Rotary Hammer Drills in Reviews

Let’s not assume that you know everything regarding a rotary hammer drill. With this tool, you are capable of doing numerous tasks by altering the bits. For instance, some of the jobs it can do span from drilling holes in concrete, breaking concrete and hard soils, pulling tiles, and so on. And if you want such a task to accomplish with efficiency, you should get the best rotary hammer drill. This tool should be easy to use for convenience.

While it might seem a daunting task to pin down to the best rotary hammer drill, which means that you take a lot of time comparing one option with the other, however, with our team of experts, we tested a dozen options, and the only task left for you is to shop. With that in mind, here is a list of the top ten best rotary hammer drills in reviews.

#10. Goplus SDS-Plus 3 Mode 1-Electric 9 Amp ½inch Rotary Hammer Drill with Adjustable Speed

First off, the Goplus rotary hammer drill comes with a potent motor having a 0-4000 per minute impact rate with 1100r per minute to accomplish any kind of task instantly. It is built with three functions that include hammer mode, a drill mode, and a hammer drill mode that suits different working environments using different speeds that enable you to control your suitable speed on personal preference. To ensure you get better performance with this tool, it comes with a unique reverse and forward switch with SDS-plus drill chunk. The 360-degrees rotation handle with a detachable depth rod offers you a lot of conveniences hence making work easier. With many other advantages, this rotary hammer drill is worth investing in.


  • The detachable scale depth gauge determines the precise drilling depth
  • Has a heavy-duty copper motor for exceptional performance and durability
  • The three functions make this drill hammer versatile
  • The variable speed is controllable on your own hands


  • It’s not the best but worth the price

#9. MPT 1inch SDS-Plus Heavy Duty 8.5 Amp 3 Function & Variable Speed Rotary Hammer Drill

How often do you find yourself going with a chunk of tools for a small task that could only need a one-stop unit? MPT rotary hammer drill brings that to an end. This tool focus on offering users more benefits that they expect, therefore leaving them with the best working experience. With 20 years of experience, this hammer drill has been able to offer distinguishable performance to most users. Switching from one function to the other is easy because of its appropriate design; speak of hammer mode, drill mode, and hammer drill mode. It is also able to handle any task because it has an 8.5 amp motor to deliver high-performance. Additionally, this rotary hammer is ideal for steel, wood, masonry, and concrete.


  • The variable speed with a powerful motor delivers high-performance
  • Has a double layer dustproof air inlet design that makes it durable
  • It suits broad application like in masonry and woodwork
  • The rotatable handle offers comfortable use and control


  • It needs regular maintenance

#8. Toolman Corded LT3144 Heavy Duty 10 Amp 4000 BPM Electric Power Rotary Hammer Driver

Are you looking for an electric-powered rotary hammer at an affordable price? Toolman corded rotary hammer driver is here to satisfy your needs. It has three modes that are usable in different tasks. You can switch and shift from drill mode to groove or even hammer drill mode. With a light size, this drill can be transported with ease. It can make you various perforations within no time with the powerful 10 amp motor. Additionally, it’s fully ergonomic for more comfort and suit both right- and left-handed people. Even better, it has both forward and reverses utility for convenience.


  • Built with three different drilling modes for better performance
  • The motor has a power of up to 10 Amp for high-performance
  • It’s lightweight and compact for easy transportation
  • Suitable for both left- and right-handed individuals


  • It doesn’t handle the heavy-duty task

#7. TACKLIFE 1-1/4inch SDS-Plus 12.5 Amp 4350 BPM 4 Functions Safety Clutch Rotary Hammer Drill

If you wish to undertake heavy-duty tasks, including improvement or renovation, then count on the best rotary hammer drill to get your job get done correctly. And TACKLIFE rotary hammer drill uses a powerful 12.5 Amp motor to enable your work to get done with ease. Additionally, it features a 1 – ¼-inches drilling size and capable of delivering 4350b/min and 900r/min. The safety clutch helps to withdraw the gears in case the bit binds, while the six variable speed enables you to have full control of your tool. Moreover, the 360-degree adjustable handle offers you a comfortable grip for extra control. Finally, the depth gauge helps you maintain optimal drilling accuracy.


  • The adjustable handle offers you extra-grip for comfortable drilling
  • You can dig out old grouting, take off tiles, remove the plaster, etc.
  • Has six variable setting that enables you to have full control of the tool
  • Offers you a precise and clean finish and saves a lot of your time


  • The lock sleeve seems a little chintzy

#6. VonHaus 10 Amp with Vibration Control 3 Function Adjustable Handle Rotary Hammer Drill

Take off the hassle of struggling with the most challenging task in your home by leveraging on the VonHaus 1250W SDS rotary impact. It’s suitable for a tough job like removing plaster, brickwork, taking off tiles, etc. Also, it is powered by a 10 Amp motor that makes it work better on materials like wood, metal, and masonry. Because every DIY projects aren’t the same, it required that you choose the right drill function, which can include hammer only, hammer drill, and rill. Moreover, it has a no-load speed of 850 RPM; hence you can always adjust your speed according to your needs.


  • An auxiliary handle and an anti-vibration mechanism offer convenience
  • Has three functions that enable you to choose the right mode for a task
  • It is ideal for rough tasks like removing plaster, taking tiles off, etc.
  • The 10 Amp motor makes it suitable for drilling into all materials


  • It is not precise but does the work

#5. ENEACRO 1-1/4inch SDS-Plus Heavy Duty 12.5 Amp 3 Function Safety Clutch Rotary Hammer Drill

Do you need a quick way to drill concrete? Then you go to try with ENEACRO rotary hammer drill for the best results. This tool makes up to 180 rounds in a minute with a frequency of 450bpm, which makes it ideal for decorating houses, dismounting wall, and breaking most floors. It performs different functions that are as a hammer, drill, and hammer drill for use in different environments. The 200°c resistant copper wire motor allows you to operate comfortably without burning your machine. Moreover, it has a 360° adjustable handle that enables you to work from different directions and narrower places. With double layers, you can never feel its vibration while working; this adds more to your safety.


  • Free flow of air in and out through the heat exhaust to avoid overheating
  • Has a dustproof system that allows you to work in dusty surroundings
  • Ergonomically designed handle to enable you to use for more extended hours
  • The motor comes with a safety clutch for safe and faster operations


  • It is a little bit heavier when compared to other models

#4. Makita D Handle HR2474 1inch Accepts SDS-Plus Bits 7.0 Amp 3 Mode Rotary Hammer Drill

Make your work more efficient and consistent with this high-quality rotary hammer drill from Makita. It is from high-grade materials that keep this unit stronger and durable. This machine has a 7 amp motor that produces up to 100 rounds in a minute, 2.7 joules of impact energy, and 0-4500 BPM for faster work. You can use it for various applications since options which include hammering only, rotation, and hammering and rotation option. The D handle is of rubber for a comfortable grip and tireless extended operations. Also, it has a torque-limiting clutch that keeps your tool in a good state by not engaging gears when the bit binds.


  • The recessed lock-on button allows you to operate continuously at a locked state
  • You can work from different positions since it has multiple chisel positioning
  • The sequential impact feature allows faster drills with no overlapping
  • One-touch sliding chuck makes it easier to change bits at any time


  • Has a slower reverse function thus takes time to back out

#3. Bosch 11255VSR 8 Amp 1inch Corded SDS-Plus Variable Speed Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer

Bosch rotary hammer drill is a beast machine that makes renovation tasks more straightforward for you. It is powered by 7.5amp motor with up to 1300RPM and 5800BPM for significant drilling operations. This tool features different application modes like rotation only, hammer, and rotary hammer mode for different uses. Also, you can work from different angles because the Vario-lock keeps rotating and locks itself in 36 different positions. You can easily remove fasteners or any bound bits with the variable speed trigger that offers a good bit starting. Finally, this tool is made of dustproof materials to prevent dust from settling when working in dusty environments.


  • Comes with a carrying bag for easier portability and storage reasons
  • Versatile as it can be used for different operations like decoration
  • The rotating brush plate equals both forward and reverses the power
  • Has a powerful motor that delivers 2 lbs. of impact energy
  • More flexible since the cord turret allows for a 35° pivot


  • Has a shorter length thus you will be on your knees while working

#2. KIMO 20V 1'' SDS-Plus 3 Function Variable Speed Adjustable Handle Demolition Hammer Kit

A good hammer drill makes drilling operations more light and convenient. That’s why you have to check out what this model from KIMO has to offer you. You can now work on concrete or any other masonry work well than before since it has a brushless motor that adapts to any kind of work—it variable trigger speed and different speed settings that enable you to drill from 900BPM to 4500 BPM. Besides, it has an ergonomic handle that rotates up to 360° to allow you to work from different positions for a more extended period. The 4.0mAh battery is one of the longest-lasting batteries that takes only 60 minutes to recharge it when empty.


  • Safe from burning since it has an overcurrent protection feature
  • Has a ventilation system that allows fresh air in and hot air out
  • Made lightweight making it easy to lift during operations
  • Can be used for impact drilling, drilling or hammering
  • The rubberized handle gives you a comfortable grip


  • The locking mechanism is altered if you try removing the battery

#1. DEWALT D25263K 1-1/8inch SDS-Plus D-Handle 8.5 Amp Integral Clutch Rotary Hammer Drill

Are you looking for a rotary hammer drill for your small chores jobs at home? Look no further than the DEWALT model. It has a powerful 8.5amp motor that delivers up to 3 joules of impact energy for efficient drilling results. The rotating brush ring offers a forward and reverses full speed for faster operation. With only a weight of 10.9 pounds, you are assured of faster operations since you can never feel its weight while using it for more extended periods. You can work from different positions comfortably because it has an ergonomic adjustable handle. This drill allows you to easily change bits by pressing down the chuck and sliding the drill into the tool.


  • Drills at a faster rate thus save both your energy and drilling time
  • Has different setting for use it as a typical drill or concrete chisel
  • The handle has a longer length for more comfortable operations
  • Keeps you safe from vibration since it has a vibration control


  • Ideal for use only on smaller or lighter home projects

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Rotary Hammer Drill

Easy to Use

How easy can you change the bits without the need for extra tools? The hammer drill should enable you to change the device bits quickly with no challenge. Also, the model with a360-degrees rotating handle is suitable because it will allow you to operate at any angle. Besides, a rotating handle is ideal is preventing blisters. Trigger positioning also offers an intuitive use of these tools.


Rotary hammers drills put more effort into the comfort they offer to a person. It’s obvious, if you have a model, don’t feel okay to handle, you’ll be discouraged from using it another round. In most cases, the comfort of a rotary hammer drill depends on the design of the handle. With an ergonomic soft handle, the design will offer you the best comfort.


If you want to make your work done efficiently, it’s advisable to invest in a powerful motor hammer drill. This tool power is measured with the amperage of the motor. Having an engine with a high amperage delivers high performance. Also, the power dictates the speed of this hammer, and it’s general performance.


Rotary hammers are versatile, and now, they can handle more than one task without the need for other tools. The varying speed levels have enabled it to work on different tasks using a wide range of bits it has. Besides, a utility like Vario-lock, making it possible to achieve different bit angles.

Corded Vs. Cordless

Both of these tools offer the same task but with different convenience and reliability levels. Corded are usually reliable as long as the electricity is available, while the cordless models use rechargeable battery get work done.


The list we’ve presented to you includes rotary hammer drills that are specialized for both construction and demolition needs. And if you are looking for the best model to simplify your job, save yourself a lot of money and time by going through this short and clear review. We have not only presented you with some of the best rotary hammer drills in the market but also offered you a guide that will enable you to choose wisely. Using this tool is quite easy and straightforward, and therefore, don’t hesitate to choose one for your day to day working. What’s more, let’s just hope that this review will lead you to find your desired rotary hammer drill.

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