Top 10 Best Toilet Bowls in Reviews

We spend so much time in the toilet every year according to research and it is good to get the best toilet bowl for your bathroom. Regardless of whether you are looking to remodel the bathroom or maybe replace a malfunctioning toilet, a stylish toilet will be a good pick. Before you can proceed to select any type of toilet for your bathroom, there are several factors to keep in mind. This will be covered in the later parts of this review. The aim of this review is to help you pick the best toilet bowl from the many options available.

Toilets come in so many designs and styles as well which might make the selection task a bit daunting. Taking time to research the flooded market is only going to eat up all your time. To spare your time and also make sure that you end up with the best product, we prepared this review. It has only the top ten best toilet bowls that will be fit for your bathroom. Read through and later make your decision.

#10. Toilevator Toilet Riser, 500-lb Capacity

When life dictates that you need an elevated toilet seat but you are looking to retain the existing toilet, an elevator will serve the purpose. This elevator is essentially a spacer is placed under the toilet’s base to add extra height for convenience. It has a weight capacity of 500 lbs which makes it ideal for most people.

The good thing about this toilet riser is that it will not alter anything in your toilet other than its height. What’s more, you will have the convenience of removing the toilet riser if need be. Apart from that, you will appreciate that there will be no special cleaning or maintenance need for this product.


  • This toilet bowl will alter nothing except the height of your toilet for convenience
  • The toilet riser will not require any special maintenance or cleaning whatsoever
  • It maintains the stability as well as the appearance of your the toilet
  • This toilet riser can be removed when need be and is available in two sizes


  • Some people complained that it is not stable

#9. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever One Piece Toilet

This is a sublime toilet that has a unique and very powerful dual-flush design. It, therefore, means that any blockage in the bowl will be easily swept away. You will also like the elongated design of this bowl that makes it very comfortable for the user.

Another great feature about this toilet bowl is that it has a soft-closing seat that closes gently and very quietly. The side holes, on the other hand, will help in offering easy and convenient access to floor bolts during installation. It is also available in two color options from which one picks from.


  • The elongated bowl helps to offer an extra room as well as comfort
  • These are environmentally-friendly toilets that have met the EPA flushing guidelines
  • A soft-closing seat that will close quietly and slowly and has the quick release for simple cleaning
  • Available in two color options and the height for this toilet seat is very comfortable


  • It will not last for a long time

#8. HOROW HWMT-8733A Toilet Dual Flush and Concealed Trapway

This toilet bowl comes in a modern and compact design which makes it ideal for the small bathrooms. You will also like the fact that the toilet is super-quiet and has a very powerful flush without any clogs or leakages. What’s more, the toilet is very economical in terms of water usage.

Another convenient feature about this toilet bowl is that it is very easy to install. The fact that the toilet is CEC compliant means that the product has met the required safety standards. Additionally, it comes with a warranty from the manufacturer meaning that any manufacturing defects will be covered.


  • Modern, compact and a one-piece toilet design which makes it ideal for the small bathrooms
  • The toilet is very quiet and has a very powerful flush without any clogs or leakages
  • This self-cleaning surface is not only attractive but also very easy to install and maintain
  • It is CEC compliant and has a limited warranty of 5 years against fading and staining


  • There is none for now

#7. Signature Hardware 413995 Elongated Toilet - ADA Compliant - Seat Included

The two-piece configuration for this toilet allows for easy access to the region around the toilet. It comes in an elongated design to provide extra comfort. What’s more, it extends out an additional 1-1/2” compared to the round configuration.

Another great aspect about this toilet is that it is ADA compliant not forgetting that a seat has been included. The dimensions of this toilet, on the other hand, will definitely be ideal for anyone with a small bathroom. You need to purchase with confidence now that there is a lifetime warranty on this product.


  • A two-piece configuration that allows for easy access to that area around your toilet
  • This toilet has been made in an ADA compliant design and comes with a seat as well
  • The products from this brand have been made to last and the manufacturer stands behind them with a lifetime warranty
  • This elongated bowl is going to offer extra comfort and also extend out in an additional 1-1/2” as compared to the round configuration


  • None identified

#6. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Elongated Toilet with a Soft Closing Seat, Cotton White

This is a one-piece toilet that has a modern and luxurious design. The skirted tramway not only gives it a sleek look but also makes sure that you have an effortless cleaning of the toilet as well. Another feature you will like about the toilet is its super quiet and the powerful flushing that is not associated with clogs or leakages.

The design of this toilet also guarantees comfort since standing up and sitting will be easy among most adults. What’s more, it is made with high-quality materials making the toilet easy to clean and also guaranteeing that it lasts for a long time. You will have the option to select your favorite color from the many options available.


  • This toilet bowl comes in a luxurious and modern design in order to complement other styles
  • The skirted tramway is going to create a sleek look and make its cleaning very easy
  • Quiet and very powerful flushing without any clogs or leakages for convenience
  • 5 years limited warranty on the porcelain parts from fading or staining


  • Hard installation in tight locations

#5. Winzo WZ5028 Elongated Toilet, ADA Comfortable Height with a Soft Closing Seat

One thing you will like about this toilet is that it has a very powerful flush and save you water as well as money in the long run. The reason behind that is that the water consumption rate of this toilet bowl is very low. It comes in different color options gives you the liberty to choose your ideal color.

You will also appreciate the fact that cleaning and installing this toilet bowl is very basic. What’s more, the elongated design together with the ADA compliance of the seat makes it very comfortable. The toilet has also undergone a factory flush test so you can be sure that there will be no leakages.


  • Powerful double flush system with very low water consumption rates in order to save more water yearly
  • The design of this toilet is very easy to clean and install as well and comes in multiple colors
  • Comfortable height elongated bowl that has a soft closing seat made in an ADA-compliant design
  • 360 degrees double cyclone flushing system with effortless cleaning for convenience


  • It is still new in the market

#4. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Toilet, Glossy White

This toilet has a modern design and a clean and sleek look that is going to perfectly complement with various styles. You will also appreciate that it has a fully skirted trapway making it pretty easy to clean. Again, you will appreciate that the toilet bowl comes from a reputable brand so you should buy with confidence.

Other than its appealing design, it comes with a soft closing seat. Apart from that, the toilet bowl comes with special holes that will reach the bolts during installation. The dual-flush tornado system for this system, on the other hand, helps to ensure that everything is cleared.


  • Modern design, sleek and clean look in order to complement with the different styles
  • Comes with special holes so as to access the bolts including the wax ring and bolt caps
  • The sleek and its eye-appealing design makes it achieve the modern look
  • Its fully-skirted trapway makes it very easy to clean for convenience


  • The installation is not as simple as described

#3. KOHLER K-4007-0 Toilet, White

This is a one-piece toilet that will perfectly integrate the bowl and tank in a seamless and a design that makes it very easy to clean. The good thing about this toilet bowl is that it comes in so many color options from which buyers select. It harnesses the gravitational force to optimize the flushing performance.

You will also appreciate that the toilet has a round-front bowl design which makes it ideal for the small bathrooms. What’s more, the toilet prides itself on a low profile design meaning that you will get the comfort that you deserve.


  • One-piece toilets easily integrate to the bowl and tank in a seamless and a design that is very easy to clean
  • The round-front bowl is going to give a good solution for the smaller baths as well as the powder rooms
  • Features a durable canister with a less-exposed sealing material that gives it a leak-free performance
  • Several color options available where buyers get to choose their preferred colors


  • Poorly packaged

#2. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Toilet, White

Here is another toilet seat that comes with some chrome hinges for convenience. One thing that people like about these toilet bowl is that it uses only one gallon of water to give a very powerful flush. This, therefore, means that it will be so economical in terms of water use.

If you are looking for a toilet that you can perfectly fit in tight locations where other toilets will not fit, this one will be the best buy. It can be installed on several locations like the loft, upper floor, the garage, and even the basements. You will also like that the flushing mechanism is electronically timed.


  • This is a stylish toilet seat that comes with some chrome hinges making closing very easy and quiet
  • The toilet will only use one gallon of water in just a single flush that makes it very economical in water use
  • This is a self-contained toilet that allows for the connection of the sink while using the least amount of water
  • Vertical pumping up to a maximum height of 9 feet and a distance of 100 feet horizontally


  • Lacks quality control

#1. Nature's Head Self-Contained Toilet with Handle Design

We finally sum up this review with this product that comes all the way from the United States of America. This toilet bowl features complete stainless steel hardware giving you the assurance that it will stand the test of time. Even though it is a bit pricey, it will definitely be worth buying.

Some of the accessories included here that are not included in other bowls include the vent hose and the fan. Another great aspect about the bowl is that it will disassemble with ease to make sure that emptying becomes a breeze. Again, it has an elongated design meaning that it grants maximum comfort.


  • This toilet comes with a vent hose and a fan hose that makes it unique from its competitors
  • The product has been proudly made in the United States of America to prove its reliability
  • It will disassemble within the shortest time possible to make sure that emptying will be very easy
  • Complete size elongated size will make sure that you remain very comfortable


  • It is too expensive

Factors to consider when buying a toilet bowl


When it comes to choosing the best toilet, the size will always have a role to play. Before you can proceed to purchase, you will need to have the dimensions of your bathroom in mind. This is the only way to make sure that the toilet perfectly fits in the allocated space. Apart from that, you will need to guarantee that the toilet gives you the easiest installation time.

Water usage

The last thing and the worst headache you can ever get is purchasing a toilet that uses so much water during flushing. To make sure that you save both water and money for your water bills, it is good to go for a model that is economical in water usage. The standard toilets only consume 1.6 gallons of water for every flush.


This is so obvious but we are going to talk about it still. The bottom line is that you only purchase products that you can afford. You, therefore, need to know how the toilet sells to make sure that it aligns with the budget allocation. When thinking of the price for your toilet, you also need to factor in the costs of installation if any.


It is our hope that you have enjoyed reading these reviews and we know that you will have an awesome shopping experience. As you have seen above, there is an endless list of toilet seats being offered for sale today. It, therefore, requires you to take your time if you are to make the best decision. With the products above, we really hope that you will easily get the right pick. If you do not know where to start, begin by reading through the buyers’ guide above. All the best!

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