Top 10 Best Trunk Organizers in Reviews

As the name implies, a trunk organizer is a helpful and effective way of organizing different accessories, groceries, and gears in your vehicle. Whether you’re preparing to go on an adventure, campsite, or want to be organized with your essentials in your car, you’ll benefit greatly by having the best trunk organizer. These handy units come in various sizes, forms with many compartments to suit your purposes and needs. If you’re new on the market and need the best trunk organizer, we’ve you covered!

We sifted through tons of trunk organizers in the market to find the best of the best choices. Fortunately, we managed to handpick a selection of the top 10 best trunk organizers you might wish to consider. The buying guide we’ve included in this post will also boost your chances of finding the best trunk organizer. That said, let’s look at each product in the broader dimension!

#10. Handy Laundry Non-Slip Fastener Fold Away Car Trunk Organizer for Large & Heavy Items (Black)

Are you looking forward to keeping all your heavy items steady in your trunk? Well, Handy laundry trunk organizer is the best choice. It has two main compartments to help you store groceries, sports gear, emergency equipment, auto supplies and so on. You can use this unit also to store maps, smaller accessories, and tools because it has three side mesh pockets. Besides, the two heavy-duty handles make it easy to move these trunks from one place to another. In case of sudden stops or turnovers, your luggage remains intact and in place since the Velcro strap secures them safely. When not in use, you can easily fold this trunk organizer to save your storage space.


  • Designed from black materials to match your car design
  • Keeps your car trunk neatly organized and secured
  • Spacious enough to store larger and more items
  • Has bottom inserts that keep it more stable


  • It problematic to search for items because it’s too deep

#9. AUTOARK AK-092 Multi-Purpose Durable Collapsible Cargo Storage Car SUV Trunk Organizer

If worried that you can purchase a trunk organizer that might not fit your car trunk, it would be of an excellent idea to get this brand from AUTOARK. This unit is ideal for all types of cars like a minivan, SUV, jeep, mini-tracks, and so on. It is from high-quality oxford polyester fabric that is more durable. The bottom is of heavy-duty materials that are long-lasting and support a weight of up to 80lbs. Moreover, the base is waterproof to keep your items dry and offer more support. With up to 12 different pockets, you can easily store larger, medium-sized, or smaller items in a more organized manner.


  • Saves storage space since it folds flat when not in use
  • Your cargo remains intact since it has rubber feet
  • The middle snaps allow for half usage this unit
  • Has two sturdy handles for transport purposes


  • The Velcro strap doesn’t keep the luggage more intact

#8. MIU COLOR Expandable Large Capacity Portable Foldable Car Trunk Organizer with Strap Handle

When traveling or shopping, you can easily store your items using a high-quality MIU COLOR trunk organizer. This organizer has a capacity of 70 liters; thus, it can store most of your essentials. When not in use, you can easily fold it into a smaller unit to save your storage space. It is painted black to match most car designs and resist any stains. Additionally, you can quickly move or lift this storage unit around since it has an ergonomic handle. The non-slip bottom keeps all your items intact and safe from unnecessary movements. Also, at the bottom is a non-slip hook and loop fastener prevents sliding during transit. This helps you to store your groceries, auto supplies, and other equipment more organized.


  • Have 2 removable dividers to keep your items organized
  • Only weighs 2.43 pounds thus easier to transport
  • The removable base plate offers more support
  • It has a compact design to fit into a small trunk


  • The separators are a bit flimsy

#7. SURDOCA 3rd Gen Super-Capacity Space Saving Car Trunk Organizer with 4 Magic Stick (Black)

Everyone desires to keep luggage in the car trunk more stable to avoid any noises; the SURDOCA trunk organizer can be used on up to 90% of car types on the backseat. You can now drive without worrying about any noises since it has a four stable magic stick structure for stability. Besides, it is from high-grade oxford materials that are strong enough to handle more substantial items. The Z-shaped encryption sewing design is tougher thus does not split easily. You can store varied items since it has a total of up to 8 pockets. With a weight of only 1.15 pounds, you can easily carry this unit from one place to another. It can be easily folded when not in use to avoid wastage of space.


  • You can store heavy gears more comfortably
  • It’s waterproof to keep all your items dry
  • Easy to install and uninstall straps
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The Velcro is of low-quality materials

#6. Honey-Can-Do Durable Foldable 3 Mesh Side Pockets Car Trunk Organizer with Handles (Black)

If you are looking for a lightweight trunk organizer, the Honey-Can-Do trunk organizer is a great pick. This unit only weighs 1.22 pounds, making it easier for you to carry it from one place to another. The stitched in handles also contributes to its portability. It is from a high-quality fabric that lasts longer. Moreover, when not in use, you can easily fold it to save you on space. You can as well use it to store smaller items like towels or tools since it has three side mesh pockets. With Velcro, you can quickly secure this organizer to trunk to avoid any unnecessary slides or movements.


  • Easy to organize or remove items in and out of this unit
  • Perfect for storing heavier materials on SUVs or cars
  • Has spacious compartment to store more significant stuff
  • Made of durable materials that last longer


  • The middle divider is not well sewn

#5. Drive Auto Durable Foldable Compartments Expandable Car Cargo Trunk Organizer (Black)

Fifth on our list is this modern and functional looking trunk organizer from Drive Auto. This item has 13 different pockets to secure all your essentials in one bag and a steady manner. It is from high-grade premium oxford 600D fabric that is durable and strong enough to hold heavier materials. The reinforced handles make it easier to carry this unit from one place to another without feeling the weight of your packed accessories. Also, the tie-down straps secure all your luggage more stably to avoid slipping away or producing any movement noises. This is a great birthday or Christmas gift for a driver.


  • The side panels are sturdy to keeps your items intact
  • Has a collapsible design thus fits into smaller spaces
  • Remains sturdy and upright even on bumpy roads
  • It can be used to hold groceries, tools and so on


  • Not too deep to hold more of your essentials

#4. FORTEM Easy to Use Non-Slip Bottom Securing Straps Collapsible Storage Car Trunk Organizer

FORTEM trunk organizer is all you need to store most of your items neat in just a matter of minutes. This storage bag is built to last longer since it is from durable materials. The reinforced base plates also contribute to its longevity. It can be used to store groceries, emergency supplies, tools, and much other equipment. Moreover, it has a black color to be able to resist any stains and complement most car designs. The non-slip strips and securing straps keep your bag secured from sliding, whether it is fully packed or emptied. You can easily store a variety of items on this storage bag by attaching the divider.


  • Foldable to ease storage and transport purposes
  • Saves you on storage space because it’s compact
  • It takes some few seconds to fold and unfold
  • It easier to carry from place to place


  • The side pockets are tightly stitched

#3. Oasser Waterproof Collapsible Multi-Compartments Durable Foldable Trunk Organizer Storage

Nothing feels much better than a sturdy and neatly arranged trunk organizer that gives you a dumb reason to try out this brand from Oasser. It is from a high-quality 1680D Oxford cloth that is more durable. These materials are waterproof to protect your items from getting wet and are also easy to clean by wiping. The 5mm density board is rigid enough to retain the shape and structure of this storage. Furthermore, it has three main compartments, four side mesh pockets, and one flap pocket to store a variety of items. No more tipping, slipping or sliding because it has two different non-slip hook and loop fasteners.


  • Can be used in most cars, SUVs, trucks, vehicles, vans and so on
  • You can move things in the dark as it has a reflective strip
  • It has an ergonomic, sturdy metal handles for grip
  • Has top cover lid to store your essentials securely


  • Heavier when compared to other models like Surdoca

#2. TRUNKCRATEPRO Durable Portable Collapsible Multi-Compartments Car Trunk Organizer (Black)

Are you looking for a high-quality trunk organizer? Look no further than TRUNKCRATEPRO trunk organizer. First, it is from durable oxford polyester fabric that is strong to hold heavier items. These materials are resistant to abrasions and water substances. Secondly, the reinforced stitching makes it stronger to avoid any tears that might occur. With or without any cargo on it, this bag stands upright, making it more convenient to pack it. Thirdly, it has three main compartments, and removable subdivides that enables you to divide the compartments and store various items. Finally, it can be half folded to act as a seat organizer or fully wrapped to ease storage.


  • Made from waterproof materials making it easy to clean
  • Has a well-constructed design to keep your stuff in place
  • It’s lightweight to make it easier to carry around
  • Easy to use with no installation needed


  • The extra outside pockets only allow storage of flat items

#1. Starling's 3 Compartments Adjustable Durable Effective Storage SUV Car Trunk Organizer (Black)

With a wide range of features that Starling trunk organizer offers, you will never regret having picked this item. It has three large compartments and 15 extra pockets to enable you to store as many essentials as possible. It is from waterproof and durable 1680D oxford polyester materials at the bottom is a removable waterproof three-layer that brings more support to luggage. Additionally, the 12 buckles help in locking the three compartments and the whole unit flat. On a flat surface or a bumpy road, your items all remain intact because the 3 Velcro straps at the bottom keep them well secured to the bag. You can use it to store groceries, car tools and equipment, and many more.


  • Easy to carry and store since it has two sturdy handles
  • Folds flat to 1.75 inches to ease storage purposes
  • Has uniformed stitching to offer more strength
  • Expands up to 3 feet long to store more items


  • Too large to sit front to back in the boot

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Trunk Organizer

Quality & Durability

Before purchasing, it’s vital to ensure that the unit you’re considering is from high-quality materials. Or else you’ll fall prey to products that will break apart within no time or models that don’t store anything in an organized way. Also, the trunk organizer you’d want to consider is the one that can support a substantial amount of weight. It is, therefore, imperative to go for a model that can do the job effectively. You can consider durable polyester, top-quality stitching, and reinforced plates on the bottom.


The trunk organizer that you’d want to buy should stay in place securely. Why’d you purchased an organizer that’s going to maneuver around on every stop or turn? It MUST be capable of holding onto its position in your vehicle securely. On that note, consider the model with straps that enable you to tie-down. Other models have Velcro straps for firmly holding the unit onto the car.


A wide range of trunk organizers is available on the market, including those with removable panels. Such panels enable you to adjust the space according to your needs. At least, if you have small items, they can still fit in comfortably without sagging. It’s, therefore, an excellent thing to look for a trunk organizer that can suit to any personal needs. Also, the foldability feature will enable the use of the trunk organizer when in need and store it safely when not in use.

Number of Compartments

The last but essential aspect you might want to consider before you can seal a deal with any of the units is the number of compartments it comes with. A trunk organizer that comes with compartments will offer you a more organized and safe place to store essentials. Also, you can consider mesh pockets that make the storage of smaller items quite comfortable. You should go for the model that has your preferred number of compartments.


If you want to stay organized when going for an adventure or picnic using your car, consider purchasing one of the above trunk organizers. They’ll make your life smooth and fun. Also, they have enough storage space that will ensure all your essentials are stored safely. And because they’re also collapsible, they’re folded with ease when not in use. Most importantly, it comes at a very affordable price – you don’t have to shell out more from your pocket to get yourself a reliable and durable trunk organizer. We’re confident that after you’ve read this post, you’ll be in a position to find the best trunk organizer. Good luck!

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