Top Best Body Shapers for Women in Reviews

We all love to look our best, and that’s undeniable. Looking our best can boost your confidence, and that, in turn, transforms into an exciting and involving social life. It’s for that reason why you need the best body shaper to show off your stunning shape while helping your outfit fit well into your body. Also, you can use these garments during the workout to cut get rid of excess fat around your belly and abdominal areas.

Currently, body shapers have gained tremendous demand in the market, which has resulted in tons of options being availed in the market. However, not every model provided optimal offer results. This post is all you need to make the right decision in purchasing the best body shapers for women. Here is a list of the top 10 best body shapers for women you might want to consider.

#10. Skatheal High Waist Neoprene Butt Lifter Thigh Trimmer Shapewear Belt for Women

If you need a right-back supporter, Skatheal waist trainer bodysuit is all you need. This unit can be used by both men and women while jogging, cycling, walking, or doing any other yard work around the home. Besides, it is designed from high-quality neoprene components that are known for a high thermogenic activity to enable you to sweat more. You are assured of a stable and comfortable workout since it has a grid lining that prevents sliding. This compression shaper is made to burn any excess fats in the lower tummy and lifting both your hips and butt. The wide strap around the waist area offers excellent support while performing your workouts.


  • Ideal for healing injured muscles and blood circulation
  • Has 3-band Velcro straps to adjust thigh compression
  • Available in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit
  • Made from long-lasting, high-quality materials


  • A bit shorter thus occupies less area

#9. FAJAS SALOME 0518 Colombianas Smooth Fabrics Post-Surgery Compression Garments

You can now get an hourglass figure within seconds with this waist train bodysuit from Fajas Salome. It is available in a wide range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for people with different body sizes. You can wear it under your clothes for a stunning shape since it lifts your butt. This shapewear has an ideal cotton lining that is soft to keep you comfortable whereas compressing your body. Moreover, it ensures a perfect fit since it has a flat zipper with inner hooks. Since it is designed from high-grade materials, this unit can be used for a longer time without any wear or tear. It is an excellent gift for a female friend or family member during holiday seasons.


  • Has a midriff girdle that keeps you comfortable
  • Remains invisible since it has a strapless design
  • Easy to put on and off because it has a zipper
  • Made lightweight thus can be easily carried


  • Not flexible enough for exercises

#8. Smok69 Bodysuit 3-in-1 High Waist Butt Lifter Full Body Shapewear (Sexy Black L XL)

Unlike other brands and models, Smok69 waist trainer bodysuit is well known to lift your butt to a new height. This body shaper is made from high quality and stretchy materials to last long and ensure a customized fit. It has a round opening design majorly to lift your bum to most senior level to keep it looking sexier. You can wear it under your dress, jeans, skirt or any other clothing since it is invisible under such clothing. To ensure a perfect fit, it is ideal to choose one size up from your normal sizing. Not only does it lift your butt, but it also flattens your waist for more beautiful and pretty curves.


  • You can hand wash with cold water
  • Made from soft materials thus comfortable to wear
  • Ensures a perfect fit since it is elastic and stretchy
  • Comes with straps to ensure that it stays in place


  • It isn’t suitable to be tumbled dried

#7. Gotoly Hi-Waist Women Butt Lifter Shapewear Tummy Control Slim Smooth Panty

How about a more junky butt and hip? Sounds soothing right? It’s all possible with Gotoly waist trainer bodysuit. It has an ultra-high-waist design to reduce the waistline to ensure slimmer and hourglass curves. You can wear it under your skirt, pants, shorts, dresses, suits and other clothes since no one will notice it but comment on your beautiful curves. This butt lifter shapewear makes your bum fuller, round, sexier, bigger, and more good looking for an hourglass shape. Additionally, it is equipped with a high-grade elastic rubber band that ensures a perfect compression. It always stays in place since it has four steel bones to offer more support.


  • Ideal for yoga gym, workout, postpartum recovery and so on
  • It’s made from durable spandex and nylon materials
  • The breathable elastic materials prevent sweating
  • Has a zipper closure that prevents skin from hurting


  • Bulges out when worn under jeans

#6. LILLIWEEN Neoprene Thigh Trimmers Invisible Lift Butt Lifter for Women Hip Enhancer

Whether you are running on a treadmill or performing any other workout, Lilliween waist trainer bodysuit is all you need for a good shape. This body shaper is made premium quality latex-free materials that speed up thermogenic activity to enable you to sweat more. It burns excessive calories in the lower tummy area, whereas enhancing your hips and butt. The strap around the waist offers more support while running, lunging, or jogging. Besides, it helps in relieving muscle pain, promotes blood circulation, and speeds up the hip and groin recovery process, and so. With only a weight of 12.6 ounces, you can never feel its weight when worn since it supports you comfortably.


  • The thigh eraser is stretchy for good compression
  • Reduces water weight and increases sweating
  • Limits bunching as it of non-slip materials
  • Offer maximum comfort


  • Has a weird scent after unpacking it

#5. BRABIC Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer Women's Bodysuit Butt Lifter Tummy Control Shapewear

If you need to shape your body perfectly by losing weight? BRABIC waist trainer bodysuit is an ideal choice. This unit compresses your waist, tummy, belly, thigh, lifts the butt, supports breasts, and many more for hourglass curves. It is made from high-quality fabric that is durable and elastic for a perfect fit. Additionally, it has boy short panties that keep your upper thighs slimmer whereas lifting your butt under your dress for a finer shape. Depending on the compression that you need, you can easily adjust four rows hook-eye for the bust area and three rows hook-eye for the shoulders to ensure a perfect fit. You can as well remove the anti-slip breast support band to allow for more chest gathering.


  • Made from soft materials to keep you comfortable all-day
  • You won’t feel its weight since it is made lightweight
  • It’s breathable to avoid sweating during warm days
  • Easy to put on and off each day


  • Not ideal to be worn during a hot weather

#4. BEITESI Hip Enhancer Invisible Lift Butt Waist Thigh Trimmer Trainer Lifter Shaper for Women

All you need is Beitesi waist trainer bodysuit to achieve a great body shape. It is designed from high-grade polyester materials that last longer. It has two adjustable straps at the thigh area to enable you to adjust this unit to ensure a perfect fit on your thighs. You can wear it when running, cycling, training, sauna and many other workouts since it is easy to put on and off. This sport girdle is made of stretchy and flexible materials to ensure a perfect fit. Moreover, it helps smoothen tummy flabby due to C-section or after pregnancy since it helps you look slimmer. Also, it aids in relieving waist pain, speeds postpartum recovery process, reduces swelling, and so on.


  • Made from 100% latex-free materials that are easy to clean
  • Can be worn under clothes as it has a low profile wrap
  • Comfortable since it doesn’t pinch or irritate your skin
  • Has a non-slip interior surface to prevent sliding


  • It’s not ideal for machine washing

#3. BRABIC Waist Trainer Bodysuit Women's Full Body Shapewear Sport w/Adjustable Straps

BRABIC waist trainer bodysuit is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. Also, it is ideal for home sports, yoga, Zumba, cycling, both indoor and outdoor activities, and many more. You are assured of a longer-lasting unit since it is designed from high-quality composite and neoprene materials. Furthermore, while performing your activities, it helps you sweat more, thus burns tummy fats for a slimmer waist and abdomen. The adjustable straps make it easier to put it on and off to ensure a perfect fit. Finally, the underbust and mid to high thigh area is designed to hold your buttocks, back, tummy, and thighs for perfect curves.


  • Made from breathable materials to avoid sweating
  • Hides fat on the waist for an hourglass figure
  • Has a zipper closure that ensures a snug fit
  • The open bust design pushes up the breast


  • It lacks a crotch access

#2. JZSON Thigh Trimmers Waist Trainer Butt Lifter Shapewear & Hips Belt for Men & Women

Are you searching for a more durable and flexible waist trainer bodysuit? Search no more, JZSON waist trainer bodysuit is the best choice. It is designed from durable neoprene and nylon materials to last. The rubber materials prevent any sweating, whereas reducing water weight during your workouts. According to your shape and size, you can easily adjust the adjustable straps around the thighs for a perfect fit. During leg workouts, it remains intact without sliding since the interior surface is made with non-slip materials. Also, it helps to burn fat in the belly area and lifts your butt and hips to improve your body shape.


  • The rubber materials keep you fresh during your workouts
  • Made from lightweight materials for a comfortable wear
  • It is made from high-grade materials for durability
  • Easy to clean with just a damp cloth


  • No cons so far

#1. HerBose Thigh Trimmers Eraser Shapewear Booty Belt Butt Lifter Waist Trainer for Women

If you are looking for a more supportive waist trainer bodysuit, you got it right with this brand from HerBose. It aids in burning any excessive fats in the belly area, whereas lifting both your hips and butt for a high figure. While running or jogging, the strap around the waist provides more support for a more comfortable workout. Additionally, it is from extra-thick neoprene materials that are durable and increases the sweating rate. You can as well use it to relieve muscle pain, increase blood flow, speeds the recovery process, and more. With the gird lining, you are assured of stable workouts since it prevents sliding and bunching.


  • Has a lightweight eraser for a more convenient workout
  • It is of soft and stretchy materials for comfort
  • Has adjustable straps to ensure a customized fit
  • Provides firmer thighs since it retains body heat


  • Doesn’t support your back well

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Body Shapers for Women


The foremost aspect to consider is the size of the shaper. You should opt for the right size that offers you a perfect fit. Keep in mind that if you settle for a smaller size, you’ll not benefit from using it – it will be uncomfortable and even may cause bunches to develop that may make you look larger. Try to purchase the shapewear that fits you accordingly.

Construction Level

Second, the construction level of the shaper determines how close the wear will fit your body. Some of the available construction levels include; light, medium, and heavy construction level. For the light construction level, you’ll get a minimum level of construction, while the medium construction levels are strong enough to get rid of most lines. On the other hand, if you need full-body translation, opting for a heavy construction level is desirable.


Well, there are a variety of body shapers that deal with different body parts. Ideally, corsets are usually known to smooth out the waist while ensuring the emphasis is placed on breasts; besides, bodysuits bring a greater head to toe toning while other waist trainers are mainly designed to deal with the waist. Some of the different types of shapewear include; camisoles, tights, slips, and even shaping panties. It’s, therefore, a good idea to choose the one that best suits you well.


In a general rule, you should opt for the model with more Lycra because it offers more comfort. Lycra not only provides the material with added stretch but also makes it effortless to wear. It’s therefore recommended that you purchase the shapers that offer between 8 to 10 percent Lycra.


Purchasing the best body shapers shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking job. You don’t have to sift through all sites looking for a body shaper; this post has summarized everything for you. We’ve done thorough research, and the selections we’ve presented to you are nothing but the best choice in the market in terms of quality, budget, and performance. That said, you should now confidently purchase one of the above models without any worry. Even if you’re buying this garment for the first time, the buyer’s guide will keep you on track to purchase your best. Choose well!

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