Top 10 Best Digital Wall Clock with Temperature Display In Reviews

New advancement in technology has given rise to a powerful and multifunctional digital wall clock. Known for displaying time in micro-units, they are becoming important in making us aware of the time in our homes and offices. As a matter of fact, many of these clocks display time in both 24 and 12 hour-clock system. Given that these clocks display time in bigger digits, they work better for the elderly and semi-visually impaired person(s).

Their slim and sleek design makes your room look gorgeous and impressive. With that said, you can easily place in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, garage, classroom, warehouse, and many more areas. Besides showing time, these digital wall clocks display the date with others going out of their way to show humidity and temperature. They work perfectly and that’s why it’s being appreciated by most people. Keeping that in mind, we’re now going to review the best 10 Digital Wall Clock with Temperature Display.

#10. X-Sense Digital Wall Clock

By X-Sense

The X- SENSE weather station clock provides you with clear and precise info regarding the indoor and outdoor humidity, temperature and weather forecast directly from your home, hence giving you humble time to plan your day to day activities with confidence. What you can be assured about this clock is its accuracy – measures temperature and humidity with high accuracy, you wouldn’t get errors or miscalculations in the results it offers. Additionally, it has a radio control clock that updates itself in accordance with the U.S atomic clock.

Feeling uncomfortable reading the analog clocks? X-SENSE digital clock has a high definition backlit screen that displays a wide range of info in a clear and precise format. In case you are purchasing for outdoor use, the clock wouldn’t frustrate you in any way because it is made with water-proof and weather resistant materials. In fact, the outdoor sensor is built well to be capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, can work perfectly well in snowstorms and rainstorms.


  • Offers highly accurate measurements
  • The outer casing is made from waterproof and weather resistant materials
  • Has a radio control clock
  • Best way to predict the weather


  • The month and day display doesn’t work well

#9. Sharp Atomic Digital Wall Clock

By Sharp

If you think of purchasing a digital clock, go for the one that offers simple ways of reading it. Too many complications and sophistication will make you get bored because you’ll strain while you try to check on the clock. Well, if you want a wall clock that will make life easier for you, embrace sharp atomic digital wall clock. Offers easy ways of reading, using and fundamentally gives accurate results. This clock has a built-in receiver that automatically synchronizes itself with the central control unit in the U.S, You can rest assured that this clock offers accuracy based on seconds.

Nothing else can make you smile the way Sharp Atomic Digital Wall Clock is doing. Forget wired clock technology, it comes in a wireless technology that means you wouldn’t take a lot of time connecting wires. If you want to get information related to temperature, time or calendar, everything is visible with this clock.


  • Offers atomic accuracy
  • The wireless outdoor sensor transmits the outdoor temperature to the atomic wall clock
  • Easy to read and use
  • Does not require any settings


  • The external thermometer does not function appropriately

#8. Marathon Atomic Digital Wall Clock

By Marathon

Looking for a digital clock that can be read even in low light condition? Marathon Atomic Digital Wall Clock can serve you best. Requires no installation setups. Has an attractive appearance that will suit well your living room. If you usually strain reading small writings, this will work better for you since their displays are visible. Has a screen display size of 4”

Bothering yourself in setting or adjusting the time to the correct mode is a thing of the past, this one offers you more time to concentrate on other tasks since it uses frequencies broadcasted from NIST’s Colorado Atomic clock. Whether you want 12 hour or 24-hour system, this clock is capable of displaying time in your preferred system. Comes with 2 AA size long-life batteries in it.


  • Easy to read 4” high display
  • Multi-display modes
  • Has an automated self-setting
  • Accurate if the atomic clock is turned on


  • Would be better with a corded version with super faint backlight

#7. DreamSky 14.5'' Digital Wall Clock

By DreamSky

Color your big living room, lounge, garage, warehouse or conference hall with a super-clear, large and borderless LED Digital Wall Clock. DreamSky Digital Wall Clock displays time right and clear. Offers simple ways of reading time with a view at different angles. Moving on from now, you’ll become a master of time! This clock displays time, temperature and calendar with crystal clear and high contrast screen, thus giving the eye-catching time.

Have two hanging holes at its rear and screws which are provided to enable you to mount the clock with ease. Additionally, the DST features save a lot of your time because you wouldn’t require to reset your time every now and then, no need to keep taking your watch from the wall. If you like placing on the desk, then well and good. You simply use the built-in fold-out stand and desk clock is there!


  • Easy to read from any angle
  • Has a battery backup function
  • Provides you with a good visual experience
  • Bright and good value
  • Date and Indoor temperature display


  • The clock is smaller compared to other digital wall clocks

#6. American Lifetime Day Digital Wall Clock

By American Lifetime

Want the best clock that can make part of your décor in the living room while showing time and date? Well, American Lifetime Digital Wall Clock has come for your refuge. The best way to display digital calendar while it makes your house look gorgeous and luxurious. Has 8” high resolution that displays outs the time, period of the day, a full day of the week, date and month in clear and large letters. To make more things good for you, it does not have confusing abbreviations.

When it comes to uniqueness functionality, American Lifetime is proving to be the one. To begin with, is a built-in set of multi-function alarms. If you wish to set an alarm to remind you to take medication, you simply navigate to the alarm function and set everything there. Secondly, the battery backup which offers support in case of a power outage is set on standby. Suppose there is a power failure, the clock will automatically reset itself to the correct time and date when power is back.


  • Large, easy to read display
  • Simple operation
  • Probably a God sent for seniors
  • Nice finish, feels sturdy
  • Has a nice integrated tabletop stand


  • Alarm message is not really customizable

#5. SVINZ Alarms Dementia Digital Wall Clock


If you want to show care for your grandparents, we absolutely recommend this clock for them. It is not only design with a high-resolution display, but it also clearly spells out the full day of the week, Month and date in large and bold letters with zero confusion abbreviations, thus can make the elder view without straining. Nevertheless, this clock also displays the time of the day in full, i.e. EVENING, MORNING, NIGHT or PREDAWN and respective time of the day.

You wouldn’t miss alarm functionality in this clock, so if you want to time your work and schedules, this is the right clock to shop. If you’ll be visiting your grandmother or grandfather in the upcountry, then don’t miss to carry this package with you. Just have a good experience while you check on the time. Indeed, this is a great digital wall clock to own.


  • Can be easily be seen from over 12 feet away
  • Stylish digital clock
  • Best clock for senior care
  • Has alarm functionality
  • Auto-dimming option


  • Difficult to get alarmed settings at it defaults to 12 AM

#4. Véffaîî Large Alarm Digital Wall Clock

By Véffaîî

If you’re used to alarms and would like to have advanced ways of setting your alarm in a customized manner, then look no more beyond Véffaîî Large Alarm Digital Wall Clock. Gives you simple way of customizing your reminders by applying video, photos or music (keeping photos and videos at 1024* 768 pixels). Setting this clock to the correct year, month, date, day and time is a no-hassle task, everything is done automatically, even when power is interrupted.

Impressive feature about this Clock is the auto-dimmer and brightness options. Imagine if you’re using sleeping by 10 PM this clock is capable of reducing brightness automatically. Endowed with 10 brightness options just meant for you.


  • Unique UI (that can be turned off)
  • Auto-dimmer and brightness option
  • DIY your own reminders
  • Automatically set itself


  • Does not have a battery backup

#3. ROCAM 11.5'' Day Digital Wall Clock


What a perfect calendar alarm clock that reminds us when to go to school, to go to work, when to start dinner or for setting daily reminders for you and your family members at large! ROCAM Digital Wall Clock is matching all your needs. The goodness with this clock is the ease of reading. Your kids can actually read the clock without difficulty.

Everyone will not want noisy and loud beeps from an alarm, yet having ROCAM can over-turn everything for you. Offers the best way to walk you up early in the morning for your daily chores. Enables you to set alarm in 3 different modes. Furthermore, it offers you an option to change the time format and DST button. Changing the time system from 12 to 24-hour system is simple and easy


  • The best alarm clock for bedroom
  • Digital desk and wall clock with dual USB charger
  • Easy operation and battery backup


  • Doesn’t hang straight

#2. iGuerburn 8'' Digital Wall Clock

By iGuerburn

The iGuernburn Talking Calendar and Day Clock is so important who have lost memory and would like to keep track of dates and times. They are built with digital faces that spell out full date. This clock has meant the standards of incorporating people with visual impairments, thus they can know date and time with ease. If at all you might be confused to know the particular time of the day, this clock has the capability to talk as to what time it is of the day.

Wonder how this is possible? By touching this screen, you’ll be able to hear clearly and perfectly the systematic date more so for the blind or the visually impaired. The menu is easy to access and uses recognition rather than recall design.


  • You can customize the part of the day
  • Design with two display mode
  • Has a touch screen, for easy communication
  • Perfect gift for the elderly, visually impaired and those suffering from dementia Alzheimer


  • Has no battery back-up

#1. Cocopat Digital Wall Clock

By Cocopat

Taking the 10th position is Cocopat Digital Wall Clock, which is a large digital wall clock with USB ports, Phone charge, SD card support. It is big enough to enable the elderly to check on time without straining their eyes.

Design with remote control for hand inconvenient person. Also, the auto dimming feature enables you to avoid worrying about too much bright or too dark. One interesting thing about this clock is the fact that it supports 8 languages, so even those with dementia can use with ease.


  • Timex alarm clock easy to know
  • Battery clock with integer time reporting and alarm clock battery back up
  • Support 8 different languages
  • Has hand auto-dimming effect


  • Letters and numbers aren’t large enough

What You Need to Take into Considerations When Selecting Digital Clock with Temperature Display

When picking a digital wall clock for your home with temperature display, consider the below factors to obtain the best out of your shopping experience.

The accuracy of the clock

This is the first thing you should check when buying a digital wall clock. To know the accuracy of your clock, check the radio-controlled atomic clock. If this meets these requirements, you can rest assured that the clock will synchronize easily with the national atomic clock, hence offer to enhance the accuracy

Design and construction

Many digital wall clocks are plastic-made. All the same, if you wish to have a clock that will match well with your interior décor, go for a wooden digital wall clock. They are attractive and appealing, unlike the plastic-made.

Features of the clock

It goes without saying that you’ll like to have a digital wall clock that works beyond showing time. That said, go for a Clock that shows date, temperature, time and date. Moreover, pick a clock with alarm capability

Battery or Electric-Operated?

It is good to understand that some digital wall clocks are powered by electricity while others are driven by a battery. When you go for an electric-operated Clock, it eliminates the requirements of changing batteries. Battery-reliant however, keep away does not require the use of cords. Choose the one you see serves you best.


The discovery of the digital wall clock has not been in vain since it has changed the way we live in a number of ways. A number of them do not only show time but also shows the humidity and the temperature. While acquiring one for yourself, ascertain the time zones it supports, so that you don’t buy a clock that doesn’t support your zone. Ideally, shopping for your best preferred Digital Wall Clock should not be a cumbersome task, since the above reviews and guide have done everything for you.

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